Natural Remedies for Food Poisoning

Natural Remedies for Food Poisoning

So, I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, or to do much else for that matter. In fact, I spent most of the day getting a very close view of just how badly the inside of the toilet needed to be cleaned.

After a lovely date with my husband on Wednesday night, I started to have a weird feeling in my stomach. I drank some Apple Cider Vinegar, which is my normal remedy for any kind of tummy troubles and the feeling went away… until 3 a.m.

At 3 a.m., I was awoken by that feeling of needing to vomit but not being able to. I spent the next few hours with horribly cramping stomach aches and awful nausea. Then the vomiting hit… and did it ever!

I’ll spare you the rest of the details, but basically, I couldn’t keep anything down, including water, for the next 8 hours and I had really bad stomach cramps, dizziness, chills, etc. In fact, I had every symptom under the definition of “Food Poisoning” on WebMD.

At some point Thursday afternoon when I was debating going to the hospital to get an IV so I would have some fluids to be able to nurse the baby, I remembered the vinegar and how it had helped for a few hours. I also remembered something I learned in a class long ago about activated charcoal being a fast remedy for food poisoning.

Figuring I had nothing to lose because I’d be heading to the hospital anyway if I couldn’t stop vomiting, I started slowly sipping a mixture of equal parts Apple Cider Vinegar and Water and chasing with 1/2 tsp activated charcoal mixed into applesauce.

Yes, it tasted awful. Vinegar was pretty much the last thing I wanted at that point and the charcoal in the applesauce looked like tar, but within a few minutes, I actually started to feel a lot better. (Apparently, this is a common remedy that works really well, according to this forum thread).

I took a few more doses of each, probably about 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar total and a few teaspoons of activated charcoal. I was still really tired that night and sore from the vomiting, but was back to normal the next day. From what I’ve read of food poisoning, it can last days or weeks, so I’m very grateful that the Vinegar and Charcoal worked.

I share this so that hopefully any of you who ever get food poisoning can do without the 8 hours of vomiting and just take these two right away. I will definitely be keeping both on hand at all times!

What I did:

– At first signs of symptoms, took equal parts water (or juice) and apple cider vinegar (organic, with the mother!)

-In water or some kind of soft food, took 1/2 tsp or more of activated charcoal (or capsules if you can swallow them)

-Repeat until my symptoms stop.

Ever had food poisoning? How did you recover?

These natural remedies helped me overcome food poisoning in less than 24 hours. I used activated charcoal and apple cider vinegar.

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Reader Comments

  1. I’ve had food poisoning twice in my adult life, both from fast food — big surprise there, huh?

    First time from some bad oysters (lesson #1: don’t eat fast food fried oysters at 1:00am).  I didn’t know what to do so I suffered through two days of vomiting and other fun things, and another day trying to recover.  My body decided that I should never eat shellfish again, and I had an allergic reaction the next time I ate some, complete with hives and a swelling tongue.  Haven’t touched shellfish in years because of this.

    Second time, I was traveling in Germany and ate something bad at a well-known, worldwide burger chain because I needed to grab a meal while on the Army base (lesson #2…).  Being in Germany, I was able to easily find activated charcoal at a local shop.  That solved the problem pretty quickly the first day.

    I wish I had known about the apple cider vinegar then.  That stuff is amazing!!

  2. Last Saturday night, while staying in a hotel, I became violently ill.  Started with diarrhea, then vomiting and diarrhea.  Began at midnight and continued until about 4 AM.  I have known for years the benefit of charcoal, so always travel with it, and took it at the first sign of discomfort.  I’m always a little late with it as I don’t want to lose the benefit of the meal and supplements I take with my meals.  But now that you’re advising folks what to do about this misery, let me share the recipe for “Black Magic,” which is a better way to go, especially with young children.  When my children were young the clerk in a Seventh Day Adventist bakery (this was during my bread eating days) shared this recipe when I told her how ill my little boy had been.  He had had diarrhea so badly that a neighbor talked me into giving him kaopectate.  Well, the directions were a tablespoon every time he went to the bathroom, so that’s what I did.  Soon he was green, the diarrhea continued only in much smaller volume, and he complained contantly of wanting to have a bowel movement.  Soon I figured out that I had created a blockage with the kaopectate.  That was when I learned of Black Magic.  1 tablespoon of charcoal powder (or tablets or capsules), 1 tablespoon slippery elm, and 1 tablespoon of carob powder, all blended together in the blender with enough honey to make it palatable.  The kids loved the stuff because it was black and they could pretend crazy adventures about drinking weird black stuff.  The charcoal soaks up everything, the slippery elm helps move it out, and, I’m told, the carob powder helps heal the gut.  After only one glass of Black Magic my little guy was dancing around the living room and singing, “I’m well!  I’m well!”  Even if the potion gets vomited up, it soaks up enough that there is still benefit.  Once I’m better after a digestive upset of this kind, I pull out a jar of blackberry applesauce and  eat small dishes of that until I feel like eating a normal diet.  Of my three sons, one of them never leaves home without charcoal, another has it in the house, though his wife thinks it’s goofy, and the third, alas, is a product of the AMA and would rather subject his gut and liver (and those of his little family) to the ravages of prescription medication.  🙁

    • Hey, I forgot the all important 8 ounces of tepid water with this concoction.  Sorry.  I hope no one tried it without the water.  -dazane

      • I’ve used about 200mls of colloidal silver and lay down for at least half an hour, I wonder if there could be some super combo if the charcol didn’t absorb the silver could chase the black honey goo down with a small cup of colloidal silver ….homework time just don’t want to get food poisoning again.

        Its correct the long term effects can linger as bad bacteria live in the gut untreated. Certainly not worth ignoring

    • bentonite powder as soon as possible and often.

    • How much of the “black magic” do you put in water? How much do you take at a time? How often do you take it? Is it one teaspoon of the mixture to 1 cup of water? Room temperature water?

    • I’m like 5 years too late.. but can you break the recipe? please.. my kids ranges 12 weeks ( though I wouldn’t give it to him), 3, 5, 7 & 8 years old I’m trying to find something when the tummy bug comes around..

    • This is so much better than what the Adventists advised me. I think they said carob plus a nut butter – ouch on sensitive insides! Just made some for myself and already it feels better. Thanks!

  3. Oh yes this is what we use too and it’s amazing!  Usually works within 15 minutes to 1/2 hour.  So glad you found this because while the expulsion of fluids doesn’t last over a couple days, the pain and weakness lasts for several days after that.

  4. I take high doses of probiotics (Garden of Life Primal Defense is my favorite.)for any gastrointestinal problems.  I will take 4-6 capsules, three times a day until symptoms stop.  Usually, I only have to take them once or twice.  I have stopped several very severe illnesses this way.  I empty the tablets into a small cup of water.  I use half of the dosage for the kids.  I also take a Mutaflor with each dose but it’s very hard to buy in the U.S..  I order it from Canada.

    • Probiotics are great. I took them too, but still kept throwing up so much I don’t think the capsules had time to dissolve. Took a bunch after it all stopped though!

  5. Hi would other types of vinegar work?  I have fructose malabsorption and am meant to avoid apple cider vinegar. Thanks.

    • I’d just skip the vinegar and just use the activated charcoal in that case.

  6. Very interesting!  I didn’t even know you could buy activated charcoal for home use.  I will keep this post in mind, especially for my kids, who are prone to upset tummies.  I’ve never tried the apple cider vinegar in those instances, but I will!

  7. Is this just for food poisoning or throwing up for any reason?  Using the charcoal that is?

    • I’ve had other readers say it worked for flu and stomach bugs too

      • Don’t forget 1 tablespoon of lemon juice known to kill parasites and bacteria. My wife and I always ask for lemons when we go to a restaurant. Squeeze it on food or in your drink. keep lemons in your fridge for emergencies. Plus the charcoal and Apple cider vinegar.

    • Charcoal is only for food poisoning. I wish that I had some tonight. So, I’m going with what I have…

      For upset stomachs, mix Apple Cider Vinegar, half with water, then add a tablespoon of Baking Soda, and drink instantly. If you can get a swallow or two into the stomach, it will usually settle within a few minutes. You can add sugar or honey if you need to. Add honey to warm water to help it dissolve.

  8. I am finally startIng to feel better after a horrible bout of food poisoning (I suspect a fast food chicken sandwich). The most important thing is to allow all of your symptoms to fully commence so you can get all the bacteria out of your system. Otherwise, you’re just going to prolong the illness. Then, you can start taking meds to control the nausea. I really like Nauzene tablets, which work in minutes. I am also sticking to the BRAT diet until I am 100%.

    • I like the PRAT diet, PASTA, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. I was travelling with my family and had a HORRIBLE case of the stomach bug, my mom and sister caught it. The first thing I ate was fresh pasta and it was filling and didnt upset my stomach.

  9. The symptoms for food poisoning are very similar to gallstones..Have you ever been checked for gallstones? I had the very same symptoms you were describing in this post, and like you I thought that I had food poisoning. This “food poisoning” usually happened after eating out- usually something fatty or greasy. But it didn’t come on right away, usually it would rouse me from my sleep. I always felt nauseous, as though if I made myself throw up I would feel better. I had god awful stomach pain. And usually after a bout of puking, the next day I was sore, but fine. This would happen to me every so often, and I never went to the ER/DR. to get myself checked out. Well, one day it got so bad I had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. To make matters worse, I was also pregnant at the time, and baby and I spent 3 weeks in the hospital with gallstone pancreatitis. The baby is now a year old, she and I no worse for wear after that. But it is pretty serious stuff, and I wish I had known then what I know now. So that’s why I’m sharing this with you. Anyway, Hi! I found you on Pinterest and I am really digging your site. I’ve embraced my hippy mom side and have recently become a raw food vegan. Best wishes! Jeri.

  10. I’ve used charcoal for years now, anytime my kids have any sort of stomach/ digestive anything. (I did learn to not be tablets, only capsules.) Never tried the vinegar, but I will keep it in mind. I used acidophilus at first, now I use my kefir milk &/or water … if nothing is staying down, just a tablespoon or so every 15 minutes. Charcoal to absorb bad stuff. Probiotic good guys to fight the bad guys.

  11. Is it safe to have the activated charcoal when you are breastfeeding?  that is my concern right now.  Stomach cramping for 4 whole days now and I remembered the charcoal thing, but wasnt’ sure it would go to my breastmilk.

  12. When a family member had chronic diarrhea — which may or may not have been due to food poisoning — I searched for quite a while for a natural remedy to recommend that would work. The coconut cookies many people recommended did not help, but I finally found one obscure post that recommended turmeric tea. You make it with a teaspoon or so of turmeric powder mixed into a glass of warm water, and drink it. That really did the trick; the symptoms improved and then completely went away after a few doses!

  13. Is activated charcoal safe to use while pregnant? (not as a regular supplement, but just for acute needs)

    • I’d ask a doc before taking anything while pregnant, but I do know of cases where it was used in hospitals for acute problems and I personally would take it if needed…

      • Can it be taken while breastfeeding?

  14. My mom is sooo sick thanks for the info! i hope this works

  15. I wish I knew this on the 4th of July weekend. was down for 5 days

  16. Chamomile tea is an old remedy for vomiting and upset stomach/intestines, and very soothing, too. Will also help you to a restful sleep after a bout of vomiting. Don’t take if allergic to flowers.

    Here’s a link to the safety of herbs during pregnancy


  17. Good to know! I had some shrimp pasta that sat out to long and I can feel it coming! Sending hubby to the store to get some charcoal powder and apple cider vinagar!!

  18. Activated charcoal is not absorbed by the body so should be perfectly safe for pregnancy or nursing. All it does is adsorb (that’s right not absorb but adsorb) the poison and carry it out of the body. In a pinch regular charcoal will work too, it just has less surface area so is not as efficient. But be sure to use food grade charcoal (with nothing added).

  19. I just tried this remedy tonight after eating chicken earlier today. I woke up with strong symptoms and remembered this post. I’m already feeling better– thank you!!

    Quick question: any thoughts on brushing my teeth with the activated charcoal powder to restore the ph balance in my mouth right after a bout of food poisoning?

    • I don’t know about the PH, but your teeth will be nice and white! (I use it bi-weekly)

  20. Giving this a try! I ate some raw asparagus this afternoon from the public market and forgot to wash it! I feel like such a dummy, but I know that is what is causing my symptoms. I hope it works! Just did my glass of water/Braggs apple cider vinegar with 2 activated charcoal capsules. Glad I already had both on hand!
    For tummy aches I usually just do a small glass of water with a tsp of baking soda and a squeeze of lemon juice. My kids love It And it seems to do the trick. Thanks!

  21. Just used coconut charcoal with my sweet 3yo who found and drank a day old smoothie. She woke up this morning and vomited once. I gave her a 1/4t mixed in yogurt with raw honey & now she’s bouncing around like normal. (And equally fun were all my big kids reactions to black yogurt!!) Katie, you mentioned the charcol in a previous post a year (or three?) ago. I’ve had it in my house ever since just for this occasion. You saved the day again our house. 🙂 Bless you!

  22. So glad I came across this post, but only wish I’d been strong enough to google it 2 days ago when I had my first experience with food poisoning. Within an hour of eating the contaminated food, I knew something was amiss but I had no clue it would turn into violent vomiting every 15 minutes for the next 8 hours.

    At that point my DH had no idea how to help me other than empty my vomit bucket and bring me water/ginger ale, all of which came right back up. And I certainly couldn’t keep anything together long enough to google any food poisoning cures. Luckily I had some of my stepdaughter’s Pedia One leftover from a previous diarrhea spell so that made me feel less concerned about dehydration.

    But I SO wish I had read this before and had some of these items on hand. My stomach has finally stopped aching from the violent vomiting enough to sit up straight and tomorrow, I think I may finally bathe myself and go to the store to stock up just in case this ever happens again! (There was a point during that first night when I swore I’d never eat again)

    • OMgoodness! I know exactly what you mean, this past Tuesday I “exhaled” my entire dinner along with my 2yr old toddler, she’s fine now, but I went through that again last night with diarrhea now, it’s the worst feeling. An hour ago I drank the 1part water+1 part organic apple vinegar+1tsp bsoda….here’s hoping for a miracle! So hate feeling like this ….

  23. Hi I was reading on webMD and the doctors said electrolytes work very well for dehidration, I am sorry for the miss-spelled words. Where could I get the charcoal? I also cannot keep anything down, what should I do?

  24. I am so grateful for this advice. I read it quite a while back and it saved me tonight.

    Earlier today, I ate some leftover Chinese food that I thought was fine. 4 hours later, I felt as if I had an alien invader. I immediately took iodine and Epsom salts since that usually helps me with any digestive problems I may have. It took me a while to realize I was on the cusp of food poisoning. I grabbed the activated charcoal, ACV an colloidal silver and kicked the invader to the curb before it had a chance to take me out.

    I’ve had food poisoning before when I didn’t have this knowledge at my fingertips, so I know what the alternative is. I’m so glad I spared myself.

    Thank you is not enough.

  25. For anyone wondering where to get the charcoal you can find it at literally any Walmart even if they don’t have the capsules. You can do into the fish section and it will be labeled activated carbon. Same thing, hope this helps

  26. Hi!
    I was on the bathroom floor 5 hours ago, hugging the toilet, not having been this sick since my worst-ever food poisining in Vietnam…
    I asked by husband to get my computer, and found your remedy. I love all you other resources so I gave it a go. I am on a trip at a cabin in the woods in Sweden (I live in Norway), but had luckily brought with me my trusty unpasteurized apple cider vinegar.
    I’m not gonna lie, it was like you said, the last thing I wanted to ingest. But now, even though I am a bit weak and only eating boiled veggies, I am sooooo much better!
    I noticed it working just a half an hour after I started. I got a hold of some (lower-grade) carbon (hey, i’m in the mountains) and started taking that too, and it really feels like I will be back to my old self tomorrow, as opposed to the usual 5-day knockout…
    I recommend this to anyone!

  27. I have read this article a while ago and today it saved me!

    I had Sushi in town and in 15 minutes i felt huge pain in my stomach, headache, bloating … felt like i need to vomit … instantly knew it was food poisoning ….

    Thankfully i remembered what to do and i ran to the pharmacy to get some activated charcoal …. half an hour later felt good!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  28. I ate bad tuna on monday, was sick from that night until the next with diarrhea and cramps and nausea. Now it’s wednesday and i’m back working but am curious…should i still get some ACV or charcoal?? Or will something like Pearls or plain yogurt be enough to get my gut healthy again and flush out the bad stuff??


  29. I really like that there are so many natural remedies for many of today’s ailments. I wish we had kept to this approach instead of using so many antibiotics that cause so much collateral damage. I am definitely going to be keeping your tips about apple cider vinegar in mind!

  30. I’m in China with second day of food poisoning (my second bout in this country – last one in ’06 after eating turtle – I’m adventurous, what can I say?) and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find activated charcoal, but there IS an apple cider vinegar drink here that tastes more like a soda. If I can’t find actual apple cider vinegar I’ll drink that instead. Just gotta make it through the night to morning when the stores open again. Crossing my fingers…

  31. I use organic coconut activated charcoal alone it will knock out any stomach upset. It has gotten me through the Noro Virus four times. That was the worst virus and hard to kill in your home. I will never be without my activated charcoal.

    • How do you take it? Thank you!

  32. Usually when people are SURE they have had “food poisoning,” and want to blame the last thing they ate, it was really a virus that they picked up a day or two earlier.
    Thankfully, activated charcoal is helpful either way!!

  33. Hey Wellness Mama! I’ve loved your blog for over a year now and find comfort in your info in the most dangerous of times. My kombucha animal sunk to the bottom and I hadn’t realized the top had gone bad so fast. It smelled fine, but I took a sip and knew it was bad. I gurgled and sipped some healthy ACV and went to find my activated charcoal. As I swished it around in my mouth and took a few capsules and felt so relieved to see that you’d done the same for food poisoning. Thank you for all that you do. ? -Marshall

  34. Thanks for sharing your story, and thanks to everyone in the comments. Helped me through a tough time yesterday 🙂

  35. Great report! Sorry about your bouts with food poisoning! Not much feels worse!
    Thumbs up to the ACV and activated charcoal (which also can be found in most health food stores too).
    Something we keep in the herb chest for such occasions is OIL of OREGANO soft gels. SUPER for knocking down any suspected food poisoning! A couple of the soft gels and then repeat a couple of doses every 4 hours does the trick for us! Keep in mind … Oil of Oregano does not discriminate as to which kind of bacteria it kills, so you should also (IMPORTANT) replenish the good bacteria in your gut with acidophilus found in plain yogurt.
    Just a quick side note: ACV is hard on tooth enamel! Try sipping ACV thru a straw, minimizing the contact with your teeth. ;o)

  36. Its works! Been sick for four days and came across your site. The Apple cider is a bit much but helped sooth t stomach right away. The charcoal pills are helping as well. Thanks a million!

  37. I started vomiting today for 3 hours in spurts. I tried baking soda and distilled water, but that didn’t help matters.
    So I called my friendly Doctor from India, I live in Nashville, TN. On two different antibiotic meds.
    I have organic ACV and if I have the strength will buy activated charcoal tmrw.
    Is organic aloe and ACV good for fixing the pains in the stomach.
    Is tomato soup okay for a daily food source, I live alone and don’t really feel like eating or fixing any food.
    THX again for a great website,
    JoeP in Nashville 9/8/15
    Any comments and thoughts are appreci

  38. 1:31 AM
    I was exhausted this morning even though I had 9 hours of sleep. I had lemon water and banana for my breakfast, along with a glass of orange juice. I went to the Gym and still felt tired. I worked out for an hour attributing my exhaustion to working out the day before. When I got home I had another banana and some more lemon water. Around 4:30 I had 2 sips of wine and I begin to feel off almost immediately. I started having stomach cramps and within 20 I had diarrhea. I began to drink water and eat crackers which led to more cramps and diarrhea. I started to feel hot, feverish and then about 30 minutes after eating crackers I threw up. I drank more water and then threw up again. It dawned on me that I had the food poisoning. Oh NO!
    I saw the remedies on the Earth Clinic website. So between 5:30 and 6 PM I had my first dose of ACV 2 tablespoons in warm water. Then I made & drank some Fresh Ginger Tea. I started to feel a little better in about 30 minutes. I finally mustered up the courage to eat a garlic clove while washing it down with water. I stop feeling nauseous and the diarrhea started to subside although I had not eaten in food since the crackers. My stomach cramps subside, I didn’t throw up again and I started to feel ok. Stomach Cramps started to occur again around 9 PM. I repeated one dose of each, Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger Tea and 1/2 a Garlic Clove. I dozed off for about 20 minutes. At 12:30 AM I ate a slice of Dry Toast. I drank a little water with lemon and salt. At 1:20 I ate another piece of Warm Bread with water. All of these remedies work wonders. The last time I had Food Poisoning it lasted for 3 days because all I did was drink water and kept trying to eat solid foods. It was terrible. I’m going to buy some more bananas tomorrow and coconut water for the electrolytes.
    Now I’m going to try and sleep after sipping on a little more water and also some lemon water.
    Wish Me Luck.

  39. I took too much oil of organo and grapefruit seed extract during a diverticulitis flare up , I’m praying charcoal might help? I’ve had diarrhea ever since I took the oil and GFS extract. It’s a week now.,.cant eat just get pain and have to run

  40. My dentist also recommended me to take two capsules daily 3 days prior and 2 days following amalgam removal in my mouth. Just a friendly warming though- is break open the capsule and add it water or some food. I swollowed a pill it exploded when it hit my stomach. I had a cloud of black powder come out my nose and was nauseous for a 1/2 hour. The next 24 hours I had sinus discomfort. Also not safe if breathed into lungs. Use caution! Next time I used the activated charcoal, I broke open the capsule and added it to water.

  41. I found this a bit too late for me but found it in time for my husband. Not sure – this may have been norovirus we had (started after a visit to a restaurant). While it did not make the misery go away completely my husband avoided the projectile vomiting the rest of us had – making recovery and the entire process easier for him. I will keep the cider vinegar and charcoal stocked in the medicine cabinet – thanks so much!

  42. Thank you so much for the great information. I had some bad fish Wednesday night and have been suffering since. I just added one tablespoon of the charcoal to plain yogurt with some honey, took some acv (it wasn’t eaay) and the colloidal silver and my head and stomach are already feeling clearer. I wish I had thought to search for a natural remedy 2 days ago! Thank you again!!!

  43. I just use the charcoal. Just as effective!

  44. Saftey of activated charcoal.
    Hi I went to my pharmacy to buy charcoal and was told by my pharmacist the canadian goverment has now banned due to the folling health risks. I thought you should know. FROM ASPERATING THE CHARCOAL. Obliterative bronchiolitis, a life-threatening condition.

    • That is why it should be added to water, yogurt, applesauce or some other medium before swallowing. They didn’t need to ban it – just put some proper instructions on it.

      Any powder inhaled could potentially cause problems, even dust. Will they ban that too…..??.

  45. Can you take activated charcoal while pregnant and breastfeeding?

  46. Cultured veggie juice aipped in small amounts

  47. For the first hour I thought I was dying there after I wished I would…
    I’ve now had food poisoning of unknown origin and cause for a month. I swear it was caused by the soy sauce I was sprinkling over everything but as yet my specimens haven’t cultured anything other than the lab staff, my doctor and 2 specialists all agreeing I have some bug.. they are all just unsure which one.

    I’ve had 3 different antibiotics, taken probiotics and just now my gastro specialist has called saying nothing is growing and they only other option to try is Activated charcoal hence I googled it and ended up here.

    I’ve lost 15 kgs in a month, not that I mind, I needed to lose weight but OMG this is so not the way to go.

    So, Activated charcoal here we go, its going to be an interesting journey!

  48. Is it safe to mix it all and get all the remedy in in one go? I thought acv, ac, honey, water mixed in one glass would be a good way to thwart this impending consequence…now I know I shouldn’t have eaten the leftover rotisserie chicken, but I was hungry and had lost track of how long ago I bought the chicken since I had my hands full with 3 cases of head lice on top of the usual single working mom gig

    Is there a health/safety reason or is it up to one’s personal preference how to take the acv and activated charcoal? In all my searching, I don’t see any mention of people mixing the activated charcoal powder into a glass together with acv.

    I started to concoct this remedy for what is only a sour stomach for now, THEN had second thoughts about mixing the powder and acv since every mention descibes essentially ingesting the two separately.

    And thank you for the post about head lice treatment. The pediatrician suggested Rid (yikes!), but I wanted to find an EFFECTIVE & natural treatment. Head lice treatment is still a pain in the butt, but I can sleep better knowing I had a healthier option for my family.

  49. Hi,
    I have a couple of questions:
    Do you mix the apple sider vinegar and the activated charcoal together? Where can I get activated charcoal? Also, is it necessary to open the charcoal capsules or, you can just swallow them?

  50. Thanks for the information :). I’ve had success with charcoal as well but don’t tolerate apple cider vinegar. So instead I’ve used grapefruit seed extract in water. Coconut water helps rehydrate too once you can tolerate liquids. However, drinking plain water in the first 24 hours or so may cause more vomiting (as has been my experience).

  51. I’ve used Kombucha before, along with gingerale…real ginger, not the fake stuff. I imagine the probiotics in both Kombucha and ACV is key. I also take probiotics. Nux vomica, too. I would try anything to avoid upchucking, but that, too makes one feel better!

  52. I’ve only used the charcoal for my boyfriend since he has had food poisoning twice since we’ve started dating. It works great! Just a few things for people to know, since a lot of people ask the same questions. As a chemical engineering student and also a person who believes in holistic medicine, I have come to learn about activated charcoal a bit.

    1) Some applications of activated charcoal include drinking water filters, gas masks, air scrubbing processes, medical use for pill overdoses in hospitals, etc. Do some research on other uses – you might be amazed!

    2) it only adsorbs things in the body (as someone already stated before me); it isn’t a nutritional supplement, nor is it toxic in any way. It is safe for anyone to ingest; eating is fine just before or after use. Just don’t take it if you’ve taken medication or supplements within the past hour or so, since it’ll very likely “suck thenm up”. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter if you take it with water or vinegar, because there’s nothing to the charcoal but elemental carbon.. just be sure to wet the powder.

    3) it’s completely safe for pregnant or breastfeeding moms; activated charcoal is pure carbon. And it’s much safer than most “mainstream medicines that doctors claim or believe are safe for us, even infants or young children.

    4) Activated carbon or activated charcoal can be found in the fish section of a pet store; it is not only the same thing, but it will be far cheaper than the tablets in the supplements section of the same store. Just grind it up with a coffee bean grinder or a pestle and mortar, since it’s usually in pellet form, or looks like mini flagstones (not very easy to ingest this way, and less surface area). If it applies to you, you can even buy some on Amazon!

    5) Lol, anything can be considered “toxic” or bad when used improperly. Inhaling charcoal powder isn’t a good idea, as it isn’t a good idea to inhale just about anything in powder form. Would you inhale cinnamon? It can be very bad or even toxic for your lungs, and can permanently damage them. Does that make cinnamon bannable or life threatening? Not when used properly..! The same things can be said about anything – why do people spread paranoia so needlessly and irresponsibly? Just wet the powder. All problems solved!

    6) the source of plain activated carbon isn’t going to matter (i.e. whether it is “organic” or not) in terms of functionality, safety, or being edible.. because by definition, organic in terms of chemistry simply refers to compounds made of carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen molecules (with carbon being the backbone). The main thing that would be a “concern” is that the surface area will vary based on the substance and process used for it (will consist of burning stuff at very high temps until only Carbon remains). **”Organic charcoal” is a marketing scam..!** Just be sure to get plain activated charcoal, and not a product that is “enriched” or specifically made to eliminate other things (some charcoals are enhanced with other things to improve the effectiveness of adsorbing particular molecules and such).

    7) activated charcoal has plenty of other uses around the house. Brush your teeth with it for a toothpaste that is across the board better than all toothpastes for everyone, definitely including those with sensitive teeth or halitosis (maybe even your dog if you’re adventurous)! Make a charcoal face mask that would be more effective that store bought products containing charcoal! Add charcoal to homemade bar soap recipes! You can even use it in a first aid kit for poisonous bites or drug overdoses (of certain things)! No household should be without activated charcoal!

  53. Well, I’m almost 48 hours into suffering with food poisoning or a virus. It’s Friday 7:30. Tuesday night I bought a side of fried chicken at Whole Foods in a plastic container and when I brought it home, it was kinda soggy. Foolishly I ate it any way. The next af about 4:00, I felt an urgent call to use the bathroom, it was diarrhea, but brown, no big deal. Then I went to yoga, felt great all night, cam home and finished the bulk of that soggy chicken. Couple hours later at midnight it began. The cramps, the diarrhea, the sleeplessness. Next day, yesterday was the absolute worst. Fever up to 101.5 ( today it’s 99 ) Sweate, chills to the point of rigors and shaking. I do feel better today but not much. I am taking AC, ACV, ginger tea, staying hydrated. On the B.R.A.T diet today. I’m so exhausted. The thing that concerns me is that my diarrhea is black, blackish green…it’s just liquid mainly at this point. At what point do I go to the doctor ? Technically day 2 of this is not over, so maybe it’s too soon, perhaps I should wait til tomorrow ? In any event, this completely sucks. Thks everyone for your comments

  54. Thank you, thank you. Although my food poisoning was mild compared to what it could have been, I was still in so much discomfort after the rough part was over and doubted I would be able to fall back asleep. I came across this post, and the activated charcoal I had randomly bought was put to use, along with ACV. Soon after I was able to get back to sleep with much less discomfort.

  55. Hi, I live overseas and often times we get stomach stuff. We cannot buy ACV there but we can get White Vinegar. Would that work as well?

    I would love to know if I can stop it before the bush dogs get an awful late night dinner and I have to watch them!