143: Thomas DeLauer on Reducing Inflammation, Curcumin, Keto for Women, & Easy Weight Loss

143: Thomas DeLauer on Reducing Inflammation, Curcumin, Keto for Women, & Easy Weight Loss

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Reducing Inflammation: Curcumin, Keto for Women, and Easy Weight Loss with Thomas DeLauer

Thomas DeLauer is an author and health expert who is most noted for his own health transformation. He went from a 280-pound corporate executive to losing over 100 pounds and being on the covers of health and fitness magazines worldwide.

He is considered one of the world’s leading experts on the proper way to follow a ketogenic diet and has a popular YouTube channel where he reaches over 15 million people a month by answering questions about health, diet, and lifestyle optimization.

What’s more, a few months ago he got to add “Dad” to his resume when he and his wife welcomed their first son!

Thomas DeLauer on Weight Loss, Ketosis, & Reducing Inflammation

Like so many of us, Thomas’s success started by figuring out the keys to improving his own health. As Thomas discovered his own answers, he also helped his wife recover from Lyme disease and saw a commonality between the two: inflammation.

Following a cyclical ketogenic diet was key for both Thomas and his wife, but they also used targeted supplementation of anti-inflammatory substances to help support the body. Through this process, Thomas helped develop a potent anti-inflammatory turmeric substance that offers up to 185 times the absorption of plain turmeric: PuraThrive Curcumin Gold.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • how Thomas lost over 100 pounds in just a year — and transformed his life in the process
  • the way inflammation impacts weight loss and how to keep inflammation down for good
  • ways a ketogenic diet fights inflammation and other health hazards
  • if a ketogenic diet is safe for women (and what should be adapted)
  • how to cycle ketosis for best results
  • ways to use fasting effectively to reduce inflammation
  • and more!

Resources We Mention

Learn more about Thomas DeLauer via his YouTube channel and website.

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Reader Comments

  1. Hi Wellness Mama!
    Love your podcast! I recently sent Thomas DeLauer a message regarding fruit consumption and how fruit promotes inflammation? I was curious about where the evidence for this comes from?
    This is a copy of the message I sent him. I would love any thoughts from you as well.

    I am an RN finishing family nurse practitioner school up. I give lots of dietary advice etc to patients wanting to lose weight and improve their quality of life. My question is in response to something you stated on the podcast about fruit causing inflammation? I was wondering where the research backing that comes from, I haven’t been able to find any EBR against fruit consumption, and on PubMed all I find is evidence for high fruit consumption in reversing diabetes, lowering cholesterol, losing weight, and concludes fruit promotes anti inflammatory. I personally eat a diet of pretty much only fruit and veggies for the past 7 years and I started doing that based on Freelee the banana girls diet. My blood sugar is never raised after a 10 banana smoothie, my anemia is gone, in a nutshell I feel great and have very little fat on my body and eat about 2000 cals a day of fruit. I am very open to learning any info you may have on the negative effects of fruit, I honestly can’t fathom switching from my current diet to like a Keto diet. Thanks for your time!

  2. I am not an expert, but worked with a nutritionist for years. I was only able to eat fruit in the morning and it actually made me hungrier. It had to do with the natural sugar in the fruit causing a reaction in my body. I did a 24 hour urine collection and my body doesn’t react well to sugar. I also took blood and saliva tests. I was told to limit the amount of fruit intake and eat it early in the day. Also, I eat only berries at this point.
    I’m interested to hear the answers you get to your question.

  3. Everyone and every body is so unique; we couldn’t possibly all eat the same way! When you find something that works for you, stick with it and don’t be concerned about the naysayers! If you study the original Keto diet, by the way I’m not on it as I have no reason to be, it’s for a limited time only and to handle specific conditions—-cancer originally. It’s not a for the rest of your life way to eat etc. Sad when people try to embrace fads that end up not working for them….

  4. Excellent! Thank you for this interview! I like both you of working together because you speak quickly and get right to the point… my attention span is short 😉

  5. Can someone please tell Mr DeLaurer that “get’s” is gramatically incorrect!?? LOL I am so turned off by the glaring error in huge letters that I am hesitating sending my friends links to his PuraThrive supplement site.

    Also I find it hard to believe that traditional cultures who purposefully fermented the livers of their fish in order to get oils year round were endangering their bodies and “doing more harm than good.”

  6. Mr. Delauer mentioned he went on a super basic and boring diet to figure out what he was sensitive too. I’ve been trying to figure out what foods I react too but so far I haven’t found an elimination diet that works for me! I react to things that are “normal” and the basic eggs, gluten, dairy and soy doesn’t cut it. Neither does the the fodmap diet. All the hoslitic/functional medicine people I follow keep talking about finding the diet that works for you and what you’re sensitive too but no one says how!!! Help?

  7. Toward the end of the podcast, what kind of oil is it that is being recommended instead of the fish oil? I enjoyed this talk so much! Thank you! It connected a lot for me!

  8. Hey Emily,

    I saw a super fascinating video by a former fully raw vegan, who ate lots of fruit for years, but eventually had to stop because her triglycerides were elevated. My own personal (nonmedical) opinion is that it takes time for an imbalance to form from eating lots of fruit. At first, I think it acts like a detox and the body is able to adjust. Over time, however, it becomes too much. Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/hyfCV1m-Qak She talks about her triglycerides and how they were caused by too much fructose at around minute 6.

  9. Dear Thomas,
    I’m following all your videos on YouTube
    Very loving the way you present things
    And thanks to you I’ve been over 9 months in a ketogenic diet
    but ….
    Last week I had made blood tests-and I was shocked
    Until 9 months ago I was a 50 year old women
    fat , very healthy, perfect blood tests,
    Eating healthy foods – and only plump, sleepy and tired,
    After 9 months I find myself – thin, shapely, full of energy
    But my blood tests regarding the lipid profile in the blood: shocking,
    I’ve never had high cholesterol – now it’s over 260
    My triglycerides went up to 95
    My LDL – which was normal – rose to the sky
    And the HDL – also rose (at least for the better)
    What am I supposed to do now?
    I am sure that if I go to the family doctor, He will scream at me.

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