137: A Holistic Rx for Keeping Your Whole Family Healthy with Dr. Madiha Saeed, MD

137: A Holistic Rx for Keeping Your Whole Family Healthy with Dr. Madiha Saeed, MD

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A Holistic Rx for Keeping Your Whole Family Healthy with Dr. Madiha Saeed, MD

Dr. Madiha Saeed, MD, is one of most joyful, inspiring people I know! I have no doubt you all will agree once you’ve met her on today’s podcast. She’s a mom and also a board-certified integrative holistic family physician. Online, Dr. Madiha is known as Holistic Mom MD and she specializes in making healthy living easy to understand and put into practice right in your home.

I love Dr. Madiha’s approach because it’s so practical and doable … take a listen and let me know if you agree!

The Holistic Rx from Dr. Madiha Saeed

If you’re wishing you could make an appointment, you’ll be glad to know Dr. Madiha recently published a book every mom should read called The Holistic Rx: Your Guide to Healing Chronic Inflammation and Disease. I had a chance to read it and it’s awesome. She explains so many chronic conditions kids and parents deal with today and explains step-by-step how to deal with each one.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • how to teach kids to care about growing a healthy mind and body
  • an easy-to-understand explanation of what inflammation actually is (and how to heal it)
  • practical ways to keep damaging hormones at bay
  • tips for bargain shopping even when stocking a real-food, nutrient-dense pantry
  • how Dr. Madiha handles sugar in her house (I can relate!)
  • a simple explanation of methylation, a key detoxification process
  • how environmental triggers turn on our genetic weaknesses (and ways to turn them off)
  • the 4 areas to examine when healing disease — spiritual, sleep, social, stress
  • scientifically backed benefits of a positive outlook (and how to foster it for free)
  • the simple practice that can help your whole family learn gratitude
  • stress management techniques that work for kids
  • baby steps to get your whole family on a healthier path
  • and more!

Resources We Mention

Learn more about Dr. Madiha Saeed at HolisticMomMD.com

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What would you ask Dr. Madiha? Have any tips for simplifying healthy living with a family? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments or leave me a review on iTunes. I read each and every comment, and my guests often do too and might answer your questions!

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Reader Comments

  1. I love the content of this episode. A question I have is how to deal with sugar/unhealthy foods with your kids when you’re in social settings (like school, a friend’s house, etc) We really try to keep only healthy foods in our house but it seems like junk food is lurking around every place we go to, even with well meaning friends and family. Any tips on how to address this? I never want my children to feel like they aren’t fitting into a social situation because they can’t eat the food but I also am just not okay with them eating junk that hurt their bodies.

    • We’ve taught our kids to cultivate healthy eating habits and to say no thank you to the junk food when out with friends.

  2. I am so very thankful for this podcast as well as the many others you have had. This is particularly timely as my daughter and granddaughter have been to the doctor multiple times in the last few months with a variety of viruses, infections, and other symptoms..i love studying nutrition and was aware of much of what she said but the way the doctor explained it was beautiful stated. It was helpful to me as I know thoughts are as inflammatory as food. I can hardly wait to get the book and pass it to my children. You are an answer to prayer..
    A very thankful grandmommy

  3. Hello. I am a Mom of 3 and I really want to teach my kids about good health and good eating. Do you know of any good kids books that teach about the gut and what our digestive system does?

  4. I just think it’s crazy, Katie, that you receive so much heat over the sugar issue with comments like, “oh, you have to let them just try it or they should at least have the experience or it’s not healthy to deny them all the time or everything in moderation or everyone deserves a treat.” Would anyone ever say, “oh, you just have to try this slice of bread. oh, just try this slice of cheese. Oh, here’s a cracker for doing such a good job?” No, they wouldn’t, but they do it with sugar. And sugar is the only “food” or the top “food” that has no nutritional value whatsoever. Our bodies don’t need it at all.

  5. Thank you! I have written a children’s book also coming out soon.

  6. Hi, You mention mold in the podcast being caused by a washing machine. What is the best way to test yourself to see if mold is causing health problems? Thanks!

  7. That was one of the best podcasts I’ve heard in a while. I’m definitely buying the doctors book and I’m thrilled to have access to someone’s mind that seems to teach what I want to know!! Love you both Madiha and Katie!! Xoxoxo

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