What Is Collagen Powder (& How to Use It)

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What is collagen protein and how to use it
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I’ve been a big fan of gelatin since our family went on the GAPS diet and it helped my son be able to tolerate dairy again. I’ve also seen huge benefits with my skin, hair, and nails since I started incorporating more gelatin and collagen into my diet.

What Is Collagen?

In short, collagen is an insoluble protein that accounts for 1/3 of the protein in our bodies and 70% of the protein in our skin. Many people are familiar with its role in the skin, which is why it is in so many beauty products. What many people don’t realize is collagen is so much more than just a beauty remedy. (More on that later.)

The collagen molecule is a complex protein made up of over 1,000 amino acids, the main ones being proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline (in a unique triple helix configuration of three polypeptide subunits. (Sorry, science nerd moment!)

But what does this mean on a practical level?

Why We Need Collagen

It means collagen is incredibly strong. In fact, type I collagen (a type found in the human body) is stronger than steel gram for gram. It is fundamental to healthy cell reproduction, joints, connective tissue, and more.

The particular amino acids in collagen and gelatin are said to be especially beneficial in the body for:

The important thing to know is that these amino acids come from bones and cartilege (usually from cows) and are not present in muscle meats. As we trade traditional cooking methods like making homemade bone broth for modern convenience, we are getting less and less collagen and gelatin in our diets.

More in a bit on how to make up the gap, but first:

How to Boost Collagen Protein (From the Inside Out)

Here’s the thing. All of those beauty products that contain collagen won’t do much for your skin. This is because collagen molecules are too big to be absorbed through the skin. That doesn’t mean collagen isn’t really beneficial though… just that we have to get it from the inside out.

So how to get it? There are a few ways:

Natural Sources of Gelatin

Collagen (and gelatin, its cooked counterpart) is naturally found in high quality broth and in cuts of meat that contain skin or bone. If you’ve ever made bone broth and had it “gel” when it cooled, this is due to the collagen naturally present in the bones and connective tissue, which becomes gelatin when cooked.

There are also gelatin powders like this that contain 6 grams of protein per tablespoon and are relatively odorless and tasteless. This makes them easy to mix into warm drinks or recipes for an extra boost of quality protein,

Natural Sources of Collagen

Collagen has many of the same properties as gelatin and is the form actually found in the body. When we lack collagen due to diet or aging, we need a way to get it from the inside out.

Collagen and gelatin aren’t interchangeable, but they both do have their advantages. Some people, especially those with severe digestive issues, won’t handle pure gelatin protein well until they address their digestive problems. Bone broth is a great option in this case, but another good option is collagen peptides (another name for hydrolyzed collagen/collagen hydrolysate), which is essentially a cold-water soluble and more easily digestible form of gelatin.

Because of the unique way hydrolyzed collagen is prepared, it has higher amounts of the amino acids that support healthy cell growth and reproduction especially in connective tissues, hair, skin tissue, cartilage, ligaments and so on. It also absorbs more quickly due to a lower molecular rate.

How to Use Collagen Hydrolysate and Gelatin Powders

What is collagen hydrolysate and how to use it

My absolute favorite source of gelatin and collagen is homemade bone broth (or a high quality grass-fed bone broth like this one), but it isn’t always possible to have access to homemade broth.

As much as I love broth, there are also times (like a scorching August) when a cup of hot broth is not very appealing, so I prefer a different option instead.

Gelatin powder and collagen powder are great options that we use often instead of broth.

Gelatin Powder Uses

Gelatin is great not only due to its benefits but because of its ability to “gel” in recipes. It works really well in jellos, marshmallows, and other recipes for this reason.We use gelatin for making a lot of different gut-healthy recipes like:

This is the grass-fed gelatin that we use.

The one downside to gelatin powder… it only mixes into warm/hot liquids and clumps up in cold drinks because of its ability to gel. Enter collagen!

Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder Uses

Collagen powder won’t gel like regular gelatin, but it dissolves easily both in cold drinks (like smoothies) and hot drinks. I use it almost daily for protein and healthy fats added to:

Bonus: It’s not only good for you but adds a delicious creaminess and froth! We use collagen from both Bulletproof as well as Jigsaw Health. While the majority of collagen comes from bovine, there is marine collagen for anyone that needs the sourcing to come from fish or other marine life.

What We Do

We still drink bone broth regularly (either homemade or this brand). I also still use regular grass-fed gelatin in anything we need to “gel.” I’ve found that everyone in our family seems to digest the collagen hydrolysate/peptides form more easily, so now we use that most of the time for a quick boost of protein.

I’m curious- have you ever tried gelatin or collagen hydrolysate? How did it work for you? Share below!

This article was medically reviewed by Dr. Scott Soerries, MD, Family Physician and Medical Director of SteadyMD. As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor.

Collagen Hydrolysate is an easier to digest form of gelatin that does not gel but that contains essential amino acids like proline and glycine.
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  1. Rhonda Currie Avatar
    Rhonda Currie

    I was always a fan of “gelatin” products – even when in high school (over 40-some years ago) but then somebody told me gelatin was made from horse tail or something like that! I didn’t read anywhere above what it actually “is” – did I miss it?
    Thanks, Rhonda

      1. Elana Avatar

        This link now got me wondering…I just started a can of Great Lakes collagen hydrolysate. I was definitely under the impression that it was just a different way of ingesting the gelatin obtained from bones – not from hides! I’m now wondering based on other things I’ve heard if this is really as effective as bone broth.

      2. Elana Avatar

        I know it is connective tissue essentially, but if the benefits come more from joints and knuckles (like when making our own bone broth), is the benefit of collagen hydrolysate the same? Great Lakes says their product is derived from skin/hides? I wasn’t expecting that so now I’m researching – or is it a different benefit taking collagen hydrolysate vs bone broth? My husband needs joint repair – I don’t – I just like seeing the effects.

    1. Carla Avatar

      I would like to try the collagen but afraid since it is an animal product. I stopped ALL animal protein and sugar 6 months ago and my fibromylgia is all but gone, if I “cheat” then the pain and fatigue return. I hate to try the collagen due to the expense. Any other collagen available? Fibro sufferers try this amazing elimination and see if it works. I know it does as all symptoms return when I try the least amount of animal product.

      1. Tinny Avatar

        Some natural food stores sell the individual serving sizes of the collagen or gelatin, so you could try those, if available in your area. Or perhaps a friend with access to one of those stores can mail a few individual serving packets to you.

  2. Amanda Avatar

    My 11 year old daughter has very brittle finger nails. They have always been brittle. They split, peel and tear all the time. Would this gelatin product help her? How much per day should I stir into her drinks?
    I really enjoy your site and have learned a great deal. I first heard about you and your site on the Thyroid Summit. Thank you!

  3. Shelly` Avatar

    I was wondering which of the two Great Lakes products would be best for skin, hair and nails if you do not have digestive issues. and how much should be consumed to see results?

  4. Mary Avatar

    Thank you for recommending this product! I love your site. I am almost finished with the first bottle I bought after reading about it on your site. I think it really does help my skin and nails. I just ordered 2 more green bottles – I drink it in my coffee.

      1. Linda Avatar

        I experienced a side effect, but have to mention first thatI need very little of any type of exogenous substance to affect m,e as my body seems to react more than others. After taking Great Lakes collagen joint care 10 days in juice every morning, my neck became more stable which was great because my ligaments were lax due to degeneration. But then my entire body started to become stiff. I have never had pain anywhere and tell people since I am 62 that my diet consisting of vegetables and fruits gives me plenty of minerals so I don’t have pain. This collagen caused me to start to become very unusually stiff and have pain everywhere I ever had an injury. I only took one teaspoon every day in juice for 10 days and then stopped when I started to get stiff. I would say that a person should start out very slowly with this since we all react differently. I am sorry I did not because the stiffness and pain is a drag. It is slowly abetting and I am hoping it eventually leaves so I can get back to my limber self again!

        1. Carrie Avatar

          I started a Specific Carb Diet to relieve intestinal problems that were ongoing for 30 days. The intent was to stop the diarrhea and then add one new food item ea day to see is I am wheat sensitive or what? I ate boiled chicken, drank the broth, ate jello made with purple grape juice and gelatin (green cannister) and ate some grass fed beef. I believe the jello or gelatin collagen gave me migraines. I had been without migraines for 2 weeks and now having them 2 x per day. What is the MSG connection that was mentioned above. That would be the likely culprit.

          1. Sasha Avatar

            Interesting. I have tried collagen twice. The bottle said take it on an empty stomach, which I did. Within an hour I was nauseous and got a visual migraine headache, which I never get. This was so disappointing as I was looking forward to the great results people speak of.

          2. Krista Avatar

            It’s the enzymes used to break down the collagen. Gave my sister migraines. She can’t have any enzymes. Papain, bromelain, etc.

  5. jake Avatar

    Thanks, Katie for summarizing so well what I tell my clients about the benefit of gelatin in bone broth. Also, thanks for exploring the difference between the two major types of gelatin supplements. I’d like to excerpt your material in one of my blog posts and then point them to this blog entry. Is that OK with you?

  6. Michelle Avatar


    Thanks so much for this post! Do you know that taking this and also doing the OCM is a good enough anti-aging regiment or is there more that should be done? (other than diet changes – unfortunately that never lasts long!)

    Also is there a pill version?


      1. Franklin Avatar

        Can you provide link to your COM or oil cleansing recipe/regimen and routine as referenced here and what it has done for you? Also in trying to find some info on how to give college peptides (we take same brand in bulletproof coffee every morning) to our 10 month old baby as thought read that can give to them or in natural baby formula. He is breastfed currently.Thanks gor such fantastic content.

          1. Gigi Avatar

            I have been oil cleansing for more than a year since I was introduced to your website. I LOVE it! My skin is normal to oily and our winter climate is very dry. I have actually seen a reduction in wrinkles around my eyes. Wouldn’t wash my face any other way!

  7. Michelle Avatar

    Do you know of any vegetarian substances/foods that would give the same health benefits? I know that you mentioned in another post that you tried vegetarianism for a little while and I’d be really interested to hear why it wasn’t for you and what you feel the drawbacks are.

    Also, can’t wait for your essential oil diffuser review! Thanks! 🙂

    1. Guillaume Avatar

      Would also like to know this! I have Crohn’s, an auto immune condition as well as leaky gut. I need to repair the linings of the intestinal walls and heard collagen really helps this process. I have been vegetarian for 28 years. Any substitute from egg shell or something like it?

      1. Hannah Avatar

        I am also vegetarian and would really like to try something similar. I have always worked outdoors, travelled a lot and I have pale dry skin, and now at 26 I’ve already got a lot of fine lines. I’d really like to find something to help

        1. Leanna Avatar

          Vital protein brand is coming out with or will be with a vegetarian option.

      2. Jessica Avatar

        I am vegetarian as well. Unfortunately, there is no vegetarian source of collagen. However, your body does make its own collagen, and there are supplements that are veg. and can help aid your body in producing it on its own.

  8. rebekah Avatar

    I tried gelatin after reading about the benefits on your site. I feel as if it makes me feel very tired and “funny” after taking it. Is there a condition in which it is hard to digest gelatin or certain proteins or amino acids? Any help would be great!

      1. rebekah Avatar

        So the green can would be better for me to try? It may be better tolerated with the same benefits? thanks

        1. Jennifer Avatar

          There was a review by an MSG-sensitive person who was unable to tolerate the collagen stuff. Her mom loves it, though.

        2. Kalki Avatar

          I have tried the green can several times and always end up doubled over with painful stomach cramps for 24 hours! I don’t have any known digestive problems and consume a wide variety of fermented / probiotic foods all made at home, organic. I can’t find any info about these extreme side effects online…

          1. Andrea Avatar

            I am also having trouble with the hydro collagen, Great Lakes brand, which is the ‘best’ brand according to everything I could find. I tend to have diarrhea, and this gives me severe diarrhea and a mild headache.

            At the same time, I can tell some parts of my body like it, too. My energy is good, my mind is pretty clear and calm.

            I’m wondering if
            1. I’m using too much
            2. If this is a healing reaction and then my body will adjust to it
            3. I don’t think I’m allergic to grass-fed beef…

            Does anyone have thoughts or suggestions?

            And does anyone have a blood test recommendation of a place that thoroughly tests for food allergies? I am already wheat, cow dairy, egg, msg and sugar free. I’m suspecting pork, legumes.

          2. Carieoki Avatar

            It always draws a red flag for me when someone says they avoid dairy, pork and they may have issues with beef too. I had lors of food issues for years that myself or doctors could not figure out. Went to a special allergist who skin testd me in the arm and I was allergic to 11/20 things. Beef pork and milk being 3 turns out I have the Alpha Gal mammalian meat allergy. An immune reaction from a tic bite. It usually produces a 3-6 hour delayed allergic reaction. Although sometimes my reactions come on faster. Anywhere’s from GI symptoms to Anaphylactic reactions. Not realizing I had this allergy I ate these things for years completely messing my system up. I am spreading information since not many people have heard of it.

          3. kenny Avatar

            one clove of crushed garlic in warm water on an empty stomach and wait half hour before eating. you might have stomach cramps for first few days but persist with it and your digestion should improve as it eliminates the bad bacteria

          4. Susanna Avatar

            I”m experiencing this as well….I’m going to take a break from it. I have been using it for about 6 weeks. They days I don’t, I have been drinking bone broth. I’m hoping that the collagen is the cause of this. I play golf on the weekends. and can’t hit the bathroom like this!

    1. Kathy Avatar

      My mother gets this if she consumes anything even cooked or mixed with any pork product. Make sure you are not allergic to any animal and the source of the gelatin (i.e. All beef Kosher powder) I can’t eat turkey.
      I just started using the all beef Kosher power in water and after the first dose in water I was able to get up and walk on a bad knee and hip that kept me non weight-bearing the past 3 weeks and all my pain and inflammation from Fibromyalgia stopped within 2 hours. I am trying to take it in water at least 3 times a day. It also calmed down my tummy which has always bothered me. I also don’t seem super thirsty all the time. Before the more I drank water the more I peed but was still thirsty.

    2. Denise Avatar

      You know now that I read this I was thinking about that too I feel tired and driving and I thought this would bring me up and give me more go go go go but I am feeling too tired so what is it is there something that’s not agreeing with my body or what the question question question to this too please give me an answer thanks

      1. Dee Avatar

        I cut back to just a little scoop in my morning coffee and I’ve felt great ever since. ?

        1. Kathy Avatar

          Did you have tummy troubles? Is that why you cut back Dee? If so how much do you use? Teaspoon?

    3. Vivian Avatar

      I just started with collagen peptide powder two days ago an I’ve been tired TWO days. Did you find anything about this?

  9. Julia Avatar

    Hi, I was wondering if you’ve done any research on Great Lakes gelatin products that you recommend. It does not look like it is organic. Grass-fed does not equal organic, nor does it mean that the animals were not treated with antibiotics or hormones. If Great Lakes has a good product, why don’t they seek certification or state something like “Non-GMO, “from animals not treated with antibiotics”, etc. on their products? I share your view on gelatin’s importance in our diet, just want to find the best possible product out there.. Thanks!

    1. Christina Hall Avatar
      Christina Hall

      Their product is non-GMO, antibiotic and pesticide free, as well as free range. The beef gelatin is made from beef grazed in Argentina. Their pork version is from pigs raised in Iowa and Canada and they try their best to keep them GMO free. In the next several months they will be changing their labeling to reflect the above labels. I know this as I interviewed them personally.

      1. Mary Avatar

        Thank you, Christine! I just bought my first two canisters of gelatin and collagen hydrolysate and was a little nervous about the quality. This stuff isn’t cheap, but Great Lakes seems to offer the most reasonable prices (or, at least, what I can afford). Anyway, I’m just now starting more thorough research and was hoping someone could absolutely clarify this without my having to contact the company directly.

        1. Christina Hall Avatar
          Christina Hall

          Hi Mary,
          I decided to call the company again since the label has not changed. I was now told that at this point, new labels are not coming out. Here is a link for FAQ: https://greatlakesgelatin.com/pages/faqs. It does not specifically address the certified organic labeling. Hope this helps.

          1. Elana Avatar

            This link now got me wondering…I just started a can of Great Lakes collagen hydrolysate. I was definitely under the impression that it was just a different way of ingesting the gelatin obtained from bones – not from hides! I’m now wondering based on other things I’ve heard if this is really as effective as bone broth.

      2. Frances Avatar

        Is anyone concerned about the mad cow thing? Typically my meat is American. Seeing as these cows are Argentinian… I just worry.

      3. Carol L Avatar

        FYI: Argentina has a HUGE agriculture of GMO crops!!!!! I would NOT use beef from there!!!

        1. Maqui Avatar

          Argentina gets the GMO products ( seeds from Monsanto) from USA, that means that the meat and grains are not different from USA. I am Argentinean, I know what Iam talking about. The few organic farms there are exports their products to Europa.
          In USA , you can’t have a 100 % organic farm, because all the land is already contaminated with glifosato ( herbicide for GMO seeds) that other farmers used in their lands… Same problem in Argentina. Personally I trust more in products coming from Europa.

    2. Wendy Avatar

      It seems both Great Lakes and the Vital brand collegen, is extracted from the hides.

  10. Natalie Avatar

    Hi, You always talk about recipes that require blending and I was wondering what type of blender / blending tools you use. I don’t usually do much with my blender becasue I don’t like cleaning it (Ninja blender). What kind of blender do you use for different blending tasks and how do you clean them? Any tips would be appreciated! Thank you.

      1. Julie Avatar

        Do you have to blend the collagen into drinks? Could it be stirred into coffee or tea?

        1. Rebecca Avatar

          The collagen blends quickly and easily in cold and warm drinks just by stirring. Its very easy to use, stir it into coffee, tea, juice, soup, etc.

          1. Nancy Avatar

            I always put in my cold brew coffee, it does NOT clump. A quick shake and its entirely blended!

      2. Shaishannah Avatar

        Is there a Vegan Callagen you would reccomend please? I don’t want bovine…Yukky to me, no judgement to those who choose that option 🙂 <3 Thankyou

          1. Shaishannah Avatar

            Thanks but I’ve looked on their website and they don’t have a Vegan Collagen. Plus I’m in the UK. I’ll keep looking ?

        1. linda nugent Avatar
          linda nugent

          hi i am in UK, just take a look online there are loads of vegan collagens.

    1. Carla Avatar

      I use an old fashioned milkshake blender….got it at Goodwill. Small area on counter top and removable cup easy to wash. I use it for everything to b blended….love it

      1. Tanya Avatar

        I am wondering if I could do the gaps diet and instead of drinking the broth substitute it with collagen? I cant choke down bone broth and I am looking for an alternative. Also, foss your cookbook have GAPS recipes for the various stages?

    2. Edgar Avatar

      To clean the Ninja..put 2-3 drops of liquid dish detergent in Ninja (blades inserted) the fill 3/4 full warm water. Run machine on highest setting for 30 seconds. Remove lid, pour out liquid, rinse.

      Now you have clean Ninja and blades.

      Love this kitchen system and use it daily..for everything!!

    3. Lisa Avatar

      I have used a vitamix for that past at least 15 years, except for a brief time when I bought a Blendtec, as I was needing a new blender and they cost less. However, I found that the lid didn’t stay on when blending at high speed (resulted in a big mess). I contacted the company and got a replacement and it didn’t work any better. Then the blade assembly seized up. I gave up and went back to Vitamix. Well worth the higher price, in my opinion.

    4. janet morales Avatar
      janet morales

      usually those types of blenders are self cleaning. Just add warm water and a drop of dish soap. Do not fill all the way or there will be to much suds. Run the water and soap in the blender and then pour out and rinse.

    5. Jill West Avatar
      Jill West

      Are collagen peptides safe while breastfeeding? I can’t seem to find an answer that I trust. Thank you!

  11. samuel Avatar

    I am using both of them green one in smoothie together with raw organic whey, but I am not sre if it has that benefit as bone broth cause it is made only from cows hide unfortunatelly no bones

  12. Marcie Avatar

    I have been using the green can in smoothies. Are you following an auto immune protocol now? Do you plan to do a post on this and an update on your autoimmune thyroid condition?

      1. Tina Avatar

        I used the orange can in my smoothie, is that ok? I’m really confused about the orange & green! I have chronic constipation & lots of digestive issues. I want to make sure I use the right one. Thank You

        1. Anne Avatar

          I have been taking collagen with l-glutamine for a while now and it seems to be just fine!

        2. Phill Avatar

          I also want to know this, but can’t find a study or explanation on why it can or can’t be combined. Does anyone actually know if we can combine glutamine with collagen powder?

  13. Kelly Avatar

    Hey, just wondering if it is possible to bake/ cook with Collagen Hydrolysate? Does the collagen break down if heated too high? I would like to add it to my kids pancakes and oatmeal if possible… Thanks

    1. lisa Avatar

      I am wondering the same thing about using it in baking, did you get an answer?

  14. Gena Avatar

    I love this stuff! I add it to my Yerba Mate every morning. I add it to my peppermint tea at night. My thinning hair is not so thin, it grows very fast. My nails are very strong and I have very few aches and pains any more. I seriously damaged my knee a few years ago and since starting the collagen it doesn’t ache all the time. I use this one because it mixes so well into many things. One can lasts quite a long time.

    1. Denise Avatar

      How long did it take to see the difference in your joint pain hair nails I’ve been on it for 2 weeks now hoping that my joint pain knee pain I have sciatic nerve damage knee damage shoulder damage and pain a lot hoping this will help me really thinning hair really thin nails just wondering how long did it take for you to see the difference in your body

      1. Bruce Lynch Avatar
        Bruce Lynch

        Thinning hair and really ugly nails I started seeing a difference after twice a day taking it for one month! As a 37-year-old man I’m noticing that I could run better and work out stronger in the gym as well ! However I use hydrolyzed collagen !

        1. Joanne Avatar

          I take hydrolyzed collagen as well, I was having issues with a sore hip when I went for walks, pain is gone after getting on the hydrolyzed collagen and have had comments that my hair is thicker. I did some research before i decided to use the collagen, I just turned 70 and feel amazing

          1. Charlotte Avatar

            Yes I use magnesium glycinate with no problem but cannot use the other types of magnesium

  15. chantel Avatar

    I used to use the gelatin in my coffee but switched over to the collagen because I wanted the benefits without the clumping factor. I consumed it regularly during pregnancy. I just had my baby last week and never got any stretch marks, even with a 35 lb weight gain. I am convinced it was the collagen!

      1. Carla Avatar

        I’m also wondering this. On call nurses haven’t been able to say whether it’s safe or unsafe.

  16. Judy C Avatar

    How interesting! My shipment of gelatin arrived in the mail yesterday! Don’t you live it when you get confirmation you’re on the right path?

  17. Elle Avatar

    I drink 3-4 TB a day- both in smoothies and water. The biggest thing I noticed was my nails! I’ve always had thin, flimsy nails. As soon as I started my daily gelatin, they became much harder- and they’re shiny! I actually have to cut my nails now. A first. My eyelashes have also gotten longer. I can’t think of anything else I changed, so it must be the gelatin. But it’s very noticeable. Have notice subtle differences in my skin, but nothing dramatic. I won’t live without this stuff ! We’re trying to incorporate the broth more, but I feel good we at least have this to fall back on.

  18. Allie Avatar

    I use it everyday!! Just made a bunch of blueberry lemon gummies and some berry ginger electrolyte chews with the gelatin. I use the collagen in either my morning coffee or smoothie.

    1. Deborah Avatar

      Ginger Electrolyte Chews?! That sounds perfect. Can you post a basic recipe?

    2. Dilcia Avatar

      Deborah, I saw your post and after looking in this article didn’t see anything, I Googled “berry ginger electrolyte chews with the gelatin” and I got a lot of options. Good luck!

  19. Janny Avatar

    I’ve been using collagen hydrolysate for a couple months – on average 1-1.5 tablespoons a day. I have some loose on the tata area from the baby! I haven’t seen any improvement yet.

    I also seem to be looser in the stool compartment. I am also taking magnesium, but I switched to oil form in case this was try culprit…but it may be this? Should I reduce for a while?

    1. liz Avatar

      Magnesium makes my stools loose. I only take it when I get constipated. Just started the Collagen Hydrolysate yesterday, hoping it will keep me off the magnesium in conjunction with a modified paleo diet. Good luck!

      1. Shelly Avatar

        try magnesium glycinate, the oxide and citrate make for loose stool.

      2. Candie Avatar

        I’m not taking magnesium and I just tried the Novell super collagen powder and the keratin and biotin powder in 8 oz of water on an empty stomach. I immediately became nauseas and in about 30 minutes, onset diarrhea. Why?

    2. joe Avatar

      I have had considerable problems with my right hip ( too much sport when younger) and following investigation and xrays the doctors tell me the collagen is gone, so bone on bone hence pain and at some time soon a hip replacement . I have been trying all the usual recommended natural foods to try and help the situation gluesomme etc and to be honest I noticed no difference .

      A month ago I switched to Collagen Hydrolysate which I take in water twice a day and I really think it is making a difference , I no longer need a walking stick and I can do my shopping around the supermarket without using the trolley as a makeshift zimmer frame . I don’t think it’s me imagining it , it really appears to work . I am amazed and I will carry on with it . The Doctors told me that you cannot replace collagen once it is gone but if that is the case how is this working ?

      1. Rebecca Avatar

        Cartilage can regenerate. It’s in the literature but doctors either don’t know it, don’t read the research, or they may know it but downplay its significance because regeneration doesn’t happen by using surgery or drugs. Doctors tend to ignore natural self help methods that patients can pursue on their own as part of lifestyle health maintenance or self healing measures. The research is out there but “buried” or ignored.
        I am unable to post a link here that is about the existing research that shows cartilage, even in bone on bone situations, can regrow and heal. If the cause of the wear and tear is eliminated and the materials for repair are abundantly available, it may take time, but the body will slowly make progress to reverse the damage.
        Keep taking the collagen! It’s your raw materials for repair.

        1. Jamie Avatar

          Can you just write in the name of the research and/or article your referring to about the regrow the of cartilage? Thank you

          1. Denise Avatar

            How long did it take to see the difference in your joint pain hair nails I’ve been on it for 2 weeks now hoping that my joint pain knee pain I have sciatic nerve damage knee damage shoulder damage and pain a lot hoping this will help me really thinning hair really thin nails just wondering how long did it take for you to see the difference in your body. Is this ok for my 14 year old she has knee damage also trying to loose w weight ?????? To this

        2. Aujunai Avatar

          Yes cartilage can regenerate…about 8 years ago I could hardly walk felt like glass was in my right knee. After my doctor told me of all the things she would do to my knee..and if those painful things didn’t work…like needles into the joints to deposit cartilage…then I would have to get a whole new knee. i left her office and never went back…even though it felt like glass was in my knee joint…instead I went to the drugstore…got protein in the form of collagen…and I have been walking fine every since.

      2. S.O'Neil Avatar

        From my experience, both borrelia and bartonella eat collagen, a favorite food, both are bacterias.. Would be interesting to check for lyme disease, although the blood tests are so inaccurate. A western blott from igenex and galaxy lab for bartonella could be conclusive.

      3. Becky Phillips Avatar
        Becky Phillips

        This sounds so much like me…I just wanted to ask…not knowing if you’ll ever see this…by any chance were you made to wear a brace & corrective shoes as a young child? I had to for a couple of years…to make my feet straight. Seemed to be a fad in the 70’s. I’ve always noticed my right foot points outward more than my left now…and a few years ago, my right hip started hurting. I haven’t enjoyed walking as exercise in years…and I couldn’t figure out why. I have lost 45 pounds so that has helped…I’m eating keto…I did got get xrays and the doc says I have very little cartilage on my right hip. So I’ve been taking collagen for a few months hoping it will help. I was born in 67…and just wondered if you might have had to wear those braces too — that couldve affected your hip like it did mine?

        1. Sierra Avatar

          Hi Becky,
          Your comment caught my eye since I, too, wore those pigeon-toe corrective leg braces when I was a child (in the 80s). I also have foot/hip pain and am 35 yr old. I have started doing strengthening exercises for my feet and am considering trying minimalist footwear. Apparently you have to make the transition slowly though. https://www.softstarshoes.com/minimal-footwear (there are exercises/stretches linked in the article).

          http://posturedirect.com/how-to-fix-flat-feet/ This has strengthening exercises.

      4. Tina Avatar

        I too have inflammation in my right knee, I do volunteer work which I have to stand for 4 hours, that knee get so stiff I have have to exercise it before moving to go on break and it is painful. It is swelling most times so I use a knee brace but after much deliberations about collagen powder and bone broth I tried the great Lakes collagen powder in the individual packs , easy for travel when you are rushed, I add it to my morning coffee have been using it now for 16 days as there are 21 packs in the box and I am feeling wonderful no knee problems to date getting better still monitoring for changes in skin and hair but will receive order and I stopped by butcher to check on beef bones . Now Now I will try making my own broth so keep doing what you’re doing it works . Thanks Wellness Mama

      5. Sasha Avatar

        Look up Dr John Bergman on YouTube. He’s a corrective chiropractor & addresses hip surgery, loss of collagen, bone-on-bone (which he says is false) etc & advocates natural, safe ways to heal.

    3. Cora Burns Avatar
      Cora Burns

      Would you recommend.a person to use a product with collegen hydrolysate in it if the person has a condition that causes the body to produce a overproduction of abnormal collagen. A type of protein fiber present in the connecto be tissue.
      I have Scleroderma do you think I should take this kind of collegen

      1. Donna Avatar

        Hi, my son has a connective tissue disorder. He takes this green can of collagen every day. As he is 17, sometimes he forgets. He notices and regrets it when he forgets. He has a lot of pain in his sternum, and taking collagen has helped tremendously. We have seen doctors who specialize in connective tissue disorders, and none if them have ever heard of taking collagen! Since scleroderma is a connective tissue disorder too, I think it is worth a try!

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