Hydro Flask Review

hydro flask review

I usually review books because I am constantly reading and love to share books with you that I enjoy. This week, I’m sharing something I also use constantly: my water bottle.

I drink water, kombucha, and herbal teas every day. At home, I drink out of a quart size mason jar with a Cuppow lid, but that doesn’t work as well on the go because a mason jar doesn’t fit in my car’s cup holder.

I have a Klean Kanteen and have used it for years (in fact, I can’t even count the dents it has now and it has served me really well). My only complaint with the Klean is that it is all metal and it doesn’t keep liquids cool or hot for long. If I use it to workout outside in the summer, my water is hot enough to make tea by the end of my workout.

I love the idea of glass water bottles, but they aren’t practical with my kids.

Until recently, I typically just loaded up the ice in my Klean Kanteen and hoped it wasn’t hot by the time I wanted to drink it.

A few weeks ago my husband and I went out for our anniversary and we stopped by our local outdoor sports store to get extra carabiners for our treehouse zip line. While he was getting the needed climbing supplies, I browsed the camping gear and saw something called a Hydro Flask.

What is Hydro Flask?

The packaging claimed that this Hydro Flask water bottle could keep cold liquids cool for 24+ hours and hot beverages warm for 12+ hours. I was skeptical but intrigued. I read the rest of the package and found that Hydro Flask was made with food grade stainless steel and a double-wall vacuum insulation to keep temperatures steady. I also noticed that the plastic lid was BPA free.

I noticed a store employee carrying one around and drinking out of it so I asked him about it.

He opened it and showed me the ice inside… and told me that he put the ice in the night before. Not only had it kept it cold for almost 24 hours, there was still ice in it.

I grabbed a purple wide-mouth bottle and a black bottle with a flip top lid for warm drinks and asked my hubby if they could be our anniversary gifts to each other.

Does it Work?

Fast forward a few weeks and I’ve tested them daily:

  • I used the coffee cup Hydro Flask with my special coffee and it stayed hot for 4+ hours (I finished drinking it then so I don’t know if it would have stayed warm even longer)
  • I put ice water in it in at night and then taken it with me the next day on errands in a hot car and working out and it still had ice in it when I got home.
  • I put fresh juice with ice and it stayed cold all day
  • Used it to keep homemade kombucha cold and carbonated all day long

I now use my Hydro Flask daily and it is pretty much the only bottle I use. If you’re ever in the market for a water bottle, I highly recommend them. These are the specific ones I’ve tried:

Do you use a water bottle? What is your favorite? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. I am looking for a practical water bottle! Does the wide mouth one fit in your cars cup holder? Thanks.

      • live in HOT Florida and cycle anyone know of a water bottle that fits into a bike bottle holder and keeps cold no sweat and chemical and BPA free

    • I have used Thermos double walled stainless steel flip top straw bottles for water, for 8-9 years. Stays cool, doesn’t sweat, fits in car’s cup holder. My children have used the smaller 12 oz. sizes, Funtainer beverage bottle, since they were three. They can be purchased on thermos site or at retailers (in Michigan, Target Meijer etc). The best thing about Thermos is they guarantee for life. I received FREE replacement bottles after sending in the childrens’ and mine. after being dropped a million times, the plastic bottom cover became loose from the cup (still totally functional). Plastic caps are not guaranteed, but only cost a few dollars (cap + straw set).

    • I bought a pkg of 2 bottles. Glass with a rubber covering at Costco. Sorry can’t remember the price. The brand is Takeya 20 oz’s. BUT… I just ordered the purple wide mouth. Thank you for the info..

    • I like my Tervis cups and will stick with them. They have a lifetime guarantee as well (can be exchanged at Bed Bath and Beyond on the spot), made in Florida not China, and have tons of designs and sizes most of which fit in a cars cup holder.

    • I want to get the 32 oz hydro flask. Do you get special pricing since you are showing on your site and how do take advantage of this? Link on your site shows it at a lower price.

      • I just purchase it through Amazon, the price is the same for me as it is for anyone else…

    • I have the 24 ounce Hydroflask and it fits in all of my cup holders!

  2. I absolutely love my glass life factory bottles! My one year old has dropped them many times and they hold up so well. Haven’t had one break yet and we have 4 of them. I use it daily and never leave home without it. For me nothing compares to drinking out of glass.

    • Yes,plastic and sunlight is a bad combination.I always use a discarded glass bottle with nice fitting cap which I replace as soon as possible.In my opinion,Glass is the best if you wish to enjoy the taste of your drink,be it water.But on a trail run I use my camelbak.


      • You might try looking at the sites that sell (American made) home water distillers. I’ve not looked for a glass jar with a spigot but I know that many sell glass water containers that are refrigerator-sized. Finding a glass, one-gallon water container with a spigot that doesn’t leak may prove to be a greater challenge. Thanks!

    • I have been interested in purchasing Life Factory bottles for a long time now. Thanks for the feedback. I also have a 1 yr old (and 5 yr old). Which tops do you recommend. I believe they have a flip top and straw top?

  3. Thank you for writing this review! I’ve been using the same cheap plastic water bottle for years, and been saying for a long time that I need to get a new one. I knew I wanted to buy a good quality water bottle, but shopping for them is overwhelming – soooo many choices to wade through! And I’m an indecisive person, lol! Your review just made it so much easier for me. I’m sold! 🙂 I just made my purchase on Amazon and can’t wait to finally throw away my nasty old water bottle!

  4. Is there a reason you never got an insulated Kleen Kanteen?

  5. I have been researching so many water bottles and still haven’t found one I like yet. I need one with a filter (because it’s so much gunk in the water) and also one that is chemical free. Most plastic bottles are BPA free but not of other chemicals that still get released, And all the glass and metal ones don’t have a filter. I tried also looking up on charcoal but it doesn’t filter out everything. I know it’s good to have a filter at home, but I need a bottle that I can bring and fill up at work for example. If anyone knows of a good option I would love to hear it!

    • I know that Life bottles are really good at filtering things. They are a British product I have been looking into lately. The bottle is plastic I believe:-(, but they are supposed to work better than a Berkey water filter. They filter farther down than other filters do. Just something to look into. They are EXPENSIVE though, so beware.

      • Which Life bottles are you referring to? Lifefactory or LifeStraw?

    • Hanna,

      I bought some Ion Pods, stainless steel water bottles. They fit almost in any vehicle, These bottles create alkaline water which has many benefits. I use these bottles everywhere and they are great. They are pricey but worth every penny. They also sell the ion filters you can replace.
      You can check them out at “Healthy Habits”.

      Good Luck.

    • Try Eco Vessel…great filter and bottle for those occasions where you can’t fill it up at home with your home water filter. Love mine!

  6. Hi Katie – I was wondering if you tested for leaking? I would love something like this for my kid’s lunch boxes or even just to carry on the outside of their backpacks. Since the backpacks get thrown into the car, turned upside down, etc., I need something that will not leak. Thanks!

    • They do not leak with the reagular cap, but I like the ease of the sports cap, which does leak if on it’s side. It’s still a fabulous water bottle.

      • The Kleen Kanteen Sport Cap 3.0 fits the standard opening Hydroflasks perfectly. It does not leak when closed and liquid flows out very easy and fast without effort when open.

  7. Great article, didn’t know about these bottles. I’ll definitely get one! Also love the Cuppow lid idea, (so interesting though … that wide mouth cuppow lid costs $8.60 on Amazon.com and $32.10 on Amazon.ca in Canada! What the heck?) Thanks for this great info!

  8. Hi, it is easy and no cost to make a spout for a mason jar. Just cut out the top from a juice container with a sealable spout and place that in the top of the mason jar. I keep one in the garden, on the balcony for watering plants. Great to use anytime for your needs.

  9. I have heard of S’well 500ml bottles (New York based company I think?) – which tick all the boxes you mention – as well as: 10% of all sales go to build safe and hygienic water sources in Africa and India through a partnership with WaterAid. Does anyone have any experience with these water bottles?

    • S’well water bottles are amazing!! I love mine. It keeps ice in Oklahoma heat and doesn’t sweat. They are made in the US, have great customer service, and donate a percentage if their profits. Plus you can get any color imaginable in different textures and sizes.

      • would you suggest a 17 oz or 25 oz S’well bottle? I’m looking to get my first one.

  10. I was surprised by your comments about your Klean Kanteen. I have been using one of their insulated Klean Kanteens for a few years now and love it. As a matter of fact when I went to go purchase another one since my husband confiscated mine, I saw that the store also carried the “Hydro Flask” brand. The sales rep came over to tell me about them since she had experience with them and like them. She did not have personal experience with Klean Kanteen. Everything she had to say good about them was what I had been experiencing with my insulated Klean Kanteen so I opted to purchase another of what I knew for sure would work.

    • I know this is an old post, but I was looking for something on this blog and saw this one. I’m guessing Katie didn’t/doesn’t have the insulated kind. Klean Kanteen makes an insulated and a non-insulated kind. I did an experiment with my insulated KKs and insulated HFs and KK did noticeably better keeping the water cold (I took temperatures over greater than a 24 hour period).

  11. I’ve been using Hydroflasks for over a year and I love them. I’m a big water drinker and I enjoy it really cold. These flasks fit the bill! The double walled stainless steel keeps things cold (or hot but I’ve not tried this) without any “sweating” which makes it perfect for leaving in a hot car, at my desk or by my bed. I describe them as a thermos like my dad took to work when I was a kid.

    I’ve purchased multiple ones as gifts and they have been in use daily ever since. My boyfriend doesn’t like water but because these flasks will keep your water ice cold he has been able to increase his water intake.

    They come in a bunch of sizes, openings (wide or narrow mouth) & different tops. I feel like a Hydroflask salesman because everyone I come in contact with either hears me talking about it or asks me what I’m drinking out of! Love ’em!!!

  12. Hi Katie I love love your blog! I learn so much from you then a few months later I see it on Dr. Oz!

    I need your help my friend has late stage ovarian cancer and needs eggs that are not fed soy or any kind of wheat? Do you have any ideas where we can find them? Thank you for all you do! :))

    • I think the ones at wellnessmama.com/go/tropical-traditions are not fed soy and I don’t think they are fed wheat either. Hope your friend heals quickly!

  13. I love my hydro flask but it is made in China so something to think about. I bought my son a great straw bottle similar to hydro flask but made in Spain and I really like that one, too. It’s from Laken.

  14. I’ve used the hydroflask for a couple years now and I love it! I have glass water bottles too but the wide mouth makes it easy to stick ice cubes in it, thus keeping my water or other drinks icy cold for hours.

  15. I went to the Hydro Flask site to order and read many negative comments about the current quality. Are you aware first hand about the new ones being produced in China? Do they match the quality of the ones you purchased?
    Thanks. ~Alice

    • Hi – Alice! Did you find anything out about this?

      • no, I haven’t seen anything more about the current quality of these bottles

    • I bought 3 Hydro flask water bottles 40 oz. for husband/work and two 18 oz. for me totaling 88.97 plus tax. And the 40 oz. & one 18 oz. have small rust spots on the inside bottom, will be calling customer service. Some recommendation on this site don’t always pan out.

    • Lead is one problem…..I have a friend is super knowledgable on the top and
      sadly because her kids got lead poisoning….

  16. Thanks for another informative post. I’ve been unable to find the perfect water bottle and this sounds like I’ve found it! I wanted stainless steel so I can add my lemon essential oils, wide -mouth for ice, and the ability to keep my water cold on the beach during yoga class. It’s also good for the environment- less plastic bottles on the earth. Baby Mama

  17. Thank you so much for this post! I’ve been looking for a large, straw-less water bottle for a while now and this seems awesome! It’s a little more than I was looking to spend right now so it may need to wait a little while, but I’m definitely keeping it in mind! 🙂

  18. Does anyone know of a good insulated water bottle that has a glass liner? I’m taking a med that can’t be exposed to metal or plastic (although I make an exception for plastic lids because hey, I do what I can and I made do). I’ve been using mason jars with the plastic lids to keep it but I wish I had something that would hold the cold longer.

    • I have not tried these brands, but it looks like Eco Vessel and Aquaovo have double-walled, glass only options. 🙂

  19. I love the insulated klean kanteen. I go skiing and leave coffee in it in the car for hours. When I come back, the coffee is still hot!

  20. A customer at work left their 40oz HydroFlask, and after letting it hang out in lost and found for a while, I took it home! I agree with your review – it is AMAZING! I had an insulated Klean Kanteen that I used for smoothies, and it honestly doesn’t even compare to the HydroFlask. I think it’s the only water bottle I’ll use for when I want my drink temp regulated!

  21. Sounds intriguing…but from what I have been reading BPA free just means they put other harmful chemicals in–so I am trying to steer clear of all plastics.

    • I agree, Julie! I use a Kleen Kanteen with screw on metal lid. I only put water in it so when it spills on me, it just needs to dry. Wish someone would make a stainless steel mug with a stainless steel screw on lid. But maybe the metal would be too hot on your lips?….

      • Hydro-Flask has an all metal lid option for the standard size bottles (smaller opening).

  22. I first purchased a 21 oz hydroflask and Loved it for work. I then purchased a 40 oz one for when I am out and about all day. I absolutely LOVE them and have since purchased one for my son and husband as well as all of the members of my sister’s family as birthday gifts. No more Klean Kanteen for us.

  23. For water I use a glass “ello” water bottle. I love drinking water from a glass and the rubbery sleeve on the out side keeps it from breaking. I have dropped it hundreds of times. No Cracks!
    I think I will try the hydro flask for coffee and tea tho because I am constantly forgetting about it for a a half hour or so then its cold 🙁

  24. I may not have read closely enough – but is the inside of the bottle stainless steel? I’m interested since you say you drink kombucha out of it. Or is it just an old wives’ tale that you may not want to use stainless steel with live cultures?

    These bottles do sound great, however! Thanks for the review. (Love the blog, I’m constantly sending your articles to various friends.)

  25. My husband and I have an active outdoor lifestyle, only somewhat hampered right now because we have a young son. He has worked in the outdoor retail industry for a long time, and sees these products all day long. We use both Kleen Kanteen AND Hydro Flask products, as well as Camelbak and Nalgene. It really depends what you need (hot/cold) and what time of year it is. We love all of those brands, but I have to say hands down, I love my Hydro Flask for keeping beverages the temp I need them to be.

  26. I have been using a Thermos bottle for years and it does keep hit and cold liquid as is. Is there something bad about them that I don’t know of ?

  27. I’ve been using a hydro flask for the past two years and I’m absolutely impressed by how long they keep hot drinks hot. My husband is in the military and during a training exercise he made hot tea in the hydro flask. He was unable to drink it for about 12-14 hours later and it was still to hot to drink!

  28. I just ordered a Hydro flask and I was a little bummed when I received it and noticed a label on the bottom that read “made in China”. What is everyone’s thoughts on this? Is it safe?

  29. I have recently started using a mason jar for my water. I found the pint and a half size fits perfectly in my car cup holder. It holds 20 ounces like my Tervis did and I added a top to accommodate a straw. The perfect drinking glass.

  30. My favorite is EcoJarz lids for mason jars- they are not plastic like the Cuppow ones and are cheaper. They are made from stainless steel or silicone and you can turn any mason jar into a to-go container!

  31. I love my Hydro Flasks! I’ve used them for the past few years – they are the greatest! How do your clean yours? Do you have any tips? Since they can’t go through the dishwasher, I always worry that I don’t get them clean enough..

  32. FYI: Klean Kanteen has double insulated water bottles that keep drinks cold for 24 hours. We all have one. I use my other klean kanteens to refill our double insulated bottles at soccer and baseball tournaments because the ice doesn’t melt quickly,

  33. Thank you for this review! I have been wondering if it’s okay to put Kombucha in my Hydro Flask to flavor my water. It sounds like it’s okay to do? It won’t harm the Kombucha?

  34. My HydroFlask bottles came in yesterday and I am loving it so far. The water stay cold and crisp!! I wasn’t thrilled with the made in china. I see many other people have had the same feeling.

    So far so good and one baby step for my family!

  35. I just ordered and received this last week. It is awesome. Keeps my tea hot all the way to work. Keeps my water cold all day through work. Completely worth getting and having to replace my other beverage containers. Also love how the top clicks closed and open to stay in place.

  36. Any tips on cleaning? I used my with tea, and now it tastes like tea even when there is only water inside. Tried cleaning with soap and water, but the tea taste is still there

  37. I read that there is lead on the bottom of these bottles

    I think I am going to stick to my glass water bottles with the rubber sleeve. However, it is tempting to buy this as i live in Hawaii, and it would be nice to be able to drink cold water on the beach. But the fact that it is also made in China is making me doubt I will want to purchase this.

  38. Klean Kanteen insulated bottles fit a car cup holder and keep things hot/cold all day or night. Just check the dimensions of the ones you choose and order a cafe cap for daily use! Try Amazon.

  39. I also have a 32 oz Hydro Flask and absolutely love it. I’ve been using it for about 3 months now. It goes with me everywhere! They are expensive but worth every penny in my opinion.

  40. I had been been gradually finishing the plastic water bottles I had but decided to use the water in ’em for flowers or something & bough the Hydro Flask – 40-oz. (I will admit I wasn’t so sure about spending this much – but it took me about a day & find out it was well worth it.)

    I wanted it mainly to fill with cold water (filtered) and it is fantastic – With the filtered ice cubes it keeps the water really cold. And I don’t get ‘tired’ of water when it is this cold. And even though the wide mouth is ok to drink from, I’ve also ordered the lid with the straw.

    And it stays cold. Other drinks also stay really cold. –

    Haven’t tried anything hot in it yet but think I’ll buy a smaller one for my winter hot drinks.

    • Hi, What is everyone’s experiences with the bottle sweating when keeping water cold in high humidity? I would be using it golfing and my wife would be using it in her purse. Thanks.

      • There is absolutely zero sweating, because Hydro Flasks are double wall insulated. I’m been using them for years.

  41. NO sweating!! I love these water bottles. I take mine everywhere!

  42. Hi,
    Does anyone know if this bottle is lead free?

  43. I have been a Hydro Flask user for at 3 years now. I love love love them. I have bought about every size and even the food ones. They are tough and have survived my very lively boys. Just don’t put them in the dish washer. The color will fade. They really will keep iced drinks iced for 24 hours. Worth every penny!!

  44. I was wondering if you knew if this water bottle is also BPS free….BPA’s ugly twin sister. Thanks!

  45. Quick question! Is food grade stainless steel just as good as glass? Or is glass best but this water bottle is a close second?? I have been searching for a great water bottle that is at least a liter large. Thanks!

  46. BE WARNED! Was seriously considering the hydroflask, but then I read an alarming number of reviews on Amazon stating that they have quality control problems with vacuum seal, paint, and a serious rust problem. I won’t be buying one.

    • I’ve used mine daily for well over a year and have never experienced any problems…

  47. I’ve had my 40-oz Hydro Flask for a few months now. No it doesn’t fit into the cup holders in cars – at least not mine BUT I just lay on the passenger seat – & have never had a leak.

    Because of the wide mouth, and was afraid I would end up with ice pouring out onto my face & clothes, I got the straw cap & love it. I have found that if you just put your filtered water in then some ice – the ice will melt & will not be cold for very long. You must put Cold water in & I usually had about 4-5 ice cubes to make certain it remains cold. It does & always have the ice cubes still inside – smaller but still there. Of course you can use for other liquids which I have but usually just water.

    Because it is summer, I have not tried anything hot & don’t plan to until I am cold & is cold outside.
    I think I need to get a smaller size for my hot teas though and keep the 40-oz for my water.

  48. Hi I was reading about your water bottles. I am wondering what kind of water do you drink, tap? Thank you!

  49. Where is this made? I’m very wary about things that come out of China. I realize majority of things are made in China, but when it comes to water bottles, cooking pans, utensils, food containers, I’m very wary.

  50. Why would you design, and sell a product design for drinking, it is not leak proof, because my Hydro Flask and people that have totaled up to six others see all of their Hydro Flask LEAK !!!

    • I’ve never had any issues with mine…

    • Allan Madsen and others. I’m wondering if the previous manufacturer of Hydro-flask was very quality conscious, so they didn’t leak or rust. but maybe those now being made in China were made cutting corners and are now leaking, rusting, and no telling what else.

  51. Have you heard anything about Green Canteen? They are stainless steel and 100% recyclable, but made in China. I am not sure if they are just a knock-off of Klean lantern.

    • *Kanteen
      Checked out HF, but they are also all made in China.

  52. Have you read the reviews on this product? Not very good. It appears that most are complaining about the caps frequently breaking and they don’t keep the contains cold or hot as long as they claim they do. They say that they are BPA-free but what about BPS and all the other contaminants. I figure there most be a better alternative. Not to mention that the EPA and FDA don’t require safety testing of new materials in products until they are actually released on the market.

    • I’ve had mine for two years and haven’t had an issue…

  53. Hi! Kombucha is ok in stainless steel? I thought it couldn’t touch any metal or it effects the probiotics? Thanks for helping me with this question! 😉

  54. I love the bottle so much that I never use my mugs anymore. Literally! I just bought the insulated sport cap and I nearly choked on the little rubber covering a tiny hold on the cap. It came off and got into the drink. I nearly swallowed it though. Maybe they can look into that cos it’s kinda dangerous if my kids were to choke on it. Nevertheless is the best bottle ever!

  55. I have a hydro flask plastic flip top on a 40 oz knock off stainless steel container and I love it! I use it every day and bring it everywhere. It does not fit in my car’s cup holders though, but I love having lots of water with me at all times. I might consider getting a smaller one later on for the car.

  56. Does no one care that Klean Canteen and Hydro Flask are made in China?!?!?!?!

    There are other options out there! Do your homework!

    • Why not tell us what the other options are?

  57. I bought mine at DIck’s sporting goods a couple months ago, and it was under $40, they are $70+ on Amazon right now, just wanted to let everyone know! I took mine on our beach vacation, filled it with ice in the morning, and it was out in the HOT sun for 8+ hours and there was still ice in it a the end of the day, pretty impressive!

  58. Did my Hydro Flask make me sick? It’s a question I’m asking myself and scouring the Internet for answers.

    Roughly 3 months ago, my husband and I purchased Hydro Flasks. They do keep cold water cold, even here in the Arizona heat.

    Unfortunately, over the past few weeks, I’ve been having more and more headaches, felt dizzy, started having severe pains in my finger joints and earaches. My allergist/immunologist says I have mutilple chemical sensitivities. This is new for me and I’m having to evaluate everything I’m using.

    Being as the Hydro Flask was the only new addition to my routine, I feel it is somehow contributing to these ailments. I’ll be stopping use of the Hydro Flask and monitor if my symptoms get worse or go away.

    It also concerns me that the stainless steel for these is made in China. Researching toxic cookware, those made with stainless steel from China are not recommended.

  59. I have a question about water coolers? We had one for yrs. and finding out that the plastic is no good. Do u know of any that is chemical free? Its so hard to try to be chemical free in this world. I worry about my grandchildren. Any info would be appreciated. T U Carol