96: Using Natural and Traditional Medicine to Fix the Gut Microbiome with Dr. Ken Brown

96: Using Natural and Traditional Medicine to Fix the Gut Microbiome with Dr. Ken Brown

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Using Natural and Traditional Medicine to Fix the Microbiome with Dr. Ken Brown

I may be a “Wellness Mama” but I’m certainly not a doctor, so I’m always happy to have one on the show! Dr. Ken Brown is a practicing gastroenterologist and expert on the issue my readers ask about most often: gut health. (Or more precisely, the lack thereof … )

Enter Dr. Ken Brown. In 2015 he created Atrantíl (pronounced “Ah-tran-TEAL”), a targeted and clinically studied natural supplement that addresses SIBO, IBS, leaky gut, and other digestive problems.

We’ve had a little experience with how tough it can be to rehabilitate gut health from my husband’s bout with SIBO post-surgery (more about that in the podcast). I can’t wait to find out more about this treatment option and hear Dr. Ken’s protocol for healing the gut.

A Prescription for Good Gut Health from Dr. Ken Brown

Dr. Ken shared with me the shocking statistic that 20% of the general population today suffers from IBS. Add to this other gut conditions like Leaky Gut Syndrome, SIBO, Crohn’s, and all the digestive complaints that haven’t been diagnosed and are truly uncomfortable.

But it’s not just comfort that’s at stake. Dr. Ken kicks off our conversation with a statement that couldn’t be more true:

a) All heath begins in the gut, and

b) All disease is the result of inflammation.

With this in mind, there’s really no topic more important to our health than the gut microbiome. Dr. Ken’s research really bridges the gap between natural and traditional medicine, which is so needed.

Let’s find out what he has to say!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • how to help stop chronic, uncomfortable gas and bloating (you really don’t have to live with it!)
  • why Dr. Ken started to look outside of the mainstream medical model for more natural approaches to gut health
  • the science behind how the gut bacteria becomes imbalanced in the first place
  • the scoop on what we’ve been going through with my husband post-surgery, and Dr. Ken’s thoughts
  • whether IBS and other gut conditions are really in your gut … or in your head
  • how the medical view of IBS and related symptoms has evolved in the last 10 years
  • which factors make someone more likely to experience poor gut health
  • all about Atrantíl, a promising new natural supplement for digestive distress, and how it’s different from typical digestive treatments
  • polyphenols: what they are and how to get more in your diet
  • whether or not probiotics are actually good for everyone to take (the answer might surprise you)
  • exactly what SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth is (and what it’s not too)
  • the connection between poor gut health and colon cancer
  • what protocol Dr. Ken would recommend for someone trying to rehabilitate digestively
  • 3 areas of Dr. Ken’s research people tend to misunderstand
  • and some geeky health talk about one of my favorite subjects, natural supplements we’ve tried and love

Resources We Mention

Get Atrantíl 15% off at the following sites by using the code WELLMAMA (thank you Dr. Ken!):



Read about Dr. Ken’s practice at KennethBrownMD.com


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What about you? Do you have digestive complaints? What questions would you ask Dr. Ken Brown?

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  1. Question on the Astaxanthin: I assume the link is the brand you use. Do you take one capsule per day? Do you still use sunscreen when in the sun for longer periods of time?

    I had never heard of this product so am very excited for me and my fair skinned teenagers! Thanks!

  2. I am so happy you had this doc on your podcast! I am a premed student and practicing acupuncturist with a huge interest in digestive issues. I had SIBO and used atrantil as a part of the protocol of my naturopath and it just got me more interested in gut bacteria. I plan on going into GI as a specialty with a holistic twist! when I finish med school. I am so excited about the new forefront of health and the integration happening! Besides that, I really love your blog and really appreciate everything you share!

  3. What I did not hear in this program is the case of people whose small bowel has stopped absorbing nutrients from food, leading to drastic weight loss. So, that makes me wonder if the atrantil product is the right treatment when this person has bloating and gas and malabsorption. The doctor does mention neurologic causes of bowel dysfunction, and that is my situation. If the neurologic cause is being treated but the malabsorption continues, does t do any good to take rifaximin or atrantil?

  4. Hi Katie, great podcast. I note that one of the reccomendations is to starve the bacteria, I’ve read this isn’t suitable for people with a candida issue. What would the doctor recommend with someone with a candida overgrowth?

  5. Thank you for interviewing Dr. Brown. I have tried Atrantil a few months ago for IBS and bloating and did not have much success. I wonder now if I should try it again but follow Dr. Brown’s ideal plan by following a ketogenic diet for month then start taking Atrantil. Is there a specific ketogenic diet plan that he suggest (specific website, book, etc.). It seems that there are many different forms of the ketogenic diet online and I am getting overwhelmed with all the information.

  6. Is there a prebiotic product for an 11month old with leaky gut? What about atrantile?

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