DIY Natural Blush Make-up Tutorial

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diy makeup from natural ingredients
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I’ve written about natural homemade makeup options before, but I wanted to share a specific recipe for homemade blush as I only vaguely touched on this before.

How to make natural blush with herbsCosmetics are a major source of exposure to toxins for many people, and making your own cosmetics and adopting a natural skin care routine for your skin type can go a long way toward reducing this exposure.

DIY Natural Blush Tutorial

Homemade cosmetics are easier than you would expect to make yourself and herbal ingredients are actually good for the skin and don’t expose the body to a bevy of toxins.

Natural Blush Ingredients:

Natural Blush Instructions:

  1. As with any homemade make-up recipe, the amounts vary by person. You’ll have to experiment with quantities of each ingredient to find the shade that works for you. I always start with a base of about 1/2 tsp of arrowroot and darken as needed, testing on my inner arm as I go.
  2. When you get your desired shade, store in a small jar or old makeup shaker and use as needed.

Other Natural Make-up Recipes:

Not a fan of powdered makeup?

You can also make a natural creme blush with this recipe.

If you want to switch to a completely natural makeup routine, you can also check out these tutorials:

Ever made your own makeup? How did it go? Share below!

Homemade natural blush makeup with arrowroot, hibiscus powder and cocoa powder is a natural and beautiful DIY option.

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106 responses to “DIY Natural Blush Make-up Tutorial”

  1. Emilie M. Avatar

    I finally carved out some time to experiment a bit with homemade makeup, and I’m happy to report that I’m absolutely in love with the results! I now make my own foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and eyeshadow. I’m still working on the lipstick, but I’m sure that I’ll figure it out after another try or two. Thanks so much for helping me become more empowered!

  2. Mirela Avatar

    Thank you very much for taking the time to share your recipes and vast experience with us. Your website is my go-to for any green beauty advice. Tried several recipes including this one – on my second month of green only products and loving it!
    I struggle to find some of the ingredients in Dubai, but thanks to you explaining the purpose of each ingredient can easily find substitutes.

  3. Angela Avatar

    I’m in my 60’s with excessive oily skin, and winkles. All make-up I’ve tried settles quickly into fine lines , whether it liquid or mineral, or made for oily skin. Anyone with this problem that found a home recipe that works?

  4. Michele D. Avatar
    Michele D.

    Can you please tell me what I would use to have more of a lilac color?

  5. Anne Avatar

    I’ve found that this goes on really blotchy. (Unlike the awesome foundation I made using your recipe.) I’m not sure I want a creme blush. Do you know of any other natural recipes for powder blush?

  6. Lori Williamson Avatar
    Lori Williamson

    I’m interested in making an eyeliner. in dark brown, do you have suggestions? Of course, the powder kind that you ,wet the liner brush and apply, hopefully it will have more staying power than the other natural ones I’ve purchased that don’t stay PUT. ! ?? Grrrr. Can you help?

  7. Heather Avatar

    I’m just wondering, do you feel like you save money making these products? Unnatural makeup is so expensive so that would be an excellent perk 🙂

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar

      I definitely save money over the decent brands that I used to purchase that didn’t have the most harmful ingredients, especially since I already have many of the products on hand from other products.

  8. Keri Avatar

    When I first started looking into mineral cosmetics a few years ago, I did the research on BareMinerals and yes, there are definitely ingredients in there that you don’t want (but I don’t remember specifics as it’s been a few years) – if you want the same thing but with organic and GOOD ingredients, look into Afterglow Cosmetics – love them and that’s all I use now. But I am also excited to try the suggestions on this site, having just discovered it! Would be great to make my own and save $$$!! Hope this helps!

  9. Carly Avatar

    Hi Katie,

    I absolutely love all of your helpful and insightful tips, so thank you so much for sharing.

    I was wondering if you think the ingrediants in Bare Minerals make-up are harmful or healthy for my skin? I did some research, but it seems like different websites have different opinions. If you could let me know what you think, that would be so greatly appreciated. It’s tough when I can barely pronounce most ingredients in the products that I am putting on my body. 🙁

    Thank you so much!!!

  10. Cinnie Avatar

    I am so thrilled I found this site. I was recently diagnosed with environmental illness, and thought I’d have to give up makeup entirely. We have a couple local shops that make ALL natural make up products, but SO expensive. However, I’m back in the
    running with all these ‘recipes’. Can’t wait to get started!!! Thanksyou so much.

  11. Joyce Jordan Avatar
    Joyce Jordan

    I am so glad I found this wonderful site. Anyone have recipes for natural hair dyes or rinses?

  12. Deonne Bartels Avatar
    Deonne Bartels

    Would love the tumeric tea recipe!! Just found your posts & love all I’ve seen on making your own blush!! Would love to learn alot more about essential oils for myself & family, thanks..

  13. Tracy Avatar

    Wore a handmade powder made of cornstarch, cocoa powder and cinnamon on Saturday night. Amazing coverage and lovely matte finish. I started with a clean face and light rub of coconut oil. Husband didn’t notice, though I’ve gone without any make up for more than two years! My two close girlfriends, however, loved the look and couldn’t believe I was wearing just pennies worth of ingredients.

    I love wellness Love your cookbook, made your peppermint lipgloss for Christmas gifts, your Pakistani Kima recipe for my Paleo daughter’s recent visit, when we stayed up late and drank your tumeric tea. Thanks for so much!

  14. Brittney Avatar

    Does beet root powder have a different consistency from hibiscus or is it just a different color? Thanks! Can’t wait to try this!!!

  15. Lena Avatar

    I am trying this and it’s not showing up on my light skin. It it also grainy and just falls off. I got my powders from MRH. I was wondering if I needed to grind it finer? My grinder is broken but I just got a Blendtec. Should I try it?

  16. Laurie N. Avatar

    Have you ever tried raspberry powder in your blush? Just wondering how that might work and if there’s any drawbacks to it? thanks:-)

  17. Madeline Avatar

    I was wondering … would beetroot juice powder works the same way as beetroot powder in DIY items? I’ve seen both items in the market. Are they both the same stuffs?

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