Hydro Flask Review

hydro flask review

I usually review books because I am constantly reading and love to share books with you that I enjoy. This week, I’m sharing something I also use constantly: my water bottle.

I drink water, kombucha, and herbal teas almost every day. At home, I drink out of a quart size mason jar with a Cuppow lid, but that doesn’t work as well on the go because a mason jar doesn’t fit in my car’s cup holder.

I have a Klean Kanteen and have used it for years (in fact, I can’t even count the dents it has now and it has served me really well). My only complaint with the Klean is that it is all metal and it doesn’t keep liquids cool or hot for long. If I use it to workout outside in the summer, my water is hot enough to make tea by the end of my workout.

I love the idea of glass water bottles, but they aren’t practical with my kids.

Until recently, I typically just loaded up the ice in my Klean Kanteen and hoped it wasn’t hot by the time I wanted to drink it.

A few weeks ago my husband and I went out for our anniversary and we stopped by our local outdoor sports store to get extra carabiners for our treehouse zip line. While he was getting the needed climbing supplies, I browsed the camping gear and saw something called a Hydro Flask.

What is Hydro Flask?

The packaging claimed that this Hydro Flask water bottle could keep cold liquids cool for 24+ hours and hot beverages warm for 12+ hours. I was skeptical but intrigued. I read the rest of the package and found that Hydro Flask was made with food grade stainless steel and a double-wall vacuum insulation to keep temperatures steady. I also noticed that the plastic lid was BPA free.

I noticed a store employee carrying one around and drinking out of it so I asked him about it.

He opened it and showed me the ice inside… and told me that he put the ice in the night before. Not only had it kept it cold for almost 24 hours, there was still ice in it.

I grabbed a purple wide-mouth bottle and a black bottle with a flip top lid for warm drinks and asked my hubby if they could be our anniversary gifts to each other.

Does the Hydro Flask Work as Advertised?

Fast forward a few weeks and I’ve tested them daily:

  • I used the coffee cup Hydro Flask with my special coffee and it stayed hot for 4+ hours (I finished drinking it then so I don’t know if it would have stayed warm even longer)
  • I put ice water in it in at night and then taken it with me the next day on errands in a hot car and working out and it still had ice in it when I got home.
  • I put fresh juice with ice and it stayed cold all day
  • Used it to keep homemade kombucha cold and carbonated all day long

I now use my Hydro Flask daily and it is pretty much the only bottle I use. If you’re ever in the market for a water bottle, I highly recommend them. These are the specific ones I’ve tried:

Do you use a water bottle? What is your favorite? Share below!

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