33: How to Create a Natural Home

33: How to Create a Natural Home

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Creating a natural and sustainable home with ben greenfield

Elite athlete and author of Beyond Training, Ben Greenfield, joins me in this podcast to talk about fitness for women, creating a truly natural home from the ground up and providing tips for raising active children.

Ben blogs at BenGreenfieldFitness.com about health, fitness and lifestyle. He lives with his wife and twin boys in Washington state where they sustainably homestead.

Ben’s approach to fitness and lifestyle is unique because he focuses both on elite performance and longevity and core health principles.

In this Episode, we Talk About

  • Ben’s journey and his history as an elite performance athlete
  • The mistakes that women make when working out
  • Why women and men should work out differently
  • A simple formula that women can use to figure out what type of exercise they should do
  • How the timing of food and carbohydrates can make a big difference for fitness and sleep
  • Ben’s natural home
  • Why Ben doesn’t have Wifi in his house and why he has kill switches on the power in each room
  • Ben’s functional and movement-oriented office
  • How to create an inexpensive (or free) gym in your backyard
  • The best natural air and water filters Ben found
  • The way Ben uses natural light patterns to help his children sleep better and improve their circadian rhythms
  • How hot and cold water therapy are beneficial
  • How to workout with your children (and get a better workout!)
  • Simple steps you can take to improve your health

Resources We Mention

What are you biggest struggles with fitness or in creating a healthy or natural home?

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Reader Comments

  1. I noticed today’s podcast includes the idea of not having WiFi at one’s house. Another major way most people are being exposed to electromagnetic radiation is through their home’s Smart Meter. Are you familiar with them? They have taken over most cities across the country. I am currently trying to get my Smart Meter removed from my house, and I feel so powerless. The electric companies everywhere refuse to remove them, even though it ought to be the legal right of the homeowner to decide. I wish this issue could gain more awareness. If more people started refusing Smart Meters, the electric companies would have to come up with other solutions.

    • Hi Karen and Katie,

      I have been thinking a lot about your comment. This is what I think, there is an organization called Center for Health and Environment Justice (CHEJ) they have a lot of information on all of EMR reactions and also how some countries have banned the use of smart meters because they started to use them and realize people were being negatively affected. My thoughts are that if we can form a petition and this is where we would also ask Katie for here enormous help so she can have people know about it and sign it electronically, I know that Katie (wellnessmama) also knows a lot of people that could maybe use there blog to help out like food-babe, Chris Kresser, Natural mama,etc. I know they all care about our children and our health. There needs to be a law that bans this or at least gives that right to have a choice, this has to be nationwide so everybody can know and have a voice, sadly not a lot of people know that they already have one. We might not have the money to fight but we can have the power of people and over all the power of prayer.
      Katie and Karen please let me know if we can do this.

  2. The concept of only sitting to eat is great. What about people that have to drive most of their day? My husband is an HVAC technician. He can sometimes spend several of his 10-12 hour day behind the wheel of his van. He tries to take breaks throughout the day, but that isn’t always possible.

  3. Wow, today’s podcast was intense. Mr. Greenfield has an amazing set up that I wish I could emulate. I really wish I had the resources to provide that kind of lifestyle for my family. I am especially envious that his home has no Wi-Fi. I live in a townhome and have no control over the 4 other families we share the building. Does anyone know of any low cost ways to shield my family?

    So many of Mr. Greenfield homestead amenities seem very expensive, airlifting a water feature onto his 10 acre paradise is currently out of my family’s reach. His water filtration set up is very detailed. I am a beginner and have been saving up for a Berkey water filters. I would love an infrared sauna though, it has been a fantasy of mine.

    On another note, I liked his idea about hacking your environment. I have a 9 to 5 desk job. Does anyone have any tips besides get up once an hour and move around?

    Thanks for the podcast. This is one I will have to listen to more than once because of all the detailed information.

  4. I wonder if an option to keep your body moving (similar to Ben’s standing pad) while sitting at a computer for long periods of time (if this is due to work, study, etc.) would be to sit on one of those big gym balls instead of a chair?

    • You could certainly try it! My balance is not that great, personally…

  5. Hi, sorry I don’t know how else to reach you but I really really need to ask you about Mountain Rose Herbs. I’ve been trying to make the transition to healthier, nontoxic household and skincare items but I just found out that there is an $18 shipping cost no matter how large your order! Isn’t that excessive? Doesn’t that cancel out any savings your are making by ordering from that particular website?? I am married to a medical student and myself attending school so I have to know I’m not wasting my meager savings. Please please comment.

    • Unfortunately, their shipping is high. You can definitely sometimes find organic alternatives on Amazon or in a local store.

  6. Loved this podcast.
    Also, I agree with the most recent post from Karen! Have heard lots of differing opinions on the smart meter and am super interested in this topic! We have to pay $23 extra dollars on our energy bill per month NOT to use the smart meter where I’m from – which is definitely a concern for me as a pregnant mama!

  7. I really enjoyed this podcast, but it ended leaving me feeling discouraged. I don’t know if setting up an environment like his would ever be affordable to an average or even above average family.

  8. Great podcast!! Really enjoyed it.

  9. your website is so awesome, makes me think of making a lot of changes with our lifestyle… from digital day off, to creating natural home remedies and natural cleaning supplies, just so much resources in one site! I work alone in my little office so your podcast keeps me company, just totally loved everything about it! just shared this with a lot of my friends! Thanks for all the work you put here.

  10. What a great podcast! You interview so well. This is the first podcast I’ve listened to on your site and I’m excited to listen to more! You are changing my life and really are my role model. Thank you for everything you do.

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