21: The Problem with Sitting: A Solution

21: The Problem with Sitting: A Solution

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Sitting can be worse than donuts and a sitting solution

Chad and Brenda Walding of SittingSolution.com join me on today’s podcast to explain how sitting can be one of the most harmful things you do each day.

You’ve probably seen the headlines…

“Sitting is the New Smoking”
“7 Ways Sitting Will Kill You”
“Sitting is Taking Years Off Your Life”

…and you may have hoped it was media hype.

Sitting is Worse Than Donuts…

It isn’t hype. More and more studies have come out proving how bad sitting is EVEN if you work out regularly.

See exactly what I’m talking about here: Studies Prove Sitting Kills.

Here are three important studies about sitting…

Study One: Sitting causes premature death (especially in women!)

Alpa Patel (PhD), an epidemiologist at the American Cancer Society, tracked the health of 123,000 Americans between 1992 and 2006. The men in the study who spent six hours or more per day of their leisure time sitting had an overall death rate that was 20 percent higher than the men who sat for three hours or less. The death rate for women who sat for more than six hours a day was about 40 percent higher.

Study Two: Daily Exercise Doesn’t Reduce The Threat Of Sitting

Marc Hamilton, Ph.D, Professor, and inactivity researcher at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, has published 12 studies on the topic of sitting. Each one has proven how dangerous modern sitting is. Here is a summary statement on why typical exercise isn’t a solution…

“People don’t need the experts to tell them that sitting around too much could give them a sore back or a spare tire. The conventional wisdom, though, is that if you watch your diet and get aerobic exercise at least a few times a week, you’ll effectively offset your sedentary time…this advice makes scarcely more sense than the notion that you could counter a pack-a-day smoking habit by jogging. Exercise is not a perfect antidote for sitting. Sitting is hazardous. It’s dangerous.” — Marc Hamilton

Study Three: Sitting increases risk of mortality, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome risk factors, and obesity.

In an extensive study (2007 Nov;56 (11):2655-67. Epub 2007 Sep 7) the evidence concluded that sitting was a “…potentially major clinical and public health significance…the dire concern for the future may rest with growing numbers of people unaware of the potential insidious dangers of sitting too much.” (Emphasis Added)

Scary huh?

If you’re like most people, sitting isn’t really something you can just stop doing.

But here is the good news…you don’t have to.

Today’s podcast guests,  Chad and Brenda (Doctors of Physical Therapy) have spent years behind the scenes working on a solution for their patients. It combines the positive studies of Activity Thermogenesis and their expertise in Physical Therapy to gently reverse the negative impact of sitting inside your body…and it works even if you HAVE to sit all day!

They are sharing their solutions on this podcast episode, and you can also read more about it here in their new Sitting Solution program.

Resources We Mention

How much do you sit? What do you do to mitigate the symptoms of sitting?

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Reader Comments

  1. Need the headlines *always* be so dire? Sitting will kill you? Can I add to that list? Getting in a car will kill you. Eating dinner will kill you. Breathing will kill you(indoor/outdoor air pollution, anyone?). Stress will kill you. Not exercising enough. Exercising too much. If all that doesn’t kill you, Ebola will. If not Ebola, well certainly a war. If not a war, maybe the next earthquake/flood/nuclear disaster. It’s good to educate people that sitting is perhaps not the way to spend a life. Yeah, it can have negative health consequences that are preventable. The stress that sitting is going to kill me is going to kill me to. I can add one fact to all of this–dying is a guaranteed part of life. The emphasis should continue to be ways we can make our living part more enjoyable and positive. Not sitting around fretting about how x, y, or z is certain to kill us early.

    • Ha! Donuts–I can definitely relate to sitting being worse than donuts and it doesn’t trigger the “dire” stress points in my mind.

    • :)))) totally agree!

    • This comment is right on. I can’t stand those dire and doom titles splashed across a blog, or a web page. Everytime I see that I quickly scroll down to see the predictable “Buy my book!”

  2. I use a ball chair and I find that helps a lot. I also try to get up and move at least once every half hour while I’m working. And when I’m not working… I’m a mom, so I’m up and down all the time, lol!

  3. Just came here specifically after hearing you and your health recipes on Underground Wellness last night. Thanks for sharing these! I’m looking forward to trying out these more natural remedies! 🙂

  4. I’m a total TV and computer addict… I know I have a problem. I also thought that exercise helped… oops. This is one of the MANY reasons I will not be sending my son to a public school. 1/2 an hour a day to run around, while the other 5 hours stuffed behind a desk is NOT the way children were meant to live! I will be working on myself, and hopefully an early intervention for my son.

  5. Hi Katie! I just found you today after hearing your interview on Underground Wellness. Great stuff here!

    I’m an eLearning developer and sitting at a computer all day has wreaked havoc on my body. I’ve spent the last year trying to undo the damage. We recently created a short module on Why Sitting is the New Smoking so this particular blog post really spoke to me….
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  6. Great topic! At the end of the podcast you mention a “free guide” for podcast users (in addition to links to the Sitting Solution Program) but I do not see any “free guide” … where can I get it?

  7. These guys really should change the strategy to sell the program. I finished listening the podcast super motivated and ready to get more information, but then I got to sittingsolution.com and all this sensationalism and how many time they told me “super offer, buy now!” 🙁

    • I’m not a fan of that type of selling either, but the information they have is still excellent, even if their style of selling is different than what I’d prefer…

  8. http://amzn.to/2y1iMxo

    Any one tried this product? Would you reccomend it or no? So excited to hear this podcast on my drive home today, thanks for all the work and research you do.

  9. I would like to thank you for sharing this amazing content with us. The most important point in the content is ‘Exercise is not a perfect antidote for sitting’. Solution to this is lower the sedentary time. Also, one can use a Standing desk.

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