79: Using Naturopathic Medicine to Beat Hormone Imbalance & Nutrient Deficiencies

79: Using Naturopathic Medicine to Beat Hormone Imbalance & Nutrient Deficiencies

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How Naturopathic Medicine Can Help Get to the Root of Hormone Imbalance and Nutrient Deficiencies.

I met the lovely Dr. Lauren Noel at a conference and was blown away with her energy and passion for helping people (as well as by her singing voice… she is amazing!).

I was shocked when she mentioned that she struggled with hormone imbalance and other problems for years, because she is the picture of health. We had a long (and nerdy) discussion about health and I’ve come to greatly respect her work.

Dr. Lauren Noel is a naturopathic doctor who has treated over 5,000 patients. She owns Shine Natural Medicine in California, where she treats patients locally and all over the country and she also runs the top rated podcast, Dr. Lo Radio.

Listen in on this episode as we discuss the problems Dr. Lauren encounters most in her practice and how she is helping her patients live healthier lives.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why Dr. Lauren is seeing so many patients with Vitamin D deficiency and why she doesn’t think lack of sunlight is the only cause
  • The thyroid and magnesium link and how to fix it
  • How to know if iron levels are low (or high)
  • Why Dr. Lo agrees that light (or lack of light at night) is super important (she probably wears orange glasses too!)
  • The reason night lights are linked to a higher risk of leukemia
  • Why Dr. Lo is unapologetic about making time for self care (and why you and I should be too!)
  • Her three rules of health (that she has written down and committed to)
  • How Dr. Lauren walks three times a day!! (and why she considers this one of the most important things she does
  • Why Dr. Lauren often turns to nutrient IVs in her practice for patients with deficiencies and hormone imbalances

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  1. Great info! Thank you both!

  2. Any recommendations for a night light that has an amber glow that I can use in the bedroom? I need a tiny bit of light to see when I am nursing or changing a diaper.

  3. Please send me something about how to regrow hair that I have lost on my scAlp something I can wash my hair in or a vitamin I am hypothyroid something that will work some companies put things out there just to sell I need something that will work .please if u have anything that will work and could suggest I would really appreciate it from someone who doesn’t want to lose her hair.

    • I add two tbs of collagelatin from grassfed cows to my morning butter coffee mix.. We do the Weston price diet with no sugar and no grains. My nails stopped breaking and my hair is shiny and strong now and the thinning parts are regrowing! I was so bummed about the hair earlier. Now it’s better than it’s been in decades. Highly recommend nutrition and healthy fats as the solution. Also rub a few drops of young living (my CSA buddy sells them) cedarwood oil on the scalp, changed shampoo and conditioner to Dr Bronners, and got a boar bristle brush…the thinning hair really stressed me out, so I did everything I could. Good luck!

      • also rosemary oil on the scalp, blocks the dht

    • I’ve heard wonderful things about Castor oil! Look on Etsy for some hand made natural serums etc for hair growth 🙂

  4. Thanks! I’m on it.

  5. What are your thoughts on natural bio-hormone therapy for hormone imbalances, such as the hormone pellets (as a delivery system) like bioTE?

  6. Please slow down…..It is so hard to keep up with her….:( good info but will have to listen to it twice

  7. Enjoyed the pod cast. Thank you for doing it.

  8. Thank you so much for having a transcript of this interview. I learned a lot of helpful information.

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