Instant Pot Pressure Cooker: Review + Recipes

Instant Pot Review and Recipes

Over the last few years, I’ve been simplifying and reducing the tools and appliances in our kitchen and only keeping the ones we use often. In fact, our kitchen now has a simple assortment of unusual appliances and tools that we use every day. One appliance that has recently earned its place on the list is the Instant Pot.

What is an Instant Pot?

In short, it is an electric, programable, pressure cooker with a lot of extra functionality. It definitely isn’t our grandparent’s stove-top pressure cooker!

Although I’ve had one for a while, I haven’t even tried all of the uses for it yet. Our family uses it mostly as a basic pressure cooker and I now make many of my slow-cooker recipes in the Instant Pot instead (…a fast cooker?).

Instant Pot advertises that it is a single kitchen appliance that does the work of seven kitchen gadgets, including a rice-cooker, yogurt-maker, steamer and pressure cooker.

In essence, it is a fancy electric pressure cooker but it does this job exceptionally well.

Pros and Cons of Instant Pot

The Instant Pot met my criteria of being multiple use so I decided to give it a try. It has quickly become one of my favorite kitchen tools and I use it often.

Instant Pot: The Pros

All Stainless Interior: Unlike most electric pressure cookers, the Instant Pot has a fully stainless-steel interior so this is the only part that touches the food. While parts of the exterior are plastic or other materials, these do not come in contact with the food and there is no teflon or non-stick surface.

Multi-Use: As a multi-use gadget it could conceivably replace a slow-cooker, rice-cooker, saute-pan, and steamer. I’ve even had friends tell me that they now use the Instant Pot so often that they rarely use their stove and oven. I certainly can’t see the Instant Pot replacing my oven and stove, but it definitely could if I ever needed it to if one of those appliances broke.

Replace the Slow Cooker: The Instant Pot has largely replaced our slow-cooker and I’m considering even getting rid of the Crockpot completely since the Instant Pot works more quickly and often provides better results. I could see an electric pressure cooker like this one being especially helpful for anyone with a small kitchen as it could replace several other kitchen appliances.

Time Saving: This is perhaps the biggest benefit I noticed right away with the Instant Pot. It can cook a slow-cooker recipe that takes 6-8 hours in just an hour and I can even prepare a roast for dinner in about 40 minutes. This is tremendously helpful on days that we aren’t home during the day and I need to prepare a meal quickly at night (or days that I forget to defrost food until the afternoon or to put food in the slow-cooker in the morning).

Good Price Point: While the Instant Pot does cost more than most single-use kitchen appliances like slow-cookers and rice-cookers, it is cost effective if you use it to replace one or more of these other gadgets. I found mine 50% off on sale here, and it has definitely already paid for itself in space and time savings.

Programmable: This is one advantage of the Instant Pot over regular pressure cookers and most slow-cookers. Since it cooks so quickly, I sometimes don’t need to start cooking a recipe as soon as I put it in the Instant Pot but I want to have it ready to go. The Instant Pot lets you program up to 24-hours in advance and has quite a few options pre-programmed for easy use.

Energy Efficient: Like a slow-cooker the heat source is electric and built in so it doesn’t require a separate gas or electric stove and is more energy efficient. Since it is self-regulated, it is also safer, and easier to use (in my opinion).

Easy to Clean: Since the cooking bowl is all stainless-steel it is easy to clean by hand and can even be placed in the dishwasher.

Instant Pot: The Cons

The Price (Up-front): Like I said, I found the price reasonable considering the other kitchen appliances that it replaced, but it does retail for over $200 (though I found mine for under $100 here). If I’d known about this when we got married and registered for this instead of various other appliances, it definitely would’ve been a cost savings, but if, like me, you already have these other appliances, the cost can seem like a lot up front.

Learning Curve: I’ve always been a little terrified of pressure cookers since a relative once severely burned her face in a pressure-cooker accident, and while the Instant Pot seems easier to use than many pressure-cookers, it is a new style of cooking with a little bit of a learning curve. It only took me a couple of uses to get comfortable using it, but I’d recommend reading the (short) instruction manual first before using the first time. It definitely didn’t feel intuitive the first couple of times I used the Instant Pot, but it was easy to learn.

Lower PSI: Stove top pressure cookers typically operate at around 15 PSI, while electric ones, like the Instant Pot range from 10-12 PSI. This can be both an advantage and disadvantage as electric cookers have built in feedback that makes them more efficient but they do cook *slightly* slower than stove top pressure cookers. I personally prefer the electric pressure cooker because it is easier to use and doesn’t require constant monitoring, but if speed is your main concern, the Instant Pot is slightly (5-10 minutes) slower on some recipes.

Safety: The Instant Pot is much safer than most other types of pressure cookers but it is still a pressure cooker and can release steam and cause severe burns if mis-used. I’ve never had trouble with ours and wasn’t able to find any cases of someone being harmed while using it correctly, but I am still very careful using it around my kids. I make sure it is in a sturdy place in the corner/back of the counter and that there are no chairs or stools that would let kids get to it or tamper with the lid.

Instant Pot Recipes

I’m still pretty new to the Instant Pot but have been using it often because it is so simple to use. I’ve been creating my own recipes (here’s one of our current favorites!) but I’ve also tried some from other bloggers, especially when I was learning how to use the Instant Pot and wanted to make sure I didn’t mess up any meals (hint- I’ve found that it is really hard to screw up a recipe with the Instant Pot!).

Some of my Favorite Instant Pot Recipes are:

A Simplified Kitchen

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I have a minimalist kitchen (or that I’d even try to when cooking for 7 people three times a day) but I would say that I have finally created a simplified kitchen and it works really well for our needs. In hindsight, I wish I’d known what I know now when selecting items for our wedding registry, since we’ve gotten rid of many of the items we thought we “had to have” when registering.

In the past few years, we’ve:

  • Replaced the coffee pot with a French Press
  • Ditched the vegetable and onion chopper and replaced it with… a knife
  • Replaced plastic and heavy glass dishes with stainless steel ones for the kids (dishwasher & oven safe, and unbreakable)
  • Ditched the juicer (we just make smoothies instead)
  • Replaced the multiple different types of speciality glasses with quart size multi-use mason jars
  • Got rid of the toaster, bread maker and other appliances we just never used

Most of the kitchen appliances we got as wedding gifts have broken or been donated and the ones that remain get used daily:

The Bottom Line

I bought this version of the Instant Pot (the 6-in-1) and I really like it. As I said, I got it on sale and it has more than paid for itself in time savings in the past few months. There is also a 7-in-1 version that also makes yogurt but since we make yogurt in the oven, I didn’t think this extra functionality was needed.

There is also a much-fancier bluetooth enabled version that I wouldn’t personally recommend, since we are trying to reduce our exposure to bluetooth/wi-fi but also because it doesn’t offer much extra functionality (besides being able to program from a smart phone) for the price (almost double).

I was skeptical about the Instant Pot so I put off trying it for a long time. I was surprised how much I really like it (and over 5,000 Amazon reviewers seem to agree!). In hindsight, I wish I’d tried it much earlier and can see this being my go-to wedding gift for friends in the future.

Unlike very basic kitchen tools like knives and quality pans, the Instant Pot is definitely not an absolute kitchen necessity but I would definitely recommend it to friends and family and it is becoming one of my most-used kitchen tools.

Ever tried the Instant Pot? What did you think?

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Reader Comments

  1. Do Amazon post to Australia? And even if they did, would the appliance work due to our different power points, plugs and currents? It looks like an amazing appliance but I don’t want to waste money finding that I couldn’t use it, lol.

    • Hi Bea, I know this is a couple is months old, so you may have your answer already, but in case anyone else is wondering… You need to order from for the power source to be suitable. Shipping is about $50. We just ordered one, can’t wait for it to arrive! It is due to release in Australia in aug/sept (check their Facebook for more updates) but we didn’t want to wait that long!

      • Hi Alissa
        I am curious to find out if you received your Instant Pot. I am also in Australia and would like to order.

      • Hi Alissa, I just want to see how you are going with your Instant Pot? I am pretty keen. I am in Australia too. Thanks in advance.

        • Hi Liesl and Tara, yes, we received our instant pot a few months ago, shipping was super fast, less than a week if I remember correctly. We love it, and use it all the time! You do need an adapter for the plug, but the UK voltage is still 220/240, so it is safer to use in Aus than the US model. I was comparing it to my mum’s electric pressure cooker (Target/Breftons) and the instant pot is so much quicker to come to pressure, and much more versatile. If you are considering getting one… Go for it!

          • Thanks Alissa, that is good to hear. I will order mine straight away.
            I have a Thermomix, must be honest, I am not crazy about it. Too small for a family of five.

          • Thank you so much Alissa…

  2. Welcome to the IP users! There are many IP Facebook communities, I personally belong to many. The newest one is Viramix, Instant Pot. There is one that is “only” vegan. It is unbieveable the foods that they cook in it! Ex: cheesecake. So many tips and help.

  3. Oh ya! I got one for Christmas and have used it 4-5 times a week since then. Steel cut oats are a breeze in the morning now.

    • I’m curious what is your oat to water ratio for the instant pot? I used the directions on the box of steel cut oats and cooked in instant pot and it was waaaay to much water. I ended up just pouring the excess water off and they were totally fine but I’d rather do it the right way. Loving mine too got it for xmas and I love it.

  4. I like to make bone broth and cook it for up to 30 hours (sometimes longer) to extract the minerals, etc. from the bones, feet, etc.

    Do you know if cutting my bone broth cooking time with the Instant Pot will likewise reduce the minerals and other nutrients that are released from the cooking?

    • Good question! I was wondering the same thing! I hope that someone answers.

      • Katie’s bone broth recipe explains this. You’ll find the recipe in the recipe section of her post.

  5. I have one in my cabinet gathering dust. I bought it on a home shopping channel and they did awesome things with it. I got it and had trouble getting my lid to work right after I seared some meat in it before I cooked it. I really didn’t know how to use it, but this makes me want to pull it out and give it another try.

    • I had trouble too I just jiggled it so it would stop steaming. Also make sure the rubber gasket is in the right way. I love making rice in it.

    • Are you sure it’s the actual Instant Pot? My neighbors ordered a different brand on the home shopping, buy one get one 1/2 off. We never got it to work correctly and they finally sent both back. Love my Instant Pot!

    • I bought one ,have had it less than a year , I contacted Customer service because it turned out to be a lemon. They want ME to run “tests”. I don’t think so! They can take it back and send me a new one and THEY can run tests! Still waiting on them. I loved it for a few months till all the functions stopped working. Not a good way to treat a customer.

  6. I bought this same Insta Pot but I was nervous about using it as it doesn’t appear to have a stainless steel interior, it looks like Teflon but I couldn’t find the actual information anywhere in the manual. Just curious how you found out it has a stainless steel
    Interiors because it doesn’t appear that way?

    • I believe I did see one selling with Teflon from the company website…a cheaper one?

    • Yes, we got one with a Teflon interior first. I believe it was a bigger one (we wanted the biggest they made) than 6 quarts. It looks like they make an 8 quart all stainless interior now though.

      • That was not an Instant Pot. They all come with a stainless steel pot. And they don’t offer an 8qt. (Yet, one is due to release later in the spring.) Basically, the Instant Pot (brand name) is an electric pressure cooker but not all electric pressure cookers are Instant Pots.

        • This is on the Instant Pot website – maybe they had it for a time? I know for certain that we ordered an Instant Pot (in December) and returned it because it had a non-stick coating – we even exchanged it for a “newer model” with stainless steel….

          Instant Pot Non-Stick Inner Pot (6Qt) – OUT OF STOCK
          Instant Pot Non-Stick Inner Pot (6Qt) – OUT OF STOCK
          Made from aluminum with non-stick coating
          Not sticky to food, easy cleaning and dishwasher safe
          Capacity: 6Qt.
          Suitable for Instant Pot IP-DUO60, IP-LUX60, IP-CSG60
          SKU IP-NONSTICK-60
          Weight 1.35 lbs

          Our price: US$29.95
          Market price: US$39.95
          Quantity Out of stock

  7. I love my Instant Pot but I have only used the pressure cooker setting and used it to make rice. I should really explore the other options.


  8. I make bone broth regularly, simmering for up to 30 hours to ensure getting all the nutrients, minerals, etc.

    Do you or anyone have any thoughts or advice on how long to cook bones, etc. in the Instant Pot?

    • I have made it many times in IP! So simple…I think I have how to in a pic on my iPad…lookong now! Wish I could post pic?

      • Thank you, Sandra. I was delighted to see this.

    • If anyone has the same question I had, click on Katie’s second recipe: bone broth. All is revealed

      • Thanks for your help, Nona!

  9. I got one and am afraid to use if for long periods of time because of the type of stainless steel used. Have you contacted the company to see if the metal leaches toxins at all? I know you are so great with researching, I figured I would ask before I checked into it. But I definately will if you haven’t already.
    Thanks! I love everything you do!

    • Hi Mary,
      Did you ever get an answer to this? I just read that the stainless steel contains up 8-10% nickel, which would seem to be a problem to someone like me who has a nickel allergy. I”m trying to contact Instant Pot and anyone else to see what they know. Thanks!

      • I have just been diagnosed with my nickel allergy. I’ve had my instapot now for about 1 year. I’ve also been itching for about the same time period. You may have hit my problem. Thanks for this information .

  10. There is a facebook group that offers a lot of advice for using an Instant Pot – just search for “instant pot” on facebook. I actually bought one from for a great price, and returned it without opening it because I just don’t feel like I have the time to learn how to use it now. Also, most of the good recipes I have seen are for some kind of meat-based dish, and I am trying to make most of our meals vegetarian based. I don’t know, maybe I’ll give it another try at some point. The people that have them seem to love the instant pot.

    • There is a vegan only IP group on Facebook…very helpful group.

  11. My favorite features of the Instant Pot: No nasty Teflon; Ability to sear and then cook in the same pot.

  12. Does anyone know how this is for cooking grassfed/pastured meat, which typically is tough unless it is slow-cooked? Thanks for your thoughts!

    • Such Meat cooked in pressure cooker should work good! The moisture is kind of pushed into meat ( that is how it was explained to me)

    • A pressure cooker works great for grass-fed/pastured meat. That is all I ever use. Because the pressure cooker seals in the moisture to cook with steam/pressure, there is very little evaporation and the meat turns out so tender, moist and delicious!

    • We grow our own meat and the Instant Pot works wonders with all our meat!

  13. I love mine, and like you have already replaced a BUNCH of other kitchen small appliances with it, or gone back to ‘old school’ methods of food preparation. My kitchen feels so much more open and clean now! Even if I didn’t use my Instant-Pot for anything else, I’d keep it for making yogurt. It’s so simple and pretty much fool-proof. Have made two pots of it just this week, one regular and one to strain for greek style yogurt. LOVE IT! Just came online to look for a recipe for barbeque pulled pork for it, and found your note in an email.

  14. I can’t wait to try this recipe! I have always used the crock pot to make mine. It turns out great but this seems so much better.

  15. I clicked through to the Whole Chicken in 30 Minutes recipe, which says that grassfed/pastured meat cooks tender in the Instant Pot.

  16. I’ve been watching the instant pot craze from afar for awhile myself and its nice to hear someone else with a big a family give it a go.
    My kids are teens now so probably eat a bit more than your brood – does it make enough to feed all of you in one recipe (I usually double every recipe I make since I feed a minimum of 6, 4 of them hungry teens and left overs are highly coveted at this busy household).
    Do you have any references on vitamins and mineral retention when using the instant pot? I have wondered if the high pressure destroys any of the nutritional content . . .
    Being able to make bone broth more efficiently would certainly be a plus, as well as being able to make some of our favorite slow cooker dinners without having to plan so far ahead.
    Thanks for the great post.

    • I too want to know about the vitamin and mineral retention because usually high heat in my mind means loss of nutrients. I am guessing the IP uses an extreme high heat to cook so quickly is that right? That question has stopped me from purchasing a pressure cooker so far. Has anyone researched into this?

  17. I love it. Have used it several times.

  18. Hi
    We got the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 some months ago. Wow this thing rocks. I have not used the yogur making feature.
    This thing is worth every penny I spent on it
    Looking forward to trying your recipes!

    • I recommend you Order another seal/gasket for yogurt. I didn’t know the perfume from my chili or curries would permeate the yogurt. We had a lot of Indian food after that batch of yogurt so it wasn’t wasted, but I have a second seal exclusively for yogurt.

      • You don’t need to use the seal for yogurt, you are pressure cooking it, just incubating. I did get a second seal for sweets like cakes & cheesecake.

        • Wow. Thanks. I will try that and save my second seal for later.

          I hope we save others from having chili/onion perfumed yogurt. 😉

  19. I have one…it is collecting dust in the basement. My first issue was the chemical scent it gave off every time I turned it on. Then, it all just seemed so complicated for me, but I am willing to try it again after reading this post. BTW, I cook each GAPS meal for five, then an extra meal for the baby on her own diet. I’m willing to find better ways to save time! It might come in handy on our road trips….

  20. I love simplifying things, too. We recently re-modeled our kitchen and had to get new appliances. I got a Bosch stove with a convection oven. Oven temp can be set anywhere from 80 to 500 degrees, so it can be used as bread proofer, yogurt maker (I make 12 quarts of yogurt at a time), and dehydrator.

  21. My sister gave me an instant pot for Christmas. I LOVE it. I use it all the time. My son uses it. I was concerned about using a pressure cooker at first, but it works great!

  22. Try making coffee in the IPot. Then you won’t even need that kettle!

    3c water, 2T grounds, 3minQR, pour/press/serve….so good!

    Tea works good too, but you’ll need to tweak it to your strength liking.

    • Wow! Thanks for the tip! I’m going to do it!

  23. I love, love, love my Instant Pot. I’ve used it to cook dried beans (30 minutes) (way cheaper and much better tasting than canned), pea soup, cooked whole chicken ((made good stock at the same time) fried rice, spare ribs and some pork chops.

  24. I have one and use it but have ?ed the non magnetic lid. The company says that it’s stainless. but why is it not magnetic. The little cage/vent inside is aluminum…

    • Quality stainless is not magnetic. Try sticking magnets on the front of your stainless fridge…. they dont stick.

  25. Just curious – would it even be okay to make yogurt in this with it being metal? We got one for Christmas and my main goal was going to be yogurt but I started thinking about how I don’t stir my yogurt with a metal spoon – how much sense would it make to cook it in metal? So we returned it. I figured I could make yogurt in the crockpot instead.

    Also – do you find that this feeds your family enough food? We have 7 children and it seemed like I would almost need 2 of these to make enough food for us. I use our 8 quart slow cooker or 2 smaller slow cookers to make enough us. Or I use our large roaster oven like a slow cooker. Do you think it will make enough as your kids get older and are eating more? I never actually used ours – we took it out of te box and the insert just seemed small and with my “lightbulb” yogurt / metal moment, we just boxed it up and sent it back.

    • I make yogurt in mine & it is wonderful, I use a silicone whisk so I don’t get the metal on metal taste. We are a family of 2 empty nesters so I can’t address the amount issue. I just know I use mine almost daily & love it!

    • I use stainless steel utensils with my yogurt, and it turns out fine. I’ve been making my own yogurt for about a year now, and my culture is still very vigorous. Hope this helps.

  26. I love my instant pot! the other night I made a whole chicken and then after dinner made homemade chicken stock! I think it will be great in the summer when I do not want the oven to heat up the kitchen!

  27. I just got mine 3 days ago. I think I’m gonna like it. My first try was MooShu Pork. It was simple and fast. I don’t like the smell it left but I will def be using it again, I am currently searching for my next recipe to try.

  28. I love my instant pot. I got it for Christmas and have pressure cooked, slow cooked, made bone broth, cooked rice, steamed veggies, and sauted. The only thing I haven’t done yet is make yogurt. Don’t be afraid, it is so easy to use.

  29. Yesterday I made rice for dinner, just reheated when I wanted to serve it, 2 6″ cheesecakes & Mongolian Beef for dinner all in the Instant Pot. My hubby put a meter on my pot out of curiosity, it used 18 cents worth of electricity to cook all that. The cheesecake is creamy & yummy, the rice comes out perfectly (who hasn’t had issues with brown rice??) & the Mongolian Beef was super tender & flavor packed. Oh, I forgot I boiled 6 eggs in the pot in the morning, perfect hard boiled eggs, no gray ring & super easy to peel. They were fresh from the farmer on Thursday, easy peel on Saturday when cooked in the IP. Winner all the way around!

  30. I am so going to buy one of these! That is a great price from Amazon! Thanks so much Katie!

  31. Totally Agree!! I Love my Instant Pot! and So I bought a second one :-)) so that I can make 2 dishes at a time;-)

  32. My pressure cook broke many years ago. There’s no money for a new one, so I invented my own. I use my large Lagostina pot and place a brick or two on top, Works great. Price is right.

  33. Is there a possibility of using this to making popcorn,?
    also can it be used for Canning small jars?

    • I haven’t tried either one of those yet…

    • No for the canning & I have heard people have used it for popcorn with mixed results.

  34. I recently purchased the same electric pressure cooker and I love it. As you mentioned, there is a learning curve and the cook book included wasn’t that great. I’ve just ordered a EPC cookbook from Amazon and it should arrive very soon. I did make pork ribs in it and they were amazing, tomorrow night I will try corn beef and cabbage, wish me luck!!

  35. I have the 7-in-1 with the stainless steel pot. Love it for its multi-use but bought it mainly to replace an old non-stick coated rice cooker while adding a pressure cooker to the kitchen repetoire and replacing my slow cooker(s). I’m Asian and our family eats rice almost every single day. Unfortunately, it is not a great rice cooker and ends up being very wasteful 99% of the time with about an inch of rice crusting on the bottom of the pot if left there on the warm feature. Other than that, though, it’s great!

  36. I am receiving the IP Lux60 for a gift (will receive it next week). I looked up the reviews on Amazon and there were a whole bunch of very recent reviews that were one star. What’s up with that? My mom also got me the extended warrant, but I hope the reviews are false and are from people who do not know/understand how to use it. Any advice/comments on the Lux60. Is is really made in China? I should not have read the reviews….Altough I do have to say that I feel a little more comfortable having it if Wellness Mama uses it :>

  37. Doesn’t pressure cookers destroy the nutrients in food?

    • Pressure cooking retains more nutrients than other methods. Only the steam escapes.

  38. My friend bought the 8 qt do u think it’s worth the extra money? She says she did a 9 lb turkey!

  39. I thought we were to cook all foods in the lowest temp. possible to preserve the nutrients, enzymes, etc. That is one reason I haven’t used my pressure cooker in years. Am I wrong?

    • Thats funny – I’ve always heard that you SHOULD cook in a pressure cooker because it kept all the nutrients and they did not escape in steam going out. I wonder which is correct….
      Looks like Food Renegade has done a little article on this

      She concludes:

      The biggest argument against pressure cooking by those who think it’s unhealthy is that pressure cooking must be bad for the nutrients in the food because you’re cooking them at higher temperatures and higher pressures.

      It’s like saying the cooking method is dangerous, well just because! For reasons!

      It’s like arguing that food cooked in Miami (where the boiling point of water is 212F) is somehow less nutritious than food cooked in an Andean or Himalayan village (where the boiling point of water is 190F) just because the air pressure and boiling point are higher in Miami.

      • Thank you, Beverly. I hope this info is correct! I bought a dehydrator after learning what I thought was correct info. Maybe I’ll dust off my pressure cooker today!

        • Jan, dehydrating will save the enzymes I know and it will retain nutrients.
          What I have heard was that if you pressure cooked veggies VS steaming them it retained the nutrients because they did not escape in the steam.
          I have to cook my veggies due to needing the cellular wall broken down for me to digest them – at least at this point in my life 🙂

  40. Katie,
    What are your feelings on ceramic in the inside of the pots as opposed to the stainless steel one that you have?

    • I’ve never used one with a ceramic inside but it should be a good option as long as it isn’t treated with any non-stick chemical and doesn’t contain heavy metal.

    • I bought a Green Pan to replace an old non-stick coated pan, and I LOVE it. The ceramic is better for you and so durable! It is very slippery, and I have not had anything stick to it yet in the 6 months or so I have had it. It still looks brand new on the inside, and I use it several times a week. I have even used my electric mixer in it to make mashed potatoes.

  41. Ours just arrived yesterday and my husband made a chicken dinner in it. He used the recipe that came with the cooker and it was awesome! Can’t wait to make a pot roast.

  42. I just get mine today. Any suggestions for “baking” sweet potatoes? I usually use a toaster oven. Should they be wrapped in foil?- I am trying to get away from using foil at ALL.
    I have always used my old stove top pressure cooker to cook cauliflower – to mash. should I use an insert (I have an old handle-less stainless steel pan that fits)?

  43. Just wanted you to know, Katie, that because of your blog, I sold my big Wolfgang Puck Teflon coated slow cooker and bought the Duo60 – the 7 in 1 Instant Pot. Tonight will be my first try (besides just the water test) to cook some food. I hope I find it as useful as do all the other 6,000 people on Amazon.

  44. What are your thoughts regarding the high heat cooking in regards to this being dangerous, causing the food to become less healthy? In Canada quite recently our government said processed meats are just as dangerous as smoking and second hand exposure in terms of cancer causing properties. From this came a lot of attention about cooking meat at extremely high temperatures produces carcinogenic’s. I personally haven’t done a lot of research about this but thought maybe a you would have some thoughts on this issue.

    • The temperatures actually aren’t that high, and the pressure is what allows it to cook quickly. I agree that processed meats are dangerous, but typically, that research is looking at the additives in those meats, along with the cooking methods. There is a lot of evidence that pressure cooking is a safe and healthy way to cook food, but I’m actually working on a full post about this soon..

  45. My husband and I have been Instant Pot addicts for 3 years. Started with the Lux-60; then got the Bluetooth Smart Cooker at a STEAL, over $100 off—not including Bluetooth, a vast upgrade from the 60, THEN, this past Christmas I bought the Duo 7-in-1 for my son and his girlfriend for SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLARS on CYBER MONDAY on Amazon. At that price, I had to buy US one too!!! We usually keep two out at all times. When we purchased our first one, we finally purchased an extra inner pot because kept thinking of other things to cook in it. I will donate that one, now that the holidays are over. My stove just gets in the way. I make soups all the time! We have a huge apple tree and can make applesauce in no time. I love making broths. I don’t know what I DON’T use it for!!

  46. I received my instant pot last week. I tried the pork roast, and it was DELICIOUS! But I tried whole sweet potatoes, and they did not turn out well at all. I wrapped them in foil, put them on the trivet, and added two cups of water. Since one of the potatoes was large, I cooked them for 20 minutes. They were still very hard. So I cooked them ANOTHER 20 minutes. Still pretty hard. Then I put them in the toaster oven for 1 1/2 hours. That turned out well, but I spent as much time as if I had just used the toaster oven in the first place.

    Any suggestions? We eat sweet potatoes about three times a week. I usually cook them in the toaster oven for about three hours. I was hoping the InstantPot would save me some time – and electricity.

    • I made sweet potatoes last week (just got my instant pot also). I washed each potato. I was going to peel them – but too much trouble. I cut each potato in 3 chunks. I had three potatos. I laid them on one of those vegetable steamers that fans out. I also put a cup of water in the pot under the vegetable steamer that fans out. Then laid the sweet potato chunks on top of the vegie steamer. I cooked via the manual button on high pressure for 18 minutes, then I unplugged the instant pot and waited 10 minutes. Then I let the steam out and those potatoes were just as fluffy as could be. After they are cooked, it is easy to eat the potato off the skin.

      • That sounds good, but i really like to prepare sweet potatoes without cutting. Guess I can try that. Doesn’t the sugar from the potatoes leak out into the pan making it hard to clean?

        • I’d say the foil probably messed you up on time most. Although a large sweet potato does take 15+ to cook through. You can reduce that by slicing lengthwise (I put skin side down on the trivet). I cut large ones, don’t cut smaller ones.
          I have no issue with cleaning the stainless. Anything really stuck just needs a bit more water on saute to heat (or vinegar and bring to pressure – or almost). A little salt in a damp pot provides a good scrub enhancer as well. I love being able to really scrub the pot and not worry about a coating coming off.

          • Do you use “steam” or “pressure?”

  47. Steam is still a pressure mode. It can be used when using the trivet to hold food off the bottom. I have used both the steam and manual button for potatoes, but more steam now.

  48. I purchased this through your link as soon as I read your article and couldn’t be happier with it! I has already made a huge positive change in our lives.
    Thank you so much for this incredible site!

  49. Hi,
    I am thinking of getting this one pot pressure cooker but the size seems so small. With your big family do you have two of them?
    It is just me and my husband but I usually double recipes. Can a whole chicken fit in it ?
    I really like the idea that it can make yogurt, that is something I have wanted to do.
    They have an 8 quart but it is real expensive.
    CarolAnn Adams.

    • It does work for our family, though I know several families who have two of them. A whole chicken will fit, and I often use it for cooking a whole chicken. It also easily holds a 5 pound roast without a problem.

  50. Wellness Mama, when are you going to post your variation of the “simple bone broth recipe” listed above? I made my first Instant Pot bone broth yesterday, but I don’t think I had the right ratio of bones to water. It did not come out as flavorful as when I make it in a big pot on the stove (using your “how to make bone broth” recipe.) The other recipes I found on the Internet for Instant Pot didn’t seem quite right to me either.

  51. Have you ever used this for canning? If so what size do you have and is it tall enough for quart size or only pint? Thanks!

  52. The Instant Pot is on sale today for Amazon Prime members for $69.99. Hurry before they are gone!!

  53. Hi there,

    Is there any reason you couldn’t make your coconut oil soap in the Instant Pot? If you have given away your crock pot, is this what you are you doing now?


    • I haven’t tried doing that. I have an old crockpot that use only for soap making…

  54. Katie,
    I just strained my beef broth that’s been simmering for two days and as usual it is amazing. I also just strained the recipe that’s linked for the bone broth in the instant pot and it tastes like nothing! Compared to the slow simmer for 48 hours it’s lacking. Have you figured out a faster way in the instant pot yet that compares to the original?

  55. Does the silicone ring come in contact with the food and are there any health concerns with that?

  56. Hello… I have just discovered you and now find myself visiting your site almost daily. Thank
    You, sincerely, for all your carefully researched information. I bought a Berkey water system after reading your informative blog and encouraged my daughter to not buy another jug of water. We are very happy and relieved with our purchase!!
    Now I am researching the multi useful electric pressure cookers. I have zeroed in on the Instant Pot and found myself taking a closer look at Walmart today. I was prepared to purchase one when I inspected the inside of the top and discovered, on that particular model, an aluminum underside of the top. The crock was stainless, but the top was not. I know the heat, pressure and liquid could change the composition of the aluminum and could become an additive to the food that I am trying so hard to keep organic. I’m wondering if you know if there are different grades of Instant Pots? I have even noticed the grades of different brands of cookers can flixuate in quality from different sizes within same brands!
    Trying to buy a safe, good quality product can be so challenging!! Any insights would be great. ??

  57. Does anyone know of a springform pan that can be used in the Instant Pot, that is NOT non-stick? Thanks in advance for replies!

  58. I just purchased an Instant Pot and went to try it for the first time today. I started the saute’ mode and noticed a glue like off-gassing smell right away. Has anyone else noticed this? Does it go away? Should I do a test run of something I don’t plan to eat first? Ugh, I hate buying new appliances for this reason.

  59. You should wash the inner pot and the lid and the silicone ring first with soapy water, rinse really good and then you should do the water test like the manual suggests.