161: Helping Stop Sex Trafficking & Keeping Kids Safe With Operation Underground Railroad

161: Helping Stop Sex Trafficking & Keeping Kids Safe With Operation Underground Railroad

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Helping Stop Sex Trafficking & Keep Kids Safe with Operation Underground Railroad

Today’s topic is hard to talk about but super important. Kelli Houghton is a social worker and manager of a non-profit group called Operation Underground Railroad, an organization doing incredible work rescuing and advocating for children who are victims of sex trafficking.

As a mom this issue hits home hard, and I’m so grateful Kelli is here to share what we can do to take action against this horrifying practice.

Operation Underground Railroad: Why Slavery Isn’t a Thing of the Past

Kidnapping and sexual trafficking are huge fears for many parents. It can be paralyzing even. We wonder… what are the actual statistics? Can I let my child play outside? Ride a bike to the park? Go into a store alone?

Kelli shares what Operation Underground Railroad is doing to rescue children all over the globe. She also gives some actionable, practical ways to keep our kids safe while still letting them have a full and active life.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • how many children are trafficked each year
  • strategies that traffickers use to target kids
  • the addictive effects of pornography, and what it has to do with trafficking
  • the most risky place for sex trafficking (it isn’t where you think)
  • practical steps to keep kids safe
  • what to be aware of on social media
  • what Operation Underground Railroad (and others) are doing to rescue kids, and how you can help

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Reader Comments

  1. I raised my kids and many other children all safe and sound .Now I am helping with my grandchildren all grown and safe ,onto a greAt granddaughter.I see so many mistakes parents do it frightenes me.too much money to much freedom not enough responsibility.It just teSt at my heArt when one is hurt.

  2. Katie, I love your posts and have learned a lot and appreciate the research you dive into and present. However, I urge readers to look further into the work of independent investigative journalist George Webb regarding Operation Underground Railroad and human trafficking. The crowdsource method helps provide metadata used for Webb’s reports and can be found on Trello board; the documentation includes information on Operation Underground Railroad and other entities. In my opinion, what may be shocking for the average American are the numerous NGOs and seemingly charitable non profits, including Clinton Foundation, which have been engaged in human trafficking; it’s not only human slavery, child sexual abuse, it includes organ harvesting, vaccine trials/experimentation and more. Research will bear out that about 18,000 children in war torn Syria have been organ harvested. A further look at the work of Ezili Danto of Haiti will also reveal the atrocities committed on adults and children there and those involved. Most of us want to do good, but in order to do good we have to understand in entirety what is occurring – even when it pains us to know.

  3. doTERRA has partnered with OUR. It is such a wonderful organization. doTERRA has kept us informed of what’s happening around the world. We were shown a video that some news channel (cbs I think) did about OUR completely eliminating human trafficking in the country of Columbia. Thanks for shedding light on a very important issue!

  4. Thank you for this startling but helpful information! Can you find out if there is a Human Trafficking Resource number in Canada that Kelli recommends?

  5. We love giving to and praying for A-21, a world-wide sex trafficking rescue organization founded by Christine Caine. It’s so encouraging to read that Operation Underground Railroad and other similar organizations are also being raised up to reach the hidden and desperate ones who have become prisoners to trafficking. Thanks so much for bringing awareness to this issue and Kelli’s much-needed work, Katie!

  6. Thank you so much for having her on the podcast! I appreciate the wide-array of guests and topics you have. This is such an important conversation to have and to be aware of. Keep on sharing and spreading information!

  7. I applaud you and pray for your work. I am involved in a non profit in Houston that through prayer, awareness, intervention and restoration, we fight alongside other local groups to stop this epidemic. You are right on when you mentioned the underlying fuel is pornography. It’s the dark secret that most refuse to see the connection. God bless you! Keep talking about it. Awareness of what this really is vs what people think it is, is vital to stopping it. Thank you Thank you!!!

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