6: Tongue Ties, Eating Dirt, & Natural Beauty

6: Tongue Ties, Eating Dirt, & Natural Beauty

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Tongue ties- eating dirt - natural beauty with Mommypotamus

This week, I am so excited to welcome Heather Dessinger from Mommypotamus.com. She is a featured contributor to Wellness Media, author of several e-books and mom to three little ones. She and her husband Daniel recently moved to a farm and are working toward raising their own food.

I was excited to talk to Heather because we both read each others blogs and I feel like we have a lot in common and I think she is an incredible resource for health and natural living.

In This Episode, We Discus

1:50 – Why the name Mommypotamus?
2:20 – Heather’s own health struggles
3:20 – Her life-changing moment at her wedding
3:55 – How her honeymoon was a catalyst for realizing the connection of food and health
4:45 – Heather’s turning point
6:28 – And YES to the hippopotamus!
7:00 – How and why she started Mommypotamus.com
7:20 – What are lip and tongue ties?
7:50 – Why we are seeing more tongue and lip ties
9:00 – Different symptoms related to tongue/lip ties and how they present
9:45 – Heather’s own struggle with her son’s lip and tongue ties
11:15 – How tongue ties are typically treated
11:27 – When fixing a tongue ties can cause more problems
12:03 – The solution that finally worked for them
12:20 – How to tell if your child has a tongue or lip tie
14:17 – Symptoms mom may see while nursing a tongue tied baby
14:55 – Symptoms baby can have with tongue and lip ties
16:03 – Long term problems associated with uncorrected tongue and lip ties
17:10 – How lip ties can affect oral health
18:00 – Why we should eat dirt
18:30 – The fascinating research between bacteria and belly buttons
19:30 – The “Chuck Norris” of beneficial bacteria and how to get them
21:12 – What they take to keep their gut bacteria healthy
22:15 – Heather’s favorite natural beauty care recipes
22:35 – Why natural personal care products are so important
23:41 – Heather’s simple homemade makeup that doubles as dry shampoo
24:11 – Heather’s own beauty routine
24:20 – The unusual ingredient she uses every day
25:50 – Heather’s typical day on the farm
29:25 – The most crunchy thing Heather has ever done and the weird things that have gone mainstream
31:45 – The advice she wishes someone had told her
33:06 – One step to start doing right away
34:15 – Heather’s top health resources

Resources We Mentioned

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Have a healthy week!

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Reader Comments

  1. I love seeing the interaction between all my favorite bloggers. I have been following yours and Heather’s blogs for some time and was wondering if you two would ever guest post on each other’s blogs. These podcasts are great starting points for those who are just delving into a healthy way of life. Thanks for doing these!

  2. Crazy, Friday the 13th and a full moon… I woke up and brushed my 19 month old son’s teeth and noticed yellowing decay on his four upper teeth. I freaked out and called multiple dentists, one holistic dentist two hours away to make an appointment to figure this out. A few hours later listen to your podcast and heard it’s possibly lip tie which I never heard of. I read your blog, and follow the nourishing traditions diet mostly, take fermented cod liver oil, never eat out, only eat organic whole foods, no processed sugar and am still nursing Ethan every 3 to 4 hours. He must have lip tie… Is this something all dentists know about? If I mention it to the dentist will he look at me funny? Can I actually reverse his tooth decay and do something about the lip tie?

    • Most dentists know something about this but not all are well trained in it at all. Look under his lip and if you see a piece of skin connecting it, you may want to consult a specialist.

  3. Thank you guys so much for this! I am loving the podcast. It is so nice to hear everything laid out, and I am always listening to npr podcasts during the day. I’m happy to have yours to listen to too!

    I have a question about the “eating dirt”. Would you suggest NOT washing veggies before eating them if the veggies come from your own garden or a local organic farm/CSA?

  4. This was so eye opening. I had a serious struggle with a tongue tie with my oldest daughter. She had almost all of the things you mentioned, and I had the exhaustion (she would nurse extremely painfully) for an hour at a time because she couldn’t get enough. Her tongue would click all the time, and finally at 3months I saw a lactation consultant, who almost immediately diagnosed it. Then we couldn’t find a ENT who would do the frenulectomy, we finally found one who would do it under general anesthesia. The clip didn’t fix her nursing, her tongue still clicked and she couldn’t latch correctly. Now after hearing you I think she may have had a posterior tongue tie as well.

    When I heard your story about tooth decay with your daughter, a light bulb went off in my head because my daughter’s front teeth are always yellowish despite great oral care and an improving diet. I checked her lip frenulum today, and compared it to my other kids, and sure enough, it is pretty tightly attached to her gums, right at the tooth line.

    So almost like the relief I found when I found out she was tongue tied, I am relieved to have an answer for her dingy teeth and can properly focus on a solution.

    Thank you is much for this post and the information on the tongue and lip ties!

  5. Thanks for posting this! I love Mommypotamus, she is great!

  6. I am curious if you know anything about tongue ties being genetic? My husband was tongue tied but was bottle fed and his tongue was not released until he was 13, he could not stick his tongue out of his mouth. With my first son I had almost all of the symptoms listed in this podcast when I breastfed him and he also had some of the symptoms listed like slow weight gain and up to about 5mo (when we introduced solids) he would throw up multiple times a day usually immediately after nursing so I would end up SOAKED. I told every one of his Drs about it, I was told it was normal. I wish I would have known this then but I am wondering if I would have still been brushed off by the Drs anyway.
    On the note of roosters and dogs… its going to happen. You can keep them contained and try an prevent it and it is still going to happen. Good luck with the goats I raised dairy goats as well those babies are adorable and if there is anything to get into they will find it to get into it just like human kids! ha!
    I am loving the podcasts thank you wellnessmama!

  7. Hi Katie,
    I loved this podcast! I am wondering after reading through your site, what do you use for “bath soap”- do you use oil cleansing for the whole body and for the kids? I really dont see many “homemade soap” recipes on your site, or do you use castille? This is one area I am unsure what to do. I love oil cleansing for face by the way.

    • Actually I plan to post my soap recipe very soon. You’re ahead of the curve 🙂

  8. Hi Katie,

    I’ve recently started to listen to your podcasts in a way to try to incorporate lifestyle changes that are manageable and are finding you have a way of making what seems to be overwhelming very clear and easier to grasp and incorporate. I wanted to especially thank you for this podcast, I wish I would have known about lip ties a year and half ago. My daughter and I had an extremely difficult and straining first 4-5 months of feeding issues and unhappy baby and no one knew why. She ended up stopping feeding from me directly and only took the bottle (on Mothers day last year of all days haha). I exclusively pumped for her for the next 9 months or so until my supply stopped. Her teeth are now yellowing and was struggling to figure out why this was happening. After Heather explained her journey I went straight home after work and checked my daughter for a lip tie. I had never heard of this before and sure enough she has a stage IV very thick lip tie that is affecting the development of surrounding teeth and causing the yellowing. I’m going to get this lasered now I know – and have only you to thank for this great wealth of knowledge. Thank you!

  9. I just listened to this episode yesterday. I wish I would have had this info on tongue ties 5 years ago! My daughter always hurt me when she nursed, but it wasn’t unbearable so we kept on. Then she went through a stage where she ATE ALL NIGHT and I was exhausted. I assumed I wasn’t making enough milk to satisfy her, so we started supplementing with homemade formula. Eventually I gave up nursing and weened her at 10 months. I have always regretted this. Thank you for getting this information out there. I hope more mommas find this sooner than I did.


  10. For children with lip and tongue ties, please see a certified orofacial myologist. They can help with diagnosis, referrals and post surgery follow up. Very interesting podcast! Thanks for all you do!

  11. Hello! I really enjoyed this podcast and will incorporate the information into various parts of my personal and professional life. I have one question, at 24:20 Heather mentions the one thing that stays consistent with her skin routine- some kind of oil I believe. I’ve listened to the clip several times now and I just can’t quite grasp what’s she’s saying. Is it olive oil? That doesn’t sound quite right, and I am very curious to know as I am experimenting with different oil combinations for moisture on my dry skin.
    Thank you for the work you do!

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