The Link Between Sugar and Cancer

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The link between sugar and cancer
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Sugar is everywhere in the modern diet and there’s no doubt that it’s making us obese, fatigued, and sick. You can’t turn on the television without one commercial after another advertising candy, soda, or sugary breakfast cereals.

While many of us have an intuition or research that makes us leery of sugar, there is plenty of media trying to convince us otherwise. Remember the “it’s just corn” commercials claiming that high fructose corn sugar dangers were all in our heads and that HFCS is similar to “just eating fruit?”

Except for the minor detail that corn is not the same thing at all and the higher fructose content has a huge impact on our bodies. All calories are not equal and that’s especially important to remember when it comes to sugar.

It’s true that the cells in your body use “sugar” as a fuel source but it runs more efficiently on natural sources such as vegetables and fruits. The sugar I’m talking about here is the processed, empty calorie kind. It provides nothing in the way of nutrition or sustainable energy…but it could be taking a lot from your body.

Sugar in the United States is often made from sugar beets and corn. The majority of all sugar beet and corn crops are genetically modified (GMO). (1)

A Focused Media Blitz that Works

The primary demographic of the sugar campaign is young people and that makes me furious. Kids’ sugar intake is ten times higher than it was in 1900 – it’s the main source of their dietary calories – and nothing good is coming from it. As a mom, I’ve watched the trends change from (not so good) when I was a kid to absolutely awful today. (2)

It should shock me but it doesn’t that the population in the United States consumes an average of about 170 pounds of sugar annually. That means a bunch of people eat less (like my family and probably yours) so many others are eating even more.

The way society is eating shows in our health statistics. In all our history, we’ve never been sicker. Cases of diabetes, heart disease, obesity (and childhood obesity), neurological disorders, behavioral disorders, autoimmune diseases, and cancer are out of control. Consider this:

1890: 3-in-100,000 people diagnosed with diabetes

2012: 8,000-in-100,000 people diagnosed with diabetes

Modern medical technology struggles to keep up with our sickening society but you can’t fix a problem like this with a machine or a pill. This requires an evaluation of what we’re eating, how much we’re eating, and what it’s doing to our health (as well as an adjustment in some important lifestyle factors like sleep, toxin exposure and stress).

The long-term effects of this seemingly harmless enemy are well documented. Countless studies show the dangers of sugar on human health, but have done nothing to change the massive use of it in our food supply. Even foods you wouldn’t necessarily consider “sweet” (like bread, yogurt, and oatmeal) are packed with sugar.

Sugar cravings have a scientific basis. In a shocking study in France, Dr. Serge Ahmed offered his rats a choice between table sugar and cocaine. They chose the sugar (and the resulting dopamine) just like so many of us do. You get the “high,” feel great, start to crash, and go for more sugar to get the “high” back again.

The Link Between Sugar and Cancer

You know what else loves sweets? Cancer cells.

When sugar molecules attach to the proteins in your body, it is called glycosylation. Cells like these are present in high quantities in most types of cancer tissue. Though they were identified long ago, the findings were ignored since they were believed to be harmless. It was only recently that scientists fit the pieces together. It changed everything they knew about the sugar-cancer connection.

Researchers with the University of Copenhagen confirmed that not only are these sugar byproducts present in tumors, they actively stimulate growth. Author Catharina Steentoft said, “It is a rather big step forward since it gives us an entirely new understanding of something we have worked many years to grasp. It guides our entire field of research towards new ways to proceed in the battle against cancer.” (3)

Simply put, cancer cells love sugar and grow really well when you eat it.

Here’s why: When you eat sugars (good and bad ones), your body produces insulin to regulate the effect on your blood, metabolism, and cell growth. The more sugar you eat, the more insulin your pancreas must produce.

Eventually, your body doesn’t react to the insulin as effectively so your body makes even more. This is called insulin resistance and it’s a condition that 70 million Americans have that can eventually lead to full diabetes when the pancreas finally fails.

Healthy and cancerous cells use the hormone insulin to fuel growth so the more you have, the more cancer grows, multiplies, and spreads.

Harvard Medical School Cancer Center researchers found that 80% of all cancers mutate and mimic the effect of insulin. Their current focus is the creation of an insulin inhibitor for use in cancer treatment protocols. (4)

This may be part of the reason that cancer rates and diabetes rates seem to be rising at about the same pace. Listen to this podcast episode with Paul Jaminet on the Perfect Health Diet, Carbs, and Cancer Research.

University Rey Juan Carlos researchers identified that catenin, a protein used in the formation and growth rate of cancer cells, relies solely on blood sugar levels.

The findings, published in Molecular Cell, were explained by team member Dr. Custodia Garcia-Jimenez. “We were surprised to realize that changes in our metabolism caused by dietary sugar impact our cancer risk. Changing diet is one of easiest prevention strategies that can potentially save a lot of suffering and money.” (5)

There is no doubt that we’re all getting too much sugar in our diets. We need to get off this up and down “sugar high” ride and kick the habit for good

Experts estimate that more than half of the cancers diagnosed in the world are preventable. Removing refined sugars from your daily eating plan is an excellent step in the right direction.

There are several new ways that experts are fighting cancer in 26 countries around the world, and some astonishing methods being used that are virtually unknown in the United States.

I recently found out about a new docu-series called The Truth About Cancer that delves into effective cancer treatments used around the world with amazing results. If you’re interested in learning more about the link between cancer and sugar and some of these new treatment methods, I’d recommend checking out this 9-part series (it will screen online at no cost in a couple of weeks- check out the trailer here).

1. United States Department of Agriculture; USDA to Deregulate Genetically Engineered Sugar Beets
2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Consumption of Added Sugars Among US Adults
3. Science Daily; Specific Sugar Molecule Causes Growth of Cancer Cells
4. The New York Times; Is Sugar Toxic?
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How much sugar does your family consume? Were you aware of the link between sugar and cancer? Share below!

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69 responses to “The Link Between Sugar and Cancer”

  1. Teresa Rey Avatar
    Teresa Rey

    probably because of the way we eat edgar cayce mentioned that eventually we wouldn’t look the same . i do think our faces are getting narrower.

  2. Lori Avatar

    Great article! There are also other very insidious links between cancer and sugar…
    The agriculture industry is now using glyphosate saturation baths on the sugar cane, wheat and many other crops just a few days prior to harvesting. Evidently they have found that this practice produces a quick kill off of the crops making them softer and easier for the equipment to harvest them.

    Problem is, it’s leaving the crops saturated with even more toxic chemicals that are not removed during food processing. And everyone knows that wheat and sugar are contained in almost every processed food on the grocery shelves. The WHO recently announced that they believe glyphosate is carcinogenic to humans and many countries around the world have banned it’s use.

    The other sugar-cancer link comes from the use of GMO sugar beets to make processed sugar instead of sugar cane. There’s plenty of definitive research proving the link between GMO foods and cancer in rats.

    The facts are being manipulated and twisted and covered up by entities from the chemical companies producing GMO seed, like Monsanto, to dozens of food industry giants like Coca Cola and the Grocery Manufacturers of America.

    These companies have dumped millions of dollars into blocking GMO food labeling legislation each time it crops up. Now they are pushing for the “Dark Act”, which is legislation that would prohibit any state from ever passing any mandatory GMO food labeling, guaranteeing that consumers will remain “in the dark” about dangerous GMOs in their food.

    Last but not least is the other huge cancer link research is finding and that is due to other issues and infections in the mouth, some of which might be directly tied to eating too much sugar.

    Find out more for free online now at the These 30 plus experts are talking about how hidden infections in root canals and extracted wisdom teeth can cause cancer and heart disease.

  3. April Avatar

    Thank you for the article. I too wish everyone could read it! I have been so addicted to sugar (and grains) that it has taken me literally years to finally realize total abstinence is the ONLY way to get rid of the cravings. And it does work! I have to watch very carefully some of the “healthy” foods also, such as high sugar fruits. Sugar is sugar, no matter what the “brand”…fruit, honey, agave, etc., and it WILL raise cravings. Even a couple delicious peaches did it to me. 🙁

    Enjoy your blog very much. 🙂

  4. Abby Avatar

    You haven’t answered the question that’s been asked by a few different commenters: Is this true of “healthier” sweeteners like honey or evaporated cane juice as well? Or just sugar?

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar

      According to the research, it would be true on some level of any type of sweetener that affects blood sugar, so that would include honey or cane juice, though at least sweeteners like honey have healthful properties as well, which make them ok for occasional use in my opinion. Sweeteners like stevia should not have the same effect though.

  5. Nicole Avatar

    I know this is not completely related to this topic, but what groceries do you make a point to buy organic and what things do you not? Maybe you could make a post related to this? It’s difficult sometimes to find organic options in store and was hoping you could give us some insight on how you shop. Thank you so much!

  6. Olive Avatar

    Hi Katie,

    I’ve loved your stuff for many years, but I wanted to let you know that I unsubscribed from your mailing lists after receiving one the other day about a cancer quiz where you said we could not look the other way and hide from cancer. I found this to be slightly insulting and also misguided. I still respect you and know that you sent this out out of concern, but I cannot personally continue to read about positive life changes wrapped up in words of fear of disease.

    If you have not heard of her, I would encourage you to read about a woman named Anita Moorjani who wrote a book about her experience with cancer called “Dying to Be Me.” Her story has exploded in recent years and is set to become a hollywood movie. After she had a near death experience, Anita had a “miraculous” recovery from terminal cancer in a matter of weeks that has been medically documented. She says that fear of cancer and having it in our consciousness all of the time (awareness campaigns, etc) is the part of the problem. She says loving ourselves unconditionally is the only thing we need to do. Before she got cancer she was someone who ate all organic and did everything to avoid getting cancer, but she still did, she says because she did not love herself.

    I am pretty skeptical of many things like this, but her story is unique and remarkable. And I have found that many of these blogs (such as yours and mommypotamus, for example) trigger immense amounts of fear and may cause more harm than good. So with respect & warm wishes, I will retire the majority of my readership from your website, using it for searching things like recipes instead of reading as you post.

    Thank you & may you have a peaceful, happy pregnancy!

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar

      Hey Olive,
      Thanks for the perspective. You bring up a good point, and this is a balance that I struggle to find constantly in blogging. On one hand, I like to be able to help make people aware of global health problems that we can still change (like plastic exposure, etc), but I also don’t ever want to induce fear. Trying to educate without causing any fear is a difficult line, and I’m sorry if you feel like I’ve crossed it. I also admit that the cancer topic is a personal tough one for me, as I have very early painful memories of losing loved ones and I feel that in general, we still have a lot to learn that could potentially help.
      I do think there is a very important mental and emotional aspect of health and that those can absolutely impact physical health. I haven’t read the book you mention, so I can’t comment on it directly, but I do agree that this is an aspect that many of us could benefit from working on. Thanks for the time and insight.

      1. Leah Avatar

        Kudos, Katie, for your gracious response here. Like Olive, I respect your writing and research and have enjoyed your recipes from time to time. However, I too am very selective about which of your posts I read (and other healthy lifestyle blogs). I struggle with fear but more than that, I wrestle with maintaining the balance of caring for my family and others while focusing too much on disease prevention. It seems very consuming and truly of limited use. All the mental energy, time spent in shopping, preparing and researching, not to mention money, and resulting sense of anxiety when “breaking the rules” or worse, a sense of judgment and superiority towards the ignorant masses who choose not to focus on their health. Not good. And ultimately for what purpose? Feeling less tired? (Not talking about food allergies, celiac, etc.) Maybe extending life a few years? But maybe not.

        And that brings me to the other point. I think I read somewhere that you are a woman of faith which is why I bring up the following: I am a Christian who believes in the sovereignty of God over all my days. I believe what Jesus said that we can’t extend our lives past the days ordained for us, and that our bodies are wasting away, despite our best efforts. Also because I am a Christian, I feel a responsibility to steward my health so as to be as effective in the work my Lord has for me (currently caring for my five littles and husband, teaching, mentoring young women, opening our home for meals as much as possible, caring for my community and church, among other things). So I prepare wholesome meals and exercise and drink water and go to bed as early as I can (though those little ones do their best to interrupt!). But as Christians we are told to make sure our minds are on eternal things, not temporary things like our failing bodies. I cannot reconcile these things with a focus on disease prevention and ultimate health.

        I am not dismissing the claims made in your blog about the benefits of a wellness lifestyle. But for me, following your lifestyle recommendations has come at too high a price and been more of a burden than a blessing. I also see many “healthy” moms burdened and burdening others with these prescriptions. This has become a big industry that depends on our obsession with ourselves, our bodies, and avoiding the inevitability of our mortality. It reminds me of the scripture, “Such regulations indeed have an appearance of wisdom, with their self-imposed worship, their false humility and their harsh treatment of the body, but they lack any value in restraining sensual indulgence.” Col.2:23. I am banking on the inner life of the heart being more important than the inner workings of my gut and the outer glow of my skin.

        I appreciate your hard work and great recipes. Thank you. I just wanted to put that out there since I haven’t heard that perspective shared on a wellness blog before. May God bless this new little life in your family!

        1. Lori Avatar

          I too am a Christian and I agree with most everything you said. I also struggle with trying to balance education/fear regarding my health. But another view I believe is beneficial to remember is that the Bible says we should treat our body like a temple. That means we should avoid harmful things that polute the body like tobacco, excess alcohol, poisons, etc. We need to educate ourselves regarding the latest “toxins” in our environment and avoid what we can.

          If we don’t educate ourselves, we are going to end up living many years feeling sick and tired when it simply is not necessary. We also might end up dying prematurely if we don’t make a conscious effort to avoid many of the 1000s of toxins in our environment and food and water supply. If you don’t know they exist, how can you avoid them?

          I’m not obsessed with living as many years as possible, but I am very interested in living my “ordained” years as pain-free and energetic as possible. We don’t have to accept all these man-made problems as part of our temporary home. We can remain separate from them until Jesus comes. The Bible is full of advice, ranging from agriculture practices to personal care practices, to the Israelites on how to avoid polluting themselves from the practices of the surrounding pagan nations. I believe Katie offers education that can help us avoid the pollution surrounding us in the world and I appreciate it greatly!

      2. virginia Avatar

        Only recently found your posts. Keep telling us the truth as
        you become aware of information..I actually never worry abt things when I have all the facts.but when I have unanswered questions about something it really causes me stress until I know what I’m dealing with. “Cancer and sugar” who would have thought….. Keep up the good work

      3. Angela Chavez Avatar
        Angela Chavez

        Hey Katie,
        You have done a great job at bringing on all the information you find that can help and guide us. Thanks for all that you do, but at some point people have to decide whether to live in fear or take in information for what it is worth. People create their on feelings whether it is fear, stress, anxiety, etc. I feel that not about having knowledge creates fear, knowledge is power. What you write about gives us the reader more information to go forth and dwell into more information on whatever subject you write about. What the person does with it is up to them. I too have known cancer patients and such information has been a powerful tool for them and feeling good about themselves also helps them heal. Thanks for all you do. Great job!

        1. Cait M Avatar

          I know this a slightly old post, but I felt compelled to comment anyways. With all of the posts mentioned here, I felt relieved to know that I am not the only one who has been on either side of the fence. At times, living a “wellness” based life has given me freedom, in the form of more energy and overcoming MANY health obstacles. I have also been on the other side of the fence where my fear of disease and sickness was crippling and I have refused meals at times (when I shouldn’t have) out of fear of something toxic. After spending much time in prayer and contemplation, I have come to a place such as you mentioned. Seeing “CANCER” written in the title of an article used to send gut wrenching panic through my body. Whether or not the post was or was not out of fear mongering (unrelated to Wellness Mama), my response was one that would send my mind reeling and my nerves on end. It was not until I accepted my mortality and began to trust God (not to mention, overcoming severe adrenal fatigue lol) that my fears began to subside and I realised there is a healthy balance. We need the information and the knowledge! We cannot just sit by while the ship is sinking. But becoming obsessed and fretful over these topics is a personal issue and is not necessarily caused by the author of such articles which induce this type of reaction. I feel for anyone on any side of this issue, as it’s likely I’ve been there at some point. But Wellness Mama’s blog is my very favorite, because I do feel that there is not fear mongering, but helpful information from one mom to another that empowers the individual to do what they are able to to improve their life and the lives of their family. I really enjoyed your response because I feel it is most balanced!

          I don’t know if any of you will read this, but if you do, have a great day and may God bless you, no matter where you are. 🙂

  7. Linda Avatar

    Katie, I don’t know if you are familiar with the Daniel Fast but I’m currently doing it and sweets & all added sugars are prohibited. I made a 3-bean salad last night and discovered that the one can of beans that wasn’t organic had sugar in the water. I had no idea even in something like beans sugar is added.

    I have to say this fast is definitely helping with my sugar cravings. I’m surprised I am not craving it but I agree a little just makes me want more when I do have it. Rather than generally trying to eat healthier it seems to help to specifically say no I can’t eat sugar or processed foods or other specific foods. The challenge will be when I end this fast but I definitely want to continue with some of the guidelines.

    I had not heard about a sugar-cancer connection but know that other than calories sugar has absolutely no nutritional benefits whatsoever which is just amazing.

  8. Vivian Avatar

    Cutting out sugar is profoundly difficult. You have to make the decision to cut it out completely in my opinion. It’s very much like an alcoholic, one bit and you can’t leave it alone. I’ve certainly found that to be the case for me. I don’t believe the cravings ever go away. However, the way you will feel if you do far outweighs the cravings. You have to control the starchy carbohydrates too or you’ll not be successful controlling sugar.

    1. nicole Avatar

      Agreed. This happens to me in the form of bread. Your body turns bread into glucose and then you’re addicted!

  9. Tanya Skinner Avatar
    Tanya Skinner

    This article needs to be shared…until many, many have read this!!! Shared, shared and shared some more! Crucial info!!! Thank you for laying it all out there.

  10. Kristine Manley Avatar
    Kristine Manley

    What a great article. I cut out sodas from my diet and what a HUGE difference this made to my skin and the way I feel. Now I’m working on cutting out more sugars in my diet.

  11. Beata Avatar

    Ihave a real sweet tooth and have always been trying to reduce the sugar intake for the reasons listed in the article.

    I have a 6 months old baby and we have just started weaning. Started from avocado, kale and sweet potato however when I share this with any other mums I am being criticised for introducing “difficult to digest”, “dangerous” for my baby stomach foods etc… Everyone, and I really mean everyone starts with sugar raising baby rice which doesn’t give any nutritional value and only raises blood sugar in their babies. I really cant understand this. It feels like a fight against the world when you try to do a good thing.

    1. Jen Avatar

      It so nice to hear someone else besides me starting my 7 month out on avocado and sweet potatoes! I take a lot of criticism for the healthy way I do things, especially for my children and it use to bother me but anymore I just let it go in one ear and out the other. I know I am doing what is best for my children’s health and unfortunately someday the critics will see the difference if they continue to make poor nutrition choices. Keep up the good work and food! 😉

      1. Sandra Avatar

        Glad to hear! We started our 6 months old boy also on avocado, sweet potatoes and have introduced meat, (chicken and beef) cooked in stock. Working on making broth but have done only 12 hours of cooking so not quite broth although there is some jelly in our stock.

    2. Ruthie Avatar

      I just want to say that the best time to introduce healthy foods is when your children are young. Our family has a history of heart disease and diabetes, and my husband had triple bypass at 46. My concern is for my 6 children ages ranging from 25 down to 11. They have been very resistant to food changes, and the 2 eldest have been diagnosed with high blood pressure in the last 2 years since their father’s heart surgery. My goal isn’t to bore you with these details, but to encourage you to keep on keeping on with good, healthy eating habits for your babies. There’s the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The fact is that it’s easier to start them off on a good healthy path than to try and change bad habits.

    3. Diana Avatar

      Good on you, stick to your guns! I was introduced to the Weston A Price Foundation baby food recommendations just before weaning my first child and we haven’t looked back. I highly recommend checking it out.

  12. Julie S. Avatar
    Julie S.

    Does raw organic cane juice also feed our cancer cells? That’s what I use in sweet tea and baked goods.

  13. Beth Avatar

    So sad. And so many people do NOT want to hear this message. I don’t know any families (in real life, obviously not the blogosphere) who eat the way we do. Even the “low-sugar” families are simply swapping it out with Splenda. Junk for junk, not a big improvement.
    My kids think I’m the not cool parent in the neighborhood. Our house is definitely not the most fun hang out spot: no video game systems & we only offer real foods for snacks. Even my homemade Popsicles, which my kids enjoy are somehow embarrassing when offered to their friends. I often find snack wrappers in my son’s pocket from other people’s houses; I wish I could put a “please don’t feed my kid” sign on the front & back of his shirt.
    While I’ll allow that I can’t stop a grown adult from making their own bad decisions like smoking, too much alcohol, or excessive sugar, it just drives me crazy to think that we are poisoning our children!

    1. Angela Chavez Avatar
      Angela Chavez

      I know the feeling Beth, I make everything we eat from fresh fruits and veggies and eat mea on a rare basis, everything is organic. Though people know that we eat differently we are considered the outsiders and weird ones for doing that. I am okay with it. Just so you know that you are doing what you can for your children and yourselves is all that matters.

    2. sangavi Avatar

      Beth, I am in the same boat. I give my kids healthy food at home but when they started school, they want the same snacks that other kids eat. Also hate the companies that tries to market kids snack with their favorite characters on the cover. one day my son asked me to pack watermelon in a ziploc bag. I usually don’t pack snacks in the ziploc bags. When asked he said that his friend brings it that way.
      I am trying my best to teach my kids the right choices in food. Hope they grown up to make the right decisions.

  14. Angela Avatar

    Thank you!! I am an oncology nurse and a health coach. Signed up for the online series and can’t wait to hear the truth about cancer!!

  15. Mariana Avatar

    I am aware of it. Although I am yet to control myself better. While I don’t buy sugary stuff for my daughter, check labels for hidden sugar before buying groceries and buy fruit and vegetables instead, personally I struggle to stop eating sweet treats when out of home (at work, when my daughter is not with me). It is probably linked to my growing up eating habits. At my parents house we always had cookies, cake, candies or other treats around, either store bought or homemade. Developing a sweet tooth was an obvious consequence, and I have found extremely hard to get over this.
    If I can suggest a post, I would ask for how to create new eating habits specially around leaving behind the sugar.

  16. Jaime Avatar

    Thank you for all of the information, especially the link to Truth About Cancer. On a side note, I tried to order a copy of your cookbook. I could only find a $2700 copy! Do you plan to make any more available in the near future?

      1. Crystal Avatar

        I’ve been looking for months!!! I’d love to buy a copy of and when it’s available again! Also in regard to this article, I sub honey as my sweetener and I wonder if it would have the same problems as sugar.

  17. lynette Avatar


    Congratulations on Baby #6!

    I have been following you for some time now and love so many of your recipes. I felt like you were on quest for wellness and I appreciate this last blog. I too have lost too many people to cancer. My grandfather was so special to me and he died when I was 13. I remember going to work with him at his restaurant and going to the farmers market and sitting in his office and he always told me he was going to pay for my wedding when I grew up. I was lucky because I was the first grand child so I got more time with him.

    I never user a microwave. I try to never wear my phone on my body and I eat whole foods as much as possible.

    Thanks for what you are doing!

  18. Angela Chavez Avatar
    Angela Chavez

    Great article. I for one have read many times that cancer and sugar are linked. Loved the way you worded this and thanks for bringing this to Wellness Mama. Hoping this article will wake up people to the dangers of sugar.
    I have a couple of friends that have survived breast cancer and I continue to see them eat the way they used to, breaks my heart. But I also understand that the addiction to sugar is difficult to break.

    1. Leah Avatar

      I have known two women with very healthy, low sugar diets suffer from breast cancer. You cannot prevent cancer simply by dietary adjustments. There is a link but let’s not make the jump that sugar=cancer and no sugar=no cancer.

      1. Alice Avatar

        That is a great point to make Leah. I have always watched my diet and have had breast cancer and now I’m dealing with lymphoma. My next effort will have to look at genetics or accept that my cancer could be environmentally caused. Regardless, good diet is important but will not solely protect you.

        1. Marjorie Metcalfe Avatar
          Marjorie Metcalfe

          I also had lymphoma 5 years ago and did a lot of research. I believe that cancer grows in an acidic body and I did everything possible to make my body more alkaline. This included cutting out sugar, caffeine, chocolate and alcohol although I did not drink much. I got used to drinking lemon water with a pinch of bicarb of soda in it which alkalises the body. I have been cancer free for 5 years even though my doctor said I would have it back in 6 months.

          1. Denise Avatar

            Marjorie it seems you did the right thing.
            You are so accurate about the acidic environment.
            I also read about baking soda and alkalizing the body.
            Stress can also shut down the system and make the body acidic.
            May you stay cancer free for a LONG time 🙂

          2. Larks Avatar

            Stress, sugar, acidity are all bad sources. Boosting immune system and removing a cancer-promoting environment is key. Danish researchers at The University of Copenhagen have found methylated selenium to important in anti-cancerous immune functions. I first read the information on selenium and apoptosis/anti-angiogenesis in an easy to understand article here:

        2. Denise Avatar

          Totally Alice 🙂
          I hope you recover soon. Lots of things are associated to cancer not just what we eat.
          What we put in our body, and on our body. The environment, our lifestyle, the career we are in, the stress level and the temperament we have.
          We can eat all the kale in the world but if we are stressing over the job or fighting with our spouse daily, it won’t help as much.
          Sugar does have a correlation of course but healthy people who do not consume a lot of sugar still get diseases and maybe its time to look at the mind. I love the book by Lissa Rankin Mind over medicine.

      2. Angela Chavez Avatar
        Angela Chavez

        I did not quite say that, but it is always a good idea to watch what you eat for many other health reasons, one of them being cancer.

      3. Chris Young Avatar
        Chris Young

        Of course, sugar is just one component. Soy intake, use of antiperspirants, plastic food storage, and industrial household cleaners are also components, among others. Do your research, I’ve used diet and herbs to cure my autoimmune diseases, answers are out there you just have to get past the corporate sponsored meaningless research to get to the truths.

        1. Jenny Avatar

          Hi Chris young,
          would you kindly tell me what you did to cure auto immune disease. Any information iwould be helpful.

          Thankyou so much

    2. Karen Avatar

      It only takes 3 days to get rid of the physical cravings of sugar IF you eliminste it. Psycological part is where people trip up and relapse. Goal is to say, “our new way of eating” and stick to your guns. Don’t beat up self if you relapse, just jump back on.

      1. Denise Avatar

        This is so true Karen.
        Changing the mindset is super important . Not beating yourself up if you “fall off the wagon” either…great advice. Thank you.

  19. Dottie Avatar

    So how does this play out for those of us who have replaced our sugar intake with honey? Are people who routinely add honey to their smoothies, baked goods, etc at more risk for cancer growth than those people who do not use either white sugar or honey?

    1. Charlotte Avatar

      I try to use stevia as an alternative to sugar. It comes from the stevia plant and I get it from Puritan”s Pride

    2. Melissa Avatar

      Sugar is still sugar, but it’s okay to enjoy sweet things occasionally. Sugars closer to nature like honey and maple syrup have additional benefits and aren’t refined beyond recognition. I make all of my family’s sweet treats at home using honey, stevia, or make syrup.

    3. Denise Avatar

      Hi Dottie 🙂 Consuming “good sugar” such as honey, real maple syrup, coconut sugar is ok once in a while. I am sure even the processed sugar one in a blue moon won’t be a whole big deal. Fruits has sugar and it has vitamins and minerals. I think consuming processed sugar on a daily basis several times a day will contribute to many problems and cancer is on them. You know processed sugar in addition to the coloring, preservatives, poor lifestyle all contribute to diseases and eventually cancer.
      Maybe someone who is already diagnosed with cancer or even candida should eliminate sugar even the processed one.
      For example when my kids get a runny nose or a slight fever, I cut out sugar for few days even the fruits. We don’t buy anything with processed sugar in the house…but sugar is sugar. With elderberry syrup, they get better in no time. And rest of course.
      Honey has great benefits especially raw unfiltered honey. I put honey in the elderberry syrup that I make ( the recipe is from katie)

      Hope this helps 🙂

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