39: Is ADHD Under Diagnosed?

39: Is ADHD Under Diagnosed?

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Is ADHD Under-Diagnosed

In natural health circles, it is common to hear that ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is over-diagnosed and that too many children are being medicated for “just being kids.”

John Gray, famous for his bestseller “Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus,” would agree that too many children are medicated, but he believes that ADHD is actually under-diagnosed.

Gray struggled with ADHD most of his life before finding relief and became an expert in natural health in the process. Though he is known as a relationship expert, he has spent the past 15 years researching and becoming an expert in natural health after receiving (and eventually reversing) a Parkinsons diagnosis.

Now, he has written a book called Staying Focused In A Hyper World: Natural Solutions For ADHD, Memory And Brain Performance, that details the steps he used to help recover from ADHD and Parkinsons and resources he has used to help many other people recover as well.

In This Episode, We Discuss

  • Why Gray says ADHD is under-diagnosed
  • The different types of ADHD and why the differences are important
  • Why reducing a fever may lead to ADHD and other problems
  • How EMFs affect us, especially those with underlying brain issues
  • Why oxidative stress affects the brain and the rest of the body
  • Practical solutions if your child has ADHD (the answer might be in the bath tub?)
  • Why Glutathione is the master nutrient for the brain and how to get enough
  • How giving your children a hot (103 degree) bath every other day can help
  • Why 20 minutes of sunshine each day is so important
  • So much more.

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Reader Comments

  1. This was so eye opening! Oh my gosh, thank you so much.

  2. I ordered the book after listening because I recognized two of my kids in the description. Thanks for this.

    • I’m a great grandparent and would like to do things with the youngster that has this problem. Are there games or activities that would entertain them. Some things like computer games keep his interest for a hour sometimes, then he is restless with needing something else to do. He jumps on the trampoline,, he can run like the wind. He would, when younger, he would run in the orchard pushing a tricycle, never wanting to ride it. I can feel his frustration. We paint on wood, rocks and paper. Just wondering if there is anything else, he only works well one on one. Others can join in but best one on one. He is in kindergarten and has trouble there. He get embarrassed easily. Thanks for any help. School should be more helpful, but as yet all they do is call someone to come get him. What is a spammer? I don’t believe that I am one.

  3. Very informative,Thanks a lot 🙂

  4. Thank you for the podcasts – I have a nephew who is in my care who has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. He sees a psychiatrist and on his 3rd medication and I really don’t want him to be on meds and have been looking for natural remedies for his condition. I am definitely going check out his suggestions. Again, Thank you!

    • Often multiple diagnoses indicate Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder has been missed. This may not be true for your nephew but could be worth looking into. Check out http://www.nofas.org for more info

    • “If a parent forced a child to take alcohol, a depressant, in the mistaken belief that he was curing a “chemical imbalance” in the child’s brain, we would not hesitate to have the child removed from the home”…

  5. Super interesting and inspiring podcast!

    I have to say though, it makes my head spin trying to research what supplements are safe to give my son. Right now I only give him FCLO, probiotics and synergy vit c as I worry about getting carried away and giving him something that could be detrimental to his health. But on the other side, I want to give him the best advantage possible. I am curious about the seeking health multi you linked to and have been considering it. Is that only good for children with MTHFR? Also, could you do an updated list of supplements or recommendations for children? Thanks for all your amazing work, you are one of my few trusted health bloggers!

    • Maybe consider testing with 23andme.com and interpreting results with genetic genie. This was really helpful for us and gave a lot of clarity on what supplements were best for each of us individually. The Seeking Health one would be good even for someone without MTHFR, as long as a person doesn’t have a rare but specific mutation that makes methylated forms unusable.I will work on an updated list though of what we are giving each of our children. Hope that helped a little!

  6. You guys need to come up to speed. The doctor who first diagnosed ADHD admitted on his death bed that HE MADE IT UP.

    Its proper designation should be called: “being a boy.” This is one reason why boys need dads. Women do not understand boys. Because they know how boys will react, they think they understand them.

    That’s absurd. Recognizing behavior does not mean one understands the behavior. I’ve seen woman after woman frustrated with boys and men because they don’t act like girls!

    Women do not understand men; they just think they do.

    • What? Being a boy? I am 38 years old and I have ADHD and it is REAL and it can be debilitating at times. Please realize extremes on either side aren’t good.

      • “The past twenty-five years has led to a phenomenon almost unique in history. Methodologically rigorous research indicates that ADHD and hyperactivity as “syndromes” simply do not exist. We have invented a disease, given its medical sanction, and must now disown it. The major question is how we go about destroying the monster we have created. It is not easy to do this and to save face, another reason why physicians and many researchers with years of funding and an academic reputation to protect are reluctant to believe the data.” –Diane McGuiness, professor of psychology.

        But perhaps you or the author of this blog are aware of research which really does objectively validate “ADHD” as a real biological condition? If so I’d love to see it.

        “Please realize extremes on either side aren’t good.” You’re invoking a logical fallacy known as the “false compromise”. The diagnosis of ADHD is never made on an objective basis. Simple as that.

        promoting the ADHD diagnosis is promoting child abuse.

  7. For god’s sake, please do some research people! ADHD is neither over-diagnosed, nor under; it doesn’t exist at all. Labelling a child this way is nothing short of child abuse, let alone subjecting them to brain-damaging drugs on the basis of this diagnosis.

    I advise reading “talking back to Ritalin” by Peter Breggin.

    • Peter I have to say that I have a child who has ADHD symptoms. I hesitate to label his condition, because I believe there are many varying underlying issues causing symptoms. But the symptoms are real. They have changed my life. For you to say this is very hurtful to those suffering due to these symptoms. Label or no label the struggles are real. I have found that changing my son’s diet has helped a lot, because he doesn’t have to process out so many chemicals and his brain can function better.

      • For me to say what? That there is no such thing as “ADHD”? There is no proof that it exists, why feel offended about someone pointing this out? Why can’t you just say your child has “challenging behaviours” rather than “ADHD symptoms”?

        Remember the diagnosis of ADHD is always made on the basis of circular reasoning; i.e “why does johnny misbehave? Because he has ADHD. How do we know he has ADHD? Because he is misbehaved.”

        There isn’t any good reason to conceptualise your sons difficulties as stemming from a hypothetical brain disorder, when there is no evidence that this is the case. So you should keep your hesitation permanently or you will be guilty of emotionally abusing your child.

      • To quote the Christian Science Monitor article;

        “On a scientific level, we get past ADHD the same way we got past phrenology and eugenics; we demand that the theories that are being expounded be based in fact and verified by research. On a societal level, we take responsibility for the fact that the diagnostic labels we have accepted, and pharmacological interventions we have embraced, are harming children and that we have NO RIGHT TO ASK CHILDREN TO BEAR THOSE HARMS (my emphasis). On a personal level, we place the difficulties of childhood within the context of the life of each child, and within the nature of childhood itself. We make a commitment to helping children be their best selves, and above all, we do the best we can to make sure that we never use our positions of authority to harm anyone”

  8. Another factor that is often missed, and this happens with diagnosis of Autism as well, is whether the mother drank alcohol during pregnancy. What manifests as ADHD may really be complications of brain damage from exposure to alcohol while in the womb. This is not getting enough media attention, nor even spoken about in the medical field often enough, in my opinion.

  9. Wow, that blew me away. A lot of info to take in. Thank you for the transcript Katie!!

  10. This was a wonderful podcast. I’m so great full I discovered your podcast and blog. There is so much helpful, inspiring information. I am amazed by your cornucopia of information.

  11. This was a great podcast. I am looking for a link to the yogurt starter mentioned in the episode and cannot find it here or on his website. Help, please! 🙂

  12. Super interesting information! This morning I woke up and thought, I wonder if my child has ADHD? I’ve been trying to figure out what is going on with them, as we have three others and none of them have any of the same problems that this particular child does. I’m going to check out John’s website, thanks for sharing this with us!

    I’d also like to add, that I have always been in the school of thought “there is no such thing as ADHD,” but I know that there is SOMETHING going on with our kid, and it has been constant since that child’s birth. Gut health has already been evaluated, and many things have been removed from said child’s diet, but I believe more must now need to happen, if I am ever going to see this child thrive in their fullest potential.

    • Sorry, I should have thought out what I wanted to write, before I began with the first comment, but anyways….

      Katie, I too have Hashimotos, and because of that, I avoid dairy. I have recently began making yogurt for my children (who were previously dairy free, but seem to tolerate the yogurt well -yay!) and now am considering buying the BRAVO yogurt kit that Dr. Gray mentioned. My question for you, since I know you are dairy free (or correct me if I am wrong on that,) would you personally consume yogurt made with this BRAVO starter, or would you still avoid it, since dairy is not recommended for us who have Hashimotos?

      • I would personally probably be fine with it, as I can even now handle occasional dairy without a problem, but I do think it is a very individual thing. I’ve been watching my levels and symptoms carefully as I occasionally added dairy and I was fine, but some people react very negatively to it. I’d say test it without changing any other variables and see how you do

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