Are You Brushing Your Skin?

Dry Brushing for Skin

Skin brushing is a topic I touched on when I wrote about reducing cellulite naturally, but I’ve gotten several emails about it lately so I figured it deserved its own post.

If you’ve never heard of dry brushing for skin, you’re probably thinking “Why on earth would I want to brush my skin? I already have to brush my hair and my teeth.”

I shared this attitude for a while…

What is Dry Brushing?

The basic concept of dry brushing is using a coarse, dry brush to brush the skin in a particular pattern. Though I haven’t found any scientific research supporting it, there is a ton of first hand information from people who have tried it and swear by it.

Benefits of Dry Brushing

Supporters of dry brushing claim that it can stimulate the lymph system, help the body rid itself of toxins and increase circulation or energy.

I’m not completely sold on all of those benefits, but this definitely falls in the “can’t hurt” category and I have personally noticed that my skin is softer (and possibly firmer, though this is hard to measure) from dry brushing. It is very invigorating, and it can’t hurt, so it has become part of my routine.

Especially during pregnancy, I found that dry brushing seemed to help keep me from getting stretch marks and also seemed to help tighten skin after pregnancy.

How to Dry Brush Your Skin

  • Use a natural bristle brush.
  • Start on dry skin before bathing.
  • Start at the feet/ankles and brush in long circular movements up toward the heart.
  • Always brush to the center of the body.
  • On stomach and armpits use a circular clockwise brushing motion.
  • Brush softly at first and eventually work up to firmer pressure.
  • After dry brushing, shower (cool water or alternating cool and hot is best)
  • If needed, moisturize after showering. I use a homemade body butter.
  • Repeat daily or as needed.

Do you brush your skin? Have you noticed any differences? Share below!

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