109: Vaginal Health, Menopause, and Hormone Therapy With Dr. Anna Cabeca

109: Vaginal Health, Menopause, and Hormone Therapy With Dr. Anna Cabeca

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Vaginal Health, Menopause and Hormone Therapy with Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna Cabeca is an internationally recognized gynecologist and obstetrician specializing in holistic anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She uses a functional medicine approach and tools like bioidentical hormone therapy, diet, and superfood supplements to help women solve their hormonal health problems.

If you’re a woman (and I’m guessing most of you are!), don’t miss this episode!

Dr. Anna Cabeca on Restoring Health at Any Age

Hormones truly are in the driver’s seat when it comes to so many common female complaints, including low sex drive, PMS, postpartum depression, anxiety, menopause, and aging. Dr. Cabeca is here to help with these issues.

Female sexual health is one topic I haven’t touched on much on the blog, but most of us don’t need to see the research to know the importance of these areas to our physical and emotional health.

With the help of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and other natural alternatives, Dr. Cabeca has helped many woman regain their health footing and to feel at home in their own bodies once again.

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From Dr. Anna Cabeca:

From Wellness Mama:

What would you ask Dr. Anna Cabeca? What changes have you experienced after pregnancy or during menopause? If you’ve found something that helps, please share!

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Reader Comments

  1. Hi Katie!

    I’m a long time listener and follower of yours!
    I loved this show! I realize I’m on the upper end of the age group of most of your listeners, but I would love to hear from more older women on the peri-men phase of life as I’m approaching it…. uh.
    Dr. Cabeca is great!
    I just adore the work you do! And you always manage to ask questions of your guests that I was wanting the answers to! Thank you!

    • Thank you Stacey! And I agree Katie is the best interviewer as she goes deep into issues too!

  2. I agree with the other lady….us older gals need info. I’m 67 with a lot of issues, one being Lichen sclerosis. I try to use everything natural as possible. I have immune system issues, so meds usually react like Anaphylaxis. Scary! I could go on and on naming my health problems, but right now I’m trying to get this LS under control…dryness, thin skin, etc.
    Thanks Katie for your posts.

    • Coleen, thanks for this feed back and let us know how you do!

  3. Hi Katie,

    I’m the 76 year-old male who receives your posts and, while I go through some of them from one end to the other, there are some, like this one, that I’ll scan but not go into the links. But, what got me today, was the comment “If you’re a woman (and I’m guessing most of you are!)”, it just made me chuckle. But that’s not the point. Many of the female issues you address are also important to males, though perhaps in different ways. Males generally don’t read the articles that talk about female issues, because those articles are for females. But males would really benefit by having articles about female sexuality written so males can understand the issues women face – and take those explanations into consideration in their relationship with their loved one.

    But please keep sending the posts. I like to look at all of them even those in which I don’t have direct interest.

    • Thank you. Great feedback Ken!

  4. Hello Katie, thank you for covering this important topic. I have a huge issue with irregular spotting/bleeding/odor/recurring BV & yeast infections. I’ve tried it all, but refuse BC as recommended by my GYN. I’ve done tests for fibroids and all kinds of other painful exams and luckily nothing came up, but I still have not a single solution. This started about 3 and a half years ago. Some things that have helped control the odor: Dr. Bronner’s tea tree oil Castile soap and inserting coconut oil with my finger.

    How can I regulate my period?

    Thank you. I’ll be reading your articles.

    • Rebelada, I can really relate to this comment. I was on hormonal birth control for years (the pill and the ring) and suffered recurrent infections the whole time. When I finally put it together and got off the BC, it still took a long while to get my system back in working order. I found a prebiotic vaginal gel (Ladybits Hydrette Jelly) that helped a lot and I finally got away from the antibiotic/antifungal revolving door at my gynecologist office. My cycle has always been pretty regular, but my sister-in-law who has PCOS was able to regulate her cycles with acupuncture treatments. Good luck!

  5. Dear Katie and Dr.Cabeca
    Hello great topics and
    This JULVA
    Is it safe for someone with
    SENSITIVITY TO DRUGS. I dont use pharmaceuticals MEDS.
    Just essential oils ONLY

    So here is my other questions
    I had this pap smear done few weeks ago. OCTOBER 2017.
    and it came back ABNORMAL .with endo squamous cells
    I do not have HPV.
    But my questions are
    #1). Can this be dangerous
    #2). Is there a way to heal with out SURGERY
    #3). BIOPSYS?
    I RATHER do this HOLISTIC.
    #5). Do i need scraping?

    A few years ago i had something done to stop heavy bleeding. So i dont no what to DO?

    I really need to know how to deal with this..id rather go to a doctor that can HEAL me rather then do a BANDAGE treatment..i think u get that..

    Thank you for your time n response


    • Hi Tricia,
      Yes, Julva can be used by women with auto immune issues. Please let me know how you do.
      Regarding abnormal pap smear, our protocol is to follow it, but as an integrative gynecologist, I recommend 1 gram daily of methylated folate and a product containing SGS or increasing your cruciferous veggies.

      With best wishes,
      Dr. Anna Cabeca

  6. Awesome podcast! I noticed a huge difference in my 4 month postpartum anxiety after using progesterone cream and I started using it a lot sooner after giving birth a second time. What a lifesaver, and I’m so glad my doctor knew about it instead of suggesting meds.

    Can you take maca while breastfeeding?

    • I do but under the care of my midwife. Check with your provider first 🙂

      • I agree with Katie here. While I’ve had many women continue to use MightyMaca Plus in pregnancy and breastfeeding, I don’t recommend starting it at that time because it is quite detoxifying and we want to be cautious of that during these times.

  7. My I need help o… Am 29 years of age, married but without a child of my own due to hormonal imbalance. I have undergone different tests and taken different drugs all to no avail. Pls I need ur help so I can save my marriage

  8. Sending you best wishes and lot’s of love. Consider Purabalance PPr cream and Julva and a good detox program. This is usually where I start with my patients.
    Please let us know how you do.

  9. Thank you so much for addressing this topic! I just turned 40, but my hormones have been completely out of whack for a couple of years now. I’m working diligently to get them balanced and back on track. My peers have absolutely no idea what I’m dealing with. (My mood swings and irritability have caused me to lose a very serious relationship.) Progesterone cream and detoxing are really helping. I may look into the Mighty Maca as well. Thanks again.

  10. Dear Anna,
    thanks so much for sharing this! I had bacterial vaginosis a lot and my doctor told me that my body already was thinking that I was in the menopause. He told me that yoghurt can help a lot. Though you will have to change your daily routine as well like no more tight panties, no more soaps or perfume, etc.
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Hi Anna, That’s great for sharing this. It’s very useful for all women. I had Vaginal bad odor, so I try to take care of it. Your knowledge sharing is very helpful to me. The result is better. However, I also use a feminine wash that I love. I have to say thank you to you Anna. Your sharing is great.

  12. I was scrambling the internet looking for help – and Wellness Mama to the rescue again. Thanks so much for this timely Podcast. . . I am 51 and in my 2nd year of menopause. I have tried a lot of different supplements/creams for help, but still don’t feel like myself. I just ordered Dr. Cabeca’s book and Mighty Maca for help and plan to start her detox ASAP. One question I have on Estrogen; my naturopath has me on Progesterone pills, 100 mg. I was on the cream for a year and she switched me to the pill in hopes to get more mg in me. She also put me on an estrogen patch. I change it twice a week. It’s Estradiol 0.0375. I haven’t seen much improvement. I know you don’t have any of my labs, but do you ever put women on Estrogen? I understand the benefits to Progrestone, but I didn’t hear you mentioned supplementing with Estrogen. I have no history in my family of breast cancer. Maybe I will learn more from your book? Thanks so much! Katie – LOVE your heart for getting info to us. Thank you for all you do!!!

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