64: How to Keep Your Family Safe With Tips from Former CIA Agent Jason Hanson

64: How to Keep Your Family Safe With Tips from Former CIA Agent Jason Hanson

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Keep Your Family Safe With Tipsfrom Former CIA Agent Jason Hanson

If you watch the news, it can feel as if life is never truly safe and that even a routine trip to the park with children can be a dangerous endeavor.

The truth is that we are statistically safer than we’ve ever been, but those statistics don’t matter to the families who have been victims of crimes. So how do you keep your family safe without living in constant fear and how do you separate common sense prevention from paranoia?

Learning from a Former CIA Officer

In this interview, I talk with Jason Hanson, a former CIA Officer and the New York Times bestselling author of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life. Jason has appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, Fox & Friends, Dateline, NBC Today Show, and Rachael Ray, to name a few. He runs his Spy Escape & Evasion school on his 320-acre Spy Ranch in Cedar City, Utah.

Jason shares his story of how he became a CIA agent and how he uses the knowledge he gained through operative training to protect his family. He also teaches workshops to help men, women, and families take practical steps to keep safe.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

  • The number one way to reduce your chances of becoming the victim of a crime
  • How criminals, when interviewed, could identify potential victims in seconds just from looking at pictures
  • What to do if you are ever in a dangerous situation with your children
  • The reason women (and especially moms) need to be concerned with self-defense
  • Ways to teach your children to be safe at home and when out and about
  • How to have a “family safety plan” for your home and what to do if an intruder ever enters
  • What to do to reduce the chances of home invasion, car jacking, and kidnapping
  • Simple tips to stay safe while traveling
  • How to use some spare change and a sock for self defense
  • The one place Jason would never take his family (hint: it is a popular vacation destination)
  • A simple tool you can carry anywhere (even in airports) to help defend yourself
  • If and when you should carry a gun or knife for protection

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Reader Comments

  1. I can’t listen to this right now but I’m curious what the popular vacation spot it is that he wouldn’t take his family to?

      • …which sounded extremely xenophobic to me. Seriously, ANYWHERE in Mexico?? He painted the entire country with one brush. There are many places in Mexico that are populated with regular kind people like you & me. Of course you should know where you are going & have contacts there, but most of us do this when travelling. It is difficult for a thinking person to take seriously someone who says you should not visit an entire country the size & diversity of Mexico. This is the type of ignorance that is way too prevalent in our country today.

        • I have lived in Mexico City… I can attest to the truth of this recommendation….
          It is a very dangerous place and the mentality there is that everybody is fair game for robbery and murder at every opportunity, Including by the authorities.
          I experienced this with my family as a child… there is no safe place there!

          • 100% agree . I think this man is UNIQUELY qualified to speak to any of these issues. The CIA doesn’t hire xenophobes.

  2. Do you have this in non video format? I don’t do videos, prefer to read. Also, even if I did, there doesn’t seem to be any link to it…..

    • It’s not a video, it’s an audio recording, but you the link to download the transcript of the podcast is listed at the top of the post…

      • I highly recommend for people who especially prefer to read, not only is Jason Hanson unbelievably gifted, skilled, smart, and family/safety oriented guy, I am on his third book right now, his newest book Agent Of Influence, Spy Secrets That can save your life, survive like a spy,I highly recommend they are all very good reads, very informative for almost every aspect of your life I highly recommend his books and him as a person

  3. A long time ago i read a book by a cop on safety. He said to yell FIRE whenever youre in danger. Help doesnt bring ppl running. They may even retreat from fear. Fire makes ppl worry about themselves, their property. So they come without hesitating. Then when ppl start coming, the dirtbag runs the other way. Ive always taught my kids that, yell FIRE when someone is threatening your peace. They dont need to have acted, just creeped you out and you know its imminent.

    Also, never, ever, ever go somewhere else with the dirtbag when threatened. You may get punched, knocked over the head, even shot, but you will surely DIE if you go with someone or get in a car with them. If they didnt have horrific intent, theyd do it then, right there and get it over with. You may be tortured for hours or days before death, if you go elsewhere with a criminal. Scream, kick, act crazy. Call Attention To The Scene.

    Ive taught my kids to do what the agent here says too. They watched a vid from an attempted kidnapping in walmart. The girl went nuts and LOUD. The guy dropped her relatively quickly n ran. He wudda never got her outta there without being seen. The scary part is dirtbags using cholorform, etc to pass a kid out and then pretending theyre napping while they carry them out. Even if another person sees it, the perp can go pretty fast and then theyre gone. Ive told my kids dont go after the person, just scream, scream, scream FIRE so ppl come running.

    Anyway, horrible topic. Horrible world.

  4. I would like more information on getting a tactical pen. Did Jason have one he recommended? I may have missed it if he did. Thanks for this great information Katie and Jason!

      • Pardon my slowness, but whether it’s a tactical pen, long hat pin, or any other such device, I am not sure how it would be useful unless it is in your hand at all times. No predator shouts from 30 yards away, “I’m coming to get you!” so that you have time to get it from your purse. What do you think. I still think that self defense training is the way to go.

        • I totally agree that self defense training is the best way to go, but Jason recommends keeping the pen on your person at all times, and not just in your purse…

  5. I remember reading somewhere that we should teach our children to yell, “You’re not my father/mother,” rather than just making a lot of noise. This allerts others that the child is not having a tantrum and that there is something else going on. This is what we taught our childen to do.

  6. I definitely learned some good tips from this podcast. However, without seeing or hearing the statistics, his advice seemed very fear based. He would certainly have lots of stories because that’s the field that he is in.

    We had two home break-ins, both while we were asleep at night. We now know that our sliding door is faulty. I loved his ideas about the dummy security cameras.

    I live in Canada so our rules around guns is extremely different as with most of the world! I was a bit surprised that his advice was to alert the intruder of your presence and to have the husband become the barrier. I’m pretty sure that a Canadian police officer would not advise this. We are taught to call 911 and let the police be the first responder.

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