40: Is Microalgae a Superfood?

40: Is Microalgae a Superfood?

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Is Microalgae a superfood

Did you know that there are single-celled organisms that produce up to 90% of the Earth’s oxygen, help purify the ocean, are the food source for some of the longest-living species on the planet and can reproduce multiple times per day? I’m referring to microalgae like Spirulina, Chlorella, and Phytoplankton.

These microscopic but mighty organisms may be a part of the puzzle for the future of natural health care and sustainable nutrient sources.

What is Microalgae?

Microalgae are tiny, single-celled organisms. There are hundreds of types and they come in many forms, but certain specifics strains of microalgae may be extremely beneficial for human health.

They are extremely effective energy producers and most can reproduce at least once a day (sometimes much more). Organisms like Spirulina and phytoplankton are examples of microalgae. Phytoplankton grows in the ocean and makes up 1/4 of plant life on the planet. Spirulina can grow in fresh water.

Though most common in the ocean and in fresh water sources, microalgae exist in various forms on virtually every part of the planet.

They are vital for ecological health, but increasing research is finding that they also contain many compounds necessary for human health.

Microalgae, though extremely beneficial, is technically a food, rather than a supplement and is generally considered safe. I’d absolutely still recommend checking with a doc or healthcare provider before taking these or anything else though.

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Have you ever taken any form of microalgae?

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  1. Do you take all three Spirulina, Chlorella, and Phytoplankton or just one of these at a time?
    Thank You, Kari

  2. Do you take all three?

  3. Katie, thank you for such an informative podcast — this information was all new to me! You are consistently your most interesting interviewee! I am so grateful for all the research you do and your willingness to share what you learn. God bless you and your lovely family! Julie in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

  4. That was really interesting Katie, I had heard and my hubby takes spirulina. Will have to look up phytoplankton and see if i can buy it.

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