Natural Blush Make-up Recipe

diy makeup from natural ingredients

I’ve written about natural homemade makeup options before, but I wanted to share a specific recipe for homemade blush as I only vaguely touched on this before.

How to make natural blush with herbsCosmetics are a major source of exposure to toxins for many people, and making your own cosmetics and adopting a natural skin care routine for your skin type can go a long way toward reducing this exposure.

Homemade cosmetics are easier than you would expect to make yourself and herbal ingredients are actually good for the skin and don’t expose the body to a bevy of toxins.

Natural Blush Ingredients:

What to Do:

  1. As with any homemade make-up recipe, the amounts vary by person. You’ll have to experiment with quantities of each ingredient to find the shade that works for you. I always start with a base of about 1/2 tsp of arrowroot and darken as needed, testing on my inner arm as I go.
  2. When you get your desired shade, store in a small jar or old makeup shaker and use as needed.

Other Natural Make-up Recipes:

Not a fan of powdered makeup?

You can also make a natural creme blush with this recipe.

If you want to switch to a completely natural makeup routine, you can also check out these tutorials:

Ever made your own makeup? How did it go? Share below!

Homemade natural blush makeup with arrowroot, hibiscus powder and cocoa powder is a natural and beautiful DIY option.

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Reader Comments

  1. Would beet root powder work instead of hibiscus?? I have that on hand 🙂

    • I have made blush with beet root powder. It was a bit gritty, but it did work!

  2. The natural makeup I have tried (arrowroot, cocoa powder, cinnamon) tends to “sink” into my pores and leaves me looking polka-dotted after an hour or so. Any thoughts on preventing this?

    • I tried that one too and I didn’t like it so much. I always feel the powder in my skin and it is still far away from the “original” one =/ But, when I don’t have the “original”, this one made of arrowroot, cocoa powder and cinnamon is good, and it smells nice =) Now I let my boyfriend lick my cheeks without problems xD I think the problem with mine is just the cinnamon, the particles are bigger than the other powders, just a little bit but enough to feel them. Maybe I’ll try another brand of cinnamon next time.

      • Hiya, best thing to use use is a coffee grinder, blitz for about 1 min and then wait 1 min for the dust to settle before opening.

    • You should use primer

    • I’ve read that cinnamon can also be a bit of an irritant to skin, you might want to try cloves instead??

      • If cinimon irrates cloves will kill you :0

  3. Lovely! I sometimes just dab my blush brush into some cocoa powder and apply, which works surprisingly well. For eyeliner, I just use activated charcoal that I apply with a wet eyeliner brush. That stays on all day and looks just as good as any commercial eyeliner I’ve ever used.

    • I did the exact same thing to make eyeliner & it worked beautifully! Then I made a mascara with moisturizer! It’s amazing!

      • Recipe for your mascara please!

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience with. You can also visit the bulk-aisle of your fave health food retailer, if you’re interested in minimizing costs [during experimental stages] … ?

  4. I like blushes with a little glimmer to them. I feel like it hides a multitude of errors and is easier to apply. Does anyone know about cosmetic grade mica powder sold on amazon for example and if this would be a safe item to add to this recipe?

    • mica is bad for your lungs from long term inhalation : be careful!

      • I’ve been trying to find more information about this. All I’ve found so far is that there is a risk of over exposure to mine workers inhaling the dusk particles for 8 hours a day straight, not the general public. Do you have anymore information?

        • It will cause irritation to your lungs if you inhale it while working it at home, so you will find yourself coughing with an uncomfortable throat, but it shouldn’t cause any long term affects if you’re only using it in small quantities for you own use. But still be cautious with it.

  5. Have you ever used the hibiscus from mountain rose herbs or is the one from amazon better?

    • I’ve used both I just stuck the one from MRH in my blender to powder even more finely first…

      • So is not as fine as the one in amazon? MRH have better price.

        • They are very similar but the MRH one is not quite as fine.

    • You can get dried hibiscus flowers inexpensively and conveniently on the Hispanic food aisle of your local grocery store. You’ll find them in the section where the bags of dried chilis are kept. The package will be labeled “Flor de Jamaica.” You might like to try this recipe as you blend your blush.

  6. I’m learning how to make my own lipstick today. I want to learn how to make this too, and foundation makeup.

  7. I am allergic to caffiene. So the cocoa powder in mine got substituted with carob powder. It worked well and I think the carob without the cinnamon would be good for the women out there with cool skin tones.

  8. I just ordered hibiscus powder and alkanet root powder – both say on the package that it can cause birth defects. Does anyone know the safety of using these on your skin?

    • I”d check with a doc for sure but I feel comfortably using them externally…

    • Just buy a fresh beet, dehydrate in your oven on the lowest heat until it turns into a hard chip, and I do mean hard. It should click when you bang it on a counter top. You then dip a bit of the beet chip into water (I like lavender water to cover the beet smell, but you can use any scented water, or even an herbal tea that has skin benefits) to wet, and wipe it gently on your cheeks (also your lips if you want). If it’s too dark, just blend it a bit. You won’t have to worry this way about any birth problems.You can carry a chip in your purse too for lip stain, it’s portable which is fun. I know you can’t apply alkanet to broken skin, but I think the issue with birth defect comes more from ingesting these two herbs.

      • I looooove using beet juice as a blush. I just use a slice of organic beet, rub the juice on my cheeks and blend it. It stays all day, doesn’t move, and gives a lovely glow. It’s great as a lip stain too. I would like to try dehydrating them too though. 🙂

        • I would think it being a beet and it does stain…does it stain your face. I mean is it harder to remove when cleansing.

  9. How is the staying power of this blush?

  10. I’ve made a blush out of
    1 tsp hibiscus powder (For a pinky tone)
    1/2 tsp turmeric (For a more peachy colour, and it causes acne!)
    1/3 tsp cinnamon (For glow, and it causes redness in skin!)
    and 1/2 tsp arrowroot powder for some smoothness.
    It does work really well!

    • Turmeric is used to treat acne in combination with healing clays. If it is breaking you out, you are likely allergic/sensitive to it. Try another yellow herb like goldenseal. I have never tried this, but I know it stains my fingers like crazy. It is used for rashes and wounds.

    • I’m not sure what kind of turmeric you’re using in India we use turmeric to get rid of acne, as it has anti bacterial properties

    • Can tapioca starch be used in place of arrowroot powder ?

  11. A fresh beet can do wonders! I just cut the beet in 1/2 get a little of the juice on my finger and apply it to my cheek bones. The best part is that it looks totally natural!

    xo, Michele

  12. I never comment on anything on the net but I have to tell you I absolutely love this site!! I just found it and it is wonderful.. Thank you so much!

    • I totally agree. This site is really great! Thanks for sharing!

  13. i wanted to buy arrowroot, but Mountain R H is out. What would be a good alternative solution?
    I am new of everything here, but try to learn as much as I can. I will try to use more natural stuff. I love the good advices. Thank you Wellness Mama.

    • I like Pioneer, lots of organic choices in bulk.

  14. why don’t u use ONLY hibiscus powder?? i have grinded hibiscus into fine powder and intend on using it.. checked online to see if its okay to use on skin cause it tastes so acidic.. but i only found recipes like this one, where they mix other stuff with hibiscus.. why? why not just hibiscus?

    • You could try that, but it would be very bright.

      • thank u i tried it and worked fine.. probably cause im brunette and have almost darker complexion.

        • I had some hibiscus tea and so I ground this up as finely as possible in my mortar and pestle and it worked a treat on it’s own. I have since added a little arrowroot which also works, but I didn’t add cacao as I prefer the rosy pink look on my fair skin over a more tan colour. Thank you Katie!

  15. I made my own makeup with beet root, arrowroot, cacao powder and cinnamon, but these ingredients triggered a candida attack in me. I am very, very sensitive to candida, and my health is not goodI am looking to replace the beet root powder with something non sweet, but I have no idea what to use. Also, I am looking for a replacement for the cacao powder, since the cacao irritates my skin, but I dont know what to replace it with. Ideally the ingredient is healthier than cacao, and does not irritate.
    The make up I made looked good, but I so very much wish to find make up that works for me, without making me ill. All help is very much appreciated.

    • hibiscus should work fine since its not sweet. and instead of cacao, maybe coffee? but since its darker u will use less of course.. im thinking also sweet potatoe peel, if its dehydrated and then fine powdered.. or dandelion root.. i heard its a substitute for coffee so i am guessing it has an earth-like color.

    • Thanks Lila for the information. I was planning to make make-up with the ingredients you mention, according to this site’s recipe, but now I hesitate because I also suffer badly from candida. What did you use instead ?

      Wellness Mama – I love your site ! I plan to try your recipes. It is amazing how much toxins there in all bought skin care items.

      • What about Inka which is coffee substitute made of barley ? It’s a medium brown color

    • Someone here replaced cacao powder with carob powder. Good luck

  16. I use a similar recipe using red iron oxide instead of the hibiscus powder. Works great if anyone needs an alternative

  17. You could try combining it with some organic cornstarch instead. I like to use cornstarch for powder on my face because it gets rid of the shine my oily skin has.

  18. I love be ginger powder as a setting powder. It’s been my standard for the years after I turned 50 and per started selling in the fine lines, no matter how organic and natural it was. You should avoid your eyes.

  19. I love your site and all your tips. Do you have a recipe for homemade concealer? It’s the one item I don’t seem to have that is made naturally and I like using organic makeup.

  20. This looks so wonderful! So excited to try making my own natural makeup. While I was looking at the Hibiscus powder, I came across Organic Beet Root Powder that seems to be much more pink. I was just wondering if you might have tried this, or do you think that it would make the blush too pink? Thanks!

    • I have not tried it, but you certainly could. I like a more ruddy color since that is the color I naturally blush, but a pinker blush may work better for you.

  21. I was wondering … would beetroot juice powder works the same way as beetroot powder in DIY items? I’ve seen both items in the market. Are they both the same stuffs?

  22. Have you ever tried raspberry powder in your blush? Just wondering how that might work and if there’s any drawbacks to it? thanks:-)

  23. I am trying this and it’s not showing up on my light skin. It it also grainy and just falls off. I got my powders from MRH. I was wondering if I needed to grind it finer? My grinder is broken but I just got a Blendtec. Should I try it?

  24. Does beet root powder have a different consistency from hibiscus or is it just a different color? Thanks! Can’t wait to try this!!!

  25. Wore a handmade powder made of cornstarch, cocoa powder and cinnamon on Saturday night. Amazing coverage and lovely matte finish. I started with a clean face and light rub of coconut oil. Husband didn’t notice, though I’ve gone without any make up for more than two years! My two close girlfriends, however, loved the look and couldn’t believe I was wearing just pennies worth of ingredients.

    I love wellness Love your cookbook, made your peppermint lipgloss for Christmas gifts, your Pakistani Kima recipe for my Paleo daughter’s recent visit, when we stayed up late and drank your tumeric tea. Thanks for so much!

  26. Would love the tumeric tea recipe!! Just found your posts & love all I’ve seen on making your own blush!! Would love to learn alot more about essential oils for myself & family, thanks..

  27. I am so glad I found this wonderful site. Anyone have recipes for natural hair dyes or rinses?

  28. Any thoughts on grinding dried rose petals for color?

    • You’d have to powder them, but go for it!

  29. I am so thrilled I found this site. I was recently diagnosed with environmental illness, and thought I’d have to give up makeup entirely. We have a couple local shops that make ALL natural make up products, but SO expensive. However, I’m back in the
    running with all these ‘recipes’. Can’t wait to get started!!! Thanksyou so much.

  30. Hi Katie,

    I absolutely love all of your helpful and insightful tips, so thank you so much for sharing.

    I was wondering if you think the ingrediants in Bare Minerals make-up are harmful or healthy for my skin? I did some research, but it seems like different websites have different opinions. If you could let me know what you think, that would be so greatly appreciated. It’s tough when I can barely pronounce most ingredients in the products that I am putting on my body. 🙁

    Thank you so much!!!

  31. When I first started looking into mineral cosmetics a few years ago, I did the research on BareMinerals and yes, there are definitely ingredients in there that you don’t want (but I don’t remember specifics as it’s been a few years) – if you want the same thing but with organic and GOOD ingredients, look into Afterglow Cosmetics – love them and that’s all I use now. But I am also excited to try the suggestions on this site, having just discovered it! Would be great to make my own and save $$$!! Hope this helps!

  32. Does the emulsifying wax clog pores?

  33. Can you use beeswax for the emulsifying wax?

  34. I’m just wondering, do you feel like you save money making these products? Unnatural makeup is so expensive so that would be an excellent perk 🙂

    • I definitely save money over the decent brands that I used to purchase that didn’t have the most harmful ingredients, especially since I already have many of the products on hand from other products.

  35. I’m interested in making an eyeliner. in dark brown, do you have suggestions? Of course, the powder kind that you ,wet the liner brush and apply, hopefully it will have more staying power than the other natural ones I’ve purchased that don’t stay PUT. ! ?? Grrrr. Can you help?

    • I’m interested in this too!

  36. I’ve found that this goes on really blotchy. (Unlike the awesome foundation I made using your recipe.) I’m not sure I want a creme blush. Do you know of any other natural recipes for powder blush?

  37. Can you please tell me what I would use to have more of a lilac color?

  38. I’m in my 60’s with excessive oily skin, and winkles. All make-up I’ve tried settles quickly into fine lines , whether it liquid or mineral, or made for oily skin. Anyone with this problem that found a home recipe that works?

  39. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your recipes and vast experience with us. Your website is my go-to for any green beauty advice. Tried several recipes including this one – on my second month of green only products and loving it!
    I struggle to find some of the ingredients in Dubai, but thanks to you explaining the purpose of each ingredient can easily find substitutes.

  40. I finally carved out some time to experiment a bit with homemade makeup, and I’m happy to report that I’m absolutely in love with the results! I now make my own foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and eyeshadow. I’m still working on the lipstick, but I’m sure that I’ll figure it out after another try or two. Thanks so much for helping me become more empowered!

  41. Hi thank you for your good website and the good recipes.
    But please, stop refering to amazon website! it’s so contradictory with the great intentions and energy of your website!!
    see you

    • Amazon is the most convenient way to shop. Most of the products I recommend can be bought elsewhere, but for busy moms who don’t have time to go to multiple websites, create accounts, then purchase a single products, it’s much more helpful to link to where the products can all be purchased in the same location. The products are the same, the only difference is the marketplace where they are purchased. If you don’t want to shop there, feel free to buy them somewhere else 🙂

  42. Can you add vitamin E to this blush, would that ruin it, since its liquid from a capsule? Thanks!

  43. Hello Katie,
    Thank u 4 all the helpful suggestions & recipes. I do have a question. I used rose hips powder along w/mica, since that is what I had on hand, but it just seems to ball up together & fall off. What did I mess up?
    I’d appreciate any assistance.

  44. Is there any way I can make this recipe more shimmery without mica powder?I have children and I do not want them to get in my makeup with mica powder and become at risk.

  45. how to get different coloured blushes from the above base recipe?

  46. To: Katie – Wellness Mama,
    I have idea about homemade all-natural rainbow highlighter cosmetics. I saw other online that rainbow highlighters are expensive. I want try all natural. Example: natural purple color like comes from natural purple flowers that natural purple flower powder and hibiscus flower powder (natural red colors) and natural colors orange, yellow, blue & more from flowers powder too with natural clay powder or gold mica dust or natural shimmer into colors to making each colors are rainbow that put into empty old pressed powder container then brushing rainbow on cheek that looks beautiful rainbow on cheeks!

    Why not try homemade rainbow highlighter? I just idea about homemade natural rainbow highlighters. I love all natural makeup is best!

    Thank you, Andrea Hill