38: The Reality of Real Food

38: The Reality of Real Food

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The Reality of Real Food with Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Have you ever met a friend online and had an instant connection? And then met in real life and realized that you could chat for hours over some healthy real food coffee?

That is how I feel about today’s podcast guest, Kelly (the Kitchen Kop), author of the book Real Food For Rookies. Kelly and I knew each other online for a while before we met in person, and I am happy to now call her a real life friend too!

In this episode, Kelly shares over a decade of practical tips and real food wisdom from her own journey and experience with real food.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

  • About Kelly’s own journey to real food
  • What she learned when helping her kids learn to like real food
  • Some simple switches that instantly increase the nutrition of common foods
  • 10 common ingredients to avoid and 10 to consume more regularly
  • Her number one trick for taking Fermented Cod Liver Oil without gagging
  • Kelly’s favorite “fast foods” that you can make at home using real food ingredients
  • Why she chose the name “Kitchen Kop”

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Reader Comments

  1. Katie, thank you so much for having me on, I could easily talk to you for hours! 🙂


  2. Hi Kelly and Katie,
    This was a really interesting podcast! Quick question, why are soy products on the do not eat list? I always thought limited soy like tofu was a good option for red meat, etc.?


  3. I loved this for beginners so I posted it on Facebook. I hope that was ok to get the word out there:)

  4. I just listened to this episode while I was making dinner. I love how you both made eating healthy real food sound accessible. I thought I’d share that I’ve been making ranch using my homemade yogurt and kefir. Another way to sneak in some good for you probiotics. My 5yo otherwise refuses kefir, but as you said kids will eat anything with ranch on it! Thanks again!

  5. I really enjoyed this podcast and like getting new cooking ideas! Thank you! I feel like I am learning a lot about how to feed my family healthier.

  6. I was just wondering in what containers do you freeze your homemade bone broth in?

  7. I have been enjoying your podcasts. Thanks!
    This one i found a little frustrating when Kelly would say “obviously” about some real food things they do. I have been trying to eat healthy and real for years and haven’t heard of the importance of some of these things. Like raw milk. It’s hard to get in Canada.
    Thanks for everything!

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