Raspberry Leaf Herb Profile

health benefits of red raspberry leaf and why you should be drinking it

Raspberry Leaf is probably my favorite herb and definitely my most consumed herb. It has an amazing nutrient profile and a gentle taste similar to regular black tea but without the caffeine.

Why Raspberry Leaf?

As its name suggests, Raspberry leaf is the leaf of the raspberry plant. It is somewhat well known for its benefits during pregnancy, but it is beneficial to women at all stages of life.

It is naturally high in magnesium, potassium, iron and b-vitamins which make it helpful for nausea, leg cramps, and improving sleep during pregnancy. The specific combination of nutrients in Raspberry Leaf makes it extremely beneficial for the female reproductive system. It strengthens the uterus and pelvic muscles which some midwives say leads to shorter and easier labors.

The tannins in raspberry leaf give it astringent properties which make it soothing both internally and externally. A strong raspberry leaf tea or tincture will sooth sunburn, eczema, and rashes when used externally. Swishing with a tincture or infusion of Raspberry Leaf is great for the gums and can help alleviate the symptoms of gingivitis or gum disease.

The high concentration of Vitamin C in Raspberry Leaf makes it great during illness and I also use it as a base for homemade energy drinks.

Many women claim that it helped ease the symptoms of PMS, endometriosis, and it is helpful for couples who are trying to conceive. I personally also use it throughout pregnancy, even in the first trimester, as I’ve never seen any conclusive reason not to and the health benefits are wonderful during pregnancy, but I’d definitely consult a midwife or doctor before taking any herb while pregnant.

According to Mountain Rose Herbs:

Raspberry leaf tea has been used for centuries as a folk medicine to treat canker sores, cold sores, and gingivitis in persons of all ages and anemia, leg cramps, diarrhea, and morning sickness in pregnant women, and as a uterine relaxant. Commentators frequently state that recent scientific research found no benefit in raspberry tea for expectant mothers, but this is not correct. The study published in the Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health in 2001 found that women who drank raspberry leaf tea had shorter labor, and fewer of their babies were delivered by forceps. The other study, published in the Australian College of Midwives Journal, cited in The Natural Pharmacist as saying there was “no” benefit to the herb for pregnant women, actually stated: “The findings also suggest ingestion of the drug might decrease the likelihood of pre and post-term gestation. An unexpected finding in this study seems to indicate that women who ingest raspberry leaf might be less likely to receive an artificial rupture of their membranes, or require a caesarean section, forceps or vacuum birth than the women in the control group.” In other words, scientific studies show that drinking raspberry tea actually is beneficial during pregnancy.

Uses for Raspberry Leaf

My favorite use is as an herbal tea, which I drink iced in the summer and hot in the winter. I also make a pregnancy tea using 4 parts Raspberry Leaf and 1 parts Nettle Leaf. You can also add 1 part Peppermint Leaf for help with nausea during early pregnancy. For those trying to improve fertility, three or more cups can be consumed daily and I also consume this amount during pregnancy. It tastes very similar to regular tea without the caffeine, which makes it wonderful in the evening. If you’re a tea drinker, consider adding this in place of regular tea.

How to Brew Raspberry Leaf Tea

Pour 8 ounces of boiling water over 1 teaspoon-1 tablespoon of Raspberry Leaf. Steep, covered, for at least 5 minutes and drink as regular tea. I often keep a gallon of cold raspberry leaf tea in the fridge so that I don’t have to brew by the cup. To make a gallon, just 3/4 to 1 cup of Raspberry Leaf per gallon of boiling water. I pour the herbs and boiling water into a gallon glass jar, cover with a plate and leave overnight before straining for a strong tea.

You can also make a tincture of raspberry leaf using the same proportions that you use to make chamomile tincture and it is great for the skin if used externally and as a more concentrated form to help alleviate PMS, menstrual troubles, heavy bleeding and infertility when used internally.

Safe in Early Pregnancy?

Though I’ve used Red Raspberry leaf in all of my pregnancies without a problem, some sources speculate that it shouldn’t be used until later in the pregnancy, thinking that there could be a risk of miscarriage. I’ve never found any evidence of it being a problem, but of course, any pregnant woman should consult her own doctor or midwife before taking anything during pregnancy. An excerpt from an article that talks about where some of this speculation comes from:

Some medical and popular media make reference to raspberry leaf tea as something to avoid during pregnancy for risk of miscarriage. This notion stems from a study conducted in 1954 where fractions were isolated from Rubus sp. and applied in vitro to the uterine tissues of guinea pigs and frogs. The scientists discovered such things as one fraction acted as a spasmolytic whereas another caused uterine contractions. Herein lies the risk of isolating the parts of a whole. When used as a whole plant, neither action is exacerbated and the herb is deemed safe. If a mother is prone to miscarriages she may feel safer avoiding raspberry until the third trimester. This is an herb with centuries of safe use behind it, there is usually little cause for concern.

Where to Buy Raspberry Leaf

I purchase raspberry leaf from Mountain Rose Herbs, as theirs is organic and extremely high quality. It comes as a dried herb and can be easily made into tea, infusions, or tinctures.

Do you use raspberry leaf? Ready to start? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. Thanks for the info on this herb. I have a large bag of it in my freezer but ( I think I’ve posted this before), I’m not a big tea drinker. I do have some capsules that I could fill with raspberry leaf to take…would that give me the same benefits? If so, how much do you recommend taking? Thanks!!

  2. I want your energy drink recipe! Maybe i’ll finally be able to get my husband to stop drinking those awful red bulls!

  3. Is there any reason a toddler shouldn’t drink your pregnancy tea?  I’ve been making it for myself, but inevitably my 15 month old steals my cup and drinks some.  He loves it!!  I don’t let him drink much since I’m not sure if it’s good for him, but if it’s not harmful (possibly beneficial??) then I could let him have some….

  4. I have lots of raspberries and I wonder if I can just dry out the leaves (after they grow raspberries?). Does it have to be from a particular species of raspberries? Thanks!

    • You can harvest any wild or domestic version that is suitable for eating 🙂

      • Are the ratios given for dry or fresh raspbeery leaves? Thank you.

    • I have a jar of leaves I dried from my friend’s raspberry plant. They work SO well! A youtube video explained that it is best to take leaves from green vines vs the reddish/brownish ones because the green vine is new growth.

    • I think the leaf is picked and dried befor the fruit comes out

    • I also have rasberries that grow naturally on my property, experimenting with the leaves in any way (don’t smoke them) by boiling or drying could be beneficial

  5. I guess if it’s ok to drink pregnant and for toddlers, it’s ok to drink when nursing?

    • I drink all the time while nursing… helps milk supply!

  6. Any similar uses for blackberry leaves? I have three huge blackberry bushes at my house and love to use the leaves!

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think they have the same properties…

    • very useful for allergies, though not similar to red raspberry

    • Black raspberry leaves are used here all the time for diarrhea. Proven time and time again to stop even the worse cases. There are other benefits but we keep this around all year long for just that problem. Here in the Ozarks, we have tons of this growing wild and everywhere else in between…good thing to have on hand.

  7. Is there any reason not to drink this while nursing?

  8. i really need to start drinking RRL tea again!

  9. Any advice on making it from the fresh leaves? We have a ton of raspberries in our yard and I’d love to skip the drying step this summer. Do you know what amount of fresh leaves I’d need to use to get the right strength?

    • I’m not sure, you’d have to experiment… let me know how it goes!

    • I used fresh leaves, and used about 9 leaves. I used about maybe 1-2 cups of water (I think) and it turned out fine! XD

    • I read that you can make the tea from fresh or dried leaves but not wilted or half dried leaves. There is some chemical in them during the drying process that can give you an upset stomach.

    • I picked a handful of leaves, boiled then for a few, stained them and let it cool. I added some honey and it tastes great!

    • Be careful! You dont want to use wilted or partially dried leaves. They are toxic and can cause vomiting etc. I would personally pick fresh and immediately dry them fully..

  10. Some teas can be steeped more than once. Would there be any benefit to re-steeping the leaves especially if the first steep was only five minutes?

    • You can re-steep it. it won’t be quite as strong as the first time but it won’t hurt or change the taste much…

  11. Is drinking the raspberry leaf tea throughout the day not going to supply enough magnesium that we still need to supplement?

    • It will definitely boost your levels, but some people with gut issues (most of us these days) also benefit from the oil for a while too since we don’t absorb it intestinally very well.

  12. Will drinking several cups of the tea daily supply enough magnesium, or we still need a supplement?

    • I know this is a year old post but in case someone stumbles on it like I did, I will say this about the Magnesium..another good natural way to get it and easily absorbed, is a long hot soak in epsom salt. Grandma had it right.=)

  13. Maybe this is a silly question but do you use a tea strainer or just drink the leaves?

  14. I just received my 2lb bag of raspberry leaf today from Mountain Rose Herbs. I tried a cup and loved it! I am currently 16 weeks pregnant – is there a limit to how much should be consumed daily?

    • Ask your doctor or midwife, but in second trimester I drink a few cups a day usually.

  15. I’ve been trying to balance my hormones since coming off the pill two years ago. I drink this sparingly. Will upping the amount I drink everyday aid in the balancing of my hormones? I’ve tried Maca root capsules (2/day) for a month but I felt it made me break out in acne on my chin.

    • I know this is an old post, but I just stumbled across it while googling. I too took Maca Root trying to balance my hormones and it caused me to break out. Did the RRL tea balance your hormones?

    • I have heard that Red Raspberry Leaf will make you start your menstrual due to balancing. Is this true?

      • not sure where you heard this… i take it throughout my pregnancy from day 1 to delivery and i’ve never bled a drop. I also take it postpartum and it aids in helping me dry up faster by about 2 weeks. In my experience, it seems to make my uterus more efficient at its current job, be it carrying 3 pregnancies, emptying lochia, or just keeping my cycle regular. I love rrl.

      • Hello, I just started drinking a pregnancy tea (main ingredient = RRL) 2 days ago. I drank 2 cups the first day and just over 2 cups the second day (thanks to my nephew spilling most of my first cup, lol.). This morning I woke up to my cycle which is 5 days early. My husband and I are ttc and I’ve had irregular cycles in the past (anywhere from 26 days to 33 days, averaging 28) and lately, the last 6 months or so, they have started between 30 and 32 days. Now 2 days of a pregnancy tea and I started on day 26… Not sure if there is other factors but it seems, at least for me so far, to shorten the length. Do you have any updates/did it seem to help?

      • Hello,

        I was pregnant 4 weeks and when yesterday I drank red raspberry tea, my strong bleeding immediately started and now I guess I am not pregnant any more. I can feel it might be the result of the tea. Be careful with raspberry tea!

        • Similar thing happened to me last year when we were pregnant. I took raspberry leaf tea and within a week miscarried.?Currently 37 weeks with second pregnancy and began again for help with labor. I definitely caution against using this early pregnancy, but later, third trimester, seems ok so far.

      • I drank it for about 2 weeks and my period, which is always every 26-28 days, started early by almost a week. I stopped drinking it after about 3-4 weeks because it made my stomach hurt. I’m going to try again though and see if my body will get used to it.

  16. I saw your post and I just bought a box if bagged raspberry leaf tea to try. I thought it would be easier for on the go to have the bags and make sure I like it. I appreciate the post. We’ve been trying to conceive our 2nd baby for almost a year now and I’m trying herbal remedies before going to a specialist. This tea is the first thing on my list. Thanks!

  17. Do you know if I could get the same properties if I just infused the herb to my water? For example, I get a glass water bottle infuser, used tap water, added the leaves, and left it for 24 hours? Thanks for your answer!!

  18. I recently had a missed miscarriage. I waited four weeks to have it happen naturally, but ended up getting a d&c. Is it recommended to drink after a d&c, while still bleeding? I want to get in the best physical condition for my next pregnancy, but understand this tea is supposed to reduce cramping/bleeding, which maybe I need to do right now? Thanks very much to anyone with insight into this!

    • It should help your uterus tone and return to normal as it needs to but I’d check with a doc if you have concerns…

  19. I am 16 weeks and planning on a VBAC. Was wondering if RRL tea was recommended – my only (totally baseless) thought is that it will make my uterus so strong that a rupture is more likely?

    • I felt comfortable using it but check with a doc!

    • I had a very successful vbac with my second child, i drank a ton of the rrl tea, and my midwife was amazed i was only in active labor for 6 hours. my first child was an emergency csection so i hadnt even pushed with him. rrl works, my body did most of the pushing by itself, kind of weird…

      • Thanks for sharing! I’m just 7 weeks and hoping for a VBAC after an emergency C in 2011. I’m also hoping the magnesium and vitamin B will help with my nausea since I had hyperemesis with my first pregnancy.

  20. Do you happen to have the sources cited by Mountain Rose Herbs? I couldn’t find it from them.

  21. The links you have to buy the tea give us an amazon link to some other brand of raspberry leaf tea – one that the consumers are saying isn’t as good as they are used to, and one person even said she found a metal object of some sort in her bag. 🙁

    • Not sure how that got changed… fixed the link to show the Mountain Rose Herbs one I use…

  22. Hey, Katie! We have wild raspberry growing all over our yard, so I was wondering, could I make my own raspberry leaf tea? Is it as easy as it seems?

  23. Can I make my rrl tea with hot milk like a tea latte ?

  24. can u add few more herbs like lavender ,fresh ginger. fennel seed. and Raspberry nd soooo on

  25. I’m trying to find a substitute for black tea for my husband. He drinks large quantities of it and I am concerned about the amount of fluoride he is ingesting. Is Raspberry Leaf safe for men to drink as well?

  26. Hi. Thanks for this helpful article. Question: I have been asked to take
    Raspberry Leaf (Rubus sp) Tincture: 15-20 drops, twice daily. But is Rubus sp the same as Rubus idaeus? Thanks

    • Rubus sp. means that it could be an unknown, or multiple species of Rubus (sp. is just a short version of species). Rubus idaeus is a specific species within the Rubus genera.

      So if you were told to take Rubus sp., then Rubus idaeus is a type of Rubus, that could be classified within Rubus sp.

      It’s basically saying “I need to take a Raspberry tincture, any kind of raspberry tincture, and you taking Red Raspberry specifically.

      Hope that helps!
      Source: I’m a botantist

      • Thank you very much. I am now confident to go out and purchase the idaeus. Can you believe I have been asking for Raspberry sp and no one has it. they all seem to have idaeus. But no one could tell me what it meant either. So your assistance is very much appreciated!

  27. Is raspberry leaf safe for children? Mine are 4 and 5 and I suspect they may have a mineral imbalance, I’m trying to figure out a good tincture for minerals. Thanks!

  28. hi I know i am going to sound incredibly stupid asking this but hey ho, I brewed a large tea pot full of RRL tea and have strained it.

    Obviously its cold now, do I heat it up in a pan on the stove?

  29. I use the red raspberry herb pills from swanson, along with burdock root to control hot flashes at night…and it works.

  30. 6 weeks pregnant was our first baby. Was finding your info on raspberry leaf tea very helpful!

  31. Hi, I suffer w/uterine fibroids, and was told that the rrl help to slow down the heavy bleeding associated with the fibriods. I just purchased the rrl in pill form. It says to take 2 tablets daily. Will they help slow down my flow? and do i need to take something else along with the rrl?. I also heard about yarrow herb.

    • I’m taken raspberry for my fibroids it’s helps in slow down bleeding.

  32. I have endometriosis and was so hopeful raspberry leaf would benefit me, but several things I have read said it can have an estrogenic effect and not to use it if you are estrogen dominant (which I am) or if there is a history of breast cancer (rampant in my family). I would love to hear more of your thoughts about this!! Thank you!!

    • I am in the same situation. We have been trying for 17 months. I recently had laporoscopy for endometriosis. I have been drinking RRL tea for about a month and a half having heard of its benefits. However, I am now reading the same thing you just mentioned. Whats the truth?

      • Hi there

        Did you get any more feed back on this?

        • Hi,
          I have endometriosis and have been drinking fresh red rasberry leaf tea
          for months now and have found its greatly shortened the number of days i have server pain each month. I read through the article in regards to estrogenic effect and regarded it more as opinion than fact but i’d suggest talking to your doctpr if you have concerns.

  33. hi…i came off the pill 1 year ago and still haven’t seen a period sense…my gyno told me my lining was thin…..he gave me meds to use for 1 month and still no change….i am tired of pharmaceutical medication….will RRL tea help me with my lining and in helping me to conceive?

  34. I came on this site to find out if Raspberry leaf tea will help with heavy periods? I wanted to find a natural alternative instead of IUD or ibuprofen. they were the only other options.

    • I ws hoping this would help with heavier periods too. I recently learned that the turmeric I have been intentionally adding to recipes for the health benefits could be partly to blame for heavy periods. It sounds like raspberry tea could help but I notice I’ve become almost paranoid about trying anything lately because of this potential side effect.

    • Prior to my discovering raspberry leaf tea, I had terrible period cramps (age 16 to 26) and dreaded my monthly cycle. I suffered from nausea, extreme pain, and heavy flow for the first 2-3 days, with some spotting up through day 7-8. My periods were sporadic and would sometimes surprise me rather early! I, too, relied on over the counter drugs to counteract the pain and in some cases, these drugs did nothing except make me feel more ill than before. I discovered raspberry leaf tea may have benefits of reducing the heavy flow and cramps. This has certainly been the case for me! I’ve been drinking it for 3 years and no longer take any over the counter medication. It has also regulated my periods (no more surprises) and reduced the length of my periods – my longest has lasted 6 days, but most last about 5. I only drink the tea when I’m on my period (my money saving technique) and it still does the trick. Not only does it taste good, it works faster than any medication and relieves my cramps within minutes. It is a staple in my cupboard, in my purse, and in my desk drawer at work.

      • I realize this post is 6 months old but wanted to say thank you for posting your experience with rrl tea. I suffer from extreme menstrual cramping (always have) every month. Im so sick of taking ibuprofen, which, in turn, just upsets my stomach. So I’m always trying to decide which is the lesser of the two evils. I’m hoping this will help to alleviate my symptoms.

  35. Can you take red raspberry leaves vitamins when you are 13 and have your period?

  36. With my 3rd pregnancy I drank a half gallon per day in the third trimester. I had about an hour of contractions 4 minutes apart (if that, honestly) and 10 minutes of hard labor and had my baby in the back of our van! It could be coincidence or it could have been the RRL!

  37. I recently started taking red raspberry capsules, or drinkingthe tea due to several chemical pregnancies. I started taking it right after my period/chemical pregnancy. A week or so after I have finished my period I have now started spotting sometimes a little heavier. It has been 3 days. Should I stop taking the tea or is it regulating everything. I have a regular period normally.

  38. about the raspberry leaf tea s t safe cause i have had miscarrages before so is it safe to drink it before trying to concieve and during my pregnancy, cause i cannot go full term and doctors have no idea y and i jut want to be sure before i start consuming it

  39. Just wondering if this would be safe for men to drink often. I would love a good traditional iced tea replacement for our family. I saw a similar question above but did not see a response. Thank you in advance and thank you for your website. It has been a huge help in our family switching to a more natural lifestyle!

  40. Gail, I had terrible bleeding problems from fibroids a few years ago. I took Raspberry leaf and Stinging nettles in pill form and it helped immensely while I was waiting for surgery. I think it will help anemia too.

  41. I noticed that all that is written states Red Raspberry Leaf…I have planted Yellow Raspberry (it’s called Anne and it has huge sweet yellow raspberries) and was wondering if it has the same properties as the red raspberry. I am going to use it since it’s certainly an edible berry so the leaves should be just as good but would love to learn your thoughts on it.

  42. Hi, I’ve been bleeding heavy for 3 weeks now and I’d like to know if the tea will help. Your response is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  43. Hi I am scheduled to get a myomectomy for fibroids in September. I have been taking red raspberry leaf tea the bag form (traditional medicinals) at the beginning of my periods and its has helped with my other wise severe cramping to the point where I don’t have to take aleve anymore. I was wondering if its still safe for me to continue taking it now, and I would love to make it a habit of taking it after my myomectomy in hopes that it will help me heal from the surgery and along with diet changes maybe it will help stop new ones from growing. It is also my hope that it will help me and my womb in possibly getting pregnant. Im 34 with no kids and I feel this is my last hope and chance. I would like to start drinking this tea daily.

  44. Hi, I’ve a bottle of raspberry with me but not sure if I can share with my hby. Can guys consume it too ? Can it cure cold sores too ?
    Rgds / Chris

  45. Good morning,

    I’ve been drinking this tea for the last week and love it. Do you know if this tea is safe to drink on a daily basis if you’re not currently pregnant? I really enjoy this and would love to keep drinking it daily

  46. How much of the tea do you have to consume before you notice and of the benefits? Cups per day? Also, you mentioned this is good for skin when used externally as a tincture. What’s the best way to use it, and would it help with hormonal acne? Thanks!

  47. Ladies, I just want to say that raspberry leaf tea has worked wonders for me! My monthly cramps have always been terrible. They were so bad that I would just lie around the house with a hot rice pack and a bottle of ibuprofen. It took several hours for me to get the pain under control that way and when I finally felt like I could move again, I would be so exhausted emotionally and physically that I would just want to cry. After reading this article (and many similar ones), I decided to give the tea a try. And it works!! I am so amazed at how well it has worked. I’ve hardly had any cramps at all this time. I started drinking 1-2 cups of tea per day about a month ago so it has had some time to build up and work its long-term magic. So far I have only taken one ibuprofen this time as compared to about six before (not all at once). I honestly do not think that I even really needed that one pill. I think that I took it out of fear because of my past experiences. It is kind of strange to think that I have felt afraid of my period… I am so thankful that it doesn’t have to be that way now and that I don’t have to worry as much about my monthly visit from Aunt Flo. I would recommend this tea for anyone to try when it comes to menstrual cramp relief. It has been wonderful for me!

    I am now wondering if this will effect our fertility in a positive way. My hubby and I have been trying for about three months so far. Well technically around six but about a month after we decided are ready, he had to go away for two months for a training (military) so I can’t really count the first few months. But anyway, I read somewhere that painful period cramps can be related to infertility. I wonder how true that is? I guess that would make sense. Now that I think about it, all of the women in my family who never really had cramps, got pregnant quickly. For those that had bad cramps, it took longer. I wonder if the two really are connected?

    • I don’t know about cramps and fertility as I have always had terrible cramps during my monthly (stayed home from school, using ibuprofen same as you, didn’t know about the hot pack until after marriage though), but have no issues getting pregnant. However, fertility can be related to our nutrition, and by the sounds of things, this herb is great for getting a lot of what we need into our bodies more naturally than vitamin pills!

      I’m currently 27 weeks pregnant with our fourth (well… fifth pregnancy, but I didn’t get this far with our first). I had terrible hemorrhaging with my last baby (sweet baby girl… 19 months old right now) and I am afraid of that happening again. I had uterine atony (?) with her, and lost 2 L immediately after delivering the placenta. Thankfully my hemoglobin was high enough that I didn’t need blood, and just took iron pills. I heard that taking rrl tea was supposed to help, and I bought pills since I hardly ever drink anything besides milk or water. My doc doesn’t like the pills (I was wondering if they were causing me to cramp. I bought them about 5 weeks ago and only took 3 total. Told to wait until 30 weeks). I just brewed myself a cup of tea using leaves from our raspberry plants on the farm. I’ve been getting Braxton’s for weeks now… will this help with my uterine tone after delivery? I have pretty short labor (2.5 hours from 5cm for #2… I think close to 5 hours total, and about 2.5-3 hours from the start of actual labor contractions for my third). My uterus just didn’t want to contract back after my last baby… and I had to do a lot of the pushing myself. With my second, my body pushed him out on its own. They were telling me not to push, actually, as the doc hadn’t stepped in yet. I almost smacked that nurse! 😉 I’m really hoping this labor and delivery will go more like that one did as healing was a breeze, and I was able to bond with him so much easier than with either of my girls (placental complications with our first, and pph with our third).

    • go and have a test that looks at your Fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus. I tried for 1 yr nothing and was having heavy bleeding, it ended up being a Polyp on my uterus, having it removed Dec 5th.

  48. Is it naturally sweet or does it need to be sweetened with honey or something similar?
    I have PCOS, and i’ve read elsewhere that it helps with irregular periods and other infertility issues. I have some of this on order and can’t wait to try it. 🙂

  49. I am writing my own daily herbal posts on my Facebook business page. Tonight I’m writing about red raspberry leaf. I searched online to compile a few more tidbits. I really enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for doing what you do!

  50. Does drinking a commercial tea that contains raspberry leaf (like Yogi – Mother to Be tea) have the same benefit as using the dried raspberry leaf from somewhere like the place you mentioned (Mountain Rose Herbs)?

  51. Just had surgery to remove my ovaries and I am taking estrodiol. I love Raspberry Leaf tea. Is it still okay to drink this tea?

  52. Would this tea be beneficial for vericose veins? And does it help prevent blood clots? Or does it clot the blood like vitamin k?

  53. I know this is a super old post, but I had a question. I want to make a gallon of the tea because I’m traveling over the weekend and I want lots for drinking in the car. We’re leaving really early and I’m not sure I’ll have time to strain it in the morning. Is there a minimum amount of time I can steep it? I’ve only ever brewed one cup at a time. I really should have planned more in advance! Thanks for the post and all your help!

    • Even just 15-20 minutes is good but longer just allows more of the parts of the herbs into the tea.

  54. Hi i hope this site would help me, i am newly married and we are planning to have a baby, i already bought just a normal raspberry tea in the market do you think it is enough or better to get a real leaves of raspberry for a better result? Thank you 😉

  55. My husband and I struggled for 4 years to have a baby. We had one second trimester miscarriage 2.5 years ago and it was impossible to get pregnantafter that. We even tried fertility drugs and IUI’S. Through some inspiration from God I began drinking red raspberry leaf tea 2-3 cups a day for 3 months. I stopped the tea and we tried again. I was pregnant within a month and am due with our little girl in 10 weeks. I am a true believer in these medicinal herbs. I am drinking the tea still to help with labor at the end.

    • What was you reason for stopping the tea before you tried to concieve again? Is it not safe to use during the time of conceiving?

  56. pls i have tryd pharmacy here in my town in Nigeria and there is no red respberry, either leaf or tablet. Pls were and how do i get it. Thanks

  57. Hi. I just got married too and trying to concieve. Is there anywhere I can get this tea in Nigeria. Its really difficult getting it here. Thank you

  58. I am brewing a tincture right now. What is the recommended dosage for a tincture?

  59. When ordering loose leaf tea, if I order the 1lb how long do you think it will last me with drinking 2-5 cups daily?

  60. How many capsules of red raspberry leaf do you suggest?

  61. Hi there! I keep coming upon your blog when I search pregnancy issues! hehe

    Just trying to figure out when to slot this in. My naturopath said to have 1-2 cups daily. I kon an empty stomach..

    Right now in the AM first thing, I drink hot water, lemon, black strap molasses and apple cider vinegar. I take my iron/folate and vitamin c supplements at the same time. – I don’t see why I cant swap the hot water for the tea – unlike other teas, this isn’t a diuretic right? I think that is the issue when taking iron with other types of tea.

    Anyone know? I will email my naturopath anyway..!

  62. Hi Katie – when used as a tincture to alleviate or prevent menstrual cramps, what dosage and timing do you suggest? Should I take when the cramps occur? At ovulation time? Please advise! Thank you for your fantastic blog. V.

  63. I was advised by a GP to take 2 capsules a day of red raspberry since confirming my pregnancy. I am now 6 & a half weeks pregnant. I feel ok but I’m concerned that I should stop using it until I reach 32 weeks. What do you suggest I do?

  64. Just curious…can male children drink this?

  65. I have a lot of RRL powder leftover and was wondering if there are any benefits outside of pregnancy, TTC, or PMS (none of these are concerns for me). I am concerned about the research showing that RRL might act like an estrogen mimic. I try to avoid too much soy for this reason and would be interested to hear your thoughts on RRL as an estrogen mimic.

  66. Trying for my baby hopes this and prayer works.

  67. Hi, thanks for the post, I Purchased the raspberry tea leaf from mountain rose herbs, per your recommendation, they have a small warning sticker on the back saying: This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm! GREAT!!!!!! Ive been taking this tea for a while now, this is awful!!!!!!

  68. I love you entire website! Such great information. I suffer from infertility issues with an ovulatuin and imbalanced hormones. Which tea and herbs would be the very best for me to use?

  69. I’m 37 weeks and just started drinking rrl tea.. I drink two cups a day, should I increase in order to not go past my due date of May 10 2015?

  70. I used raspberry leaf tea the last month of pregnancy both times and my first labor was 2h15m from start and the second 1h15m. Both vaginal deliveries with minimal tearing of the labia only (sorry TMI!). I don’t know if it was the tea or just me, but if it was the tea I must warn you that I had only 90 sec between contractions the first 30 minutes and after that about 30 sec or less. I was unable to speak. All I could do was slow breathing to manage the pain (which was very helpful). The second time I just made it to the hospital in time. I arrived 4 cm dilated and 20 minutes later I was fully dilated and pushing. The doctor who was going to give me an epidural (I wanted to slow things down) arrived 30 minutes after my arrival, when I was already crowning. Obviously it was too late!

    I wouldn’t say I gave birth early per se, but I definitely didn’t go past my due date. First birth was at 39w2d (or 39w4d from the first ultrasound measurements) and second at 39w5d (exactly 40w to the day after my positive opk).

  71. Hello. I’m trying to get pregnant (I’m 42) have regular cycles with 3 days of menstrual bleeding and a day of spotting. I had the last day of my period (spotting) on monday and started drinking raspberry leaf tea since monday and I started bleeding again since thursday. Can this be related to the tea??I won’t be able to see my ovulation day if I’m beeding again.
    Has anyone any answers?
    Many thanks

  72. I took this as well as RRL homeopathic drops during my first pregnancy.

    I had to have my membranes ruptured and my baby was delivered by c-section. I will still take it again. I hope that it will have the desired effect for this delivery.

    Regardless, it’s enjoyable to drink.

  73. Excited to dry my own RRL tea!

  74. Thank you for occasionally still responding to queries on this years-old post. I know that red raspberry and red clover are excellent for improving odds of conception, but I’m not sure of when to take them. Is it for the entire cycle, or is it better to alternate depending on what part of your cycle you’re in. I thank you for all of the health information you give. Good bless.

    • From what I’ve read, Raspberry and Red Clover are beneficial throughout the cycle, but should be discontinued once pregnant.

  75. I’ve seen several comments asking if it is safe for husbands to drink this and haven’t seen a reply yet? Would you say this is safe for males to drink and what are the benefits for them?

    • Yes, it is considered safe for men and children too. It won’t have the same hormone balancing effects, but contains a lot of nutrients that are great for men as well.

  76. I’m so happy I came across your post. I have about 30 organic raspberry bushes in my yard and never knew the benefits of the leaves. I only wonder if I need to pick the leaves once the fruit is present, or can I just cut them off now and dry them? The fruit usually appears in September here in NJ. Thanks so much!

  77. Hey, I know this is an old post, but I bought the mountain rose herb tea like you suggested as I’m in my third trimester of pregnancy and I’m just wondering what the best way to store it is? My mom always stored her herbs in old candle jars in dark, cool places. Is that better than the plastic bag it comes in?

  78. My daughter suffers from cervical prolapse since the birth of her second child. I want to use raspberry leaf along with other herbs in a tincture for cervical prolapse. Will this help with this condition/problem?

  79. I’m 35 weeks pregnant and have been drinking about 33 oz of Raspberry Leaf tea for about 2 or 3 weeks,
    I’m wondering if it’s okay to drink the tea and take a raspberry leaf supplement as well?


  80. Is it just as beneficial drinking it cold as it is warm/hot?

  81. You state the RRL tea is high in iron but I can not find anything the back this up. Where did you find this information, I am interested in the amount of iron per serving. Thank you so much. Wendi

  82. Hi.. Is this beneficial to alleviate menopause symptoms? Thanks! And how is it beneficial for men? Thanks again and congrationlations.. Very helpful site!

  83. Hi! I just started drinking tons of tea (I’m late to the game – 39 wks pregnant, but still hoping for some of those good effects before, during and after labor). I have maybe kind of a silly question, but here goes… When I read about RRL tea, sources call it a “muscle relaxant” … but then, it’s supposed to tone your uterus and pelvic muscles and make them more efficient. I guess I’m confused because “relax” and “tone” seem like opposites… So does the tea relax your muscles or make them stronger?

    Thanks for all this great info! Really appreciate your site.

  84. It’s funny to see that Mountain Rose Herbs gets it from the country I am from. I have to ask my mom about this tea.
    Very useful information!

  85. I am an OB nurse. Seems lately we have had several patients whose urine drug screen is positive and the only thing they have taken is Raspberry Leaf tea. Have you heard anything about this?

      • It was either amphetamines or opiates. I’m on vacation so I can’t look it up. Just curious why this would be.

        • Omg is this true?

  86. I would definitely be cautious on this one if you’re pregnant. I take this to induce my period when it’s late and took it to expel an IUD that I no longer wanted – which the doc told me they couldn’t locate the string when I went to have it removed. After drinking one cup of this tea my uterus pushed the IUD out within 6 hours. I also drank the tea starting at 38 weeks prego every day up to my due date and baby was born on the due date. My point is you have no idea how sensitive you may be to any herb so better safe than sorry.

  87. I have been mostly taking this for several years now. I take the capsules. I began taking it to help with my hormones, then I had a hysterectomy and stopped for a while, but I started to notice that my cravings for sweets and chocolate in particular got worse. Now I’m not really stong-willed, but didn’t think too much about it. Well a few months after my surgery, my hormones were still wacky, so I started back taking the RRL tablets. This is when I noticed the cravings for chocolate get less (I still want chocolate, it’s just now I don’t crave it four or five times a day, and I could eat a candy bar and that night, be craving it again). Well a couple of times throughout the past couple of years, I get freaked out by the estrogen claims and stop taking it for a couple weeks, and after about a week or two off of it, I am back to wanting chocolate all the time. I ran out about two weeks ago, and you guessed it, really want chocolate again. Thankfully my capsules are supposed to be here today. Is there anything in RRL that would explain the lessening of the cravings for chocolate? I have talked to my family doctor and obgyn and told both of them this and they both said that there is obviously something in it that I need and that it won’t hurt to just continually take it. Do you take it continually or have you heard of people taking it continually?

    • Sounds like you might have a magnesium deficiency. Chocolate is high in magnesium and so is red raspberry leaf.

  88. I Have two kids with caezaren section, my gaenycologist advised me not to have a third baby as my uterus is too thin , can raspberry leaf tea help me to thickened my thin uterus? I want a third baby.

  89. I’m in my third trimester (30 weeks), how many cups would you recommend drinking daily?

  90. I’m in Herbal school right now and we were taught that raspberry leaf is a bit astringent, and therefor should be avoided while nursing because it may dry up one’s milk supply. It is safe during pregnancy, however.

    • During the first trimester also? Katie here said she drinks it throughout the pregnancy but in another article she said second and third trimester.

  91. My wife started drinking this and two weeks later her water broke a month early, so use at your own risk

  92. I read that tannins block the absorption of iron. Since red raspberry tea is hight in both iron and tannins, does this mean that the iron in red raspberry tea will not be well absorbed?

  93. I’m having a myomectomy next week to have several fibroids removed from my uterus. I’m wondering if I can drink raspberry leaf tea and use castor oil right up until the surgery day and how soon after surgery can I start drinking/using these to help the healing process? Any information you might have would be greatly appreciated.

  94. No to morning sickness tea is a natural herbal remedy that ended up my nausea/vomiting that were prevailing me all the time.