Spirulina Benefits: 7 Reasons to Try It (& 1 Major Caution)

Spirulina Uses and Benefits

I don’t like using the term superfood, though it could certainly be applied to Spirulina (and is sometimes used for coconut oil). Surprisingly, you may know this amazing compound by its common name…

Pond scum:

This nutrient rich substance is actually a cyanobacteria and it boasts its fair share of health promoting properties. It is rich in Chlorophyll, and like plants, gets its energy from the sun. It does have many benefits, (though contrary to some health claims, I’ve seen no evidence that it cures cancer or HIV).

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a natural “algae” (cyanbacteria) powder that is incredibly high in protein and a good source of antioxidants, B-vitamins and other nutrients. When harvested correctly from non-contaminated ponds and bodies of water, it is one of the most potent nutrient sources available.

It is largely made up of protein and essential amino acids, and is typically recommended to vegetarians due to its high natural iron content.

The high concentration of protein and iron also makes it ideal during pregnancy, after surgery, or anytime the immune system needs a boost.

Benefits of Spirulina

Though it does taste like pond scum, Spirulina has some great health-boosting qualities:

1. Most Nutrient Dense Food On the Planet

The concentration of protein and vitamins in Spirulina has led many to classify it as the “most nutrient dense food on the planet.” Compared to other foods gram for gram, it lives up to this reputation and is a great source of:

  • Protein: It is considered a complete source of high-quality protein and is often compared to eggs for the amount of protein per gram. The protein in Spirulina is highly usable and has a net protein utilization rate of between 50-61%
  • Vitamin B1: Also called Thiamin, this vitamin is necessary for the digestion of fats and proteins. It is often taken for increased energy, eye health, brain function and for improving nerve functioning.
  • Iron: Spirulina is a favorite food for vegetarians and vegans because it is one of the best plant sources of iron. Even for those who consume meat, it has a highly absorbable form of iron that is gentle on the digestive system.
  • Calcium: Spirulina is also incredibly high in calcium with over 26 times the calcium in milk.

It also contains (per Tablespoon):

Spirulina nutrition benefits

Spirulina is a great source of other nutrients including (according to Wikipedia): “It contains vitamins B-1(thiamine), B-2 (riboflavin), B-3(nicotinamide), B-6 (pyridoxine), B-9 (folic acid), vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A and vitamin E. It is also a source of potassium, calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium,  manganese, phosphorus,  selenium, sodium and zinc. Spirulina contains many pigments which may be beneficial and bioavailable”.

Important Note: Contrary to many claims, Spirulina is not a good source of Vitamin B12 for humans. While it does contain a form of B12, it is pseudovitamin B12 which is not absorbable or effective in humans according to studies.

2. Contains Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) & Omega-3s

Spirulina contains Gamma Linolenic Acid andOmega-3sSpirulina is 65% protein and amino acids including the essential fatty acid gamma linolenic acid (GLA) which has gotten a lot of attention for its anti-inflammatory properties, especially when taken with other quality Omega-3 supplements.

GLA is difficult to find in a food source and normally has to be created by the body. Spirulina is one of the few foods with a natural GLA content.

I suspect that the benefits of GLA in Spirulina are even more than what the studies have found since these studies often use vegetable oils for their GLA source, and the other inflammatory compounds in vegetable oils can interfere with the anti-inflammatory ability.

Besides GLA, Spirulina also contains Omega 3-,6 and 9s and is especially high in Omega-3s.

3. May Help Balance Blood Sugar

Studies show that spirulina may be especially helpful in balancing blood sugar, and may even be as effective as diabetes medication in some instances. Other studies show that it not only lowers blood sugar but may also lower HbA1c, which is a long term marker of blood sugar levels.

4. Powerful Antioxidants

Antioxidants are powerful substances that protect our cells from damage. Thanks to decades of research, many of us understand the importance of consuming enough antioxidants from natural sources, and spirulina is a great choice.

The antioxidant that makes spirulina unique is called phycocyanin, which is a potent anti-inflammatory.

This Spirulina was tested by an independent laboratory and found to have an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of over 24,000 which is 4x the ORAC score of blueberries. The ORAC score is generally used to measure antioxidant ability and concentration in different foods.

5. May Help Those with Allergies

Some research has suggested that Spirulina may be helpful for those with allergies and allergic reactions. (source)

This is likely because it reduces inflammation that leads to nasal congestion and other issues. In studies, those who took spirulina noticed a reduction in nasal congestion, itching, and sneezing.

6. Helps Remove Heavy Metals

Spirulina can bind with heavy metals in the body and help remove them.

It is also extremely high in Chlorophyll, which helps remove toxins from the blood and boost the immune system. In fact, one study found that 5 grams of spirulina daily combined with zinc supplementation was enough to reduce arsenic toxicity by almost half!

Emerging evidence also suggests that it binds with radioactive isotopes and may be useful for radioactivity exposure or radiation therapy.

7. Muscle and Endurance Benefits

Spirulina is known to increase fat burning during exercise. Its high antioxidant content makes it beneficial in reducing exercise induced oxidation which leads to muscle fatigue and inability to gain muscle.

In fact studies found that it:

How to Consume Spirulina

health benefits of spirulina powderWhen choosing Spirulina, make sure to choose one that is organic, as others can be contaminated or have nitrate compounds as additives. The one I’m currently using can be purchased here and it is also the cheapest organic Spirulina I’ve seen.

It does taste like pond water though, so many people prefer supplements like this high quality spirulina capsule.

You can also mix into water and drink straight, though many people have trouble with this. The phosphorous makes it useful for the tooth remineralizing regimen, and it is best taken with an Omega-3 source. It’s anti-inflammatory properties have been helpful to some with joint pain or other types of inflammation.

Cautions About Spirulina

Those with PKU should consult with a doctor before taking, as it does contain that amino acid. Those on any type of anti-coagulation medicine should consult with a doctor before beginning (or stopping) taking Spirulina. Some people with autoimmune disease do not do well with this supplement. If you are pregnant, nursing or have any medical condition, check with your doctor first as it is often not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

Downsides of Spirulina

As I mentioned above, this beneficial algae is gram for gram one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. It is also probably one of the most expensive when compared gram for gram. Many articles about its benefits focus show the nutrition data per ounce. The problem is that one ounce contains about 28 grams and is MUCH higher than normal (or safe) daily intake would be.

It costs up to 30x as much as dairy or meat protein per gram and is not a viable primary protein source for this reason.

Is it the Same as Chlorella?

Short answer: No, though they share some similarities.

Both are types of algae but there are some key differences:

  • Structure: Chlorella is a single-cell algae with a nucleus, while Spirulina is a multi-celled plant with no nucleus. For this reason, chlorella is much smaller and acts differently in the body.
  • Color: Spirulina is a cyanobacteria, a blue-green type of algae, while Chlorella is a green algae.
  • Amount of Nucleic Acids: Both are a good source of nucleic acids, though Chlorella has almost twice as much per gram. Nucleic acids are important factors for DNA and RNA in the body.
  • Digestibility: Chlorella has to go through a process to break its cell walls before it is bioavailable and usable by the body.
  • Chlorophyll Content: Chlorella is higher in Chlorophyll, with almost double the amount.
  • Iron, Protein and GLA: Chlorella is not a great source of Iron, protein and beneficial Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA).
  • Heavy Metals: Chlorella has unique properties in its cell walls that make it bind to heavy metals and other contaminants

University of Maryland Medical Center Report on Spirulina
P. D. Karkos, S. C. Leong, C. D. Karkos, N. Sivaji, and D. A. Assimakopoulos, “Spirulina in Clinical Practice: Evidence-Based Human Applications,” Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, vol. 2011, Article ID 531053, 4 pages, 2011. doi:10.1093/ecam/nen058
The Medical Research of Spirulina – Cyanotech Corporation
Park, Hee Jung;Lee, Yun Jung;Ryu, Han Kyoung;Kim, Mi Hyun;Chung, Hye Won;Kim, Wha Young, “A randomized double blind, placebo controlled study to establish the effects of spirulina in elderly Koreans,” Annals of nutrition & metabolism. 2008.

Ever tried it? What did you think of the taste? Will you try it now? Share below!

Spirulina is a superfood plant source of protein, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Benefits include fighting anemia, good for blood and heart and more!

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Reader Comments

  1. Hmm… I’ve always thought that I was allergic to spirulina, as I once drank a green smoothie containing that (from Odwalla) and experienced a profoundly (and I mean really, really profoundly), er, laxative effect. It’s not something I ever want to experience again! But after reading this I checked their ingredient list and it also has wheatgrass and barleygrass… and I have a grass allergy with cross-allergies for peas and melons. Any thoughts?

    • Odwalla superfood also contains Gluten – it’s one of only a couple of juices they make that does.

    • Reb, by taking this super nutrient powder; it cleansed your body thus working as a detox in which your body eliminated all the metals toxins etc. through your bowel movements…giving you the laxative effect

      • Is this typical because my daughter has Chron’s so doesn’t need any extra visits to the bathroom. 😉

        • What is a good way to use this ( foods, drinks)?

          • I put my spirulina powder in apple juice every morning..

          • I don’t know why the author keeps saying it tastes like Pond Scum. It doesn’t taste like ice cream or something really nice, but it’s not that bad really. I mix 1 tbs with OJ and a bunch of other fruits / veggies and you don’t even notice the taste. It does, however, color anything you mix it with a deep green color. No getting around that. But, that just makes me feel like I’m doing something good for my body though when I look at the color.

        • Hi just wondered if it was ok to take as i suffer with ibs x

        • My mother has chrons ans I slowly began to develop symptoms. I eliminated everything from my diet except fruits and veggies and began libricating my system with positive oils such as black seed, coconut and olive oil. Also thoroughly chewing good with a small amount of lemon juice helped to break down food so that your body is not working so hard to break down hard items.

        • The absolute best book you can ever read is Patient Heal Thyself by Jordan Rubin. The first part of the book is about his nightmare ordeal with Crohn’s disease and how he eventually completely cured himself. His and Dr Mercolas supplements are some of the most trustworthy brands out there.

          • I’m really not a fan of Rubin. He is now involved in supplements like bone broth protein powder that are not organic or grass fed and it appears that he doesn’t have the credentials he claims to have. He isn’t involved in his original supplement company anymore (Garden of Life) and they may have decent stuff, I haven’t used it or researched it much, but based on the current projects he is involved with, I’d be careful.

        • https://www.quackwatch.org/11Ind/rubin.html
          Rubin’s press materials state that he has degrees in naturopathic medicine and nutrition and is certified as a nutritional consultant [4]. However, none of his “credentials” have any legitimate academic or professional standing:
          I just did a google.

          • All true, yes. But I can’t say enough about Primal Defense. It has almost done miracles for myself and my family. He actually “stole” thatvformula from a different company I later found out.

      • I am also experiencing a laxative effect after only 3 pills (1 per day). Am I really sensitive? Will this go away over time?

    • Odwalla juice is not a way you want to consume it.. Odwalla- Horrible company

    • Odwalla is owned by CocaCola, meaning the quality of their products is very low grade. There could have been pesticides and what not used to grow the spirulina and other products in there. Stay way from these kinda of “smoothies” Naked is owned by Pepsi as well so don’t drink these. They are also pasteurized so all the nutrients are basically destroyed. Look for organic spirulina and make it in a smoothie using other organic ingredients. Very Important!

      • Thanks for posting who owns what – my kids think those products are super cool. I think they are highly over priced and dead. When I tell them who owns the company they may think twice before shelling out their(my) money. I’ve taken Spirulina for 30 yrs. -it’s really good stuff!

        • I really appreciate your comment I’m going to try to use it.

        • How do you take it? Looking for how to get into the habit and need to link to something in my day, if that makes sense… so much stuff to take in morning I get weary!!! 🙂

          • Deb Thompson, PA? I’m looking into the properties of Spirulina. It’s been around for so very long and is very good for the human body. RT was a distributor back in the day. His biggest client was Carrie Berfet.

          • First thing in the morning (after a hot lemon) I pop 2-3 teaspoons of spirulina (i use organic naturya powder) in a tall round container with about a glass of apple juice, stir with fork first to stop it coagulating on sides of container (easy to rinse later), add some frozen raspberries, i buy fresh and freeze as they are (the bitterness of the raspberries and sweetness of applejuice mask the spirulina taste/smell and the frozeness of the raspberries is so refreshing on a hot day too), i sometimes add chia seeds or milled flax if i have them, blend with hand-held blender or nutri-bullet, pop in a nice big glass to fancy it up and spoil yourself 🙂 I then take an omega 3 supplement (NHP is good). I then do my exercise and by the end of the day I’m glowing! I recommend adding milled flax seed, not for taste but because spirulina and flax somehow work really well together in giving you a healthy, solid and easy bowel movement every single day, like seriously – regular like clock-work. Must be so good for the intestines. Im not an expert but from experience, this really helped me lose weight (i was mildly overweight), and also put my mind at ease to know im supporting my body nutritionally in the process. Some people like the taste as it is which is great for them, but for me, i think mixed with water or even just taking the tablets makes the experience less enjoyable. As someone mentioned earlier, it’s nice to look at the dark green slush in a glass and think “hey, I’m doing something really good for my body”. Psychologically speaking, visually appreciating the colour and nutrients can also improve the taste and your willingness to make it part of your routine going forward. But that’s just my opinion, each to their own 🙂

      • Thank you for saying this Matt!! 🙂

    • Why is everyone talking about using the powder in a smoothie. take the tablets and you dont have to have that foul taste. I take 6 tabs first thing in the morning with 8 oz water.

      • Can you tell me where to get the pills?..james

      • I eat the crunchy form of spirulina straight. I love the taste!!! Don’t know what every one is talking about here regarding it having a foul taste.

        • thanks for saying this! I don’t mind the taste either. I mix it with a juice and it’s a treat!

        • I agree. The taste is not bad it’s earthy. Similar to beets.

        • Hi,
          Can you please provide the website if purchased online where you buy the crunchy spirulina from I would love to try this form before getting the powder. I personal would perfect to mix it with juice as I do with moringa powder I take. Thanks

        • I agree. I like to make a 100 cal raw snack ball.

          1 prune
          1 T Spirulina Crunches
          1/2 T nut butter

          You can make these in a batch.

          I just whip them up fresh with my hand food processor. They are also good out of the fridge.

      • Hi James,

        I have heard so much about spirulina so I am going to try it. I am thinking to buy capsules. So, how many mg each capsule has like 450mg?

        I always try to underdose myself to see how it affects my body because I am very sensitive. So, I was thinking maybe I should try the powder and that way I can have a slow start and use half a teaspoon or so?

        But then, everyone is just repulsed by the taste of the powder?

        Any tips? How many mg does your capsule has or what’s the ideal dosage?

        Thanks so much!!


          • I see you say get organic, but those links to products, I didn’t see that that brand was organic. Did I miss that? The pills were 500mg, and say take 6 times a day! ? Whoa!

          • I use “Pure Hawaiian spirulina” in powder form, they have the pills too.. I love the taste!
            you ca get it from Amazon and/or Whole Foods. http://amzn.to/1nRO7wu

          • I have this in my med cabinet but can rarely take it. I do my own protime at home and the only time I can take it when my INR is over the limits. Taking just 6 tabs will bring my clotting time back down to normal. But I would LOVE feeling the results “super” food

          • Hi, could you tell me how many you worked up to? 20 pills a day seems like a full time job.
            Do you take less than 20 and how do you determine how many to take.
            I take 1 tsp of the powder which is 3g, what would be the equivalent in your pills?

          • Hi Katie! Gosh I feel like you are one of the family because my sisters and I have been reading/using your cookbook, reading your blog, etc for YEARS!! I am a Christian military wife, veteran homeschool mom and master herbalist and am trying very hard to find a way to contact you personally….guess this is it?? Lol.
            Looking forward very much to hearing back from you 🙂

        • James did anyone help you? I am looking to try it and and there’s so many different doses I’ve saw.

        • I started taking spirulina in 500 mg tablets every 6 weeks – yeah maybe that’s awhile but it worked just so you know how your body reacts until you get to 1500 mg then I increased daily dosage every three weeks so now I take 6000 mg a day and now after a 1 & 1/2 years I feel much better: more energy; clearer thinking; better sleep (bodily and mind rest is important) now epileptic seizures are 4 months apart, when I went to college in NYC 35 years ago they were happening every 10 days- I’m glad you’ve found it as am I. L.C.

          Wellness Mama – I can’t recall if I ‘commented’ anytime earlier. If so my apologies.

          • So basically you have increase the dosage after a couple of weeks? Isn’t that to much for your body???

        • A fruit smoothie, with nothing else but fruit, spinach, purified water (don’t drink tap water, or any other bottled brand. They’re ALL POISON!!! INVESTIGATE!!!) and spirulina… You can’t even taste it… Pineapple and bananas are so sweet… Add them with any other fruits, your preferred greens, and spirulina… You can’t taste anything but smoothie delight!!! Add water to thin, but not tap, bottled, or anything but purified or distilled. Fluoride, plus any other additives to tap or bottled water is POISON!!! And enjoy!!!?

      • I take about 15 tabs of Chlorella/spirulina every morning and that way I don’t get tired.

        • I thought you should take 2 to 1 ratio. 2 spirulina to 1 chol. I take 5000 mg to 2500mg. Per day.

          • You may be correct.
            I purchase the 50/50 chlorella/spirulina tablet mix 8 oz bag of 1250 tablets. Serving size 15 tablets. It works for me.

    • Pond water. That’s the description I was looking for. I did not know how to describe the taste. I mix it with fruit smoothies to kill the taste. I have learned to like the deep green color and believe the health benefits are worth it.

      • I have had this served to me as part of breakfast in a vegan hotel:
        hemp seeds soaked overnight then liquidized (maybe in some of the soaking water?)plus organic soya yoghurt plus banana plus Spirulina; produces a lovely muddy green sludge which tastes very green and alive.

      • Why does everyone think it tastes bad? To me it doesn’t have much of a taste at all, but more of a smell (can smell through your mouth too) and it smells like egg whites to me – not such a bad thing. 🙂
        I drink a teaspoon mixed into 200 ml of spring water. No fruit juice necessary.

        • Try taking spirulina in cold water with ice. I find it much easier to swallow and less of a nasty taste. Don’t sip it chug it down!

        • Oh my! Just had Spirulina for the first time now and I can tell you that smells foul. Although did not taste bad for me. Description of egg whites (or even packaged dog food) is very accurate. X

          • I very much agree with you , I just started drinking it about 4 days ago and i honestly don’t think it’s that bad, I mix it with orange juice and 1 unpeeled kiwi and sip it lol, my mom on the other hand hated it, she add 1 tbsp to a green juice and still doesn’t like it, I take it first thing in the morning and I love it it gives me energy and also fills me, enough to substitute my breakfast

    • Is it good for osteoporosis?


    • I have been taking wheatgrass shots daily – in a form of extract, not as power, pill or actual juice. I am allergic to gluten but so far I haven’t had any issues with wheatgrass shots. As a matter of fact, I really like it. The way I drink this shot is somewhat different. Per instruction, I hold it in my mouth for a few minutes and then swallow it. Here’s my question: Would it be beneficial to hold spirulina in the mouth so that some nutrients get absorbed through the tongue?? If so, I hope spirulina doesn’t taste too bad. Would it taste really bad?

    • Spirulina powder is an absolute superstar! BUT, you have to know how to consume right. When I first tried the Hawaiian spirulina – added about 1tsp to cold water – omg it tasted awful and I gagged and wanted to throw up. Now I know how to consume it right. By making a smoothie with 1/2 avocado, banana, wild blueberries, small handful of spinach, 1tsp of coconut oil, 1ts almond butter, almond milk or filtered water and finally 1big tsp of spirulina. This smoothie tastes amazing and you barely taste the spirulina. Also want to mention I tried to increase to 1 tbs a day in smoothie and had never had more energy and mental clarity in years. I literally was out doing Christmas shopping all day long and did not get tired. Although it did have a laxative effect.

    • The very first time I bought sprirulina powder – in bulk – it was a beautiful New Years Day and I was making a nice smoothie. I am in great shape, healthy eater . . . The SUGGESTED dose is 1 tablespoon (although I HIGHLY suggest starting out with less). I wanted to be healthy – and it was dark in the kitchen, and I added, 1 round tablespoon, then another, then a third. It was great . . . for a while.
      About 6 hours later, I had intense, acute, intestinal pain. And an intestinal tornado that sent me running to the bathroom A LOT / FREQUENTLY. (I was in so much pain that my boyfriend wanted to take me to the hospital.) Later that night things calmed down, Thank goodness.
      I did a little research and it says “may have a heavy detoxing effect”. That’s an understatement. A few days later I still felt like I was punched in the stomach. I know it wasn’t food poisoning, or anything else. So – start off small!! I still only use about 3/4 tablespoon ever because I DO NOT want to go though that again.

    • Lol !so that’s what it is, I was given some by a friend and only recently thought it was a great idea to try.I take 3 capsules a day ( at once) and noticed I was going to the wc more than usual.So I searched if it had a laxative effect and sure enough I got my answers. Does it eventually lessen the times you go to the toilet or only if you lessen the dosage or stop altogether?

  2. I’ve wanted to try it but have only had it in bottled green juices so far. I’m a little scared but lately I’ve liked a lot more weird stuff. Worth a try!

    • Call me strange but if i know something is healthy, i develop a taste for it! I use it in my air popped popcorn with several other spices and i LOVE IT!

      • Im 22. This is a big change for me. Its my second day taking this stuff from Health Force “spirilina manna” first detox after 7 solid years of cannabis and afew other things here n there and very poor lifestyle no routine excercise and LOTS of pizza and BK caught the stinky sleep sweats 🙁 -done with all of that. 4 days of no refined foods, lots of veg, juiced the first day. it has been less than a week and my fatigue is GONE. And i used food as a crutch and overate abusing large homemade dish pizzas in a night and all you can eat americanized sushi phases whenever i could. I am baffled at how fast i am feeling awake all day and evening again. This stuff is amazing and i hear my stomach again so many health problems that i care not to mention gone just like that..in 4 days.

        • Congrats on your lifestyle change!! I waited till I was 49 to quit abusing my body I am now 60 and I’m great health. Keep it up and enjoy!!

        • congratulations. If you digress, make yourself get back onto the bandwagen

      • I was about to make the same comments !
        I love everything healthy for me if not at first, I learn to love it… Spirulina is great over air popped popcorn.

  3. Is it okay to have while breastfeeding?

      • I’ve taken spiriulina tablets as a multi vitamin and they made me feel so healthy and good than I had ever felt. I’m now nursing and am going to start taking it again as I’ve heard it helps lactation so I guess I’ll see how it goes.

        • Hi,

          How many tablets are you supposed to take a day and how many mg does one tablet have, please?

          Thanks so much!!


          • Also, do I take all at once or sporadically? I just received my Hawaian Pacific Spirulina, (capsules) Directions says to take 3 a day (1000mg each) 3000 a day. I don’t know if I shouldn’t take it all at one ( my preference). What do you recommend? Of course I want the most benefit. I am 57, my bones are feeling the age lol. I’m looking for anti inflammatory and more energy, overall health. My goal is to be as healthy as I can at eveny age until my last breath. -Thank you, Kathleen

      • I wanted to take spirulina during pregnancy but for some reason thought that my baby will feel the same symptoms like me(headaches etc.) and never took them. I was and still am jealous of my husband because he is taking them religiously and feels and looks awesome.
        Reading this post I’m so excited to give a try, since I’m still pregnant (33 weeks).
        Do you think me and my baby can still benefit from spirulina?
        Is it ok to use while breastfeeding too, if yes, what are the benefits?
        And how long to take the spirulina, because once i asked my husband to stop taking it, since i thought it is good for detoxification and not good to take it all the time. He started consuming them again in 1,5 months since he wasn’t feeling good.

      • Hi wellness mama, thanks for this comment, i want to hear more though, i am pregnant and before knowing i was taking 1 tbsp a day with my smoothies but i got worried because it is very high in Vitamin A which can cause birth defects. I am anxiously waiting to find out if my baby is alright. Are your kids all healthy?

        • All my kids a very healthy! My second son had dairy allergies and eczema due to (in my opinion) having been born by a decidedly not gentle c-section and missing out on good bacteria and having several rounds of antibiotics in the hospital. If you are at all concerned, talk to your doctor about it and don’t take if you are worried. I am simply sharing what I do. Definitely do not do something against your better judgement on my say-so.

          • Is taking tablet form just as good as powder? And how much do you like to take while nursing?

          • My 6 yr old son is ANA to dairy, allergic to several other, so I was hoping to get some calcium and protein in his picky little body.
            What is the best way to get it down? He does drink smoothies with kale and spinach along with fruits and almond milk. Could I sneak it in there?
            Thanks in advance

        • This interesting info is from livestrong.com:

          “Dried spirulina is unusual in that it contains both vitamin A and beta-carotene. A half cup contains 171 micrograms of vitamin A and 342 micrograms of beta carotene. Together this adds up to more than half the day’s vitamin A RDA for men and women. Raw spirulina is much less nutritious, containing only about 16 micrograms of vitamin A.”

          Nobody consumes “a half cup” of dried spirulina per day. And that huge amount has only 171 mcgs of Vitamin A, so I’d say don’t worry.

          WHILE I’M HERE: I will lose it if I read another article claiming that (dried) spirulina is good source of protein because the percentage, technically speaking, is indeed high percentage-wise. But we normally don’t consume more than, say, 10 grams a day and that is a lot. Who can down 1/2 cup or more of dried spirulina even if it were spread out during the day; heck, who could afford to?

          So, at a protein content of 60%, that is 6 grams of protein.

          As a source of protein, I’d stick with eggs, lentils, etc. And they are tastier, too.

          Spirulina is good for other reasons but protein – no.

          • I agree with you but probably didn’t word it as strongly as you’d prefer. Here’s what I said:

            Many articles about its benefits focus show the nutrition data per ounce. The problem is that one ounce contains about 28 grams and is MUCH higher than normal (or safe) daily intake would be.

            It costs up to 30x as much as dairy or meat protein per gram and is not a viable primary protein source for this reason.

            It’s also not a good source of B12…

      • Would you ever give it to your kids? I don’t give milk to my 2 year old so always looking for good forms of calcium for her.

        • Yes, sometimes. Check with your pediatrician if you have concerns though…

      • Thank you how does it work for you I’m in my 2nd trimester ridden with fatigue I was unsure of its safety during pregnancy

    • Absolutely! I drink two or three green smoothies a day. Still breastfeeding my toddler. 🙂

    • Yes it is very much okay while breastfeeding.

      Spirulina has a lot of GLA a good type of Omega 6 – Omega-6 fatty acids are essential fatty acids (they are necessary for human health but the body can’ t make them) and play a crucial role in brain function as well as normal growth and development for the fetus and the baby.

      If you supplement your diet with GLA, your breast milk will have higher concentration of it and it’s all benefits for your baby 🙂

      • Do you give it to babies as well? Wondering if I should try slipping some into my 8 month old babies diet?

        • Did you give spirulina to your baby? Iwant to give ours too instead of the iron vitaminsi was prescribed 🙂

    • Yes it’s ok for breatfeeding. There’s a company in Turkey that has their very huge Spirulina farm and they say pregnant women can take Spirulina pills too. 🙂

  4. I’m pregnant and would like to take this… the veggie smoothie is something I could see doing on occasion, but I really love to just *eat* my veggies. So I guess I’d like to know how awful does it really taste in water?

    • I have to say that my family puts it in our smoothies sometimes and the kids will still drink them. We think it has a bit of a fishy taste but enough berries and bananas can cover that up(somewhat) LOL. I also find that adding dates to our smoothies for extra sweetness helps hide the taste of really nasty stuff.

      • It also helps to add it to lemon or lime water/juice. Helps cut the taste. Spirulina does taste gross – like pond scum, but after three days of using it, you won’t want to go without (and the taste does get somewhat more bearable). Your body will wake in the morning begging for it! I wouldn’t be without it …

        • Knudsen’s mega green juice! Delicious!!

          • Oi i bet. when i supplemented this product through a smoothie the effect it had on me and my immune system was aweful! I lived on the toilet for a month!

      • Try the fresh spirulina! The taste is really different than the dry powder!

    • It really isn’t that awful, especially once you get used to it… It is definitely an acquired taste, but not terrible.

      • I’m so sorry but it is dreadful and impossible to get used to. I now disguise it as a paste and spread it thinly in Naan bread whilst dunking it in the hottest phal on the menu!

        • haha! thats creative. for anybody ‘afraid’ of spirulina, don’t be.
          iuts so easy to drink, just put a spoonful into your OJ or apple juice and swirl it around, throw it back quickly, your done! its not supposed to be sipped casually,
          because yes it does taste like a puddle. so throw it down, and voila!
          your getting healthier.

    • Mixing with oj really hides the taste and the vit c helps you absorb the iron. I mix two teaspoons with half a glass of fresh orange

  5. Could someone offer a rough “recipe” for using spirulina in a smoothie?  I am new to this, but would like to try.  Is there ever any use in adding it to cooked dishes, or does heat destroy its benefits?

    • I’ve never tried adding to cooked dishes, but I add anywhere from 2 tsp-2 tbsp to a veggie smoothie. A lot of people add it to fruit smoothies and don’t mind the taste much, but we don’t drink many fruit smoothies, so I haven’t tried it.

      • I’ve taken spirulina in tablet form for years but now use the powder. I guess I’ve gotten use to the taste because it doesn’t taste bad to me. I use it in my morning smoothie which consists of a variety of the following: kale, orange, carrots, blueberries, apple juice, organic n/f yogurt; summer fruits, banana, extra vitamin C powder. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of this year. Surgeon wanted to do radical therapy. After meeting with oncologist, he stated tumor was already shrinking, but would benefit from an anti-estrogen pill, which I’ve opted for. Between changing my diet, massive amounts of prayer, and the anti-estrogen pill, it appears that the cancer has disappeared. Will know for sure after tests in another six weeks. Please pray that I will not need surgery, chemo, or radiation. Oh yes, I also at times sprinkle the spirulina on my fresh salad. I think I actually like the taste of spirulina and have taken it right out of the spoon at times.

        • Before you consider surgery, chemo, or radiation…please go to cureyourowncancer.org and research and consider cannabis oil as treatment. I wish I had this knowledge before my mother was subjected to 3 rounds of both chemo and radiation and still passed away. The FDA and Big Pharma have kept this cure from the public in hopes of synthesizing a drug to be marketed since the seventies. The essential oil of the cannabis (marijuana) plant has such miraculous effects its hard to believe it cures and prevents a host of illnesses. Please consider it before you destroy your body.

          • I had breast cancer before I was into good nutrition. I ate pretty clean but there is always room for improvement.
            I went into it with the attitude of “get it out of me…kill it…use the strongest stuff you got”! Had chemo treatments for a year. and 36 rounds of radiation.
            NOW I’m in the process of putting my body back together with only healthy foods. Just read about the spironilla and bought some…will try it in a smoothie for sure. I appreciate all that you all are sharing!
            God Bless!

        • Pray everything is going well with you!! Have you heard of Dr. Sebi? You should look him up, if you haven’t.

    • Ingredients:

      6oz spring water
      6oz coconut water
      1 big scoop
      of a clean unflavored or vanilla protein powder
      ½ avocado, peeled and frozen
      are great
      1 tsp Hawaiian Spirulina
      1 Tbsp flaxseed oil
      ½ tsp probiotic
      Handful of frozen blueberries
      Shake of cinnamon

      Directions: Blend all of the listed ingredients. For extra
      thickness, add more ice.

      • Hey do you think if I mix it with juice in my Nutri-blast will it kill the taste?

    • I’ve been making smoothies everyday basically they consist of:

      -1 chobani yogurt cup of a flavor, usually blueberry (you can use any brand you want of course)

      -1 banana

      -squeeze of honey (maple syrup or agave)

      -splash of almond milk

      (the amount of milk depends on how much room I have left in the magicbullet cup)

      -a light spoonful of spirulina


      Blend it all together.

      Smoothies are great because you just add what you want into it. Hope you can use this for a start.

    • My favorite I do a few times a week is 8-10oz coconut water, 1/2 banana, 5-6 frozen strawberries, a handful of romaine or spinach, 1 tsp spirulina and 1tsp premier greens powder (premier research labs). Tastes great! 🙂

    • I just started taking Spirulina a couple of weeks ago and I add about a heaping TBSP when I juice organic carrots (about 6) with one apple. Make sure you have plenty of room to roughly stir it all together for a minute or so so it doesn’t have any clumps. I drink it with a straw and I don’t really taste it now. I do smoothies as well but I can’t imagine the taste of fruits with the Spirulina. The benefits of this far outweigh the taste seeing as how in less than 30 seconds it’s all over! 🙂

    • As a wimp about things that don’t taste good, I use this smoothie recipe: 1 TBSP Spirulina, 2 TBSP Almond Butter, 1 TSP Maple Syrup, 1.5 C Almond Milk, and 1.5 C Coconut Milk, and 1 – 2 Bananas (all approximate measures).

    • I usually mix it with half a cup of blueberries, raspberries, one kiwi with almond milk… You would even taste the green algae in there, and also for extra boost I add half a tea spoon of raw maca powder… It has worked wonders for me emotionally, mentally and physically.
      Drink up to health and beauty

    • I just started using Spirulina, but I’m excited to see how much better I can feel. For my morning smoothie, I use a banana, an orange, half an avocado, frozen blueberries, spoon of peanut butter, coconut water and a spoonful of spirulina. Its sweet, very filling, somewhat thick, and just ignore the color of sludge 🙂

    • better not to cook it to keep all the benefits of the enzymes but you’ll still get some nutrients if you cook it (a little bit like for vegetables).

      • Find the taste and smell unbearable. I sometimes bake it in a thin layer, mixed 50/50 with ground almonds… probably halves the benefits of eating Spirulina, though.

  6. What about encapsulating the powder in vegatable or gelatin capsules and washing them down with water to avoid the pond water taste?

    • There are a couple links above for spirulina that is already in capsules. It is more expensive, but definitely easier to take! You could encapsulate yourself, but your hands will turn green 🙂

  7. I have a drink containing spirulina, chlorella, kamut wheatgrass and barley every day, and I am certain that this has changed my life and energylevels completely. I never feel fatigued any more like I used to. I am pregnant now, but still take my daily greens. After reading this artikle I will increase my dose from 1 to 2 teaspoons though. And to you who never tried it before; be careful in the beginning, because starting on a full dose 1-2 ts, can really mess up your stomach. It’s not dangerous, but very uncomfortable. When I started taking greens, I felt crappy for about 3-4 weeks until my body got used to it. I started taking only 1/4 ts in the beginning and gradually increased over the next 3 weeks. Someone wrote that they had a bad experience with a green smoothie, and that can be the cause…not allergy. Greens are powerful and will start detoxing your body, and can cause stomachtrouble in the beginning.

    • So interesting…I’m 9 weeks pregnant and just started drinking a raw milk smoothie of sorts…I was adding 1/2 tsp of spirulina and thought maybe I was just drinking too much milk (cramps, diarrhea).  I’ve switched to almond milk and taken out the spirulina.  I’m wondering if I should slowly add it back in or if now is not the best time to try it…benefits (vitamin and mineral powerhouse) vs disadvantages (not being able to keep anything in!)  Thoughts???

      • I have read several places that the first 3 months of pregnancy is not the best time to introduce greens into your diet because the impact on the body is significant and there is already som much going on in your body in the beginning of the pregnancy. Thinking about how I felt in the beginning that makes sence. I was feeling very lousy the first 3 months of my pregnancy anyway(even being used to greens), so maybe you should wait for a few more weeks? When you do want to begin eating Spirulina (or other greens) start with just a tip of a ts in the beginning. Increase the dose a little every week. Be prepared to having a bad stomach for a few weeks. Good luck!

        • Great–thanks so much!  I eat fresh leafy greens on a daily basis, but think I’ll wait a bit more to add the spirulina 🙂

        • Spirulina is also a great source of iodine and taking sufficient iodine during your first trimester can make a big difference in your baby’s IQ. On the otherhand, even being just mildly deficient in iodine can cause a lower IQ of a few points. I’d say, even if you feel kinda lousy, it’ll do your baby good in the long run so try to stick with taking Spirulina in the first trimester and on.

      • You should only be drinking and eating pasteurized products during pregnancy. Too much risk of bacteria.

      • Sara, Spirulina is regarded as a safe source of nutrients during pregnancy, including the first trimester. I’m gathering fresh-frozen, raw Spirulina and will grow it, soon, for sales nationwide… there are only 3, including myself, that are providing it fresh-frozen; everyone else sells it in dehydrated powder or tablet form. I know that drying it breaks the cyanobacterium’s cell wall and allows inner components to break down and oxidize; that’s what makes it nearly unpalatable and, consequently, many get a gag effect trying to swallow it as powder. As for bacterial contamination, in its raw form, Spirulina has a pH between 10-12, super high alkalinity, in which virtually no other life form can survive. You might get contaminating life-forms in dehydrated (no more water), but none in Spirulina if it’s fresh or fresh-frozen.

        Anyway, regarding pregnancy, here’s how it’s explained by Marcus Rohrer (Hawaiian source of tablets marketed under trademark of Marcus Rohrer Spirulina):
        “… Spirulina can be consumed at doses of 3 to 20 tablets per day without any adverse effects. Studies on the acute, subchronic and chronic toxicity and mutagenicity of Spirulina have revealed no specific body or organ toxicity or genotoxicity. Dietary ingestion of very high levels of Spirulina during pregnancy has not caused foetal abnormalities or birth defects.

        Spirulina serves as a suitable iron source during pregnancy. It contains high levels of bio-available iron which has been shown to be easily absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. It has been proven that Spirulina can be used to combat iron-deficiency anemia in anemic adolescent girls and women, by improving hemoglobin levels.

        Spirulina is an ideal vegetable source of bio-active vitamin B12, a vitamin that, next to iron, is also important for blood cell formation and for neurological development. Spirulina is an extremely rich source of carotenoid antioxidants such as beta carotene (provitamin A) and zeaxanthin. Zeaxanthin has been proven to support both eye health and brain health. (NOTE: Spirulina does not contain vitamin A, the potentially detrimental vitamin when consumed in high doses in pregnancy.)

        Spirulina is effective in maintaining optimal intestinal flora and in decreasing Candida albicans (yeast) infection. It contains vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 in considerable amounts and in this way contributes to normal blood clotting and good bone formation. Spirulina is nature’s richest whole food source of the important omega-6- fatty acid gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid that contributes to women’s health…”

        Finally, regarding the presence of heavy metals in the environment (to which virtually all of us are exposed if we live in towns and cities)… Spirulina is a natural chelator, meaning it attaches itself to heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, and lead, in such a way that it changes the molecular makeup of the poisons, disengaging their ability to anchor in human organs (including the brain) and allows them to pass naturally out of the body through the urine stream. Safe to say, your child will be born with the best set possible of optimally functioning cognitive reasoning and motor skills.

    • Thanks for this – good to know.

  8. I just heard about this not too long ago – thanks for the post! I need to start making more smoothies!

  9. I take Healthforce Natural Elixir of the Lake.

     It is pricey, but it is the best around. Yes, it does take like pond water, but after a few times you get used to it 🙂

    • I don’t agree! The best spirulina is the spirulina you grow yourself 🙂 And the taste is soooo much better!

      • How can you grow your own?

  10. I am using about 1/2 Tablespoon each day in a green smoothie. Any more than that and you can taste the pond. I feel it does give me more energy and just an overall “good” feeling. I don’t get as achy after strenuous work or exercise.

  11. We mix a spoonful into a cup of plain applesauce and we can get it down pretty easy!

  12. What about chlorella? Is that more for detox?

    • It is. I don’t have as much personal experience with chlorella, but it is supposed to be great, especially in combination with spirulina

      • Articles say to be careful because of the dangerous amount of protein. Is this a serious concern?
        Also I have hypothyroidism. This is considered an autoimmune disease
        Is it safe to take with this?

  13. How else could i take this – i have the powder. 

    • In smoothies, or just in water and chug while holding your nose 🙂

      • Make a banana and Oj smoothy. The Oj really mask the flavor and I always put a banana iny smoothies. I have also added almond milk and/or Greek yogurt. But I do not always have them. Drink plenty of water during the day as well.

    • Ok, the smell! I put it in the blender with commercial OJ (3tsps pond scum and a ltr of oj between 3 of us) and buzz it, BUT the secret to us all drinking it was the bottles. I had empty plastic drinks bottles and drilled a hole in the lids, poked a straw through so it was a really tight fit, and now we can drink it without smelling it. I’ve laughed a lot at the pond/puddle comments people have been making. We’ve adopted one as our juicing slogan: “Feel the goodness, taste the pond!”

  14.  I first tried it at a Juice Bar to ensure I liked it before making the investment.  When mixed in a smoothie, you cannot taste it, unless you use to much, so start off with 1 teaspoon and work your way up.

  15. Yes, I have been taking spirulina for years. I helped me during my pregnancy with fatigue and help me recover from a toxic surgery along with medicinal herbs. Spirulina is also great as a body mask! It really has countless uses.

  16. I like to take it in my green smoothie every day (2 cups spinach, 1 frozen banana, 1 cup milk, 1 tsp spirulina powder). It tastes pretty decent!

  17. I put it in a green smoothie every morning – 1/2 T spirulina, 1 T wheat grass powder, 1 T ground flax seeds, 1/4 c raw milk kefir, 3/4 c raw milk yogurt, 1/2 frozen banana, 3-4 cups spinach, some ice cubes – if I want a little sweeter I add 1/2-1 tsp honey. Talk about an energy boost!

  18. So if I took spirulina every day, added to my smoothies, would u still take chlorophyll or would u say that the amounts of chlorophyll in spirulina are sufficient?

  19. I was wondering what your opinion wa on Green Vibrance? Thank you!

  20. I hated it until I tried it with V8. It’s a more natural combination somehow – I think it messes too much with a lovely pastel smoothie, and even in a green smoothie it’s just kind of too intense. I still have to sort of chug it and not notice the looks but it tastes just fine with any sort of tomato juice.

  21. A source recommended I get this for my son’s ADHD and to replace the veggies he’s not getting everyday. I was suffering from an allergic reaction at the time and decided to drink it myself. I mixed it with a banana, mango and apple juice. After blending, It taste great! My son also enjoyed it as well. The swelling from my reaction started to subside and I saw results hours later. It’s best if you pick the fruits and veggies you like best to blend with. The taste and smell is not appealing but I will stick with it because our bodies need this boost!

  22. i have been drinking a teaspoon of spirulina in hot vegie broth daily for a few years. I like the taste that way. I had it in a restaurant that way once, and thus the idea. I do wonder how one can really find out which spirulina products are safe to use, and which ones do make it in a controlled and tested environment which makes sure it is free from contaminants which can be harmful to the liver. A list of safe and tested products would be nice to have. Any ideas?

  23. I dont make smoothies, so the BEST way for me to take spirulina (in my humble opinion) is mixed with a 1/4-1/2 cup apple cider. It’s amazing, no weird pond scummy taste!

  24. I put spirulina in my fresh juices. The taste is something to get used to, but it has great health benefits! I have had an issue with my acne since I moved to the UK and taking spirulina has totally cleared it up. I am JUMPING with joy.

  25. I have spirulina in my fruit and veggie smoothie every morning. The entire office got the flu this year, except 5 people and myself. My hair and nails are doing better than ever too. I don’t feel tiered during the day hardly at all anymore. I’ve been taking spirulina powder daily for about 2 months now, and it has been amazing! I recommend it to everyone. I use Nutrex, Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica.

  26. i add my daily Spirulina to a cup of my favorite smoothie, but i make sure that it doesn`t containt any tropic fruit, cus i heard it would make the effect weaker..

  27. I started taking 6 tabs 500 mg spirulina 2 mornings ago. First day I felt dizzy & nauseated & that night, my insomnia was worse than usual. 2nd day I was completely drained & exhausted & tummy a little upset & appetite not good & insomnia worse again. This am still really exhausted. I thought maybe I’m feeling this way because I’m detoxing, I also was concerned maybe my dosage was wrong. I read something suggesting I wasn’t taking enough & that’s why I’m so drained, then another suggested I’m taking too much & that’s the reason for insomnia even though I take it in the morning. I’m a very tiny woman, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Thank you for your wonderful site!

    • It could be either one, but I’d back down on the dose and work up slowly to see if that helps…

    • Did you stop feeling this? I took only 1 today for the first time and a couple of hours later I feel kinda dizzy…

  28. Can people recieving radiation for cancere take this or does it effect the results??

  29. I take the tablets, because my research has prompted me to believe that the granulation process to create the powders causes lost nutritional value to some degree – although I do not believe it is significant, I’m just a fanatic lol. I have tried vitamin world 500mg and thought it was fantastic. Within just a couple of weeks I noticed a difference in my energy level and my arthritis. I would get a mouth full of water and break them apart slightly using my front teeth for them to dissolve if had no cup for water, which I don’t feel is necessary what so ever, before swallowing. These have a dog food taste lol. It was not unbearable and I got use to it quickly and frankly didn’t mind it because it is an extremely small price to pay for the amount of benefits.

    I then got the brand Source Naturals which I wasn’t impressed with, I guess because my first experience was with the vitamin world brand so it was more mental I believe, because it is more compacted and not easily broken or dissolved and feel that it takes my system longer to digest thus absorb. These of course do not have a taste so to speak because of the fact they do not dissolve or break very easily so I just stick them in my mouth and swallow.

    I take three, three times a day. Although I started off with one and worked my way up over time, which I recommend because of the detoxifying power. Even working my way up slowly caused slight dizzy spells here and there as the amount had just gotten to the quantity of three per serving, but didn’t last long. I’d say they did not occur longer than a couple of weeks, and maybe only twice a day for a couple of second a piece. This was at the very beginning though as my body was being first introduced to it.

    • I’ve just started to try some, I got excited and orders some that was quite inespensive without really checking where it was grown etc, it isn’t organic (but I read an article regarding Australian spririlna that suggests its one of those products that can’t be truly organic and that the Australian authorities don’t award organic status). Anyway, I took a bit and it’s not nice as such but not as bad as I expected after reading a few people say it tastes of ammonia. Mine seems to taste a bit like blood to be honest, I hope this doesn’t mean it has metals in it. I am now wondering whether to bin it and get organic but don’t have much money so this was kind of a trial I suppose. Can any harm come from having none organic? Any more than eating none organic bit very washed fruit and veg for the last 30 years say?

      • It does have metals in it; spirulina is an excellent source of iron, which is the same as the taste of blood which also has iron. Not all metals are bad for your body. 🙂

    • I have been suffering with a mystery illness for over a year that no doctor has been able to help so far. Every medication makes me worse and I often feel so weak and have so much pain I cannot get out of bed. Spiralina has been a true medicine for me. I take it in the morning with water and do some yoga and have energy that I would not otherwise have. I am grateful to have found this miracle food.

  30. I’m not a smoothie person (crazy, I know!). Is there another way to get this down without having to drink it or take it in capsule form? I’m pretty good about handling bad tastes as long as I know it’s good for me.

    • umm, not really..

    • 2 trays of ice cubes made with limeade using 1 table spoon of Chlorella and 1 table spoon of Spirulina – THAT is the best way to get it down! I try and drink at least a half tray per day. Can usually drink a whole tray without much effort. Tastes great – Just add water 🙂

    • They sell tablets too.

    • Jennifer, where do you live? I got lots of amazingly yummy recipes but they re with fresh spirulina ..and taste and texture s very different than the powder. Any fresh spirulina sold frozen in your area?

  31. I just started taking spirulina, adding it to my protein shakes. I can’t taste, so i guess so far to good. My protein shake includes spirulina, coconut water, flax oil, frozen blueberries and strawberries, probiotics and vanilla protein powder. I tend to think that all protein powder mix sort of dominates the taste of whatever you put it in – my kids describe this shake tasting like a vanilla cake. Not so bad 🙂

  32. There is a guy here in Florida who makes popsicles out of it. I love the chocolate covered chocolate spirulina & my hubbie like the chocolate covered ginger spirulina pops. The company is called Hero Pops. The pops are dairy free and organic.Each pop contains 25% living spirulina. I love them.

  33. best food available on earth…i would say the only miracle i have seen on earth is SPIRULINA..

  34. “Spirulina contains Omega 3-,6 and 9s and is especially high in Omega-3s.”
    “… it is best taken with an Omega-3 source like fermented cod liver oil.”

    Just wondering why it is best taken with an Omega-3 source if it is already very high in Omega-3s. I’m currently nursing and have been looking into ways to get Omega-3s through diet without eating too much fish (because of mercury). I don’t really like to take supplements (pills in general), so I would prefer to just add spirulina to my smoothies and skip the cod liver oil. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    • It will still be good… the FCLO just also has other fat soluble vitamins and it helps absorption…

  35. I just came upon this stuff today at a local health food store, it smells like a fish tank. But i put it in my smoothie that i have like everyday; 1 avocado,1 banana, a squirt of agave nectar, some almond milk, and ice. Today i put the algae in it and i think the avocado and banana mask the possible nasty taste ^_^ so I think this recipe cam work for anyone having a hard time taking it plain. I sometimes put chia seeds in my smoothie also.

  36. I like a few teaspoons of spirulina in my orange juice to wash down my prenatals each day. I think it’s a tad weird when you first try it, but I’ve been using spirulina off and on as a supplement for about 15 years now so I’ve come to enjoy the taste. If you use too much spirulina and don’t balance it out with any sweetness, it can be a bit overwhelming.

  37. Long time lover of Spirulina. Its a little weird at first getting over the taste barrier!

  38. Thank you! This article is perfect. I am about 31 weeks pregnant and my doctor informed me that I am anemic and she’d like me to take iron supplements but I’d rather correct the deficiency via diet. This article (and reader comments) gave me just the information I needed. Thank you very much!

  39. I loved spirulina thanks for your post i like this.its nice and very interested to read on spirulina powder.here i have got more points on spirulina powder thanks for that.

  40. Spirulina is awesome… I take 1-2, 500mg capsules 30 minutes before eating…

  41. It is pretty disgusting but if you want something sweet just by candy .

  42. I recently purchase a capsule machine and spirulina was my first attempt at homemade supplements. It worked out great. My hands were a little green until I washed them but that was no big deal at all. Capsules go down easy peasy. I have even talked the hubster into taking spirulina daily. I can’t take the fishy taste at all so this has worked out wonderfully for our family.

  43. I’ve just found out I’m pregnant and I’m taking 1 tablespoon of spirulina in water daily. I read somewhere that spirulina is risky in pregnancy due to mercury levels. Is this true? I’m taking naturya spirulina powder

  44. I’ve used the Hawaiin Pacifica brand in the powder and its quite disgusting but it’s also amazing and healthy. My mum used to say if something tastes awful it must be good for you. I am 34 weeks pregnant and was worried that it is not safe during pregnancy but as I’ve been reading now realise that it is quite beneficial and will continue to take it. Thanks for a very informative page 🙂

  45. If anyone hasn’t yet had the suggestion of shaking spirulina over popcorn — do it now! There is a vendor at my farmer’s market that sells homemade popcorn with spirulina, nutritional yeast, butter, sea salt and some garlic powder. It’s really good. Even the kids like it.

  46. Great blog! Interesting information!:)

  47. Is there a need to take a calcium, magnesium or B12 supplement along with spirulina?

  48. spirulina does not bond to metals in your body. you are thinking of chollera.

  49. I take Spirulina in powder form every day in my smoothie. First I make an organic juice (with my juicer) made of carrots, apple and pear. Then I add this juice to my blender and blend it with spirulina, chai seeds, flax oil, chlorophyll liquid, juice of one organic lemon, organic kale and frozen fruit. It’s actually the most delicious smoothie ever and packs a powerful nutritious punch. It makes me feel SOO energetic! Sometimes I have one right after work too. I love it!!

  50. I love it and have only recently started adding about 1 teaspoon to my green smoothie. A friend showed me that by adding about a quarter-size slice of ginger root and cilantro – it masks that funny taste you all are referring to. I also use a coconut water base with frozen berries, bananas in mine! I never thought that mixing fruit with greens like kale and celery and spirulina would taste as refreshing as it does. I drink them daily now and feel a major increase in energy and wake up earlier.

  51. I have been adding Hawaiian spirulina to my smoothies and when I do that I can’t even taste it. I can definitely tell a difference health wise just taking 1 teaspoon but since reading this article I plan on upping it to 2 teaspoons a day.

  52. I am a vegetarian and currently pregnant. After speaking with my doctor about different options to ensure that my body and my baby are getting enough iron, I decided to give spurilina a try. I was able to find it at my local natural food store in bulk (and it’s organic)! Also, if I don’t feel like making a smoothie, I just mix a tablespoon or two into some low sodium tomato juice. I highly recommend trying it! Super fast, convenient, and delicious!

  53. Maybe I’m mistaken but I didn’t see you mentioned that those who purchase this should be aware of the waters their spirulina comes from as it could be contaminated. I did click on the mountain rose herb to see if I could read any information about where they obtain their product from but didn’t see any. From my research I have read that the best spirulina comes from kona hawaii. I just purchased Nutrex spirulina today which comes from such water. As for the organic thing I do belief it’s overrated and just a marketing tool. Everything is a business and about money. I think so called organic products and non organic are all the same. But if it gives people a piece of mind, hey que sera sera what will be will be. Btw if you did mention anything about what I said you didn’t I might’ve missed it due me being tired. 🙂

  54. Spirulina is sometimes available in capsule form, though I’m not sure how organic it is. Another way to avoid the horrible taste is to mix the powder into a paste using a smidge of water and wrap small portions of it in rice paper(cigarette papers do the trick- totally OK to consume). Swallow the bundles with a large glass of water as if it were a pill. Health benefits without the bad taste.

  55. Disgusting but great in smoothies!
    Fish love it though 😉

  56. I use it everyday in the morning in a green juice. I don’t care for the taste but I cover it up with a piece of ginger or apple. I have a friend that has lost inches and gained energy.

  57. Will I get the same benefits from it in tablet form (500mg)?

  58. I drink it with just a small amount of water. I’m not sure why people say it tastes like pond scum: but then I have never tasted pond scum.

  59. Im confused because we are currently trying for another baby and my 3 year old son and I started taking it in our smoothies for the first time today. I have just decided to research it now and so many sites are saying do not take during pregnancy and dont give to kids, and then others are saying do give??? So confused….

    • I’m now wondering the same thing- if spirulina really is safe during pregnancy. About to start trying to conceive. Did u take it throughout your pregnancy? If so was the baby healthy and ok?

  60. Can you freeze spirulina powder smoothies ?

  61. I have both the Hawaiian spirulina pills and powder, as sometimes I don’t have time to make a smoothie in the morning as I would like. I take it in place of butter oil with my cod liver oil to remineralize my teeth (curing three tiny cavities right now!) The kind I am using has NO bad taste that I can detect, I like adding it to things, however, because I absorb nutrients better through food, sometimes taking pills can make me nauseous.

    It gives me a bit of a kick of energy if I take it in the morning in place of my tea, not a huge difference as I can tell, but a nice benefit. As with a lot of supplements and vitamins, I don’t usually see a major difference in skin/hair/ailments until a few months (it has been about one since regularly taking it) other than more energy in the morning. It falls under my “it will keep my bones and skin healthy when I am old” category, seeing as being 19 I have great skin and hair already, not much to improve, haha!

  62. I put spirulina powder in gel caps with turmeric and black pepper.

  63. I find that if I use this recipe it will completely mask the taste of the spirulina..

    1 scoop chocolate protein powder (chocolate is key.. I usually prefer vanilla, but it doesn’t cover up the taste)
    1 tsp spirulina
    2 scoops of Boku Superfood powder
    1/2 frozen banana (I don’t always add this)
    Shake of cinnamon

    It is easy and awesome in the morning!

  64. I sprinkle mine over top frittatas. It’s great that way!

  65. I am taking Australian Spirulina grown in Darwin. I take 3 big table spoons with 4 bananas in two smoothies a day. I work as a nurse. It is hard work. I am vegan eating lots of raw. The only thing that give me this great strength and fix everything is SPIRULINA. My eyes looks lighter as so much cleansing is going on (because of Sp.)! Before my 6am start shift work as a nurse I need to have a strong dark drink with it! Fantastic. Brain power, physical energy and focus** I used to be allergic to it. Not any more … or maybe Au.Spirulina is clean. We talked to the grower. My body likes this brand. I will try others as well in the future but stay with this I think. For those having allergic reactions … try this one … start it small (teaspoon a day in water+ banana/blend), mid-day, 200ml … and can build it up slowly. But eat pure … not junk … as it cleanses so well.
    Good luck everybody out there*!! Health, HAPPINESS AND LOVE

  66. it takes like crap, lol sorry. I just suck it down in a smoothy, which helps alot. I just think of it as its doing me more good than just the harm of the taste of it. lol

  67. Thanks for this article! One question… My jar of powder says that 1tsp contains 11,250IU of vitamin A from beta carotene. Would this be a concern during pregnancy?

  68. I’ve heard from a friend that you can give it to babies/toddlers. Do you have any knowledge on that? If so, what is the earliest age it can be introduced to a child?

  69. I place 1-2 teaspoons of the powdered version into a small glass of spicy v8 juice. I can hardly taste it. I think it smells worse than it tastes.

  70. Wellness Mama, I just want to say that you are awesome!! I aspire to look as professional and intelligent and simple to navigate as your site is. Great work!

  71. I blend spirulina into mega green juice then add that to my green tea kombucha to ferment a second time. Triple green kombucha tastes great!

  72. Recommended: 1 serving:

    1 banana,
    juice of 1 orange,
    handful of spinach,
    quarter of avocado,
    coconut milk (or yr milk of choice),
    1 teaspoon of spirulina powder.

    whizz it all together et voila, the best tasting smoothie ever:) Aside of the health benefits, i have found that i am rather addicted to the taste.

    I used to blend this smoothie minus the spirulina powder (before i was aware of spirulina’s existence) and it’s a delicious, well-rounded, satisfying smoothie as it is bt i find that adding the spirulina powder compliments and rounds the taste even further to perfection. Great for breakfast (or anytime for that matter) – enjoy!

  73. There is an amazing Spirulina Pie recipe by Matt Amsden in his book RAWvolution. I highly recommend checking it out (the whole book is great). I never thought Spirulina could taste so good!

  74. I drink spirulina in smoothies like powdered spirulina, kale, strawberries, peach slices, and orange juice. If I don’t have time to make a smoothie then I just buy one with spirulina it in like Odwalla’s Original Superfood.

  75. I am purchasing the tablet form of this but can I take wheatgrass the same time and turmeric tablets

  76. I was skeptical about all these superpower powders, vitamins, foods, etc… I heard by mixing broccoli, spirulina and green tea extract that this combo is suppose to give you so much energy, fight off free radicals, help you sleep better… so i looked up if spirulina is really that good for you. Well, I came across a YouTube video posted by Rawsomehealthy that made me think twice about ingesting spirulina. The lady in the video describes spirulina as toxic (at least a popular brand that she researched but she never said which brand it was) that it contained fly fragments, magot fragments, ticks, water flees, mouse hairs… that is DISGUSTING and so very unhealthy! Thats why the guest on here, Reb. said that it was like a laxative effect to her body because her body was trying to get rid of all the toxic ingredients of the brand of spirulina she ingested, or she just might be allergic to it? I’m not a doctor nor am I a nutritionist but I do a lot of research and hope that I make the best choices from all the information I’ve read. I love to read peoples comments because they give great info on how they use spirulina and what good brand to use. I’m not saying NOT to use spirulina but just make sure its a reputable brand. I highly take into consideration what Wellness Mama posts and all her fantastic information for health and wellness. So buy the brand she uses, organic spirulina from the Mountain Rose Herbs, just to make sure you know that it is pure and not full of all these NASTY toxic ingredients.
    Here is the YouTube video…

    • Dee, I tried to research the link from you-tube that you posted; however, it said the link is private and if the owner granted you access, then log in. Too bad…..I was curious as to what was said there.

  77. Im quite convinced that aside from the little weak already made green juices that sit on the shelf in grocery stores I’m pretty allergic to spirulina. Whenever I’ve tried to take other forms of it I’ve experienced flu-like symptoms to where I almost cant’ get out of bed afterwards! Fever, nausea, weakness, cold sweats the works!

  78. I was a blond haired, blue eyed boy growing up in Las Vegas during the era of above ground nuclear testing at the Nevada test site and sunburned every summer of my life and still after 68 years on this planet I have yet to test positive for skin cancer(I never use sunscreen). I worked at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation for several years back in the eighties and just about everyone I worked with there has died of cancer. Every male on my father’s side of the family has had prostrate cancer by the time they reached my age, (Grandfather and great uncle died from it) and mine is just fine. Not to mention that I grew up in the furniture refinishing business using products by the gallon that has proven to be cancer causing. I have been taking spirulina (6 500mg tabs a day) faithfully since 1978. You do the math.

  79. I do drink it and it’s pretty yucky for sure but I mix in 2 drops of pure peppermint oil and shoot it down with a glass of water. It works! I get the Green Zone from Natures Sunshine as it has this and many, many other ingredients (minerals, vitamins etc) in it that are good for you. I am iron-deficient anemic so hoping this helps restore my blood levels!

  80. I just had my first taste of spirulina powder mixed with water. Pond scum is right! However it is very tasty when stirred into a glass with 1/2 water & 1/2 organic orange juice. Score!

    Love your site!

  81. I’m 16 and I work out and am pysically active, would this help build muscle, or work the same as protein powder?

  82. I found some “Spirulina super chips” they don’t taste bad per se, but I wouldn’t call them delicious. They are ok to munch on though, and I tend to eat them kinda like a bag of chips, with no guilt. A bit spendy though.

  83. I’ve been adding a teaspoon of spirulina every day to my smoothies. I then realized that the vitamin A was almost 10,000 iu. Is this too high since I am also taking a prenatal that has 2,500 iu? Since spirulina’s vitamin A is in the form of beta carotene, does the high iu content not matter?

  84. I have been thinking about using spirulina since reading one of your blogs and bought some yesterday. The brand is Pure Hawaiian Spurlina Pacifica and has a little odd smell to it. Because of this I was a little nervous about adding it to my scrambled egg with black beans and kim chee – especially once I poured the tsp full over the top of my food! But actually, there wasn’t much of a taste change. I am not allowed dairy or fruit so making a smoothie I enjoy was out of the question and I really didn’t want to try the spirulina with water only. I have fibromyalgia and energy has been a problem. The diet I follow has helped tremendously and I’m looking forward to the added boost the spirulina should give to me!

  85. I currently take the NOW certified organic Spirulina 1000mg pill form and liked that your post talked about it. I started taking it for helping to reduce the overall effects of radiation exposure on a daily basis and have recently learned there are a whole lot of great reasons to take it. Recently learned about magnesium, that most people are deficient, and our bodies need it for a whole host of reasons. Was excited to learn Spirulina has magnesium from your article. Lord knows I don’t want to have to take 15 million supplements per day. Thank you!

  86. I believe spirulina tastes fairly good, just don’t smell it raw, that’s diff. Add it to matcha green tea, almond and coconut milk with various fruit or veggie smoothie and it’s delicious actually. Give it another try. If you want everything to taste and smell good then you’re likely getting very poor nutrition and hidden GMO crap in your fantasy world 🙂

  87. I tried to read all the previous comments but there are so many. We are newly expecting and I am severely anemic. You say 2t-2T, how do I know right amount? Can it be taken like a shot with oj or lemon water? I had an intravenous iron transfusion before finding we are expecting and am hoping to avoid these. My hematologist is not so in agreement with me taking natural approach but I figure long as he thinks his method is working were good. He wants to prescribe an iron supplement he said is so strong need perscription and would have to take twice a day. Probably cause cramping and constipation and make stool black…um no thanks.

  88. Hi, can I mix the spirulina powder and wheat grass powder together in a green juice made of green apples,spinach,courgelet.


  89. My 15 y/o son, who is vegetarian since birth, is body building and drinks Spirulina and Chlorella each day for the protein and health benefits. He just mixes the powder in water and guzzles it. He says he is used to the taste. We fed it to our kids off and on thru childhood in smoothies but this is his choice now based on his own research.

  90. I have low blood platelets, will spirulina effect my platelets?

  91. I been using spirulina, juniper berries, bitter peel extract, guarana, siberian ginseng with stevia. I mix about a third of a teaspoon of each into 100g of Yogurt. What I also have found is adding some soy protein.

    I then add a banana and coconut milk and some ice. I mix this up every day. Ever since I cannot live without it.

    I no longer suffer from Chronic fatigue, my cholesterol is down, and what is amazing I always had a high fat percentage of 20,90%, since doing this twice a day. I enjoy a peanut butter sandwich as a mid afternoon snack and I like eating my meats at night. My body fat percentage now is 16,70% I have lost 4kg and all this in a matter of two weeks. I look good, feel great and my water levels and energy is constant.

    Spirulina is amazing. . . And IF you can, also get some Moringa, It is an african herbal leaf that helps as well, especially with constipation.

  92. I just started taking capsules yesterday because I’ve been reading about the wonderful benefits of Spirulina. I frequently make smoothies or green juices, but after reading that Spirulina has a fishy smell, I’m afraid I’d never get it down. I know I’d start gagging as soon as the smell hit my nose… 🙁 Unfortunately, I’m not a lover of seafood or fish, so I opted for the capsules made by Now. Do you think the benefits from capsule form is as good as the benefits from the powder form?


  93. That spirulina you mentioned from mountainroseherbs is from India, so I doubt that it is organic 🙁 same with everything that comes from China….. Monsanto has been very active in those countries long before Monsanto was even a common name in the United States….

  94. Just made my first Spirulina smoothie! After reading the comments, I was a bit worried it would overpower the drink…so I added quite a bit. The smell was almost too much for me to even add it in to the blender *gag*…but….after mixing it all up I can’t taste it or smell it. I do have quite the GREEN smoothie though…LOL For mine I added: Frozen mango, pineapple, strawberry & banana chunks (approx 1C.) * 1/2 C Ice * 1 tsp Sunbutter * 2 TBSP Coconut Oil * 1 tsp Spirulina Powder & approx 1/2-3/4 C Tropical Flavored Coconut Water…..blending and adding til desired consistency. Yum! This is doable 🙂

    • *added quite a bit of other ingredients that is, not a lot of the spirulina powder 😉

  95. I tried Organic Spirulina powder just the other day for the very first time (got it from an organic food store), I mixed half a table spoon of the powder with Apple juice and drank it around 6pm but after a few hours I had such a severe headache and couldn’t sleep until 3am, it wasn’t a very nice experience being a first timer

    Nevertheless I’ve heard so many good things about it, so I still would like to try Spirulina tablets or Capsules and see if they work on me. Until then I’ll be having my powdered flaxseed soup

    Your advice/suggestions regarding powder or tablets will be greatly appreciated

  96. I cant wait to try this spirlina. The health benefits are quite good from what i am hearing.

  97. I just take it in capsule form…. that way you only have to smell it when you open the bottle! It is all I use for my considerable allergies!! I used to take 2 different RX for them(allergies) but this works much better and no additional side affects as the Rx had!

  98. I take Healthforce Natural Elixir of the Lake.
    It is pricey, but it is the best around. Yes, it does take like pond water, but after a few times you get used to it 🙂

  99. I used to take spirulina on a regular basis. However, there have been some recent studies, which have been summarized out on NutritionFacts.org, that reflect that spirulina and other types of blue-green algae have possible neurotoxicity properties. Have any others seen this as well? I’m struggling to find a good green powder that doesn’t include spirulina . . .

  100. I must be a weirdo or a duck- I kinda like how it tastes!

  101. I enjoy the taste. I mix spirulina with water, chia seeds, maca, and “Truly Natural Vitamin C.” The chia seeds add the omega 3s (as noted in the article) plus the fat helps assimilate the vitamin A. The maca is added because maca is good. The vitamin C helps absorb the iron in the spirulina. Sometimes I add some cayenne pepper–I just like the spice and it is good for the circulation.

    This is my power-health drink. I also add the occasional Vega Sport Energizer (sugar free) and drink this as a pre-workout.

    I notice that when I skipped spirulina and then re-added it to my diet after a couple of weeks, I got this feel-good, positive energy immediately. Shortly later, I read a label of a smoothie containing spirulina that it is also a mood enhancer.

  102. I just started taking Spirulina three days ago. The first two days, I felt energized and really good. Day three, diarrhea hit along with severe stomach pain and I felt slightly nauseated. I did some research and read that it is part of the detox process. I also read that it could be due to contaminated Spirulina. Did this happen to anyone else? My question is, will the diarrhea and stomach pain eventually stop? I was only taking one teaspoon first thing in the morning. First day I took it with cranberry juice, second day in a smoothie and third day with v8 juice. Any advice is greatly welcomed. I did not take it today as I felt awful yesterday.
    Thanks so much!

  103. Hi Wellness Mama,

    Absolutely love your website and have been following it for a while now!

    Also I appreciate the valuable info you give about spirulina on this page.

    I just wanted to let you know that in the case of spirulina, there is a lot of good spirulina that do not have the label “organic” just because of a new regulation on the nutrients given to the spirulina when they grow.

    There are however a lot of spirulina that one should avoid; such as the spirulina coming from China and other country that might not have the health standard up to par with the US.

    Just thought you like to know 😉

    Dr Cath

    • The spirulina you link to in your article is NOT organic. Very good quality but not organic.

  104. I put both chlorella (ultrasound shattered cell wall) and spirulina powders (raw, organic by Earth Circle Organics) in smoothies all the time that I make and no one knows that either of these things are in there. I mix it with whatever various frozen fruits I have on hand, add a banana if I have any, a few baby carrots, spinach or kale, homemade almond milk/coconut milk and water, coconut oil, Garden of Life’s Raw Vanilla Meal, either raw honey or coconut sugar or maple syrup (just a bit) and ice – it’s awesome!! I only use organic ingredients as well.

  105. spirulina is also found to have tumor fighting abilities since it has been found to active the natural killer cells in the immune system. People with autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis should also avoid taking spirulina. During pregnancy/nursing one should consult a doctor before taking it.

  106. I am very picky and my sister worked for years to get me on green smoothies. I started them with my Nutribullet and then she told me to add spirulina. When I add it to my smoothies I don’t taste it because I’m already used to the green taste. If I add it to a smoothie without greens, I can taste it, but it’s not horrible. I always put a banana in my smoothies. The riper the banana the more flavourful it is. You will get used to it in smoothies. It smells horrible..I couldn’t imagine taking it with water!!!!

  107. I don’t taste it in my green smoothies, but then again I put fresh ginger in there and that seems to take the edge off of pretty much everything. =)

  108. I heard that there’s a link between Spirulina and Parkinsons and ALS. Is this true? Someone recommended to give Spirulina to my 10 month old. Shes iron deficient and they said this is better then giving her iron drop supplements. I gave it to her once in a frozen banana puree, but now Im not so sure to continue giving it to her if theres a risk. I know theres amazing benefits, but dont want to put my child at risk.

  109. Thank you soo much wellness mama for this wonderful blog of yours..my family keep on reading always on your different kind of blogs cause it helps a lot n our every day life..MORE POWER WELLNESS MAMA…

  110. is it okay to drink spirulina and apple cider vinegar at a time?

  111. For those concerned about breast feeding, I can feed on them and discern any ill effects

  112. I have been taking naturya spirulina but feel no better I have no energy is it because its from china. I just want to sleep.Help.

  113. Multiple Sclerosis individual: I have been taking spirulina going on 3 months now. So far, I feel pretty good, and haven’t had a real relapse in quite some time, but don’t know if it’s just the spirulina. I have also been exercising my legs to help me with my MS. Does spirulina help people who have MS, and how is it beneficial for them, or can it interfere with MS medication. For me, the medication is Gilenya once a day.

  114. Am I nuts for loving the taste?! I have spirulina capsules and powder and I think it’s delicious!! I’m glad I started adding it to my smoothies before reading this article, I would have been too grossed out by the notion of consuming something that tastes like “pond scum” to indulge. It’s not that bad, folks!!

  115. I have been taking spirulina along with other powdered items. each day I use 2 cups of mixed frozen fruit I cup of coconut milk 1tsp of each of the following. spirulina, chlorella, hemp powder, maca powder, moringa powder. throw it in the blender with ice. I don’t really think it has a bad taste, maybe at first but after awhile you either like it or not. I tend to think it is ok. I sometimes put more in if I feel particularly stressed. I don’t feel like a superhuman so if you think all of a sudden you can leap tall building because of the hype I assure you you will not leap tall buildings. it just makes for a healthy meal replacement or in my case I just like having a cold smoothie in the middle of the day.

  116. If you add the powder to green smoothies can you taste it.

  117. Is organic spirulina safe to use on toddlers?

  118. I have read many things about spirulina and how to disguise it. i really struggled to accept the taste and like many others was put off by it. However i now mix a table spoon of powder with honey (anything viscous with do) and add 200mls grapefruit juice or lemon juice to the paste. Then add what ever fruit or veg smoothie you like. the pond water like taste that is normally present has gone and its just the colour thats off putting. I enjoy my smoothie each day now 🙂

  119. I know it’s good, but it tastes horrible.
    I make a smoothie with carrots, apples and cucumber and then add spirulina to it. That tastes okay.
    Thx for your blog.

  120. Hi Katie
    I love spirulina and love the way I feel when I am taking it regularly. I am extremely happy that I can take this while I am pregnant. I was wondering if you know anything about chorella, monolaurin and olive leaf consumption while being pregnant.



  121. I always add spirulina powder when I make guacamole … it keeps the guac from turning brown, you can’t really taste the spirulina, and it’s a way of getting a bit more into your system.

  122. I had spirulina salad dressing the other day it was delicious. Lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and spirulina powder.

  123. Hello, Found your article and enjoyed reading what you had to say about Spirulina. I really appreciated the independent study done on Mountain Rose Spirulina. Did you send the product in for testing? What company did you use? I would love to send some samples of “Moringa Oleifera” powder for testing which is also considered a super food.

    The, “tastes like pond scum” was classic! Although, most of us have never really drank down a glass of pond scum, some how we all can almost taste it just from the description.
    I have never really sipped on spirulina in liquid form so it was nice to see all the added recipes. I personally just encapsulate my own powder. I guess I always feared the Pond Scum taste.

    Thanks again for sharing your article, “Wellness Mama.” I have have room on my site for posting of health related articles. I would be happy to place one of your articles on my website with links back to your Wellness Mama page.

    peace and positivity, Anwar

  124. The only way to consume Spirulina in liquid form is in Tomato Juice.

    For some reason the tomato hides not only the pond taste but also stops that smell from being released.

    I have tried virtually hundreds of different things at that is the only one that really masks it,

  125. i had posted 3 posts relating to spirulina ,chlorella and related issues.my knowledge in these areas are accurate and extraordinary. it has taken many hours of through research to gather and post these informations for the benefit of your readers health .it seems that they were posted and removed. in the event that they are not reposted i will never waste my time again. presently it seems that you are not interested in the full truth of nutrition and politics and advice that will arm your readers to best take care of thier health.very disappointing to say the least.if you don’t have the fortitude to admit necessary informations in these serious health matters i suggest that you close down your website as it appears to be an insincere cowardly farce.obviously you are responsable for the negative effects to all the people that are denied these defenses.it seems your website is hypocritical stating you want to help people but post and unpost necessary imformations.my conclusion:presently it appears the essence of this website is childish, unpurposeful,politically correct dribble and,basically nonsense.you are part of the problem and not part of the real solution i wonder how destructive people sleep at night!Bill E

    • Hi Bill,
      Your comments were caught in the spam filter because their length and included phone numbers and email addresses (which spam comments often do) and which I don’t allow. As I have five children, I don’t have time to go through spam comments on a daily basis and do so only once a week or so. I appreciate the information that you posted and that you have obviously done a lot of research on the topic. However, I don’t appreciate your juvenile tantrum because I wasn’t able to approve your comments on your time table and your rude remarks violate my comment policy. If you’d like to re-write the comments in a respectful (and well formatted and easy to read) way, I’d be happy to approve them (when I have time) but I do not appreciate your tone or your condescending remarks. Also, in any future comments, please follow my comment policy so that you remarks will be approved https://wellnessmama.com/comment-policy/.

    • I see you don’t have spell check on your computer do you Bill?

  126. the best way to take this is to mix the required amount (say a tablespoon in a quarter of a glass of juice-say pineapple) and drink it all at one like a shot-this way you get it all at once without subjecting yourself to a long drink of fishy tasting Spirulina! i dont think it goes well in smoothies as it overpowers the whole thing and thick fishy tasting smoothie isnt good-take it short!

  127. Hmmm… I love the taste, so much that when I had the pills I would chew them up and savor them like candy, which led me to buy the powder (better deal than the tablets). With that the first thing I did was try to eat a spoonful. Still like the taste but learned to put under the tongue cause otherwise it gets inhaled into the lungs (not sure how good that is for them). I kind of binged on it the first couple days, then started putting in a green smoothie. I gave some to my friend in both forms and he loved it too and asked me to get him his own bag, pulling the money out immediately.

    I think the comment that it tastes something like blood is perhaps more accurate than pond scum (though I have never had that, but have licked my own wounds when I was younger). If we will eat meat of all kinds, then I find it ironically funny (pun appropriate) all those who are put off by something green.

  128. I have used SPIRULINA in capsules form – a TIENS product designated as food supplement and can comfortably attest to its ability to enhance health. No common allergic conditions and maintains body energy always.

  129. I am factor VII deficient, should I avoid spirulina?

  130. Great post about the health benefits of Spirulina.. For those that feel awful about consuming the Spirulina powder – Try the Spirulina crunchies from Vivapura.. They taste wonderful and I’m sure you would want to take them quite often.

  131. I love spirulina in smoothies, I have to share my favorite recipe with y’all!

    Fill a cup halfway with frozen strawberries, half with frozen peaches. Add a few frozen blueberries as well. Fill the cup with apple juice, pour into the blender, and add a scoop of spirulina.

    Happy drinking 🙂 You are welcome!!!

  132. I have a concern- yes, it has a high nutritional content, but isn’t that when you’re looking at an entire cup of it? I did the math and each teaspoon only has a little over a gram of protein. So why is this product marketed for its high protein content? People are only taking small doses, making it less nutrient dense any other thing I’ve ever put into smoothies. I’m curious to hear your side. Thanks

  133. i have done exhaustive research on spirulina and chlorella and utalize both.in most applications organic stands for non use of posion and related factors,HOWEVER,as applied to spirulina it means for nourishment of spirulina. such items such as chicken parts are used to supply the nitrogen that spirulina needs for growth.unfortunately this produces an inherent distinct possibility for BIOLOGICAL COMTAMINATION. this presents a possibility of contamination to the consumer.this is why the american corporation nutrex 1800 453 1187 decided to use only nitrate.regarding purity,quality and strain development for potentcy only american companies make the grade.i believe earthrise was the other american company that i considered,however, when i made a potency comparison of” zexathin” i found nutrex 4 times as potent. nutrex has set the standards with sunlight exposure (hawaii),strain development,pure seawater brought in(85 minerals),nitrate,biological risk reduction, purity,patented low temperature processing. to my knowledge no one in the entire world manufactures spirulina to the combined level of degree that nutrex does!It is a HUGE, CLASS development started by some of the most qualified scientist on earth.generally speaking purity is disasterious in areas other than united states as they simply do not have the standards,or desire, demanded and utalized in america. reports of all kinds have been reported from forign countries including metal contamination,ETC. from using unpure water,ETC. I invite you to give NUTREX a call and tell i referred you to them.they are quite friendly and have books they somtimes send for free,if requested, which are EXCELLENT. check out my informations and you find all true.in my opinion if you really want the best you need spirulina pacifica mnfg. by nutrex. i purchase my spirulina at swansonvitams.com ..great prices and people. god bless, best in health, bill 6107898443

  134. I have just tried a product in New Zealand called Charlie’s Spirulina Whole Fruit Smoothie made with Spirulina, Apple, Banana, Orange and Kiwifruit. Dairy free and no preservatives and found it was very nice to drink even my young son wants more of it.

  135. Any tips for getting this stuff into a five year old? Smoothies?

  136. I have been taking spirulina since 1989-1990. I use the powder occasionally and mix it with juice, but prefer the tablets. I took it due to tinea versicolor, and it got rid of it for me and cleared up the scars left by it, which were white spots that wouldn’t tan. In 2 years my chest and back cleared up. I felt a big difference and have continued taking it. One thing I do is take it for 2 weeks, then lay off for a week because I have read all that vitamin A is not good for the liver and I am a beer drinker. It does weird me out occasionally when I see arm hairs growing kind of long, but as a 54 yr old male, I do like the fact that when I get on it heavily I get ‘peach fuzz’ and hair growing on my scalp. Another benefit is when waking up, I do not feel an energy boost, yet feel awake and don’t need a second or third cup of coffee. And it helps you lose the 5 o’clock blahs… 25 years later and I think it has been worth taking it and I have gotten around 25 friends on it, and around 20 continue to take it. Those that didn’t said that they didn’t like the first week as they have crohn’s or irritable bowel and they got gassy. All others said they felt a difference after the second week. I prefer the earthrise brand, others just didn’t seem to have the same affect on me, so I stick to that brand. Tablets only, powder is easier to assimilate, yet the tablets are easier to take and carry with you.

  137. Actually, the spirulina health supplement I’m taking is already sold out so for now, I’m taking blue green algae. Spirulina and blue green algae are cyanobacteria. Some insisted that it’s just a pond scum that is worthless, they don’t know it is potent superfood. It has many health benefits to enjoy and is 100% organic so it’s safe to take. I don’t know what it tastes like in liquid form so I’d preferred the tablet form.

  138. I am new to spirulina. I stumbled upon it when I was looking into your prenatal supplement recommendations. In November I had an 11week miscarriage. My next cycle was very heavy. I ended up with a ton if very disconcerting symptoms and thanks to your blog we nailed down that I am anemic, tests proved it and I have been supplementing with Standard Process and feel much better, I also strongly suspect a magnesium deficiency. In the midst of all this, I became pregnant again. At my appointment today (6 weeks) my doc wanted to give me a prescription for iron and a stool softener… Yuck. I would like to try the spirulina but will definitely be taking it in tablet form! Knowing that I am pregnant and diagnosed anemic, how many tablets should I start with and what should I work up to? Also. I ordered Natural Calm for the magnesium. Any issues with taking that while pregnant? Your blog has been such a blessing as my family has made the transition to a WAP diet. Your suggestions and many podcasts have lead me to make changes that have noticeably improved the health of my whole family, mostly my 2 year old son! I am so thankful!

  139. Hi
    I’m making Spirulina Bread Today 🙂
    Anyone tried before ???

  140. I am wondering if anyone has tried it for menopause symptoms. Has anyone tried it and experienced the benefits?

    I don’t want to try Hormonal Therapy yet. Although, I have been suffering for almost 1.5 years, I would like to try natural remedies.

    Please let me know. Thanks so much!

  141. I have Lupus, fibro, and sjogrens. Would this stuff help me any? Or do I need to be careful? Tia

    • Try the autoimmune protocol diet. It’s an offshoot of paleo and what I have read so far is very positive in regards to reducing inflammation and calming the immune system. It’s not something that will work overnight, but given time, you may experience some symptom relief.

  142. Is it really safe while breastfeeding? WebMD says to avoid because possibly unsafe (if contaminated) and that basically not enough is known to approve of during this time. I am breastfeeding and have been using in smoothies, but I am wary with the conflicting information out there.

  143. For the last year I have had high labs on my calcium. I’m 58 female my md says for me not to take calcium. Should probably check with her before I take it. How much calcium is in it?

  144. This supplement changed my life! I am no longer exhausted, I have been sleeping better, my mind is sharper and my overall health during the winter months has improved. I believe it is the use of this supplement that has made the difference as it was the only thing I changed about my routine. I take the pill form as I don’t think I could stomach the taste if I were to drink it.

  145. My favourite way to take spirulina is in a smoothie.
    I use frozen banana, whatever kind of milk I have on hand, a bit of peanut butter, and sometimes turmeric.
    Sometimes throw in other frozen fruits.

  146. Tastes bad? I guess I have a weird taste, because I love it! And I enjoy licking off the leftover clumps that are stuck to the spoon after mixing 🙂

    • mmmh, still have a hard time with powdered spirulina. No problemo with the fresh though… 🙂

  147. Spiralina is great on popcorn with butter and salt.

  148. I have a very physically demanding job. What is the most effective way to take spirulina: 1 tsp/4g of spirulina once a day (e.g. in the morning before I head for work) or 2 x 500mg tablets/capsules four times a day? Or doesn’t it matter how I take it?

    • I would prepare snack to eat during the day. Every time you feel tired, just grab one and you’ll be ready to go.

  149. I used spirulina in my son’s bday cake and frosting and it wasn’t so bad. He wanted a blue cake with blue frosting and I read that it can be used as a natural food coloring. I didn’t put a ton in and I did eventually add a few drops of food coloring, but it wasn’t so bad of a taste and it was slightly blue (even though it is more of a green color in itself).

  150. What about spirulina protein powders? Are there any cons to using the powder as a meal replacement vs putting spirulina in an actual smoothie. I have been using the GNC Superfoods Spiru-Meal with pretty good results.

  151. I need to make a chewable iron rich gummies for my toddler. Do you think spirulina would be a good source and if it is, should I use the liquid or powder for the gummy vitamin recipe?

  152. Along with adding spirulina to my veggie and fruit smoothies, I throw in some fresh mint which totally masks the flavor that I don’t particularly like. I think one can get “use to” the flavor, but it just isn’t happening for me; thus, the fresh mint allows me to consume spirulina everyday. My husband, who cannot stand the taste of spirulina, has no idea there is spirulina in his smoothie when I add mint. He just doesn’t understand why when he makes his smoothie, it’s not a dark green-lol! I’ve also had it on popcorn, and while it obviously doesn’t taste like butter, it isn’t bad. I’ve even had it sprinkled on French fries, and that was pretty good when I dipped them in mayo. I know, I know, French fries, mayo, not necessarily health food. But these are my small steps to becoming healthier. We live on Maui, and we can get the Hawaiian spirulina at Costco. So maybe it’s at Costco on the mainland? If not, maybe from Costco website? Mahalo for your site!

  153. Good Afternoon All –

    I am enjoying the thread. I guess I would like to know how do you know what powders (maca, Spirulina or others). Do you rotate or is there a way to know which is best?

    Thank you,

  154. I agree with most that it tastes like pond water. My solution is to add a little bit of pink salt to my smoothies to offset the taste (also works with bitter greens like kale etc).

  155. Is Pure Planet a good brand? Why may it not be good for those with autoimmune diseases? What about migraines?

  156. I add a tablespoon to my smoothie and i feel like a lot gets wasted. I find the powder on the blender blade, on the walls of the blender. I want it all !!! Is there anyway to dissolve it then mix? I don’t want to make a big production of it, I just want all the health benefits.

    • Hm… You might try blending the smoothie a little first, then once it is pretty wet stir in the powder. I don’t know if that counts as making a production, though.

      • I find that adding powders to blender container in the right order helps. First is is liquids, then nutritional superfood powders, then protein powders, then last add frozen or fresh fruits and/or ice cubes. This seems to ensure that the powders don’t end up stuck to the lid. You could also try swishing the powders around in the juice (after adding to the blender container in the proper order) by hand before adding the solid fruits, veggies or ice. This seems to be what works best for me.

  157. As someone who is just starting out I’ve been experimenting a little … here is an idea that I tried today that I haven’t seen anyone mention yet… adding spirulina and wheatgrass to homemade tuna salad. My tuna salad uses lots of pepers (cayenne, red, banna, plain black) and whatever pickles my kids haven’t eaten :-). Even though the salad turned an awesome green color, I couldn’t taste either the spirulina or the wheatgrass.
    Hope this helps someone when looking for new ideas.

  158. When taking both spirulina and fermented cod liver oil, could the high amount of vitamin A be harmful?

  159. I’m confused by the links. I wanted to purchase based on your recommendation. WHen I click your link, I get this site which doesn’t appear to be afiliated with Mountain Rose Herbs and it doesn’t seem that they are selling that brand’s product: https://thrivemarket.com/nutrex-hawaii-hawaiian-spirulina

    When I checked the Mountain Rose Herb site, I found this page: https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/products/spirulina-powder/profile

    Can you verify which one you are referring to and correct your links if needed?

    • Both are good. Several people were asking for an option with faster shipping than Mountain Rose Herbs, so I listed the other one as well, but either option is great.

      • I read somewhere that the Nutrex Hawaiin powder is not organic. Have you, by any chance, aware of this?


  160. hey!! I’ve been having spirulina since I was a baby and the way I have it is ibpn my milkshake !!!!!
    its actually very yummy !
    Here is my recipe

    1 banana
    1 cup of berries (mixed)
    1 cup of yogert
    milk ( to get ur texture)
    1 tablespoon of spirulina powder


  161. I want to give spirulina to my 8 year old . What amount should I give it to him ?

  162. This is my first time taking spirulina, I’m on my second day taking a tbsp each day and today I feel a slight headache and tiredness! Will this eventually go away. All the reading I have read says it does. Also I take it with a half scoop of my protien powder and my veggie greens , is this okay to mix ?

    Hope to hear from someone !
    Thank you

  163. I have consistently taken high quality Spirulina for 33 years….. I am in my 70’s in perfect health! My 3 sisters who thought I was a nut for taking it are: 2 with cancer & 1 deceased. I can ruthfully say there is no better food that is known at this time on planet earth. Now, 70% of the Spirulina that is available in the US comes from China & can be heavily contaminated. It is also irradiated prior to coming into the country…. rendering it a dead food. The name “organic” cannot always be counted on when it comes to Spirulina…. some that is listed as organic actually uses animal blood as a growing medium. The regulations for organic apply to aquaculture as well as land and what is truly an organic method of growing Spirulina can no longer be called “organic”.

    Spirulina requires a very specific climate to grow in. The most ideal is a temperature between 110-130 degrees, which makes for a very high phycocyanin content. Phycocyanin is the blue pigment that is such a protector of the bodies immune system. It is also shown in medical research to support/increase the development of neural stem cells in the brain. There are simple ways to take it that completely masks the taste until your body kicks in and begins craving it on everything. WE make a simple smoothie in the mornings with banana, frozen or fresh fruit, fruit juice and/or nut milk. A shake of cinnamon and a sprinkle of turmeric complete this super drink. We take 2 tablespoons daily and at times add it to salads, soups, hummus and other foods…. We eat an organic, non-GMO diet and of course work on our mental, emotional and spiritual sides to complete the picture.

    I do have more information but because I market Spirulina I will leave it for Wellness Mama to contact me if she wishes to have more information

    • Hi Lyndia,
      I am interested to know more about which spirulina you’ve opted to consume.

      I am currently consuming Nature Complete brand which I bought from Holland and Barrett here in the UK due to iron deficiency anemic and reactive arthritis that I’m currently going through.


  164. do you need to refrigerate? I use some but keep in pantry? thanks!

  165. How does spirulina fit into your tooth remineralizng? You linked to it, but I couldn’t find it there. Thanks!

  166. I know this is super old, but I’ve been reading up on constipation remedies (gosh i’ve tried so many this is the last I want to try), and came across chlorella (not sure if it’s the same as spirulina but saw one product had both in it so…?).
    You wrote you shouldn’t take it if you take a anti-coagulants … I take 3 (ginger -for acid reflux, garlic -health, and turmeric -anti inflammatory). What happens when you take chlorella/spirulina with a anti-coagulant? I really want to take it for constipation relief, but there’s no way I can give up my ginger (only thing allowing me to eat without a fireball of pain in my chest).
    Also what do you recommend on the dosage for chronic constipation (I mean chronic…2weeks+ if i don’t chug half a bottle of prune juice, and not even castor oil is a match).

    Thank you so very much in advance!

  167. Hi. I love your writings. I found you because of my hashimotos. I actually like spirulina alot but I am avoiding iodine for the moment to see if that is what is keeping me having flares
    . I know you recommend avoiding iodine when struggling with hashimotos. How does the spirulina fit into that diet? I thought it was full of iodine. Thank you.

  168. Do u know if people with MTHF mutation able to take spirulina?

  169. I love spirulina. I first started using it 12 years ago, in tablets and capsules, working up to very high doses to assist with detox and weight loss. I had amazing results! I have used it in powder form during all my pregnancies in smoothies and also during breastfeeding. I do use it weekly to supplement myself, in smoothies, & any leftovers I make ice blocks with & my three year old loves them! He will drink the smoothies sometimes too. I have used it as a poultice for very inflamed skin (mixed with water, coconut oil & essential oils). I have mixed it with vegemite and put in toasties for one of my children. My Mum loved it too, but she had to be careful after she was diagnosed with autoimmune disease, as too much spirulina would activate her immune condition. I alternate between vegetarian & vegan diet and I rely on spirulina to help me achieve a balance of nutrients in my diet.

    • Did you end up taking a prenatal vitamin as well? I would really like to start taking spirulina, although am wondering if it’d provide too much beta carotene (vitamin A) on top of a prenatal vitamin?

    • Hi,
      I am very interested in taking spirulina as a supplement during pregnancy (I’m now almost 28 weeks along). I see that taking 3,000 mg per day (recommended) would provide around 7500 to 8000 IU of Vitamin A (beta carotene) … if I am also taking a whole food prenatal multivitamin which provides 5000 IU of beta carotene (total of 3 capsules), wouldn’t that be too much beta carotene/vitamin A then?
      I am very interested in taking spirulina, but this seems a little confusing… Please let me know what you think

  170. Anyone have experience giving it to a dog? Looking for ways to boost our dog’s immune system.

    • I would try just mixing some with his food. OR with some raw meat from the store (is that safe? For dogs I think It is… best to look it up first). I doubt he would turn that down! my understanding is animals instinctively eat grasses and herbs when ill. If he doesn’t like this one then it might not be what he needs.

  171. Need some assistance on something.
    There are claims that is has tons of Calcium but I do not see that listed anywhere on the label or anywhere in the nutrition facts. Am I missing something?

  172. Are there any vegetable source of Vitamin B12? Is there any yeast that have it?

    • In reply to Marcio, many years ago, i knew a vegan who mentioned sesame seeds as a natural source of B12. The problem is that sesame seeds showed 0% B12 when I did a URL search. If you look for vegan B12 sources, you may find what you are looking for. Be careful when researching nutritional values on the Internet. Check and vet the sources. Also, I bought and tried spirulina – and gave it to someone who likes it (just not me) yech! – tastes like pond scum reads. It does have great nutritional value though.

  173. Haha I understand Spirulina is so healthy that everyone wants to have it in their diet even if they really dont like the taste… And for sure understand that people rather take it in capsules, as the powder form does taste and smell like goldfish feed…
    I m fortunate enough to have a small local company in my area in the Netherlands that grows spirulina in a closed controlled pond. So I have it fresh or freshly frozen, the taste is great, quiet mild actually…so mild that you can easily add it in sweet or salty stuff and it doesnt even affect the taste…for me it s more like a greener.. And the texture is awesome – I really love it in yogurt, and yogurt based sweet and salty sauces!

  174. I would mix it with water alone or into my smoothies. I quite like the taste, however I am struggling to find on the web how long spirulina mixed with water lasts/ if it has to be drunk immediately. any input would be appreciated. 🙂

    • Hi,

      When I mix it and don’t drink it right way I will put it in fridge for up to 3 days, its seems fine..
      I also mix it in a smoothie making a big batch and drink it at least within 3days 😉 taste great!

  175. I make up my morning protein shake, which includes spirulina, the evening before. The shake sits on the kitchen worktop all night and always tastes fine next morning – even in the summer (I live in England!)

  176. Hi Katie, excellent article! I am trying to decide between spirulina and wheatgrass. I don’t mind the taste, but I would like to know the differences. I have read that one is superior over the other and vice versa and am confused. I like to add it to my morning yogurt and fruit.

  177. I take powdered spirulina in two ways:

    – Soy or almond milk based protein shake. I just use a milk, spirulina, a protein powder, and stevia. With enough of the other ingredients, you really can’t taste the pondy flavor of the spirulina.

    – I’ve also started putting it in my morning yogurt. I use a plain yogurt and add stevia for sweetness and to cover the taste of the spirulina. Works really well. I also add flax seeds and raisins to the yogurt to help mask the taste.

    I know it can taste gross, but it is definitely possible to use it in ways that cover the taste!

  178. You stated that people with autoimmune disease don’t do well with spirulina. Why would that be and are there some specific ones that you were referring to?

    • It can cause an immune reaction in some people from what I’ve experience/read due to its ability to activate the immune system too much. From the University of Maryland Medical Center “If you have an autoimmune disease, such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, or lupus, you should avoid spirulina. Theoretically, it could stimulate your immune system and make your condition worse.”

  179. Hi All,

    What about taking spirulina for a sluggish thyroid or Hashimoto’s, which is considered an auto-immune disease due to the antibodies made that attack your thyroid gland. Many holistic remedies recommend iodine rich foods and supplements.

  180. Hi there,
    I couldn’t read through all of the posts but want to know if anyone felt “off” from taking spirulina. When first taking it, I felt sink like I would vomit…. I stopped for awhile and starting taking it again last week but just one tablet a day. I seemed to become really exhausted and brain-fog by noon. Once I stopped taking it towards the end of last week, my energy seems to be better now. I’m well on my way to recovering from Adrenal exhaustion. Thanks.

    • Hi, yes it is normal. You should start gradually to avoid that.

  181. Yes, Carrie is right.. I also take it and felt like vomit and also headache. Now I have stopped to eat. Can anybody tell me what should I do?

  182. I just found out I’m about 6 weeks pregnant. My husband and I have been taking 1-1.5 tsp spirulina a day for the past month, and I’ve been giving half that amount to our toddler. Are these amounts okay for my family? How much is safe for pregnancy? I also plan to start taking 2tsp FCLO butter blend a day to get enough vitamin D and to give some to my toddler as well. Along with 800mg folate and a real food diet, these are the only ways I plan to get enough vitamins and nutrients for my pregnancy. Is this okay?

  183. Started the product 1 week ago. I tried it with water and that was the last time LOL. Now I add it to my smoothie but the bottle states one teaspoon but on this web site it states 2 teaspoons a day. I haven’t felt any difference when using the product, maybe because I’m not using enough. I will start using 2 teaspoons in my smoothie. I will continue with the products because of all the good benefits. #hopeitsworking

  184. Thank you for all the great information here. I have been taking Spirulina for a year now and couldn’t imagine going a day without it. I have been buying from Hawaii in the powder form until recently I came across a company in Florida who is offering it in it’s raw form, not powdered. I ordered some a month ago and OMG, this stuff is truly something amazing. It is a paste like consistency. They shipped to me in a glass jar in a cooler with ice packs. First thing I noticed was no smell or taste. I initially started taking spirulina because my doctor told me I was anemic blood level iron hovered around 8-9. I searched for a natural way to boost my iron. I just had a blood test yesterday after taking this raw paste for a month and my blood showed iron at 15.4. I truly believe this was a result of this new product I am now addicted too.

  185. I tried it and I have to say it’s not very good but I added it to green drinks. When I used the bag I decided I had been tortured enough so, I started growing and drinking wheat grass. That surprisingly is not unpleasant and it’s affordable if you grow it.

  186. My children actually chew up the tabs. They love eating a piece of fruit afterwards and “turning” it green.

  187. I loved this article about Spirulina. I’ll start using it again. I have a question that is not directly related to Spirulina, but is about a video I saw that says that certain popular “superfoods” should be avoided. The first was soy, because of the high levels of phytoestrogens. That I understand. I’ve never been a big fan of soy and have always avoided it. The second was wheat grass. The Dr in the video said that there isn’t any documented benefit of consuming chlorophyll and that humans are really not intended to consume grasses or wheatgrass. I could understand that there might be a problem digesting a powdered wheat grass, but I’m not sure why he seems to think that wheatgrass juice or powdered wheatgrass juice would be an issue. Obviously the source and how it is grown and processed is important, but he seemed to think that there is no real benefit to consuming wheatgrass juice. The third “superfood” he mentioned was goji berries. He said that they are high in lectins, which are NOT good for the digestion and even worse than gluten. So, my question is, what does the current research say about wheatgrass juice and goji berries? Are they beneficial ? Are there compounds in them that make them ineffective, irrelevant or even dangerous for health? Would love to clear up the confusion.

  188. Some brands taste horrible, but there are 2 I love. One is Healthforce Nutritionals – theirs is raw and organic, and tastes great – they do 2 varieties, one from California (sweeter) and the other from Peru (Earthier), but both taste good. My favourite is Nutrex – my body actually craves this. I love the taste mixed with water (any other liquid just spoils the taste of both the spirulina and the other liquid). I make it quite thick and take it with a teaspoon, like yoghurt. I take just over 1oz (30g) per day, but if money were no object I could easily double or even tripple this and still want more… Not certified organic, but is cleaner than many that are. The body’s craving for it also tells me that it is good.

  189. Do you recommend the capsules? I am not really into powder, and where do you find the best capsules to buy?

  190. I have this on hand and wish I could take it regularly but, alas, I’m on a blood thinner and it causes my INRT to drop drastically. The only time I can take this is when my INR goes up too high (meaning my blood is too thin to clot). But I do believe in this for others.

  191. Was just thinking about adding this to my daily routine…but have hashimotos and I have read that it is not at all good to take if you have that. Can make it worse as well as iodine should be avoided too. This sounds like such an amazing product for so many! Anyone have anything that can address this? Thank you!!!!

  192. I’ve had both Spirulina and Chlorella and I would say to always start off on a small dose. The more toxins you have in your body the stronger your response will be because it’s getting rid of them and that’s a good thing…. you might feel nauseous, need to go to the toilet more often to begin with, etc.. I think that as long as you start with small doses you’ll be fine.

  193. Hi Katie,

    I see so many posts here but, I haven’t seen a reply to Frances Mallia #1.8. I think she could use more info from you!

    Thank you!


  194. The other HUGE problem with Chlorella and Spirulina are that since the Japanese nuclear disaster at Fukushima, that is still dripping radiation into Japanese waters where the majority of Chlorella and Spirulina are harvested….there is too much propensity for radiation. The companies selling it do not want you to know that it is full of radiation and aren’t going to tell you about it. There are Chlorella farms in the US, but they too have been contaminated with radiation. Even the fish on the west coast are hugely contaminated. You won’t hear about any of this on the news as they don’t want to kill jobs by having people stop buying west coast fish and chlorella…but you can find the information if you search for it..

  195. Great topic! Does anyone know if it’s okay to take Spirulina and/or Chlorella if you have MTHFR? I have 2 copies (homozygous) and have the C677T mutation. I would like to take them for health reasons and would like to continue taking them if I get pregnant and while nursing but would be interested to know if anyone has experience taking them and has MTHFR.

    • I would love to know the answer to this as well! I have the same and so does my daughter.

  196. I love taking the capsule of a mix of Chlorella and Spirulina. Much easier to get it down that way. I get the Perfect Supplements brand and it’s not too pricy and high quality too.

  197. I used to get chronic bronchitis twice a year (at least) without fail, around the time the seasons would change. A nurse told me about spirulina and I started taking them – it seemed to help. When I ran out I quit taking them. Guess what? My bronchitis returned (eventually). Since then I have been taking 1000mg a day every morning with a glass of water and my doctor-recommended fish oil.

    Nobody has mentioned Puritan’s Pride. I have been using their products for many years, their quality and prices are great, especially when you can get the buy 1 get 2 free deal. I get the 500mg tablets, which they say you should take 3 at every meal. I think that is excessive, but perhaps I’ll take one more with each successive meal. That seems like enough, and I haven’t had bronchitis, except after a coughing passenger plane ride) in years.

  198. I see that you mentionned that Chlorella is not a good source of Iron… I do not agree. Chlorella helped me getting out of severe anemia very rapidly. I was hospitalized for an hemorrhage in october 2015, got my hemoglobin as low as 57 and received 4 blood transfusions. When I got out of the hospital I was at 80. I then treated myself with supplement of natural iron, and it took me about 7 months to get my hemoglobin back to 110. Then I did get hospitalized again for another hemmorhage at the end of June this year. My blood red cells count got as low as the last time; around 80. I started taking Chlorella with the iron supplement…and in about 2.5 months this time I got back to 110. So Chlorella has plenty of iron… and it helped me a lot in many ways. You do have to buy the one that is broken cell though to get the benefit. I know however, that Spirulina seems to have more Iron than Chlorella… But it does clarify the blood, while chlorella doesn’t seem to have that side effects according to the research I made until now. 😉

  199. Do you take this while nursing?

  200. I didn’t like you calling it pond scum it makes it sound like scum which is very different to an algae. you probably just put heaps of people off ever wanting to try this. I have trouble with pills so i have been having it with cup of soup it taste’s like mushroom to me and it goes very together. I was just looking to see if the boiled water effected it’s nutrition?

  201. I’m wondering if the place you are getting yours is tested like where I buy mine? Yours is a lot less expensive!
    Here is what they say about what I buy:
    This PureBulk product is manufactured in a cGMP certified and registered facility. PureBulk’s supplements are tested by accredited third party labs in the USA to ensure their identity, purity and potency. To receive a copy of these test results or any other PureBulk supplement please fill out the COA request form found here.

  202. The only thing, I get constipated when taking them. But I love to take them when travelling especially long haul flights with time changes. Works magic, no more jet lag 🙂

  203. Bolthouse smoothies are owned by Campbell Soup Company

  204. I added about 2 teaspoons Raw Organic Spirulina powder into my latte, 1/2 Cup organic coconut milk unsweetened (blend cream and liquid together) preheated, 1 or 2 Tablespoons Organic Balinese cacao powder (Cold-Processed), 3 droppers (to taste) non alcohol NuStevia (or honey to taste), 2 to 3 Tablespoons organic coconut oil, 1 to 2 teaspoons organic Matcha Tea powder, 1 3/4 Cup hot filtered water (heated to about 180 F.), put all ingredients into heavy duty blender container and blend for about 45 seconds, important to now add 1 Tablespoon Unflavored Gelatin (I used Great Lakes orange can as I still have some in my pantry) and only blend about 10 to 20 seconds. A rich flavorful bodied latte that you can enjoy almost any cold winter morning.

  205. I’ve been taking powdered superfoods for a few years now.. Spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass powder, kelp powder.. lately I’ve been feeling like it’s not working for me anymore. Should I be cycling on and off with this stuff?

  206. Can I mix up a week’s worth of smoothies and keep them in the fridge with spirulina in it?

  207. I put it in peanut butter you can use almond or another. It completely eliminates the taste even a little
    honey, on apples. I still think drinking the water with it is important, at least 8 oz after. But I really don’t like the taste.

    BE sure to drink plenty of pure water WHEN you have wheatgrass.

  208. Isn’t anyone at all concerned about the very high level of purine in spirulina? It’s off the charts. Check Wikipedia for one and scroll down to the very last table, very last item, under the purine levels in many foods, beverages, etc.
    Purine -> higher uric acid in blood -> gout and related complications.
    Advise first check with your doctor before sucking pond scum or whatever else you’d like to call it.
    Respectfully, Jeff

  209. In the section above titled “How to Consume Spirulina”, there is the link “purchased here”. The link takes you to Amazon and Nutrex Hawaii spirulina in a 1 pound jar. My first comment is that Nutrex has a taste much less like pond scum or like licking your wet dog than others I have tried.
    Second is that Nutrex is not the cheapest but I consider it the best which is why I have two 5 pound bags of it.
    Third is that Nutrex does not name their product as organic but it does say. “Grown in a Biosecure Zone, our Spirulina is free of pesticides, herbicides, gluten and lactose.”
    I combine in a separate jar 1 part turmeric with 3 parts spirulina. For each 1.5 grams turmeric, I add one tablet BioPerine which is a black pepper extract to make the turmeric bio-available. I grind up the BioPerine in the coffee-spice mill that I use for coffee beans. The turmeric powder is coarser than the spirulina and so the blend makes it much easier to dissolve in a glass of water. It doesn’t stick to the spoon or glass.

  210. You are right, Spirulina doesn`t look or taste the greatest but it is a tremendous superfood. The more whole foods people can incorporate into their daily diet the better, so whether it is spirulina or coconut oil or chia seeds or kale go for whatever suits your taste. Great article by the way.

  211. Great info…in reading through all the comments

    1) has anyone added the powder form to an iced coffee? How is the taste and does it blend ok?
    I add plant protein powder already.

    Does not hurt to ask. Odd I know

    2) what in the recommend brand? Several have been mentioned here


    Thank You

  212. I just used spirulina powder to color my mint chocolate chip ice cream. My daughter wanted it green & I don’t do food coloring, so spirulina it was! Didn’t change the taste at all. 🙂

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