Healthy Fried Cheese Sticks

Gluten Free Cheese Sticks Recipe

I used to love fried cheese sticks in high school and college and would even just order these as my meal in restaurants. Now that we don’t eat grains or vegetable oils, I decided that we needed to find a healthy version that we could make at home (and much cheaper too!).

After some trial and error (and lots of burnt cheese), I’m happy with this recipe…

Gluten Free Cheese Sticks Recipe

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Fried Cheese Sticks




Yield 4 -6

A healthy take on mozzarella cheese sticks - grain free!


  • About half a pound of Mozzarella Cheese, cut into sticks
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup (or more) of almond flour
  • 1 teaspoon of Italian Seasoning
  • 1/2 tsp Himalayan Salt
  • 1-2 cups of tallow, lard or coconut oil for frying (I prefer tallow)


  1. The day before you are planning to make, or at least 3-4 hours before, put cheese sticks in the freezer on a plate.
  2. Once cheese is completely frozen, crack eggs into a medium bowl and beat with about a teaspoon of water until creamy.
  3. Combine the almond flour, italian seasoning and salt on a medium plate.
  4. Put the tallow, lard or oil in a small pan so that it is about an inch deep and bring to medium high heat.... it needs to be hot before the cheese goes in.
  5. Remove the cheese from the fridge and dip the cheese in the egg mixture, then in the almond flour mixture, then back in the egg mixture and repeat if necessary until well coated. They need to be coated completely so they seal and the cheese can't escape.
  6. Drop 3 or 4 at a time into the heated oil for a couple of minutes until they are starting to brown and carefully remove. I removed them with a flat pasta scoop (finally, a good use for it) but a slotted spoon will work too... you just don't want to squeeze them with tongs or poke with a fork, as the cheese will escape and make a big mess.
  7. Repeat these steps with the remaining cheese until all is cooked. Oil can be re-used.
  8. Serve with homemade pasta/marinara sauce or enjoy plain! 🙂

Courses Appetizer

Cuisine American

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What was your favorite “bad” food before switching to a real food diet? Do you like cheese sticks? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. I may have to surprise my husband with these. He will flip 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Do you think the almond flour can be substituted for something else?  Maybe coconut flour? 

    • I tried with coconut flour and it worked, but the texture wasn’t nearly as good, and it tasted different. You could do it, but the almond flour tastes a lot like the regular ones.

  3. I would use my deep fryer… I melt the tallow in the removable pan in the oven then put the element in and it works! Not supposed to use it with solid fats, but I do anyways 🙂 I have been looking for a mozzarella stick recipe, thanks so much!

    • I’ve been thinking about putting tallow in my deep fryer. Good to know it can be done!

  4. Thanks! My wife WILL be trying these.

  5. Making tomorrow…

  6. Did you use like a regular block of mozzarella or fresh mozzarella?

    • A regular block, though fresh could work, as long as it was well frozen, i think.

  7. Where can I find tallow? Does the tallow have to come from organic cows?

    • Preferably from grass fed cows… We get it from us wellness meats… The link is in the resources page 🙂

  8. These look absolutely delicious!   I’ve never fried cheese before and am eager to try these! 

  9. Yum! I made these tonight to have with supper! They were delicious! I fried them in lard…can I save the leftover lard and use it again? Should I just put it in a glass container? Thanks for the great recipe!

    • Yep, just save in the fridge for re-use.

  10. These are great! thanks for the recipe.  

  11. Hey, I read that you shouldn’t use coconut oil over 375 degrees? Is that true why is that?

    • You basically don’t want to heat it high enough for it to oxidize. It should actually be fine to at least 400, or you can substitute lard or tallow, which have higher smoke points.

  12. Wow. These were amazing! I made my own Italian seasoning and then followed the recipe exactly. I fried them in coconut oil and served them with a simple homemade marinara sauce. By far my new favorite recipe!!

  13. I just started going gluten free. Yesterday I cleaned out all the glutenous foods and today I decided to try this recipe. Well I must say, I made a good choice!! Your recipe for cheese sticks was phenominal!!! Loved them! If I can make at least half of the non glutenous foods taste as good as this then there will be no problem staying gluten free for life. This is one happy girl 🙂

  14. Any chance this could be modified to fry pickles.. That’s my southern food vice

  15. Where do you get your almond flour? I looked through your resources and I can’t find where to get almond flour other than amazon. Is that where you get yours? Also, can I use coconut flour instead of almond flour because of cost?

  16. I made these using string cheese…no messy goo! They were salty though, will omit next time! Thanks go sharing!

  17. Love your site

  18. Can these be baked instead of fried??

  19. Could you do all the preparations before cooking them and then freeze them? I thought it might be nice to prepare a bunch of them to cook at a later period.

  20. These were also my favorite before making the changes in our diet this past year!! Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  21. I really like your site. I think this recipe is great too.. Thank you.. I substitute almonds with grated Parmesan cheese, roll the sticks and freeze for two hours before frying.

  22. How many times do you re-use the tallow for frying before you discard it? thanks

  23. Do you think I could re-freeze them after breading them, so they would be ready to pull from the freezer and go in the fryer at a later time?

  24. Where do you find “healthy” cheese? What do you look for and not look for in cheese?

    • I prefer to buy local and organic whenever possible…

  25. I have used a recipe similar to this to make other foods also. Think chicken tenders (chicken nuggets), fish sticks, breaded veges (the really hard solid ones need to be steamed a little first) etc.. Almost any fried foods version can be lightened up and cooked this way. Just change up your spices to fit into your taste preferences.

  26. I want to try this ,but I’m scared!

  27. We make GF cheese sticks at home too. I find it a timesaver to just use organic string cheese, I normally bake them instead of frying.