Natural Electrolyte Sports Drink Recipe

How to make your own electrolyte drink recipe with natural ingredients

Drinking enough pure clean water is one of the most important things we can do for overall health. For times of exercise and exertion, a homemade natural sports drink recipe can also be helpful.

Here’s why:

Plain water can get boring after a while and it doesn’t contain high levels of electrolytes lost during exercise. It is helpful to add electrolytes and minerals to help rehydration after times of high-intensity exercise or lots of sweating.

Why Not Regular Sports Drinks?

Before you stop by the store for a Gatorade on the way to the game, try making your own natural version! It is easy, just as fast, and a lot healthier.

Gatorade FactsRegular sports drinks contain ingredients like:

Water, sucrose syrup, glucose-fructose syrup, citric acid, natural grape flavor with other natural flavors, salt, sodium citrate, monopotassium phosphate, red 40, Blue 1.

They also typically have fruit-like flavors but labels that say “contain no fruit.”

I’m all for re-hydrating, but are the monopotassium phosphate, mystery “natural flavors” and artificial dyes really necessary?

Around here, for times when more than just water is needed for hydration (softball games, triathlons, labor, etc.), we make our own version, which I prefer… never much liked Gatorade or Powerade myself anyway.

Natural Electrolyte Sports Drink Recipe

Coconut water is one of the simplest sports drink alternatives and can be used as is.

Apparently, coconut water is similar in structure to the fluid used in IV rehydration. For this reason, it was used during the Pacific War as an IV electrolyte replacement. Use it alone or add a teaspoon of fresh lime juice for flavor.

Coconut water contains more potassium than sports drinks, and more natural sources of sodium. A lot of athletes swear by it these days, and I had it on hand during my last couple of labors.

The only downside to coconut water is the price. If you want an inexpensive (yet still healthy and tasty) alternative, this recipe is the next best thing.

Natural Homemade Sports Drink Recipe

You can make this recipe a variety of ways and the ratios are the most important part. The base is any healthy liquid of choice and some good options are:

To turn the basic liquid into a sports drink, add some or all of these ingredients:

  • Salt– A high quality salt adds sodium and other minerals
  • Calcium or Magnesium– Adding a high quality calcium magnesium powder helps replenish minerals (I like this one)
  • Juice– Optional but adds sweetness and natural sugars if needed during exercise
  • Natural Flavors– I’m not talking about the more pleasant sounding name for the not-so-nice additive MSG. Add natural flavors in the form of fresh ginger, fresh herbs or even natural flavored stevia extracts

Electrolyte Drink Recipe: Basic Ingredients

Here’s the basic recipe and ratios I use, but you can customize to your personal taste preferences:

How to make healthy probiotic water kefir natural soda

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Natural Sports Drink Recipe



Yield 4 cups

Save money and avoid artificial ingredients by making your own homemade natural sports drink recipe with electrolytes. Endless options to make a flavor you love!


  • 1 quart of liquid (options: green tea, herbal teas, coconut water, plain water, etc)
  • 1/8-1/4 tsp high quality salt (or more if needed)
  • 1 teaspoon calcium magnesium powder
  • 1/4 cup or more of juice (optional)- Can use grape, apple, lemon, lime, pineapple, etc
  • 1-2 TBSP sweetener (optional)- can use honey, stevia, etc. I suggest brewing stevia leaf into the base liquid for the most natural option.


  1. Brew tea if using or slightly warm base liquid
  2. Add sea salt and calcium magnesium to mix.
  3. Add juice and sweetener if using and mix or shake well.
  4. Cool and store in fridge until ready to use.
  5. Will last up to four days in fridge, but I prefer to make as needed.


As an example, my normal recipe includes 1 quart of tea (brewed with Red Raspberry Leaf, Alfalfa, Nettle and Stevia), 1/4 tsp sea salt, 1 tsp calcium magnesium powder, and 1/4 cup grape or apple juice. Can make half a batch or less if needed.

Courses Drink

Like this recipe? Check out my new cookbook, or get all my recipes (over 500!) in a personalized weekly meal planner here!

Another easy alternative is just mixing Vitamin C powder with water and a little juice, though this can be a little acidic during high intensity exercise!

Do We Really Need Electrolytes?

Natural Electrolyte Sports Drink RecipeThe sports drink industry is massive! I often see kids playing 4-year-old soccer sucking down bottles and packages of brightly colored sports drinks. This begs the question- do we really need electrolytes every time we exercise?

There is a tremendous difference between someone who exercises for the health benefits and an elite athlete. High level athletes burn through a lot of liquid, electrolytes, and blood sugar during their training and competitions.

As casual athletes or weekend warriors, most of the rest of us probably don’t.

In a perfect world, we would be able to obtain enough nutrients from diet alone and wouldn’t need any supplements or added drinks like this.

The question of if electrolytes and sports drinks are really needed varies by individual. In many cases, pure water may be just as good of an option. It’s certainly better than neon sports drinks with high fructose corn syrup!

What’s your favorite sports drink? Ever made your own?

This homemade natural electrolyte sports drink recipe is an alternative to store-bought drinks with artificial ingredients and provides vitamins and sodium.

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Reader Comments

  1. oh can’t wait to try this. just added coconut water to the grocery list for tomorrow

  2. I absolutely LOVE your page!

  3. I made this for my daughter today before soccer, I used coconut sap sugar and she said it wasn’t sweet enough so then added a tablespoon of agave(I know you don’t like agave) and that did the trick for her she really liked it.

  4. Just found this. Love it!

    • Liquid glass.spray it on every thing you actually clothes and so on.nuthing can live on Lockwood glass.not even the worst vieris.making you home offic car germ air born viric will survive.why becaus germs have nuthing to live on so it just dies. Your wellcome.

  5. I lived off coconut water when I was training for half marathons (but was not eating processed foods)  but that was a hefty price tag (I said in lieu of ‘Gu’ it was worth it)… but I had no idea about this cool recipe!  I can’t wait to try it.  And also very excited you give the stamp of approval to Emergen -C  …. ilove that stuff 🙂

  6. In place of the lime, could juice of lemon be used? Or is lime recommended for some reason?

  7. I’m totally gonna’ have to try this!

  8. Do these keep well? Do they need to be refrigerated?

    • I mix them as I need them but they do ok for a day in a gym bag without refrigeration, just wouldn’t leave them longer than that.

  9. For the record, monopotassium phosphate has potassium which is a vital electrolyte.

    • And you know what else is EVERYWHERE? Dihydrogen monoxide…

      • <3

        Thank you. This game of pretending that everything with an element in the name is poisonous is very frustrating.

    • Likewise, “Phosphate is one of the body’s electrolytes … Phosphate is necessary for the formation of bone and teeth. Phosphate is also used as a building block for several important substances, including those used by the cell for energy [i.e. AdenosineTriPhosphate, ATP], cell membranes, and DNA” – from:

      Sodium, potassium, and ATP are needed for the signal conduction of your nerve cells (among others), and one possible cause of muscle cramp is lack of potassium. Also note that high sodium intake suppresses potassium uptake.

      So yes, the potassium phosphate is “really necessary” in that it supports athletic performance.
      Please don’t judge what you don’t know…

  10. as a medical professional and a herbalist involved in birth and emergency care for the last 2o years  we use a similar blend for teas.  you will find an increased calcium-magnesium with a trace minerals boost by adding a quality mint to your  tea blend- be sure to make an infusion to extract the minerals/vitamins. remember if you are using green tea- it is a diuretic, you will get the benefits of tea along with the increased fluid elimination… 

    • Do distilled hydrosols have the same properties as infusions? Could I distill an infusion to get a more pure product with a longer shelf-life, and use that in place of an infusion for nutritive purposes?

    • Hello, I started taking all yesterday and today I had a headache. I Googled DIY falafel in order to avoid the sugar — and found your recipe. I’m driving it right now worth a base is jasmine and mint tea and passion fruit juice (no sugar added). So yummy! Anyhoo– I’m not supposed to consume much caffeine while taking Adderal. So I’m not sure if the green tea was a good idea. But then I saw the above comment about green tea being a diuretic. If my headaches are due to hydration (and drinking lots of water everyday doesn’t seem to do the trick) is a diuretic a bad idea?either should use herbal teas? Lastly if I take calcium and magen daily already…is it necessary in this “sports drink “?

      • do you have EDS or POTS?

        • Out of curiosity, why did you ask about POTS and EDS? I’ve got both and found this website while googling Gatorade recipes. I’m always looking for fellow “sufferers.”

          • If you haven’t already, you should switch your lifestyle to Paleo, it cures all these so called diseases, where most diseases aren’t really diseases, it is conditions! And yes sadly, even Cancer is also just a condition, Artheritis, Asthma, PCOS, i really wish people learned more about what they fill themselves with, so we can get a nicer world, and lower taxes! 😀

  11. Where do you get your calcium magnesium tablets or what brand do would you buy… and also coconut water?

    • Natural Calm powder actually works great in this and it is easier to use anyway…

      • Could you add kombucha instead of juice?

      • Would Calm be enough by itself? Or do the other other ingredients in the recipe help also?

      • I love using Natural Calm. Thank you for this info and recipe.

  12. I’m thinking of using your recipe as a Gatorade substitute for a colonoscopy prep. Gatorade is so gross and artificial. If I use the EmerGenC, how many packets should I use and does this replace all or just some of the ingredients? If not all, which ones?

    • I was thinking the same thing. Scheduled in May. Did you use this recipe?

      • I am having one in March. How did this drink go for you?

    • You can use 3T Natural Calm (taken twice) as colonoscopy prep. I intend to do so in the near future.

      And I’m currently drinking a DIY electrolyte drink, but didn’t think to add that in. Smart.

  13. Would this be ok to drink during pregnancy? I just don’t know much about Himalayan Sea Salt. Thanks! Sounds delicious!

  14. I use Xylitol powder which has 10% of the calories and glycemic load of sugar and it tastes exactly like sugar. It also has the added benefit of killing all the bad bacteria in your mouth and throat.

    • I wondered about that Xylitol thing. it seemed like an ironic thing to boast aboout on a pack of gum

      • Xylitol is actually a sugar alcohol made by our bodies. It has an incredible use in dental hygiene

    • Xylitol can in fact be extremely bad for your body, even in small doses.
      It causes intestine problems for one, and is deadly to dogs.
      There is so many other natural options to sweeten your drink.

      • Peter Gillams (Natural Vitality) Natural Calm products are not as healthy as once though. Probably for various reasons, but it literally made my children hyper. Looking deeper the verdict as to why is…. CORN. Citric acid that is in it is made from corn. I contacted the company. And that also makes this supplement dangerous for those intolerant or allergic to corn as well as not being Paleo. And Emergen-C has ascorbic acid which is synthetic and not at all healthy and comes from GMO CORN!! It also made my children super hyper! The Healthy Home Economist has an article about Emergen-C and how to get real vitamin C the healthy way. She does mention a few supplements but we all know from whole food is best! Did you know strawberries have more vitamin C than oranges? Get some organic strawberries and take those instead of pills. You can even grow them yourself! They even sell those upside down hangy things to grow them, like the tomatoes.

        • Great idea on the strawberries. Thanks!

      • Yes, I agree! Real maple syrup has less fructose than honey if you havr fructose malabsorption issues and makes your children hyper. Sucanat is pretty good and is not overly processed but does take longer to melt,but boiling water helps! Agave is super processed and is no better than high fructose corn syrup. Ew! Both xylitol and erythritol are not healthy. Xylitol is also often made from… CORN!! GMO corn I would bet. Am I against corn? Yes I am! Its kind of a grain, the body doesn’t really process it and my family is intolerant to it. And its not Paleo.

        • I use Xylitol made exclusively from birch bark. It works wonderfully well. Why would you just say xylitol is not healthy. It is about the healthiest natural sweetener there is.

      • I agree to the comment about xyiitol People should research it before making decisions to use it in a drink. Yes it has benefits however like many other products you should precede with knowledge and care. It has dental benefits also but dosage is still important because it can cause indigestion problems

    • Friendly FYI…..xylitol doesn’t kill bacteria, it simply does not feed it. It has also been noted to create a “slippery” surface making it difficult for bacteria to adhere to mouth/sinus/throat cavities.

      • xylitol does kill bacteria, There are studies that show it specifically kills the bacteria that causes tooth decay and stomach ulcers. It also kill fungus, that is why it prevents yeast from working in yeast breads. It also increases your absorption of calcium, that helps people with brittle bones.
        I think you may be thinking of cranberry juice, which prevents urinary tract infections because it creates a slippery surface that bacteria can’t stick to.

  15. What are your thoughts about making a Sole mix (water mixed with himalayan sea salt) first and then adding to this drink instead of putting the salt in directly?
    I’ve seen other receipes on line where the Sole approach is taken but I’m curious if its better to go that route or to just put the salt directly into the drink?

  16. I’m glad to find your site, and you are so informative. I’ve question about your mention red raspberry leaf, since I grow them in the garden, can I just pick the leafs from the plants and brew them with my tea from your recipe?
    Thank you!

    • If they are from red raspberry plants, but I’d dry them first for the best taste…

      • Would you dry mint as well?

  17. I think the monopotassiium phosphate is for tartness.

  18. Was wondering if it was alright to add 1/2 tsp. of vitamin C crystals and 1 rounded tbls. of gelatin powder to your sports drink recipe. Would there be any conflicts?

  19. in terms of sweetner , I wondering if licorice root could be used as a valid sweetner?

    • Licorice Root will cause your body to excrete potassium. This is not what you want to do.

  20. Instead of calcium magnesium powder would suggest using Terramin (on Amazon) powder instead. It has 57 IONIC minerals that came from millions of years of the Colorado taking parts of the mountains along its 1500 million length, pulverizing them to one micron in size (man can’t do this) and then a geo thermal action under them locked strong negative charge. Many comments on Amazon say big for energy booster. Mineral are absorbed like oxygen as in perfect form. Tetra shape creates huge surface area so like giant freight that hauls out the garbage besides leaving pure nutrition, and being anti bacteria, viral, parasitic, and fungal. Helps heal damage from GMOs, pesticides, toxins, radiation.

    • This looks like it would be a powerful addition to an electrolyte replacement beverage. How would other bentonite clay products (like Redmond Clay or Yerba Prima Great Plains Bentonite Detox) compare in its mineral properties to Terramin Mega-Mineral Supplement?

  21. Hi Katie , this recipe looks awesome. Can one treat it basically like water in quantity consumed or is there a maximum daily consumption recommended?

  22. Anyone know a brand of Coconut Water in the UK which is pure coconut water with no sugar or sweetners added. So far I’ve not found such a product. Help appreciated.

    • I would just go get a real coconut from an Asian market and get it from there… NOTHING beats coconut juice from a real coconut! Yum!

      I usually pay .75 cents (less than a dollar / buck / $1.00) for a whole coconut! (Not the brown mature ones, but the ones that are hexagon shape from them chopping them that way! Delicious!

    • I don’t know about the UK, but in the US you can buy pure coconut water made by Goya Foods at the market. They also sell a coconut water *drink* which you don’t want.

    • Have you tried “Harmless Harvest Coconut Water?” it’s amazing and the best on the market. You will only find it in the cooler section of the store, not in the regular isle. That should tell you something.

    • along w the recipe or on its own i recommend 1/2 to 1 tsp molasses and tsp+ of raw ACV. both have many and varied benefits from trace amounts of minerals. The molasses alone in water brought me back from feeling like i may actually die when i had a very bad high fever last year. i used this also when working in a horse barn one particularly grueling winter (along with replacing my coffee with bone broth) and it is far more sustaining than water alone. tastes great too.

  23. I’ve been making my own sports drinks for quite some time. Im constantly altering them as I learn new tricks. I use 1/2 tsp liquid minerals (sea harvested), a pinch of magnesium powder (I dissolve it in the tea as its steeping), fresh squeezed lemon juice, honey and herb tea as my water/liquid base (usually green tea, dandelion or hibiscus). all in all it’s still cheaper than coconut milk, I run, mtn bike and horse back ride far too often to use cocnut milk for every adventure- so this concoction works amazingly well and it tastes great! I have friends and family hooked on it too!

    • Magnesium malate will not cause diarrhea like magnesium citrate does. Magnesium is a necessary part of around 300 crucial enzymatic processes in the human body.

      • Depends on the person, Wife and I in our 80’s have no problem with Magnesium citrate. I also have had low sodium and have been told to reduce amt of all liquids I drink to max 1 1/2 qts.

    • Jessica (#23), can you suggest specific brands you use to make this? I’d like to try this. I run and bike as well and want to try the homebrew version.

  24. The most important ingredient is the salt. Water can’t rehydrate you unless your salt reserves are high enough for the necessary electrolytes.

  25. A lot of these look awesome..except that they contain one or more artificial sweetners (yes stevia is included) my roommate is allergic to all of them, cannot be in the same room with them..and I won’t risk his life over it. Maybe show with and without?

    • Sweetner is simply for taste, if someone is allergic to sweetner then I’m sure they’re used to food and drink without them and won’t miss the sweet part.

    • Use honey

  26. Hi,

    I came across your page when I was looking for a homemade electrolyte solution.

    Thank you for the recipe.

    FYI, there is no such thing as “Himalayan Sea Salt” as the Himalayas are a mountain range.

    I think what you are referring to is Himalayan PINK salt.



    • At one time, the Himalayas were an ocean floor: the Tethys Ocean, which was lost when the tectonic plates formed the mountain range.

  27. Thank you for this post! My wife was pretty sick and we needed something like Gatorade but not poisonous 🙂 I was looking for what I had in the house to make your recipe and realized I could do it with 2 ingredients. We had Strawberry Zevia that can act as the base liquid AND the sweetener since it is a natural soda with Stevia. I mixed 2 12oz cans with 1/4 tsp of Himalayan Sea Salt and it was pretty dang good, my said it seemed to help. I am going to go mic up some Cal-Mag tablets from the coop to keep on hand for the next batch.

  28. I’m surprised that you would recommend using Emergen-C since it contains those mystery natural flavors, and also maltodextrin and aspartic acid (both are neurotoxins).

    • I agree with you Marci! The ingredients look like this:

      [ Fructose, malic acid, citric acid, vegetable juice color, natural mixed berry flavors, maltodextrin, raspberry juice powder, silica, tartaric acid, caramel color, stevia (leaf extract), glycine, aspartic acid, and cysteine hydrochloride. ]

      There’s quite a few ingredients that are a no-no.

  29. I got too much sun yesterday and now I’m suffering dehydration and sun sickness. All I have are calcium magnesium capsules with 1000mg of calcium and 500mg of magnesium each. Can I break them open to use and if so, how many should I use? Thanks so much.

    • I would think it would work, but I haven’t tried and I’m not sure on the taste… but you could just take whatever supplements you need and hydrate a lot with a little salt in your water

  30. Could you please explain why monopotassium phosphate is a problem in store-bought gatorade?

  31. My question is about the green tea in this recipe. Can it be affective with decaf green tea or does it have to have caffeine? I ask because I can’t have caffeine. I am an exercise junkie, but I hate the sports drinks that are available. I have been looking for a natural alternative and this sounds great. I can’t wait to try it so a quick response would be appreciated. Thanks, Emily.

  32. I’m planning for upcoming birth of my first 🙂
    Can I use Natural Calm powder in this? Alternatively can I use magnesium and calcium tablets separately, and crush them? Thanks! Love your site!

  33. i find nothing boost my kids energy more when they are sick then sports drinks. However, I feel horrible giving them the the kids. So I thank you for this. I just made a batch of it for my son who is sick and feverish with Strep. He will probably drink it warm as it will help sooth his throat.

  34. hi . this recipe would work great if i added a larger amount of magnesium citrate for a colon prep. But i dont know how much any ideas? I think the OTC in cvs has 1000mg per glass container. anyone else use the natural calm poweder for a colon prep. the OTC in cvs has saccharin in it bummer.

  35. Thanks much for this. It’s well below zero, we don’t have a car, and hubby is sick. I was not wanting to walk even the short distance to the store to get gatoraide, but he needed something to help fend off dehydration. I used herbal tea (mostly for color), salt, and agave nectar.

  36. Amazing site! I’m an ironman distance triathlete looking for more natural hyrdation and fueling options. Right now I use coconut water for training but it is expensive. Just curious, you wouldn’t get any potassium out of this drink would you? If not what are your thoughts on that? Other than that, sounds like a great alternative!

    • Hey Craig, if you use a little fruit juice you’ll get some potassium. Depending on the juice, maybe as much as 400 mg in a qt.

    • Hey Craig. I’m an amateur triathlete (very amateur!). Have you had chance to try this in training/racing? How did it work out? Hydration, especially on the bike, is my Achilles heel. And water on its own makes me feel terrible by the end of a race.

      • Hey Dom, I tried this but honestly couldn’t stand the taste. I liked in concept, but not in practice (sorry mama, i love everything you do!)

        I stick to NUUN tabs, vega sports hydrator, and coconut water for training. For racing I used a concentrated mix of Hammer Perpetuem and salt tabs. I think they are, in my amateur opinion, among the cleaner ready made options available.

        If you haven’t already done so, check out the Ben Greenfield podcast. Its literally changed my life! The guy is a genius! Has some great stuff on hydration among everything else. Hope its ok to drop that in the forum!

        Good luck!

        • Hi Craig

          Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I’ve made some this afternoon, and honestly I’m not sure I can drink it! I’ll perhaps have another go with a different formula.

          I’ve read a couple of Greenfield’s books, but he’s a little bit too motivated and enthusiastic for my liking.

          I’ll check what he has to say on hydration, though. Thanks for the tips.

  37. My kiddos and I have fast renters, and in need of quality hydration. Plus, who wants to go out? I’m using natural calm, acerola powder for C, celtic grey sea salt, 2 c loose leaf tea and 2c fruit juice. I’ll top it off with water, to fill my 2 qt jar. Fingers crossed, cause I feel like heck! There’s only so much bone broth we can drink!! Thanks Katie!!

  38. Do you know how long this would keep in the fridge? If I made a batch up, could I save it for a few days or a week maybe to have some each day? Also does it need to be stored in a sealed container like your picture, or would a regular pitcher work? Thanks!

  39. Doing this today. Prepping for a colonoscopy. They want me to drink Gatorade and I am sooooo not doing that. Glad I found it!!!!

  40. I tried this without warming the liquid And it was really good

  41. These look great to try! I live in high altitude where you get dehydrated faster running and biking.
    They are more like Emergen-c than not, but I like nuun tablets to keep in my car and in my bag. You add them to water and they help with electrolytes and no sugar or corn syrup. Not perfect, but quick in a pinch, no added water bottles for the trash/recycling, and less no-no ingredients. (:

  42. I don’t know much about ingredients and what they do for our body. I understand this is supposed to hydrate like a Gatorade does. I’m wondering which of the ingredients you mention does that better than water. I guess what I’m asking is why can’t the kids just drink water and be just as hydrated? Maybe the salt you mention is hydrating? Thanks!

    • The salt, cal/mag powder and even the juice contain minerals that are lost during exercise and they help replenish the body…

  43. Great recipe, this is also good for when someone is sick, using the coconut water for sickness (no sugars though).

  44. Thanks for the ideas. It is a challenging thing to “reform” what we think about food and nutrition with so much misinformation floating around and the seeming inaccessibility of dependable research and sure knowledge. The answer to the question of monopotassium phosphate is simply that it’s an electrolyte as are the calcium-magnesium tablets and salt. The World Health Organization has some excellent resources and bare-bones recipes for rehydration fluids. I’m pretty sure they’ll be rather bland, though! The USP grades of electrolyte salts (undissolved calcium, magnesium, sodium, citrate, etc. salts) are precisely made, and tested, to have zero humanly harmful content. USP means that they are suitable for compounding in medicines.

  45. Have you ever heard or tried Ultima? My fiancé is a tennis pro and holistic lifestyle coach and he has been using Ultima for years as his post workout drink to replenish his body with the proper minerals and electrolytes. It’s tastes really good!

  46. Hey there! I tried this and LOVED it! I used rooibos tea, lemons and maple syrup.
    QUESTION: Can I post this recipe and link to your page on my facebook via a note?


    • Sure! I don’t allow full content to be republished elsewhere, but feel free to quote from any of my articles and link back to the original source, on your own site or social media. Thanks for reading!

  47. Hello, Great recipe! Quick question.

    If I use Coconut water only instead of the fruit juice should I still add the sea salt for the minerals? I ask because of the sodium in the coconut water, which doesn’t worry me, but I’m curious. 🙂


  48. Thanks for the tips. Just wanted to mention that xylitol is an excellent sugar substitute that is natural. Made from plants. It has 60% of calories of sugar, very little glycemic reaction meaning good for diabetics. Our bodies have an enzyme to break down and use it as it’s in nature and foods we eat. It’s a sugar alcohol, kills bacteria in mouth prevents tooth decay. It can harm pets, they don’t have enzyme. Like sugar water, too much can cause intestinal distress. Use a little, get used to it and use a little more. Amounts like for making lemonade are too much. In any case it is healthy and safe for diabetics.
    There are a lot of cal mag pills on the market all work fine.
    Maybe not an exact electrolyte replacer, Schwitzel is good for drinking during hot weather. Used to be made and drank during haying. Water a little cider vinegar a little ginger and honey. Ginger goes a long ways, can add a little sea salt if you want

    • Charles, it’s kind of a stretch to say that Xylitol is natural. This “stuff” called Xylitol is extracted from hardwoods, hydrolyzed and then catalytically hydrogenated.

  49. Monopotassium phosphate is an electrolyte!!

  50. When discussing this drink with my doctor she said everything was fine except the magnesium as that is what they give pre-term moms to stall labor.

  51. This drink is great! I’ve been on super restricted diet due to some dietary issues, but I am distance runner that needs to supplement as a I run. With this new diet I can’t use my old go-to Nuun tablets. I made this drink with plain water, and the juice of lemons and limes and it came out awesome. Not only did it taste good but it served as an effective supplement during my run. Thanks so much for this!

  52. Not a sports drink, but once after a (rare) night of over-indulgence I resisted the urge of the chemical sports drink in my fridge and instead mixed together raw honey and fresh squeezed lime juice in water. It really helped. Next time I’d try adding a little of the Himalayan sea salt. Um, not that I’ll ever need it again! 😛

    • …or Himalayan PINK salt, haha.

  53. I made this today to help with morning sickness… used 1/2 lemon and 1/2 cup aloe vera juice mixed with a quart of water, sea salt, and 2 crushed PregEase tablets. Much better than the artificial Gatorade I usually turn to. Thank you!

    • Would this be good to sip on during labour also?

  54. How long can I keep this in the fridge? I would like to make for postpartum. Just wondering how far in advance I could make this?

  55. About the salt. It does need to be either Himalayan, Real Salt, Celtic or some other brand or form of natural minimally processed salt. In regards to hydration, it is not simply about the minerals but more importantly about the electrolyte benefit. Overly processed salt or regular table salt will not supply the essential electrolytes needed for proper hydration of the body. Processed salts just like any overly processed food, does not nutritionally benefit the body in any form.

  56. I have had severe night sweats for 45+ years now and during summer any physical activity soon brings out a big sweat. Generally speaking I end with bad cramps, even whole body cramps.
    When it got real bad about 3 summers ago I decided I needed more of an electrolyte replacer than to have just 1-2 heaped teaspoons of salt a day (under doctor’s orders), as well as calcium, magnesium and zinc supplements. I love to have a nice flavoured sea/Celtic/Himalayan type salt rather than supermarket purchased plain salt.
    I couldn’t purchase any electrolyte replacer without ingredients which I was allergic to. So after much research I made up this recipe:
    Twice a day in a glass of water add
    pinch of sea salt (Celtic at the moment) (has something like 70+ minerals in it)
    pinch of Epsoms salt (magnesium sulphate)
    pinch of pink Himalayan salt (has something like 70+ minerals in it)
    pinch of light salt (potassium chloride) (this salt is often used as a replacement for sodium chloride for those concerned about sodium intake)
    I have it with a vitamin C tablet and fruit. (Commercial electrolyte replacers contain some type of sugar agent or fruit juice which aids in the stomach/small intestine uptake)
    Results have been good but my health still suffers from other ailments.

    • Hi, there, Jimmy. Perhaps consider looking into supplementing with Sage if you haven’t already . . .

  57. I used Electro-Mix by Alacer. Plus take calcium magnesium supplements. But your recipe sounds great.

  58. I like these ideas and it gives me an idea for reducing the sugar content of the Apple Cider Vinegar sport drink I have made. Even our kids love this recipe and it helped me a great deal when the heat is over a hundred while I’m delivering mail:

    ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) Sport Drink (one gallon)

    5 cups apple juice or cider
    1/2 cup apple cider vinegar (Use a raw, unfiltered vinegar like Bragg’s)
    1/2 tsp potassium salt (Potassium Chloride available in vitamin
    supplement sections)
    1/2 tsp liquid stevia or 3 TBS sugar
    water to fill the rest of the gallon

  59. I make a “sports drink” that my mom made in the summertime growing up. She called it “kick-a-poo juice”, lol. I have no idea where the name came from, but she would give it to us kids after playing out in the heat, or to my dad after mowing the lawn. Anyway, you make a syrup with equal parts ACV and honey, then put some in a glass, to taste, and top with cold water. I really love this stuff. I even heat it as a tea for PMS cramps or tummy aches.

  60. The Natural Calm has ascorbic acid in it. I understood this to not be a good supplement?

  61. This is interesting as only last night a programme was on about Superfoods (UK), They tested athletes who drank only water and those who drank coconut water. There was very little difference, unless you were an extreme athlete and doing hours of sport. The outcome was clean, filtered water and a banana after sports was just as effective.

  62. I can’t wait to try this out. Will be PERFECT for my family!

    Thanks! 🙂

  63. I’m going to attempt to freeze this and turn into ice pops. It doesn’t look like the amount of salt in the mix should keep it from freezing.

  64. I made this with just water, lemon juice, honey and salt. And it was quite good. Our local walmart nor grocery store carried ‘magnesium calcium’ powder, so I got magnesium tablets and calcium tablets to grind into powder. But they just don’t dissolve. Is the drink good enough without that? I’m in my last month of pregnancy, and can’t seem to drink enough water to quench my thirst, so thinking I might need a bit more of the rehydration drink. Days have been reaching 100′ and up lately, and though I’m not spending much time outside, the heat just seeps into the walls.

  65. We like to use electrolyte tablets sweetened with Stevia, that you add to your water bottle. You can get them at any health food store. Easy and tasty, and no sugar. Plus you can keep a small tube of them in your sports bag for whenever you need them; super convenient!

  66. Use calcium powder and a separate magnesium powder and switch them out. Dont take them together. They work together but do not absorb well together.

  67. This is great! I personally would not use the Bai drinks. They contain caffeine, defeating the purpose of a hydrating drink.

  68. I am 83 and spent several days in 2 hospitals for issues relating to dehydration low sodium, not not related to sports activity or running a marathon. Just an older persons health issue. I was just low sodium and chloride, potassium was fine. I am drinking diluted Gatorade recommendedo by my doctor. What can you suggest? I am a reasonably healthy man. I take only one prostate med for Bph which I have since age 65. Seems to be electrolyte problem? I have taken Magnesium citrate supplement for over a year.

  69. Can I reduce coconut water with only water to reduce amount of potassium and sugar to 1/4 or less ? I need the sodium more?
    This is not for an athlete only an inactive 83 year old. I’ve been mixing Gatorade 50% with water and too much sugar etc.

  70. Just curious – you say this is probably not necessary for a non-elite athlete… but having been more than a little tired after any given workout and having seen that my bp tends to be quite low, and knowing that my salt intake is extremely low (I have about a 75% clean diet, mostly whole grains, very little fat, and much fruits/veggies, to which I never add salt because I just don’t care for it; also, I have limited dairy intake as well, mostly only greek yogurt), I wonder if this would help, just from the standpoint of replenishing salt after a workout. Gonna give it a try!

  71. your recipe is too good & give us very good knowledge about sports drinks thanks n thanks a lot

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