5 Simple & Natural Detox Bath Recipes

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Detox bath recipes
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Nothing is more relaxing than a warm bath… except perhaps a relaxing warm detox bath that also helps cleanse the body in other ways.

If you struggle with toxins or skin issues these natural recipes are a simple, easy, and inexpensive way to boost health. I’m always up for a warm bath, and these natural add-ons help improve health while you relax.

A good detox bath will also tend to make you tired so I suggest doing them as part of your bedtime routine.

Natural Detox Bath Recipes

You may have heard of an Epsom bath (and that is our base recipe here), but what about a clay bath, vinegar bath, or even a mustard bath?!

These are all natural ingredients, available in most of our kitchens or pantries, that can boost the circulatory and olfactory senses, stimulating relaxation and building up magnesium stores.

You only need a few simple ingredients to make some or all of these detox bath recipes:

  • Epsom salt
  • apple cider vinegar
  • baking soda
  • bentonite clay (one more specialized ingredient that has lots of other purposes, so consider stocking up!)
  • mustard powder or ginger powder
  • essential oils (mix with powder or salt rather than directly to the bath)

These recipes are also safe and soothing for kids too! (But choose your essential oils wisely.)

Basic Epsom Salt Detox Bath Recipe

Here’s my basic detox bath recipe. Find the other variations below. Mix and match, or find your favorite!

Detox bath recipes
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Salt Detox Bath Recipe

This simple salt bath recipe is great for soothing skin irritation, boosting magnesium levels, and overall detoxing.
Prep Time15 minutes
Yield: 1 bath
Author: Katie Wells



  • In a small pan, bring 2 cups of water to a boil.
  • Pour the water into a quart-size mason jar.
  • Stir in the sea salt, Epsom salt, and baking soda.
  • Fill the bathtub with warm/hot water.
  • Add the apple cider vinegar.
  • Pour the salt mixture in and add essential oils if using.
  • Soak in the bath for 30 minutes or as long as desired.


With any detox bath, you may feel tired or lightheaded when you get out. I don’t recommend doing this while home alone or before going somewhere in case you are tired or need help.

Clay Detox Bath Recipe

Clay Detox Bath Instructions

Dissolve the Epsom salts in a warm/hot bath and add essential oils if desired. For the clay there are two options:

  1. Vigorously mix the clay into a small amount of water until the clumps are mostly dissolved. Do not use metal for this! I mix with a plastic spoon in a glass jar. Add the clay mix to the bath and soak for at least 20 minutes.
  2. Mix that clay with a small amount of water to make a paste. Stand in the tub full of water and rub the clay mix all over your body to create a skin mask and let dry for 5 minutes before sitting down. This provides direct contact with the skin and effectively pulls toxins from the skin. Soak in bath at least 20 minutes or as long as desired. While soaking, use a wash cloth to scrub any remaining clay off the skin.

This bath is great for removing a lot of toxins as the clay binds to heavy metals and the Epsom salts help pull a variety of toxins from the body while replenishing magnesium levels.

Oxygen Detox Bath Recipe

This bath is especially helpful during illness as the ginger helps clear congestion or alleviate body aches. It can also be helpful for allergies or skin irritation.

Oxygen Detox Bath Instructions

  1. Fill the tub with warm/hot water and add the hydrogen peroxide and dried ginger.
  2. Soak in tub for 30 minutes or as long as desired.

Vinegar Detox Bath Recipe

This is an excellent bath for soothing skin problems since vinegar balances the skin’s pH. While I don’t love the smell of vinegar, if anyone in the family has sunburn, eczema, dandruff, or dry itchy skin we take a vinegar bath.

Apple cider vinegar has a whole host of benefits, and I find it helps not only my skin but leaves me with soft skin and shiny hair as well.

Vinegar Bath Instructions

  1. Once or twice a week, I fill a tub with warm to hot water and add 1-2 cups of apple cider vinegar.
  2. I soak for 20-30 minutes, using a washcloth to clean my face and making sure to get my hair wet as well.

After bathing, I rinse off in a cool shower, though some sources recommend letting the vinegar water dry on the skin.

Mustard Detox Bath Recipe

I know, I’ve lost my mind right? If it helps, I’m talking about organic mustard powder, not the yellow stuff in a bottle! Ancient cultures often used this spice in preparations to soothe colds, flus, and sore muscles, thanks to its circulation-stimulating properties.

Magnesium and essential oils make this bath both detoxifying and aromatic.

Mustard Bath Instructions

I use this recipe which uses organic mustard powder, Epsom salts, and a mix of essential oils.

Additional Detox Bath Notes

  • The warmer the water, the more powerful the detox effect will be.
  • If you have chlorine and fluoride in your water, I recommend adding a few tablespoons of bentonite clay to any of these baths to help absorb the chemicals so they aren’t absorbed into the skin. Here are some other ways to reduce chemicals in bath water as well.
  • Any of these natural ingredients can be used alone or in combination for a cleansing effect.
  • All recipes can be doubled or tripled but this will increase the detox effect.

More Bath Recipes for Natural Detoxification

I recommend starting slowly with these bath detox recipes or any health change. To help, I’ve compiled all of my ideas for detoxing your body and your home in my book The Wellness Mama 5-Step Lifestyle Detox.

Important: I am not a doctor or medical professional and the advice in this post is for informational purposes only. If you are pregnant or have a health condition, consult a doctor before adding anything to your health routine.

This article was medically reviewed by Madiha Saeed, MD, a board certified family physician. As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor.

Ever taken a detox bath? Got a different recipe you use? Share below!

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269 responses to “5 Simple & Natural Detox Bath Recipes”

  1. apelila Avatar

    I bought some of the liquid clay awhile back, any ideas how to use it in a bath as opposed to the clay powder?


  2. Mona Avatar

    I used the first recipe (epsom salt, baking powder n himalyan salt) and just 2 tablespoons of magnesium flakes for 2-3 times (once in a week) but i am experiencing joint pains now, back and knees pains, is it normal? And would they go on their own?

  3. carrie Avatar

    just curious: Why are some of you wanting to put your very young children in a detox bath?

    1. Nikki Avatar

      I am not sure about others, but one reason I would want to detox my child is after vaccines. My child received vaccines I didn’t ask for and the ones I did want her to get (because I was a worry wart, but no longer get her vaccinated) have aluminum in them that I would want to flush out. Also, another thought. If a parent can not 100% feed their kids organic and chemical free foods due to income restrictions, limited availabilty to organic produce, not having a garden, etc.

      1. Brandie Avatar

        Hyper activity, focus issues “ADHD” and some behavioral issues can all be linked to your body being too toxic. Same goes for the kiddos. When your fish is sick you change the water you don’t throw muck in there. So instead of medicating my hyperactive child I detox her. I also do not give OTC cold medicines for things like coughs and congestion. Epsom salts sea salt and cpeppermint, eucalyptis and lavender oil mixed together makes a great COLD AND FLU therapeutic bath safe even for my 9 month old. I mix all ingredients together and store in a mason jar in my bathroom. I add 1/4 cup to the bath before bed to ease cold symptoms.

        Thanks for your blog. For my 32 birthday I am giving my body the gift of detoxing. No processed food or artificial sugar. Wish me luck!

  4. Jenifer Avatar

    I’m looking into taking cold baths for hydrotherapy. I see you recommend using warm to hot water for detox baths. Would they work in cold water also?

  5. Mary Avatar

    I tried mixing with the boiling water and had an EXPLOSION…just add it to the bath!!!!!

  6. Nancy Avatar

    I have done the salt soak twice. This time the water was a bit hotter and I was very light-headed for about 20 min afterwards. I spent most of the time on the floor with my head down! After it passed, I felt great!

    We have a reverse osmosis filtration system that takes out the fluoride.

  7. Allison Avatar

    I’m wondering if this would still be beneficial as a foot soak? I unfortunately live in a house with no bathtub (just a stand up shower).

  8. Stacy Paul Avatar
    Stacy Paul

    I was thinking about substituting magnesium flakes for the Epsom salt, but noticed a mention above that it didn’t work. I will use Epsom salts that I have to get rid of them, but I assume magnesium flakes (that I also have) will have to be used by themselves???

  9. Tracy Avatar

    I would like to use recipe this for my 16 month old, what would be appropriate amounts and is this type of detox safe for him? I was doing the vitamin C and epsom salt (1/2c), but would like to help optimize his health if it is safe.
    Thanks in advance~

  10. Brenda Avatar

    Whoa! I guess you shouldn’t substitute Epsom salts with magnesium chloride! Turned into a 4 cup eruption!!! I read somewhere that Epsom salts were not good for you?

    1. Elysia Avatar

      Did you put all the ingredients in the tub? No need to mix beforehand, just put in tub and fill with water. If you’re using ACV & baking soda it’ll definitely “erupt” but as soon as the water hits it it’ll subside. Mag chloride flakes are wonderful, and generally you don’t need as much quantity as you would if using Epsom.

    2. Candace Avatar

      Some of us are allergic to Epsom salts. It causes severe swelling for me. Mag chloride flakes are fine, though.

    3. Michelle Avatar

      I also had an eruption with the epsom salts. And no I did not have the ACV in the jar. Just the salt, epsom salt and baking soda

    1. Elysia Avatar

      Best and cheapest I’ve found is the LifeFlo brand purchased from Swanson Vitamins

  11. Maria Pagan Avatar
    Maria Pagan

    I am having Radiation, what can I do to help myself while this process is on going….

  12. Allerson C Avatar
    Allerson C

    I really want to try it but I live alone, so having someone around is not an option. . .
    Any suggestions? I have a pretty hardy constitution in general..

    1. Elysia Avatar

      Work up slowly. So, water not too hot and half the amounts of detox ingredients. That way you can see how you do. If it turns out you did fine then next time add a little more of the ingredients.
      Staying well hydrated also helps – sip room temp water w/pinch mineral salt (whole sea, real or Himalayan) constantly before, during & after.
      I also keep a bowl of ice water next to me and soak a washcloth in it to keep my head cool. For me, that helps with the lightheadedness.
      And when you get out of the tub, take your time. I sit up, then up on my knees, then carefully stand.
      Also, make sure your blood sugar is not low when you get in the bath. You don’t want food in your stomach though – it’s good to have finished eating at least an hour beforehand depending on the meal.
      I think you’ll be fine if you’re generally healthy and strong, just start slow.

    1. Stephanie George Avatar
      Stephanie George

      I just sprinkled the clay under running bath water and it dissolved immediately.So I dont think mixing beforehand is necessary.

  13. Danielle Avatar

    I have had numerous xrays and scans done this year for medical reasons and am looking to get those toxins out of my body. How often do you do these detox baths?

      1. ELIZABETH Avatar

        What’s the best detox bath for systemic candida overgrowth?
        Thank you!

        1. Jenna Avatar


          I have pretty severe systemic candida and the only baths I ever take are detox baths. Buy Tea Tree Oil, Clove Bud, Frankincense, Lemongrass, or Cinnamon. These are all powerful antifungals. And what I do is I just add 10 drops or so into my bath ( I have a huge tub) whatever you feel comfortable with. Becareful and play around with the amount you can tolerate. You can also add epsom salt to the bath water, or sea salt. I soak in these baths for as long as I can, I like to get sweaty because the sweat really releases toxins. when you are done stand up and rinse the toxins off. If you havn’t yet, switch to a natural deodorant. This is very important. I use PPP. You can also add bentonite clay mixed with acv to the body, like armpits where the lymph nodes are and face. This pulls toxins out as well.

          Another thing you can do is get a small tub, small enough to where you can sit in from the waist down and add apple cider vinegar and epsom salt and soak in there, add different essential oils.. just play around with it. 🙂

          Diet is a huge part of it. I cut out all sugar, all processed foods, all junk food. I only eat vegetables , some lean meat and for a treat sometimes I’ll eat strawberries, or blackberries. The “berry” family has the least amount of sugar. A good book is “Candida Secrets” by Cynthia only like 10$ online, or The Yeast Syndrome. Eat fermented foods buy some milk kefir grains online and those will last you forever. culturesforhealth sells all types of fermented food starter packets… =) good luck xoxo

        2. April Avatar

          I would look into Nano silver for candida. I had horrific candida overgrowth for nearly two years and after just a week of taking Nano silver I had eliminated all signs of the overgrowth, including getting rid of my two year long vaginal yeast infection. I was so sick that I was almost non-functioning and now I’m so much better its ridiculous.

    1. Brianna Avatar

      I am not sure how much they remove radiation…you may want to look that up but I do the salt one and it works great for me. I am a new woman literally! I do 1/3 cup of the main ingredients and a whole cup of the vinegar with the sediment in it (costs a bit more but works a LOT better.) also put in a couple of teaspoons of ginger powder.

      1. Ashley Avatar

        Do u then have a cold shower or is that before I’m confused x

  14. Jan Avatar

    Do you think this is safe to do for someone breastfeeding a toddler? These sound amazing!!!!

    1. Sarah Waters Avatar
      Sarah Waters

      I love hearing about women breastfeeding their toddlers! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one… 🙂

      1. Carrie P Avatar
        Carrie P

        I also breast fed my toddler and once baby number 2 gets here I’ll be nursing them both 🙂 I think this is fine to use when nursing. I’ve never had a problem atleast.

  15. Danielle Avatar

    is it safe to mix like all of these ingredients in 1 bath… because I thought I have some ingredients for each of the fast but not all of them some featuring if I can mix all the ingredients that I have it can make an affective detox bath

  16. Melynda Phillips Avatar
    Melynda Phillips

    So I did the salt one with out vinegar or epsom salt and with ginger. Then, I added bergamot essential oil and it made my bath smell like fruit loops. Lol!

      1. April Avatar

        No. The sea salt and Himalayan pink salts generally don’t use an anti-caking chemical in them like iodized and kosher salt can. And “regular” vinegar I’m assuming you mean white vinegar, which has next to none of the benefits of apple cider vinegar. If you substitute the things you mentioned for one of these baths you’re pretty much doing nothing for your body, unfortunately.

  17. Beverly Avatar

    Are there any essentials you shouldn’t use in the salt detox bath? I used tangerine because I love that smell, especially in the summer. I had a very strange experience. As I was sitting in the bath, first my legs, then upper thighs..on the back, then my buttocks and up my back started to tingle and almost burn. It also did so some on my inner arms. Any ideas Katie or anyone?

    1. Debbie Avatar

      I got tingles the first time I used magnesium salts. Apparently
      this is your body desperately absorbing it….im guessing your body really needed it?

        1. Beverly Avatar

          Thank you for your reply Debbie! I thought something was really going wrong. I used it next time with peppermint EO and didn’t have as much of that effect. Plus less magnesium because it bubbled over when I mixed it up 🙂

          1. TD Avatar

            If you used ginger, the ginger can cause that burning sensation! Or eucalyptus oil in the water can also do that.

    2. Jackie Avatar

      Hi– I am a soapmaker, so I use essential oils in my business. All citrus oils will burn you if applied directly to the skin. If you add them directly to the tub, they sit on top of the water and don’t fully incorporate–if you had a jacuzzi tub bubbling all the time you would be ok. So yes, they will burn you. (I have a scar between my breasts where I spilled some sweet orange when I first started out!) It is best to add them to a carrier oil before adding to the tub, and then put a bit of that oil in the tub. So, thinking of a shot size container. Fill it half to all the way full with your oil–almond, apricot or whatever fresh oil you have in the cupboard–even the olive will work fine. Add your drops of essential oil, stir. Then add a teaspoon or so to the bathtub. To clean your tub quick, get a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser–it will clean any soap scum, body or other oils in about 5 seconds–as fast as you can swipe your tub out! Hope this helps explain what happened and how to avoid it in the future.

      1. Mary Avatar

        The Mr. Clean product almost certainly contains toxins (I’ve not used it, or even looked into it, but, in general, conventional, commercial cleaning products today do have toxins in them that are not regulated, and they don’t have to disclose.), a safer product might be Bon Ami, or just plain baking soda, they work quite well. In my experience, the Bon Ami rinses better.

        1. Dee Avatar

          I use dawn dish soap with warm water mixed in a spray bottle. Spray your tub and spongeor clean rag. Cleans well and rinse tub

          1. Carol Avatar

            Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is made from melamine, a toxic material.

      2. Brenda Avatar

        I use Thieves cleaner mixed w/baking soda, a bit of water and a few drops of citrus essential oil to clean my sink and tub. It’s a great cleaner and free of toxins.

          1. Rozelle O'Dell Avatar
            Rozelle O’Dell

            It’s a Young Living product! Super safe and it smells amazing!!

    3. Mary Avatar

      I get the tingle/burn on my thighs when I use tea tree oil in my bath. Have to go easy on it….

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