How To Make Sole

Sole salt infusion for health and wellness

I’ve written before about how salt is not the villain it is often made out to be. There is some age-old evidence that not only is salt not harmful, but that consuming it daily (in a certain form) can be very beneficial for health.

What is Sole?

Sole (pronounced Solay) is essentially water that has been fully saturated with a natural salt. This isn’t just a small amount of salt dissolved in water, but rather water that has absorbed as much natural salt as it is able and will not absorb any more (26% actually…. thanks high school chemistry). The term Sole comes from the Latin “Sol” meaning Sun.

We’ve been told for years that salt can be harmful, so the idea of drinking salt water may sound counter-intuitive, but it turns out that this concentrated salt solution can have a variety of health-supporting uses. This remedy has been used for centuries in some countries and claims both anecdotal and scientifically supported evidence for the following uses:

  • Helps Hydration– The body naturally repairs and detoxifies during sleep, but in doing so, it uses up a good amount of water. This is why we are often more thirsty in the morning. Consuming a salt solution like Sole helps the body re-hydrate.
  • Helps the Body Detoxify– The minerals in Sole make it useful in the natural detoxification that the body already does. Sole is naturally anti-bacterial and can help remove bad bacteria in the body.
  • Boosts Energy– The minerals and stored energy in Sole help boost energy throughout the day.
  • Improving Digestion– Sole stimulates the digestive system promoting food absorption and regularity naturally.
  • Improving blood sugar– Some people note improvements in blood sugar levels after using Sole.
  • A Natural Anti-histamine– Sole can work as a powerful natural anti-histamine. This action is likely due to its balancing effects on the body, and I have noticed this personally.
  • Helps with Muscle Cramps– When I played sports, we attributed leg cramps or other cramps to lack of potassium and ate more bananas (which are now the only food I won’t eat). Don’t know about the potassium theory, but I know that since using magnesium and Sole regularly, I don’t get leg cramps anymore (even during/after extreme exercise or in late pregnancy).
  • Bone Health– There is a theory that a potential cause of Osteoporosis and other bone disorders is the body utilizing calcium and other minerals from the bones for survival and to neutralize acidity in the blood. Sole is naturally full of minerals and alkalizing, so there is speculation that it is helpful with bone health as well.
  • Healthy Veins– By supporting the correct mineral balance in the body and blood, Sole can help reduce or avoid vein problems like varicose veins.
  • Blood Pressure– Contrary to what we often hear, many people notice a reduction in blood pressure from using Sole.
  • Weight Loss– By improving digestion and nourishing the body on a cellular level, Sole can help promote weight loss.
  • Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails– Sole’s high mineral content makes it great for healthy skin (and acne problems), and for hair and nail growth.

It is interesting to note that the conventional treatment for many of the above problems includes removing excess salt/sodium from the diet. While table salt could certainly have a negative effect and is best avoided, natural salt contains over 84 minerals and is incredibly nourishing for the body.

According to the book Water & Salt: The Essence of Life and this post:

“In a nine-week study undertaken in 2003 at the Inter-University of Graz, Austria examined the effects of Himalayan Crystal Salt on physical and psychological functions of the body. It is the only salt ever to have been the subject of comprehensive double-blind scientific research. The results of the study, presented in the book, Water & Salt – The Essence of Life by Dr. Barbara Hendel, M.D. and biophysicist Peter Ferreira, confirmed significant positive changes in respiratory, circulatory, organ, connective tissue and nervous system functions. Patients also reported increases in quality of sleep, energy and concentration levels, brain activity, weight loss, enhanced consciousness, and noticeable hair and nail growth.”

Even better, Sole is a very inexpensive addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle and it is incredibly easy to make.

Where To Get (Healthy) Salt

As Sole is simply salt and water, the quality of the salt is extremely important. I prefer to use mostly Himalayan salt, with a small amount of Redmond Salt or Celtic Salt added. The following are brands I have used personally and can vouch for, though many local health food stores will carry Himalayan Salt (make sure it is pure… it should be pink).

How to Make Sole

As I said, the only ingredients are salt and water so the recipe is pretty simple. You’ll also need a glass jar with a plastic or non-metal lid. I used a regular mason jar.

Here’s what to do…


  • A Glass Jar ( I used a wide-mouth mason jar)
  • A plastic or non-metal lid (like this one)
  • 1-2 cups of Himalayan Salt, Celtic Salt or Real Salt (see sources above)
  • Filtered water


  1. Fill the jar about 1/4 of the way with Himalayan Salt, Real Salt or Celtic Salt (or a mixture of the three).
  2. Add filtered water to fill the jar, leaving about an inch at the top.
  3. Put on the plastic lid and shake the jar gently.
  4. Leave on the counter overnight to let the salt dissolve.
  5. The next day, if there is still some salt on the bottom of the jar, the water has absorbed its maximum amount of salt and the
  6. Sole is ready to use.
  7. If all of the salt is absorbed, add more salt and continue doing so each day until some remains. This means that the water is fully saturated with the salt.


To use: Mix 1 tsp of the Sole in to a glass of water and consume every morning on an empty stomach. Do not use a metal utensil to measure or touch the Sole with any metal object.
I am not a doctor and don’t play one on the internet. As with any health advice, consult a qualified practitioner before adding any new supplements, especially if pregnant, nursing or if you have a medical condition.

How to Use Sole

Make the mixture as above and store at room temp. It will last indefinitely as salt is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. More water and salt can be added as needed to keep up the amount in the jar.

To drink, add 1 tsp to a glass of water each morning before eating or drinking anything else. Do not add more, especially starting off! If this causes a detox reaction or headache, work up slowly.

Have you ever made Sole? How did you like it? Share below!

Sole is water that has been saturated with the minerals in natural salt, making it good for digestive health, mental health, skin, hair, nails and more.

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Reader Comments

  1. Thanks so much for this article! I’ve been hearing a lot about sole recently and was wondering what the actual benefits are. Seems to be something I should really give a try.
    Just one thing: I’m pretty sure the word sole doesn’t come from the Latin “sol” (sun) but rather from the German, well, “sole” (pronounced like “sol-uh”) which in turn is derived from Middle High German “sul” or “sol”, meaning brine (at least that’s what Wikipedia says: ).
    But I’m also sure that, no matter what the actual origin of sole is, it’s healthy either way 🙂

    • But maybe the German word originally came from the Latin word “sol.” I don’t know for sure… just an idea!

      • Helllo! Thanks for this info!

        After making supersaturated solution of Himalayan Salt and water (your Sole), do you just leave any remaining salt sitting at the bottom of the container or do you strain that out?

        • Leave it! You can always add water to your remaining crystals!

          • I realize that this off topic and I just found this blog site so I haven’t read through everything yet, but I’m curious. Is this sole safe for a 2 year old? We are trying to get my twins off of steroids for breathing treatments and are hopeful that this will help.

          • There is a layer of fine red powder on top of my salt. Is that normal, or is there some kind of contaminant in my sole?

          • I have been using Sole’ for several years now and find it very refreshing

          • It seems this would be great for many of the symptoms/side effects of kidney disease yet any nephrologist, renal dietician, or urologist would say no to a “salt cure”. Is there any literature for taking this & having kidney disease?

      • Hi WM I just bought some pink Himalayan salt from the local health food store they had the large crystals and pre-ground from large jars they use to display their bulk herbs and tea how can I tell that it’s pure pink Himalayan? I’m thinking of asking who the vendor is to call any suggestions thanks and keep up the wonderful work you do much appreciated. ……Vito

      • The Latin version is sal, as in salt or saline! Sole is pronounced more like solve or solution, sahl•uh.

    • Thanks for the sole recipe,,,once the sole is ready should you mix before consuming? AND does this stay on the counter or go in the frig? THANKS

    • Can Sole be given to children? 🙂 I already made some for myself, but I’m curious about my 10 and 12 yr old? Thank you for your blog! I love it!

  2. Why don’t you eat bananas?

    • Haha…. I think I ate too many as a kid. the texture gets me now…

      • LOL! I was thinking there was a health reason that I hadn’t heard of. By the way, I love everything I have learned from you. We have made so many changes. Much more to do, but we are off to a great start! Thank you!

        • Oh this gave me a good laugh 🙂

      • As silly as it sounds, I’ve found that bananas taste better to me now when I salt them. Perhaps I need both potassium and sodium.

        • Haha, I just heard that potassium needs to be balanced with sodium. I am learning so much.

        • Yes! I salt mine also. Especially when dipping them in my all natural peanut butter. Lol

        • soooo.. maybe ….that’s why I have Always.. loved Banana sandwiches.. I am knew to all this so bear with my idiosyncrasies.. But I have alwayssss…. Loved! Banana sandwiches and in fact.. Pineapple sandwiches..also… And I bet it is the salt in the Mayonnaise that is the reason.. You know you crave things that is healthy.. for you.. primarily..Some thing instinctive craving of nutrients ..your.. body needs.. Of course you can carry the cravings too far.. but If it is healthy.. I wonder.. You can get too much of it that you are turned off of getting what you need from that particular source.. Idid for a while.. and since I am taking nutrient products.. the craving for them is not as strong.. but when I need fruit.. those two.. I crave them…I am not talking about harmfull addictions.. hope you .. know that.. and this .. all.. in essence…I’ve offered my beautiful Banana or Pineapple sandwiches to people and they are repulsed.. and used to bother me.. till I realized.. I am only offering God’s Fruit ..! its ok.. He’s got lots and lots of ways to eat them.. But you .. cannot .. dirty up .. a banana or pineapple.. with Mayonaise!! on bread !!! … real mayo.. that is…Mayybe it the sweet and sour thing .. with the mayo being tangy… that is part of the craving.. That other ..type of mayo…. for the life of me! Cannot figure how .. any one! can stand that.. But! it helps me get over the rejection of .. my sandwiches.. knowing there are things.. I abhor too.. And it is only food.. some good..some maybe bad.. choices are the person’s who is eating it.. and with respect to what and way …. they.. choose..Don’t know how,when, or where .. those sandwiches came from.. or just born out making something.. that .. might be appealing to ..,me.. out of the fridge..But .. a little mayo never hurt anyone..and actually my favorite is on white regular bread..and most.. of the time i use a healthier bread.. but always ..go back to the White bread.. cause the combination to me is like ‘eating’ a whole mouth full of fresh..’water’ of sorts.. go figure.. Hey! it not Mud! lol.. and for me.. the gift is.. It is… HIS .. FOOD..I looked up the ingredients in store bought Mayo.. and Mayonnaise is made with real*, simple ingredients: eggs, oil and vinegar. Hellmann’s® Real products are made with cage-free eggs.
          ..and so..

          • I crave Doritos sometimes and there is not one thing healthy about those! Lol

      • Ha! I could only eat bananas and Melba toast for 2 years when I was a toddler bc I was diagnosed with celiac. I was tested 2 years ago and I do/did not have it.
        SO, I started solé 1 week ago. 1 tsp. At night bc I take synthroid in the morning and recently my thyroid has gotten worse. EVERY SINGLE DAY starting the day I started I have had diarrhea. I thought it might be something else bc I had started back on 3tbls of coconut oil and added cod liver oil. 2 days ago I switched my thyroid to night and solé to morning. Both mornings, w/in 15 minutes of taking solé I had horrible cramps and bad diarrhea.
        I do take prescriptions for depression that I can’t give up bc last time I went off and tried supplements I ended up so depressed I was in bed for 2 years.
        Are the prescriptions causing daily detox due to solé? I don’t want to give it up but this diahhrea results is not limited to when I can make it to the toilet. Sorry to be graphic… Leakage is an issue… What do I do??

        • Susan, I had been on synthetic thyroid (Levothyroxin and Liothyronine) for more than a decade. I decided to have my endo change me to Naturethroid (Nature-throid?) and after being on it for 5 months now I am really pleased. I am sleeping better, the ‘fat ring around my neck is gone. (I also take bupropion for depression.) I can’t speak to the diarrhea, but as for the thyroid, maybe you can try natural (I avoided Armour as my research indicated its dosages were at times irregular as in not all the same strength) If it is your family doctor prescribing, I suggest being referred to an endocrinologist. Finding one that will prescribe natural thyroid replacements is not easy, though. I found my endo years ago on this website and I love him!

        • Major problem for me as well! At first I thought I was taking too much so am drinking a little tiny amount. I think the diarrhea may be the body’s way of balancing out water and getting rid of water retention. Today, I have a headache as well so I’m thinking it is a detox reaction.

        • The diarreah can be die off because the salt water will kill bad bacteria and cause loose stools.
          The medicine u are taking adds to the bad bacteria in your gut. So it perpetuates the problem.
          Suggestion. See a functional medicine doctor because they specialize in autoimmune issues which is what celiac a and thyroid are.
          Second take a good probiotic to heal gut. Such as Klaire labs probtx from Amazon.
          Third read the book by dr Jordan Rubin called makers diet or the gaps book by Natasha cambell or the scd diet book by Elaine gotschall.
          You should consider a digestive enzyme as well because celiac is damaged gut and can’t process food the same as if not damaged.
          You have lots of work to do with celiac. Mainly altering your diet and cutting out gluten for sure. No ifs ands or butts.

      • Funny, I am the same! Ate too many bananas as a kid and cannot stomach them now at all. I don’t like the taste, smell or texture. Yuck!

    • Bananas are very high carb and therefore very fattening!!

  3. I was just about to ask that too Jennifer Wright.. I’m curious as well.. my 2 year old is a banana-holic. Often 3 bananas a day. I stopped using them in my smoothies to reduce my carb intake but if I wasn’t worried about carbs I would eat a banana a day.

    • I hope you’ll eat organic bananas…. the gas they use to ripen them is not healthy 🙁

      • Not to mention that conventional bananas are now gmo

        • GMO bananas are a weird yellow when you open them and have a different texture. Bananas are a great detox. If you ate eating right you should be able to handle as many bananas as you want. Don’t be scared of carbs! Fruit carbs are good energy.

    • Lol you should look up freelee the banana girl on youtube….. Sorry it’s just she has eaten 50 bananas in one day before and it just sounded funny and reminded me of her when you said one banana a day… Anyways it’s unimportant….

  4. I get my Himalayan salt in bulk from Whole Foods. Thoughts? Is this not as good as what you get?

      • I just started using Sole. I have noticed that I do not get the leg cramps in the middle of the night anymore.

  5. Do you take this while nursing?

      • What about while pregnant?

        • I’m wondering the same thing, if it can be taken while pregnant.

  6. I’m wondering how much benefit this would have for those who already have a high (real) salt intake? My husband & I love salt & tend to already salt things liberally. I can’t imagine I really need more in my diet (not that I’m salt phobic, just can’t imagine needing more)…
    Slightly off topic, but perhaps relevant, though, I can’t take magnesium orally because I have horribly fitfull sleeps when I do…strange dreams, waking up constantly, etc. I’m concerned I may have the same reaction when supplementing with extra salt (& therefore minerals).

    • Is it sea salt that you and your husband are liberally using or is it table salt? If you are using sea salts like the ones mentioned then you should be fine using (almost) as much as you’d like..

      • It’s Himalayan pink salt 🙂
        I’m not worried that we’re using too much, just thinking we probably don’t need to supplement with extra, though I’d be open to doing so if there were benefits to sole that I’m not already getting just by salting food.

        • The sea salt in the morning will help kick start your adrenals and help ward off any afternoon fatigue.

    • different magnesium have different effects

    • I’ve heard from a respectable Phd in Chemistry that if you crave salt you probably need minerals and or you have weak adrenals. In the past, when I was sick, I used to put salt on everything, as I was healing I didn’t need as much. Nowadays my health is in top shape and I don’t crave salt anymore although I drink sole water everyday.
      DON’T be afraid of salt. If you crave it, you meed it. Use good salts like the ones mentioned in this article.

    • You can take as much celtic sea salt as you want as long as you take 1 liter of water per 40 ml. of sole.. The sole has a very potent electrochemistry that is the therapeutic effect. Stop adding salt to food and just take the sole.

    • What form of magnesium do you take? I take malate in the morning and glycinate I before bed. Many people complain of fitful sleep if they take malate at night.

  7. Did you use the unground Himalayan crystals or finely ground Himalayan salt for this? Do you think that crystals would work just as well as finely ground? I have a bag of each type, but I don’t really use the harder crystals for the reason that they are hard to grind.. Himalayan salt comes at a premium here in the Kalahari, so I would prefer not to use the finely ground salt. Thank you for articles, I have learned so much, and have changed much of my lifestyle since finding your website!

      • when you go to use the sole do you shake the mixture first or just scoop whats settled at the top?


          • do not shake the sole. the water is saturated with the salt. that is why you should always have some salt on the bottom of your jar.

          • she says not to but i find its less salty if you swirl it i have seen elsewhere in videos other people swirl it first.
            i think you get more minerals when you mix it up a bit the pink color in the salt is mineral content so i would assume your getting more mineral and not just salt/saline solution

          • I have heard that you do NOT want to shake it after it is ready to drink…. The water well be more acidic on the bottom and more alkaline on the top. Naturally is it supposed to settle that way.

  8. Love the picture! Nice to put a face with all these great things I’ve learned from you!

  9. This sounds very gentle but should it be avoided if I am pregnant? I have been having a lot of leg cramps!

    • I took while pregnant and my midwife was fine with it but I’d check with a doc if you have concerns…

      • Thank you for the response!

      • How Would You Take That When Pregnant?

  10. Is Sole similar to Bioplasma? Have you ever taken Bioplasma? An Indian Holistic doctor I work with just told me about it and I’m curious for your take. Thanks!

    • As someone that takes both bioplasma and the sole I can say they work together even better than individually. Bioplasma will help absorb all the micronutrients in sole efficiently.

  11. So what’s the benefit of letting it sit overnight? I often shake a bit of salt into my drinking water. How is using a small amount of this concentrate better than doing that? I’m curious since I’ve never heard of sole…well, except the fish…lol
    I have been getting pink himalayan salt from the bulk section of my health food store. There’s no description other than that, but it’s pink, so I assume it’s got the good minerals. And it just tastes so much better than table salt!

    • The water actually takes on as much of the salt as it can overnight and it can be more easily absorbed in this form.

      • I’m confused. If the solution is more easily absorbed after you concentrate it, then why do you dilute it with water right before you consume it?

        I don’t understand how there could be a difference between a glass of water with a little bit of sole concentrate stirred in and a glass of water with a little of bit salt stirred in (and dissolved).

        • I’ve been confused about this too which is how I found this page. Can anyone shine a light on this?

          • I would think that if you just shake it into a glass you will not get the appropriate amount. And by diluting it, you are able to drink it, since straight would be too strong. I dilute it in a juice glass and take my vitamins each am.

        • I researched this and found that the sodium concentration is significantly higher when you just mix salt into water. When you create the sole, the water absorbs more minerals along with the sodium so it is balanced. Sole contains approximately 400mg of sodium per teaspoon, while a teaspoon of the salt contains approximately 3000mg of sodium.

    • Not all pink salt is Himalayan so be sure it specifies Himalayan on the label. There are many unscrupulous food sellers around, and salt dyed pink is just one of many scams. Also, if you are Banting, many many (even major, well-known) shops now have Banting labels on foods that are totally unsuitable, you need to be very aware of what is in everything and not believe the labels.

    • I simply measure 1/8 tsp pure Himalaya salt and stir it in a cup juice or soy milk daily.

    • The sole has a therapeutic electromagnetic effect. Just adding salt to water or food does not created the therapeutic electromagnetic effect.

  12. Ok to add some lemon to the water in the morning ?

      • Even if you use one whole lemon’s juice in water first thing in the morning, is it okay to just add your sole to that? Does it reduce either one’s effectiveness?

        • According to my herbalist, the two taken together is brilliant in the morning, the healing effect of both gets stronger this way.

          • The combination of sole and lemon juice (or any kind of whole food vitamin c) is fantastic for the adrenals.

          • How much lemon juice with the Sole? I will start doing this for sure.

  13. Do you know if this is ok to take with thyroid hormone replacement treatment?

    • I am also wondering if this is okay to take with thyroid medication. Mine is to be taken in the morning also on an empty stomach. I take armour thyroid.

      • Hey Veronica! You mention taking Armour Thyroid… I’ve been searching for that everywhere! Where do you purchase it?

      • thyroid medication is reduced in effectiveness by minerals, so probably not a great idea. There are studies out there that show that taking thyroid at night is as good or even better than in the morning, however.

  14. why no metal? my husband doesn’t buy it 😉

    • I think its because the salt would corrode the metal

    • Salt makes water more conductive which is another reason it is good at detoxifying the body. Metal changes this in my understanding.

      • Even stainless teaspoon? I just now used it by accident, did I ruin? Do I need to make new batch?

        • Salt is a corrosive element. It can leach particles from the metal utensils into the water and can possibly cause an issue. If you’ve only used it once, I wouldn’t worry about it. It takes time (repeated use or just sitting in it) for the salt to leach particles from a hard substance, such as metal. I would recommend not using it again, though. That’s why a glass or plastic container with a plastic lid is recommended.

    • I think maybe because the metal will change the vibration of the water… just a guess! Your husband will probably not buy that one either! lol

    • It’s because when introducing any metal into the sole, it de-ionizes the mixture, hence you are undoing the benefits.

  15. Why would this be any better than just taking the salt?

    • Katie said above that it is more easily absorbed this way 🙂

  16. I just ordered my salt, and can’t wait for it to get here. I have three grandchildren living with me, and wondered if it would be okay for them to drink this too. They are 6,8,& 13. Would their dose be the same? Thanks.

  17. Hi, Katie! Thanks for a great article. I am anxious to start using sole and reaping all the benefits. How long after you started using it did you notice health improvements? What specific improvements have you had? Thanks!

    • More energy and better digestion within the first week and skin improvements at a couple weeks. also slept better pretty soon after starting

      • Thanks for the reply, Katie. That’s very encouraging and an incentive to get started. Hope I have similar results!

  18. Sometimes I just take a big lick of Real Salt from the palm of my hand….especially if I know I’m going outdoors to work for a length of time. Is there a reason why sole is better?

  19. Hey Mama, would this be ok to take along side other supplements. I take clay and magnesium also. Just wondering if the effect would be too detoxifying with these altogether ?

    • Mama, I was wondering this, also. Could I add sole to my Natural Calm? Could I add bentonite to either or both in the same water? Thanks!

      • Take it alone but you can take the others at different times

    • It should be ok, but take this first thing in the morning, by itself, before you eat, drink or take anything else…

      • Cool,thankyou

      • How long after drinking my glass of sole, do I need to wait before I drink anything else or eat ??

        • I am interested in finding out too. I do oil pulling and now I am incorporating cinnamon and honey water and I am interested in finding out about the best time frame to do all of these for best absorption .

  20. Katie, this is off the subject, but I no longer receive my weekly meal plans. What happened ?
    Thank you.


  21. couldn’t I just put plastic wrap, and then the mason jar lid over the jar? I am eager to try this tonight and do not have a plastic lid to fit.

    Love your recipe’s and tips Katy!!

  22. I heard about sole recently on an Underground Wellness podcast featuring Dr. Corey Schuler. He mentioned how it’s really helpful for people with adrenal fatigue as quality salt really nourishes the adrenals. Fascinating stuff, if only more people knew!

    • That’s so cool! I love pink salt 🙂

  23. Any thoughts about Sole and possible sensitivity to high sodium levels? I have been under treatment for AFib and it was suggested by a cardiology spec. that I might be having symptoms triggered by sodium. I have reduced my daily intake to include few processed foods and other high sodium junk and discontinued using bicarbonate of soda to alkalinize internally and am surprised at how good everything tastes without the added salt. (Also stunned at the amounts added even in frozen veggies and any processed sauces or soups!)

    • I’m not a doctor, but you have to be your own advocate as well. The sodium the doctors refer to is the highly processed white table salt most people are aware of and consume, and is in pre-packaged foods. If I were you, I would do my due diligence and research this topic well.

      The point of this is the minerals found naturally in quality salts like Himalayan pink and Celtic sea salts and the detoxification properties of them. It’s not about the taste, though the side benefit is that you don’t have to give up the taste if you prefer things salted, IF you use a quality salt from the Earth without all the processing.

      • There’s no like button, but I wanted to say how impressed I am not only with your suggestions and participation, but in your intelligent & cautionary replies.

    • I’m not a doctor either, but you might want to look into taking hawthorn berry. Dr. James A. Duke (herbalist) speaks a lot about it. You need to take it a month before you see results. It can affect your dose of drugs, so make sure you work with a knowledgeable physician.

    • To make the sole use 3/4 celtic and dead sea salt. The potassium and magnesium in the dead sea salts remove the excess sodium. You can also eat overripe organic banana peels to do the same thing.

  24. Hi Katie- My husband is on blood pressure medication. In your opinion, would it be beneficial for him to take a tsp. of sole each day? We want to try some things to help lower his BP, but it’s hard to know if it’s working because he is on medication already. Thanks!

    • I personally would try it in that case, but I’d check with a doc…

  25. OMG! I’m trying this tonight! How do you store sole? Can it be left out or does it need to be refrigerated?

    • It doesn’t need to be refrigerated. You can leave it out just make sure that it stays covered. Don’t cover it with anything metal because the salt in the water will corrode metal. Also, don’t use a metal spoon to dip into the container. Use glass, plastic or wood.

      • I found a small glass pitcher (cruet) with a plastic and glass stopper at my local big box store. It’s perfect for Sole as it has no metal and you can pour your desired amount directly into your water glass without using a spoon. You must be careful as you will not be ‘measuring’ with anything but your eyes. Less than $3.00.

  26. You mention to begin with just 1 tsp of SOLE added to water. With time, do you work up to higher amounts? If so, what is the time frame and amount? I find this extremely interesting!!!!

    • It depends on you. Try 1 tsp. a day for one week. The next week two tsps. a day for one week and so on. Know that if you go over 10 tsps. a day, you may experience a detox reaction which may include loose bowels! You’ll have to experiment to determine what your tolerance level is.

      • is there a maximum amount I should be aware of? Of just be aware of my tolerance level as you mentioned? Before learning about sole, we already drank RO water remineralized with himalayan pink salt. (1/4t/gal). I’m assuming it’s ok for us to continue drinking the remineralized water? That wouldn’t cause us to have too much salt? My partner is a concrete laborer, so I try to keep him healthy since he has such a strenuous job! We already do the lemon water in the AM, which I will now add the sole to, then i make him ginger tea to help with arthritis and we finish the night with the ACV miracle drink (ACV, raw honey, cinnamon and cayenne pepper). I love your information and will be a life time follower! Keep up the great work!

  27. Can I use a metal canning lid, as long as the water doesn’t come in contact with it? I live overseas and can’t find any lids like yours, unless I wait for a month for it to come in the mail. 😉

    • Use the canning jar. Don’t use the metal canning lid. It WILL rust! Use a plastic, wood or glass covering. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can use a small plate (saucer) as a lid; or you can take a small plastic container and turn it upside down and use it as a lid. Keep Sole away from any and all metal lids and instruments.

  28. Hi Katie — You mentioned having a detox reaction once we begin this. I’m pretty healthy but got a sore throat and laryngitis and a cold within two days of starting this. Are the two related?? (I did sleep better immediately… besides the two nights I was up most of the night because I couldn’t breathe, that is.)

    • I’d love to hear a response to this, too. The very first day I took it, I had the opposite of loose bowels. Been sticking with it, just to see what happens…my lymph nodes kind of ache and had a mini anxiety attack yesterday. It’s very similar to the time I tried to do a 3-day fast. Does it sometimes get worse before it gets better?

      • I found that my sleeping was greatly improved but I have tried going off of it for several days because I found it to make me not “go” completely or I’d even miss days. So I’m torn right now as to if I should stay on it for the sleeping or go off it for the constipation. I see that someone posted within the last week about increasing the daily intake, so I think I may try that to see what happens!

        • I’m right there with you. Exactly same experience. I dropped down to just enough sole to cover the bottom of my pint glass…not feeling terrible now, with all the aches and such, but not as regular as I used to be. Let me know how it goes with you, k?

  29. I have rheumatoid arthritis and after using the sole for 4 weeks started having a lot of arthritis symptoms. I looked up “salt and rheumatoid arthritis” and found that salt is one of the things that increases the immune response. Thus, my arthritis got worse as rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease. Unfortunately I had to stop the sole. so check it out if you have any health issues. 2 days after I stopped the sole my symptoms had decreased considerably and continue on a better trend.

    • So glad to see this post about the arthritis. I had the same reaction.

    • I’m glad you shared this, but disappointed as I have an autoimmune d/o too (Lupus) which is a lot of inflammation in my body and arthritic type pain…I was really looking forward to trying this out. Oh well…

      • Hi have you tried juicing 80% leafy green veg and 20% fruit, works wonders for athritis

      • Have you tried Golden Paste made with turmeric, coconut oil and freshly ground black pepper for arthritis. It’s brilliant.

        • Is this sorting you rub on then? Thanks.

    • For autoimmune disorders take colostrum, my community 17 mushroom blend, and drink worm compost tea. Eat raw organic fruit and raw pastured eggs. Study raw food videos and ormus.

  30. Is this safe while breastfeeding?

  31. How do you feel about adding kelp in the mix? Would this ad iodine to the minerals and be well absorbed by the body? And will it shorten shelf life of the sole?

    I have problems with my blood flow, cold hands and feet, my fingers are already turning white and it isn’t even full on winter yet over here in the Netherlands. I found out that iodine should help with that.

    • Trust me…u have Raynaud’s syndrome. I have it in mild form..but that is painful enough. I’ve seen extreme cases. ..blueish purple fingertips that look waxy yellow white before turning blue.
      Chinese medicine considers it a disease of either adrenals or liver ( can’t recall ) but western medicine does not recognise it as thus…n therefore it is often misdiagnosed, untreated, or treated w BIG PHARMA drugs which often have nasty side effects.
      I was sitting in 72 degree room the other day with very thick winter booty type slippers on…and was,still so terribly cold that i made hot footbath w himalayan salt and felt great
      Please do the sole drink…..i believe it will heal our adrenalin problems…and u will have nicer skin too.

  32. regarding the sole….I have read other websites recommending not to drink coffee, tea, any diuretic meds as it will cancel out the benefits of this sole…do you know about this? Can you drink coffee and tea at all or wait a certain amount of time….limit the amount??

  33. Crap! I missed the no metal lids (using mason lid) part and there’s been some contact with the salt and water…

    What would you do (Katie or fellow readers)? Think it’d be ok to use or would it be best to dump the contents of the jar?


  34. Hi there. I unknowingly used a metal spoon to scoop out my sole from the jar. Why is that not recommended? Did I harm myself or my batch of sole?

  35. that is absolutely correct.

  36. I normally drink a tablespoon of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar in a large glass of filtered water every morning. Would it be okay to mix the Sole and the apple cider vinegar in the same glass of water?

  37. I would love to make Sole and buy some Himalayan Pink salt. We live in Alaska and the shipping prices listed by Mountain Rose Herbs are about as much as the salt itself. Can you recommend any other companies that sell the genuine article? Many thanks!

    • Try Amazon!

    • Yes Laura is right try Amazon and buy it through Prime. The membership is worth having when you live here in Alaska. I also purchased mine from San Francisco Salt Company and if i remember correctly, the shipping was USPS Flat Rate which was pretty good. I will keep my eye open for cheaper shipping and will let you know what I find.

    • I buy mine from here. It even comes with a certificate of authenticity and is way cheaper than from my local health food store.

  38. Hello! Would the Sole replace my Concentrace Mineral Supplement? I take doses throughout the day. Could I do this with Sole?


  39. Hello! I take Concentrace Mineral Supplement throughout the day. Would Sole replace that and can I take it throughout the day?


  40. I have been using this salt for a while now and I really like it. However, I’ve recently read that this type of salt contains uranium. Is there any information that you can share about this? Everything I find seems to be very negative!

    • Where did you read this. I read that Celtic sea salt (the grey sea salt) contains .0003 percent uranium.
      I probably would use any sea salt from the pacific ocean, ie Fukushima.

      • My comment should read “would not” use sea salt from the Pacific.

  41. I have a question, I made my sole with grey sea salt from France. The next morning a layer of superfine powder remained on the bottom of the jar. I’ve mixed it numerous times but it won’t dissolve. Is this normal? The brand of sea salt is Maison Orphee and I used boiled water. Thank you.

    • Yep. that is normal and just means that there is enough salt in the water. The water can only take on a certain amount of salt so it will leave what it can’t absorb.

  42. I am just about to start drinking Sole. I only drink 1 cup of coffee strong and black in the morning after hot water. Can you advise can I still have coffee or does this destroy the effects. Also could I make my drink up the night before and drink upon wakening. Thank you

  43. I’ve recently started eating Himalayan Pink Salt and absolutely love this salt. I’ve also noticed an overall improvement in my digestion from intake of this salt. Its also delicious! I have not tried Celtic sea salt yet but will, it looks really good too : ) Thank you for the wonderful information on your site, Katie. I also just recently started having Sole every morning and wanted to share that I think Himalayan Pink Salt may have some really positive health benefits and also for healing and the body.

    • Hi Katie, hope you are well 🙂 Back to ask a question about Sole. The recommendation is 1 teaspoon of sole in a glass of water, by what amount can you increase it per day ?

      I am quite excited, at the improvements I have seen since intake of this himalayan salt in general, I use it in food/cooking as well. Can you take too much of this salt ? I use it like a homeopathic remedy & believe it to be helpful health tonic – a salt of the ocean, the ocean is said to be like the vibration of life..and within the body the salt can have nurturing & revitalizing effects on the system.

      • Ask a doc before taking anything, especially large doses, but I generally stick with the 1 tsp.

  44. Can infants(4 months) take it? A smaller amount .

    • I don’t think i would give it to my kids and I’d absolutely ask a doctor first.

      • Hi Katie – do you mean you wouldnt give it to a baby this young or kids in general. Asking coz i thought i remembered you saying 1/2 measure to children in an earlier reply and after a quick look i can’t find it. Instinct tells me that you wouldnt give a 4 month old this but my feeling is that from 2ish it would be fine?

  45. Hi Katy!
    is it counterproductive to have my one cup of coffee in the morning after drinking sole?

    • You won’t need coffee in the morning after drinking Sole, since the solution increses energy that lasts 24 hours in your body.

  46. I’ve been drinking salt sole for a few days now and noticed that I feel a bit nauseous midday. It feels like a good detox kind of stomach thing. But, I wonder why drinking salt sole is detoxing. Do you know what it is doing and why there’s a cleansing/detox effect?
    Also, I’ve used about two one inch chunks of himalayan salt and they seem to dissolve pretty fast. Does this mean I have too much water in the jar?
    Thanks for posting about this great drink!

    • You will want to add enough salt that some is still left after 24 hours. Salt is very detoxifying and it can also speed up metabolism and digestion so it is pretty normal to have some nausea at the beginning.

  47. I started sole about three days ago and am noticing the positive effects already. Just wondering two things:
    1. I was lightly shaking the jar to disperse mineral sediment. Should I not do that, just consuming the dissolved minerals in the clear solution when the sediment settles?
    2. I tried it with natural, non-flavored/non-sweetened sparkling mineral water with a little lemon squeezed in and it is easier to drink. Any concerns on using mineral water?
    Thanks! And I really appreciate your website and the passion you put into it.

  48. I have the same question as above. .I have been having a tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar each morning (then coffee :/). Can the sole go in the same glass add the acv? And if not its it better to have some first, then acv next? Thanks

  49. One of the benefits of sole is to detox and rid your body of heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, and amalgam. Do you know if these metals are eliminated solely through urine? Is there a danger of eliminating through breast milk while breastfeeding?

    • Hi Grace,
      Did you find the answer to this? I’m breastfeeding a three month old…

    • did you ever find out the answer?

  50. Hi,
    Is this safe for someone having rheumatoid arthritis.

    Thanks for your response.

      • Hi Katie I am on steroids for a lung problem will drinking sole help me

    • Two people posted above thst said sole increased their RA symptoms. I have RA and have had no symptoms since i started salt to my water. As u may have noticed when it comes to RA, everyone is dufferent.

  51. Would you recommend taking a daily dose of ACV along with the Sole (kill two birds with one stone)?

  52. I started using sole this past week. I’d been putting 1 tsp of salt directly in 12 oz of water, but it gave me horrible diarrhea. The sole has taken care of that problem, thank goodness.

    My question comes because I occasionally forget to take it on an empty stomach. Is it better to still drink it than not at all? Are the benefits just not as complete?

    I also drink several glasses throughout the day instead of just one in the morning. Dan Eades, M.D., author of Protein Power, mentions that he adds mineral salt to his water, since he uses a reverse osmosis filter and it removes all of the minerals, and he drinks the recommended 8 glasses of water a day.

    I already have low BP, so I was a bit worried that it can help lower it further, but I haven’t noticed any adverse effects.

    The thing I’m most excited about, though, is that it seems to have helped with my weight loss plateau. I saw a 2 lb drop this morning after weeks of nothing.

    • Hi,
      Once someone has built up a tolerance by slowly increasing the amount of sole consumed each day do they need to be concerned about taking too much? I’m wondering if there are any guidelines on recommended amounts to take, and what would amount would be considered too much to take.

    • Hi,
      Once someone has built up a tolerance by slowly increasing the amount of sole consumed each day do they need to be concerned about taking too much? I’m wondering if there are any guidelines on recommended amounts to take, and what amount would be considered too much to take.

  53. Hi! I take thyroxine first thing in the morning on an empty stomach as prescribed. Should I take the sole after or before this? And how long of a gap would I need to leave? After reading ur article, would love to try this as soon as possible! 🙂 Thanks!!

    • I”d leave the amount of time the doc recommends unless he says differently…

    • Hi mayuri, I’m on thyroxine too and take 75mg every morning. How did you get on with the sole salt drink, has it helped? I get terrible leg cramps and my hair is so thin. Thankyou

  54. What size jar do you use to mix the Water and salt in when you make the Sole? Also, how much water do you mix the one teaspoon of Sole to drink?

    • I store in a quart size mason jar and add a teaspoon/tablespoon to 8 ounces of water

  55. Hi… I was wondering if you had anyone comment on their experiences with using sole while dealing with hypothyroidism. Have you seen/heard of any positive effects? Improvements? Thanks!

  56. I’m not experiencing any energy boosts! In fact, I’m more tired, Why?

  57. Re: I’ve just started (4th day today) the teaspoon of Sole to a glass of water. But expected to feel more energy by now.

  58. I take a probiotic first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Would it be okay to drink the sole and take the probiotic at the same time? Thanks for all you do, your website is so informative. 🙂

  59. Is Himalayan Halite Salt ok to use please?
    Thank you

  60. Hi Katie!

    Thank you so much for your very informative blog. I love reading your health tips!

    My question is… i normally take a cup of bone broth first thing in the morning. Could I take the Sole solution in that with a squidge of lemon?

  61. I used a metal spoon twice in the sole. Oops, today I used plastic and could actually taste the salt solution in the water. Is the sole still good? I couldn’t taste the salt at all w/the metal spoon. Ty.

  62. Hi I’m wondering, Is this any different than having a teaspoon of good salt dissolved in warm water?

  63. Hi,
    I take 2-3 glass of water in empty stomach morning. Wondering if I can add 1 tbsp on sole in first glass and then just drink remaining water. Please advise if it will be too diluted or will be any helpful. Please note I am also diagnosed with UC, so any advise around this will be great help.


  64. I used pink himalayan salt for this sole in a wide mouth pint jar with a plastic lid, just like the picture. However, only some (barely half) of the “1/4 way full” amount of salt was absorbed by the water. It has been sitting on the counter for 3 days. I am confident that my salt is quality salt.

    What did I do wrong?!

    • The water will only be able to absorb a certain amount. The extra will be absorbed when you add new water… nothing to worry about

  65. Hi, my daughter is 3 years old. Is 1/2 dose safe for her age too? Thank you!

    • Is there nobody out there who gives their small child (3 yrs old) sole and can tell me what dose they are using? My daughter has developed signs of mineral deficiency on her finger nails and I’d rather like to supplement her naturally. That’s why I thought giving her sole would be great. I just can’t find any information as for how much a dose might be safe for a child her age. I hope somebody can help me! Thanks!

      • Herbalists use a child’s weight to determine the dose (except for those herbs that are contraindicated entirely for children). Divide the child’s weight by 120 to determine the percent of an adult dose that a child should receive. (For example, a 40 pound child would get 1/3 of an adult dose.)

  66. Quick question, darling! What if I use only himalayan salt? Is it OK? Thank you very much

  67. Why do you have to use a glass jar? You can’t use an airtight plastic container?

  68. Hi, Nice article! Apart from eating a banana a day :), I tried 2 different Soles (saturated salt solutions) in recent months. First (and to counter any possible magnesium deficiency) I used about 3 ml of Dead Sea salt Sole each day (and regular Dead Sea salt footbaths). The effects, I must say, were quite remarkable. After a few days it felt not exactly energizing, but like a pleasant tingling in my body. It seems that magnesium is (among 100 other things) a vasodilator (widening the blood vessels). I experimented a bit with different doses but got back at 3 ml a day, mainly guided by various resulting bowel issues.. Then I stopped using Dead Sea salt altogether, because it made me slightly mentally foggy and apparently it contains an inordinately high level of bromide, which doesn’t seem to be very good for you at all..

    However, I not only tried Dead Sea salt for its 78% magnesium-chloride content (instead of 95% natrium-chloride or sodium in other natural salts), but also for the many other minerals and elements it contains (apart from the bromide). So, some weeks ago, I started using (pink) Himalaya salt Sole (along with a regular pharmaceutical magnesium supplement) for all the same nutrients..

    To me, the effect of Himalaya salt Sole was quite different from Dead Sea salt Sole. I noticed my somehow smoother skin from using Dead Sea salt, which really surprised me. This effect seems to continue with using Himalaya salt.. But after a (daily) dose of Himalaya salt Sole (about 3 ml, as measured by a plastic pipet, not a metal teaspoon :)), I almost instantly feel energized (both physically and mentally) and I automatically relax (breathing rate goes down) and I become mentally more alert. It’s great!

    (For now) I conclude that a Dead Sea salt Sole regime may quickly supplement a magnesium deficiency (which you likely have), but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it for long term use. Himalaya salt Sole on the other hand, seems to deliver instant real vitality! I’ve used it for a about 2 weeks now, basically without any adverse effects.. 🙂

    • Magnesium is hugely important and most folks are deficient. The best way to get it is transdermally, you absorb way more and you don’t get the intestinal “effects”. I think WEllness Mama has a recipe for making lotion or butter, recommend you look it up.

      If you want to really understand the huge effects of magnesium read The Magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean, MD

      Waiting on my salt, can’t wait to get started. You inspired me even more

    • Primi,

      What brands of Dead Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt did you use?
      How much salt in how much water did you use for your foot bath?
      Did you make a salt skin scrub too to notice your skin was smoother?
      Thanx for your post.

  69. Can you used Deerpark water to make sole from

  70. Hi Katie, thanks for a very informative site. I live in South Africa and although I use Himalayan Pink Salt for cooking and have stopped using table salt completely the price of the Himalayan Pink Salt makes using it for sole very expensive. I have found a local natural salt called Kalahari Desert Salt which is said to contain sodium chloride and potassium iodate. can this be used for making sole instead?



  71. Hi katie!!! First off thank u so so much for sharing all of your wonderful knowledge with us. I am so grateful that I stumbled upon your site!! U r now bookmarked and locked in. 😉 I’m super excited to make my first batch of sole but don’t have the plastic lid for my jar. We live far from the big stores that sell them so was wondering if I put some cloth between the jar and the metal lid if that would be ok? Or when I shake it will it technically touch the metal through the soaked fabric???

    • It should be ok, or you could even use a layer of plastic bag or something just while shaking and then remove it.

  72. My first batch of Sole is dissolving right now. I am going to drink this every morning. How much more water do I need during the day???

    • I’ve found that I drink to thirst but that I’m consuming about 16 ounces extra per day.

  73. Hi Katie,

    I recently started reading up on all the health benefits of the Himalayan salt and immediately went to Whole foods and got a box. Made a batch of sole the first night and put a teaspoon in a glass of water and drank it. However, I did not like the salty taste. I want to continue taking it daily and introduce this to the rest of the family but feel we may be all turned off by the taste. I understand that you are suppose to take it alone for maximum health but is there anything you can add to it to make it more tolerable? I was thinking of putting the teaspoon of sole in tomato juice but didn’t know if that would remove the health benefits.
    Any thoughts?

    • It would still be somewhat helpful but definitely better to take in just water…

    • Hi Robert, I also dislike the salty taste of sole water and find it difficult to drink 8oz of the stuff. What I do now is have a teaspoon of sole straight in my mouth followed immediately with a glass of filtered water.
      Pretty sure this works the same. I find it easier this way.

  74. I take Armor thyroid every morning on an empty stomach and have to wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything else. Would I be able to drink this to take my thyroid or stay with plain water and drink this 30 min later?

    • My thyroid doctor who recommended Sole water (yes I have the most awesome doc) said no supplements with thyroid, trace minerals interfere. That includes Sole water of course.

      • Elizabeth, thank you for clarifying! I’m guessing you wait, 2-4 hours, before the sole? How do you take it?

        • I wait about 2-3 hours, mostly because that is how the timing goes for me. I try to do it by 9 am because of the adrenal “cycle”only because I am working on strengthening mind.

          I don’t think doing it later in the day is a big deal, once you are doing it regularly the vibrational cycle should remain over a 24 hour period.

      • Hi Elizabeth H., What part of the country do you live in and what is the name (and website) of your thyroid doctor please?

      • So do you not take the sole, or not rake thyorid meds. I am on armour also. Thanks June

        • Hi June

          and others who are on Armour thyroid – where do you get it? I’ve tried buying some off the internet but haven’t found any source! I live in Finland, Europe.

  75. Can sole be used also to increase the blood pressure? I saw that you said that sole will decrease blood pressure. What about low blood pressure? Thank you

    • I was wondering the same thing. My neurologist sent me to a cardiologist who found that my blood pressure is way too low which causes my heart to work harder than it really needs to. Anyway, I’m trying to avoid being put on steroid blood pressure meds so he recommended salt become my new best friend lol. I’ve been having a difficult time getting in so much dang salt so this sole seems like the perfect solution. Some articles day it raises BP in a healthy way, while others say it lowers… which I don’t want. I’m going to try it regardless, but I would feel better trying it knowing for sure wont lower. Thanks:)

  76. I have read that any metal coming in contact with the sole will change the composition ( i.e.: metal spoons, lids, etc.). How does this effect someone who drinks the solution, who also has braces? I know it doesn’t stay in contact long enough for corrosion to take place, but does it change its polarity, or have any other negative effect on the solution and the benefit’s to ones body?

    • I was going to ask a similar question but only regarding amalgam fillings? If this is a detoxing substance, then isn’t that the cause for concern with metal? Wouldn’t it draw out and absorb the metals and actually be causing harm? I recently read that just drinking a hot beverage (with amalgam fillings) releases mercury vapors into your system… 🙁

      • Fulton and Brittney, These are two GREAT questions! I never considered that. Does anyone have the answer to those two wonderful questions?

  77. Hi Katie,
    I’ll be making the sole and here is my question – since I’m oilpulling first thing in the morning, followed by drinking two cups of warm water + the juice of one lemon, where does the salt sole fit?
    What should the sequence be?

    Thanks 🙂

  78. How is Sole hydrating? We all know not to drink salt-water because hypertonic solutions draw water out of cells via osmosis. Is Sole not drawing water out of our bodies?


  79. I have fine ground Himalayan pink salt. Can I use that or is it better to use courser salt?

    • I think that should be fine… It will just be a little harder to observe when there is salt left over. The coarser salt grind makes it really easy to see.

  80. Hi Katie,
    I don’t use filtered water yet, because I just read up about it upon seeing your sole recipe. I don’t plan on getting a filter quite yet, so my question is this: will I still get the benefits of the sole, even if I am not using filtered water?
    Also, I’ve read that coffee may interfere with the benefits of sole. Should I (gasp) stop drinking coffee?! That’d be sad…

    • Well, you’ll get the best results with filtered water (and it’s so much better for you in general), but you’d get some benefits with unfiltered water. I drink coffee myself, and I’m not ready to give it up either 😉

      • Oh good! 🙂
        Thanks for the info!

      • Hi Katie,
        I love your blog–so many helpful bits of advice on stuff that’s relevant to me. 🙂 I just started drinking roasted dandelion and chicory tea as a coffee replacement and love it! Tastes so similar! Plus the kind I bought (Dandy Blend) is powdered herbs and dissolves readily in cool or hot water so it’s much more convenient! Plus dandelion is a liver detoxifier.

        For the sole, I just placed chunks of a broken Himalayan salt lamp in a jar and filled to the top with water. Thanks for the tip on it needing plastic lid/spoon–hadn’t heard that before.

        I just made almond milk w/your recipe and my husband and I are ready to stop buying it from the store!

        Now I’m in the process of switching over to organic bedding. Such a shame we spent so much on that TempurPedic. I plan on ordering the millet hull pillow (less noisy and firm than buckwheat hulls) from They also sell buckwheat hull pillows and it comes out to the same price if I were to make my own. Going to read your post on grains and your sample recipes next. Hoping to get my husband to go grain-free w/me. He loves his bread! I did find a gluten and yeast free bread mix from that I may try.


  81. should the sole solution be swirled to mix it up before use or do you just skim off the top of the solution when it is settled at the bottom?

  82. Hello Katie,

    Thank you a lot for all your recommendations!

    My question is, if I am also taking a glass of water with apple cider vinegar and a spoon of honey in the morning, should I take sole before or after… and can I take those two things one after another, or should I wait in between?
    Your help will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

  83. I’m curious as to what you would suggest…

    I’ve heard of taking Apple Cider Vinegar on an empty stomach in the morning.
    I’ve heard of taking lemon water in the morning
    I’m taking Bentonite clay water first thing in the morning. (keeps me regular, helps detox, lots of minerals)

    How does this SOLE work among all of these “first thing in the morning” drinks?
    The SOLE sounds appealing b/c I have low blood pressure and I drink lots in the morning during and after my workout.

    Do you think I can mix the Bentonite clay water with a tsp of SOLE? would that work?

  84. Hi, I LOVE your coffee recipe, your chia seed energy bars, and your deodorant & sunscreen recipes, but the Sole is very hard to get down! I just tried it for the first time and couldn’t finish drinking it. Is there any way to make it more palatable? Or can it be taken in small doses throughout the day and still have the same health benefits? I do have to say after drinking only half a cup that I do feel a bit more energized! Thank you for all the great recipes!

    • As I understand it, it is better to take it all at once. Maybe you can start small and work up?

    • Leslie,

      You can drink the 1 teaspoon of sole in a glass of water. I drop the 1 teaspoon of sole in 8+ ounces of water. I bought my Himalayan salt from a bulk container in a grocery store, and it is very bitter. There are companies that are coloring salt pink to fool us that it is real Himalayan salt. I read in another post that Real Salt is sweeter than Himalayan Salt. I’m going to try that as well and I’m going to buy it packaged. I think Katie recommended one.

  85. wow a simple question such as whether the sole should be swirled or not can’t be answered or no bother to attempt… thanks

    • You just scoop off what is at the top or just pour it off, which won’t disturb the mixture at the bottom.

      Your question wasn’t answered immediately because for some reason, my spam filter flagged you, and I can’t spend all day answering comments and checking the spam. Blogging is not my full time job, being a wife and mother is. In fact, when you left your first two comments (7 pm ish my time), I was in the middle of bath and bedtime routine with the kids. When you left this comment, I was sleeping. My blog gets hundreds of comments a day. I do my best to read and respond when I can and yours slipped through the cracks.

      • ok, good to know as i have been swirling the mixture before use.
        i have seen videos on the use of sole and some people swirl it.
        where did you get your information on sole? because there’s mixed information out there and i would like to be certain about the use of it.

    • Are you paying her? No! This is a great resource & she is doing it voluntarily. Most people have lives & don’t just sit answering questions 24/7. If you can’t be patient, pay $400/hour for someone to answer your urgent questions.

    • It’s a shame you didn’t bother to take the time to read the previous comments as you would have seen that Katie answered the same EXACT question many, many times.

    • Please explain WHY swirling the sole is not good before drinking? I, too, have seen many instructions to swirl each time before drinking. Thank you.

  86. Katie,
    I often wonder how you juggle your duties of taking care of your wonderful family and still have time to operate your AWESOME blog. I have a wonderful husband and 3 extraordinary boys 8, 4, and 1, and I just don’t know where you find the time. I very much appreciate all the time you take to post all this helpful information. It is amazing you me that you have the time to do it. Your blog is one of my “go to” blogs that I really trust and LOVE using for my family. We have been changing our lifestyle the past several years and your blog has definitely helped me with many different recipes etc. Just wanted to say thank you.

  87. What ratio do you use of himalayan to Real Salt to Celtic. I have all 3, just wondering what you meant when you said “mostly” himalayan with a little bit of Real Salt and Celtic.

  88. Hi

    I have started using this just quarter of a teaspoon to start with but I cannot take it easily the taste and water first thing in the morning is proving difficult for me.

    I usually have a hot drink in the morning, dandelion coffee or green tea so having water is challenging but also the taste is not for my liking.

    Any suggestions. Can I add some honey or lemon? Secondly could warm water be used? I am not sure whether sweetness or lemon would affect the properties and good effects or whether warm water would be an issue.

  89. Can i use boiled water? I dont know where to get filtered water. Thanks!

      • I made a mistake and put toooo much salt into my 1lt bottle, now the salt takes up about 1/3 of the whole bottle and doesnt seem to get dissolved any time soon :(. Is there any problems with that?

        I have also noticed bubbles at the top of the bottle. Is this still ok?


        • That is totally normal. Just pour the sole off the top for use each day and add more water as you need to. That just means the water is saturated with salt and can’t take on any more.

  90. Although I do tend to overthink a lot, I believe that there is information missing in the answer to why this mixture is prepared the way it is. I am having trouble finding the exact solubility of every mineral in natural unprocessed salt, but I can assure you all that it is not equal. When mineral salt is added to water, almost all of it will dissolve, however, as it reaches the maximum saturation, science happens. some monerals will precipitate out of the solution while others will take their place. I have seen mention that the Sole recipe will result in a lower sodium content- but I have not yet seen it explained anywhere in detail. But I do know a few things from studying the ways Gold is suspended in acid and then precipitated out by the addition of other metals. Logically, I believe that the Sole would precipitate out heavy metal contaminants such as lead, arsenic, etc. for certain, and in addition I “think” that the mixture will suspend a more favorable mineral mixture. Overthinking? I don’t think there IS such a thing…however, if I am correct in these theories, it would affect the way we use Sole, if it is all considered. If it is true that unwanted contaminants and unfavorable minerals settle to the bottom of the mixture without dissolving, then it would mean that we do not want to continue adding watter back to the mixture. I think that, for the price of the salt, I will discard the crystals rather than add more water.

  91. Do you know if the Himalayan Pink Salt sold at Costco is good to use for making this sole solution?

  92. Will be making this tonight for trial tomorrow. Does anyone know if this extra mineral content will cause kidney stones?

    • I have read that it doesn’t cause them but can shrink them and maybe even release them to be passed, and this includes gall stones.

  93. It is important to note that any salt can be called “sea salt” but that term alone doesn’t mean it is a natural, unprocessed, whole mineral salt. I exclusively use Celtic Sea Salt because the mineral content is much higher than Himalayan Salt, 17-23% versus 4%. I also read that the mineral balance of the Celtic salt is much more alkaline than the Himalayan.

  94. I read a description of what makes a supersaturate of salt different from just salt, but haven’t been able to locate it again, yet. It said that the saturation causes an ionization process that turns the minerals into electrolytes, but that contact with metal will de-ionize the sole. This would mean that if you used a metal spoon, the salt would be deionized, once again just salt, without the properties of sole. My picture here is less than complete, if anyone can fill in.

  95. What is the advantage to this over just dissolving 1/4 tsp salt in a glass of water every morning? Based on your quantities and then taking 1 tsp of the Salt water and mixing with Water that is what I figured it would come out to.

  96. i love taking the sole but i found i have to stop occasionally because i start feeling totally exhausted, like i could sleep all day. does anyone else get this way? is it just a symptom of the detox? my husband and daughter experience the same thing. i don’t understand because it says you should get more energy. thoughts?

    • Can water be encapsulated somehow? That’s what I do to all bitter herbs.

      • Sorry, this reply was meant for the comment below. Don’t know how my post went to the wrong place.

  97. I really want to try this out, however the taste makes me gag. Even one tsp. in a huge glass of water is too much for me. I can’t imagine I did it wrong. Is there anything I can do to make it easter to drink without taking away from the benefits?

    • i find it harder to drink in a full glass of water. my kids just take the teaspoon of sole then dring a glass of water after. i put the sole in 1/4 to1/2 cup of water, drink it quickly then have a glass of water after. however you do it, it is salty. just find what works best for you.

    • I put mine in a shot glass with enough water to fill the shot glass half way, then swig it and chase it down with a glass of fresh water.

    • Hi Genna, You know, when I started drinking the sole I felt the same way as you. I wanted to gag. Then I started reading all the wonderful health benefits it offers our bodies. I think all my reading outweighed the gag reflex because one day, (out of the blue), the taste no longer bothered me and I think it was because my mind went directly to all the health benefits which somehow made it taste better. I realized that the more I learned about the health benefits of “anything” (but in this case sole), reconditioned my taste buds and they learned to enjoy it. I find it quite amazing how that works. It’s almost like your mind decides that it’s far too beneficial to keep it out of our bodies, so it changes your mind from gagging to tasting good and I look forward to it every morning. I find that adding warm or hot water and lemon to my sole makes a huge difference and I now think it tastes wonderful. It’s like having a nice cup of your favorite tea, at least for me anyway.

  98. May be a dumb question, but what size of jar is used? Thanks.

    • Mary,

      I read that the ratio is 1/4 salt to 3/4 cup water, therefore I use a glass measuring cup to make a batch. It takes out guessing if I used the correct ratios.

  99. Can you take the Sole with Collidial Silver or mix it or use a Silver spoon to measure it?

  100. So I tried this about a month ago for 2 weeks and felt nauseous from the get go. I take 45mcg of Armour and thought maybe it was because of this and began taking my meds after drinking and nothing changed. So, I stopped and now I’m still dealing w/this nausea. My husband on the other hand loves how he feels. Any ideas? Oh, and the recipe we have is 1 tsp per 1 quart of water in the morning.

    • Maybe its a detox symptom and will disappear as your use of Sole continues….

  101. Hi there. I want to know why drinking 1 teaspoon of sole is better than just adding a teaspoon of Himalayan salt to a glass of pure water?


  102. A friend suggested this for my insomnia. Do you have any knowledge of knowing if this would help?

  103. Any idea how many grams of salt are in that tsp of solay solution.

  104. I have read a few people say they can’t handle drinking the whole cup of water. This morning I just took the tsp of salt water which was gross but then gulped the glass of good tasting water down. That seemed to be less horrible then drinking 8 ounces of gross tasting water. I just make sure the water is drank right after to flush the salt. What do you think, is this an issue?

  105. I am a little confused on something. Do I need to shake every day or only when I add water? At what point do we need to add more water ?

  106. I didn’t see a answer to the question regarding sole and braces. My braces were installed today and I need to know if I should drink sole or not. Thanks for your assistance.

    • Greta, you can sip thru a straw to avoid contact with your braces. The metal does cause deionization of the sole.

    • After reading Elaine’s comment, I would think using the plastic child’s medication dropper would be a good solution. You could place it as close to the back of the throat full strength to swallow, then drink plain water to rid the taste. A glass dropper would be good. If the dropper is small and doesn’t have measurement lines, you may have to draw/gather the sole in the dropper first by suctioning the sole from a plastic teaspoon that is filled with the sole. Someone posted earlier about amalgam dental work as well. I’m glad this came up as I may use a dropper too.

      • Just don’t drink it straight! Awful and made me terribly nauseous… because I had to try it lol. Mix with water, then dropper it down 🙂

  107. My husband is stage III heart failure. Would this be a good or bad thing for him to take?

  108. Can you make sole water in a plastic jar and store in a plastic jar rather than a glass jar. Please some one explain if this is ok to store and make sole in a plastic jar with a plastic lid.

  109. What size mason jar? I’m trying to get an idea of how much water (ratio of salt to water: 1/4?). I don’t have mason jars, but I have another glass container with a glass lid.

  110. I currently drink Lombucha for the probiotic benefits. Will Sole counter act the beneficial bacteria in Kombucha?

    Sorry I posted this under another topic thinking I was under this topic.

  111. I’ve recently become interested in Himalayan salts and the brine mixture. The directions for using the brine were to consume 1 tsp. of brine with a glass of water before breakfast. It is also recommended to do this for only 3 weeks and then quit for 1 week before repeating the process. I’m curious as to why this would be necessary and am wondering if you have any thoughts on this or comments. Also, would it be okay to add brine to your water more times a day or would this be overdoing it?

  112. Hi I understand you have to start off with a tsp but I worked my way up to a cup of sole salt a day.. I add it to waterthru out the day to dilute it. Is this ok? Someone told me to drink half your weight in ounces for instance if you way 100 pounds to drink 50 ounces of sole salt a day once you work your way up to it.. I been doing this everyday. I really feel like Im finally absorbing minerals this way opposed from supplements and foods. I been doing SOle salt for a few weeks now. It is helping with my herxheimer reactions and also fibro/fatigue.. Thanks

  113. Do you drink coffee after? I am reading elsewhere it is not good to. But then how would I make this work if I don’t want to give up coffee?

  114. how long does this last? Being u only use 1 tsp a day it will last a very, very long time.

  115. Is it ok to add a couple of drops of iodine to the sole? I drink the iodine and water on an empty stomach every morning before my coffee.

  116. Thanks for a wonderful really saved my life.I wasn’t eating salt for years my muscles became painful,dark skin body swollen ,fatigue allergies.sole cleared all this lack of sodium symptoms I’m active and well now tbanks

  117. Hello can I mix one teaspoon of sole with half a fresh lemon squeezed and one teaspoon of honey in 300mls
    of bottled water evian
    thank you

  118. Should I only drink in the morning prior to eating? Will it do any harm if I have it during the day or at night before bed?

  119. Hello again second question will one glass of sole taken in the morning cover the whole 24 hours until the next one I am a curious Yorkshire man uk
    thank you

  120. Does it last indefinitely? I made some over 6 months ago, took it once and it has been sitting on my bench. Now I am reading more about it, I want to try again. Can I use the old stuff or make it again?

      • Just wondering how much sole we can drink in one day and would more get better benifits. Thanks

  121. Hi Katie,
    i read thru all commemts and didnt see the answer to this question.
    I oil pull first thing in morning. What order do you do oil pulling and water sole?
    Thank you…

    • I oil pull first before eating or drinking anything (besides plain water)

  122. My first experience with Celtic Grey was about 6 years ago when I did the Master Cleanse – and that’s EXACTLY what the “salt water flush” did! But now I am using the 1 tsp. of sole for only a few days and I notice – even on the very first day – that within a half hour I am running for the bathroom. Not making me very comfortable about continuing to use it. I have been on the sole for 4 days and do not notice any benefits yet. How long does that normally take and will the dashes to the bathroom stop? May turn out this is simply not for me.

  123. Thank you for the information about the drink. I have hypothyrodism and have been told by my doctor to take my medication first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I was then advised to wait four hours to take any vitamins. How can I take sole then in the morning too? I really want to get off of my medication if at all possible but I have to do it tactfully.

    • I”d listen to your doc and wait until you are off the medication to take it in case there is a conflict.

      • Thank you. I am looking at a natural medicine alternative: WP is my first choice since is only contains two ingredients and no gluten. Anyone have any advice with this medication compared to Armour or Nature Throid?

        • I take Nature Throid and do well on it. WP is Nature Throid with less fillers and if I wasn’t doing so well on the Nature Throid I would probably switch but fillers don’t seem to bother me. If you are sensitive to fillers than WP is best, but any type of Natural Dessicated Thyroid is better than the synthetic in my opinion. I think I was lucky – I took Levo for 2 months and had horrible reactions so switched right away. I have friends who are not doing too well on synthetics but their doctors won’t let them switch. I am going to try the sole too and see how I do. Good luck to you!

    • Lindsey,
      Have you asked your Dr if you can take your medication at bedtime on empty stomach? i have hypothryoidism and that is what i do. So the last time i eat is around 6:30-7pm and take my pill at 10:30ish . I am one month into being on medication, but am in the same boat as you and want to get off it as soon as i can, even most people tell me that I willbe on it for life. I do my oil pulling fist thing in the morning, then drink the water sole and move on with my day.

      • I have always been advised to take it in the morning by my doctor. So I plan to take medication at 5am, then at 8am I can do oil pulling and Sole drink. It will be three hours after meds so considered safe since it won’t interfere with the hormones from what my doctor stated. I recently requested to be changed from synthetic drugs to WP (natural thyroid). I am hoping this is one step closer to getting off of the meds. My chiropractor with Maximized Living feels I have great potential to get off of the meds, or reduce my dose at least.

  124. My fingers consistently look swollen while I use sole. Is that common? Also, I haven’t noticed feeling any different. I’m wondering if the antidepressants I take are countering the beneficial effects. Have any thoughts?

  125. Hi! I’m really hoping you are up to date on comments ’cause I have some questions! I’m about to embark on a detox and I’ve read several books about it and ALL of them say to use Sole! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for himalayan rock crystals to make it with: I can’t find it anywhere. Are you just using regular salt ie small little chunks of the salts you recommended, and not big crystal chunks of it? Do you know if there are any benefits to using crystals instead of smaller bits of salt? Thanks a lot for this post, I am excited to try it!!

  126. Hello Katie, love this blog. I started Sole a month ago on the advice of a retired nurse turned /naturalist. I wasn’t sure of the benefits, but have noticed more and better stools! Wish I’d known about this for my oldest daughter who suffers from constipation since birth. I’m on a path of losing weight and getting off the drugs for hbp, diabetes and anxiety! Whew! I said it!

  127. Is it safe to drink SOLE with hypothyrodism? Also, when do you drink it since medication is supposed to be taken first thing in the morning.

  128. Hello. Should a person drink Sole daily and eat kelp for iodine? I do not want to consume to much iodine in my body, but have heard the wonderful benefits of both Sole and kelp. I found a kelp powder out of Canada to add to my smoothies, but it still does concern me about the traces of arsenic in kelp. If a person just drank Sole daily, would this provide enough iodine in the diet?


  129. Ok, not sure if this question has been answered but how do you incorporate sole, and bentonite clay? I have started the sole, and have been reading up on the benefits of the clay for detoxing. I have recently been diagnosed with elevated liver enzymes(no known cause, going through testing) and trying to treat naturally. I would appreciate any help. Thanks

  130. I was told to watch my salt intake due to having 1 kidney, would sole raise my sodium intake?

  131. I have hypothyroidism hashimotos. as well as alopecia universalis. Is this okay for me to consume?

  132. Can this be made with bottled water? I live in a country (island) where we do not drink tap water and are forced to buy bottled. Thanks

  133. My sister does this every morning and shared a glass with me when we were together. She adds the juice of 1/2 a lemon to the sole…it is delicious but just wondering if you agree or if you recommend this. I have heard that lemon water is also good for you in the morning.

  134. I have just started on the Himalayan salt sole as I have heard that it is beneficial for type 2 diabetics. I know that the majority of folk have the drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, but is it just as beneficial to take the sole later in the day after eating?

  135. Man, oh, man. Just wanted to bless you for your patience with all this. Thanks for the information.

  136. Hi I took 3 tsp of sole water yesterday, that was before I found out that I should only take 1 tsp on an empty stomach. Well about 45 minutes after drinking the sole water I had terrible diarrhea all day yesterday & today. So I did not take any today. So my question is can taking to much sole cause a person to have diarrhea? Hopefully the diarrhea will be gone tomorrow. It is a little bit better than it was yesterday. Thanks for any answers you may have.

    • Yes it can. My husband did the same thing when I first started making it 🙂

      • Thank you for letting me know this. Do you know why some people have this problem & not everyone? Also how long would you suggest that I wait to start taking it again? Thanks

    • Oh dear, this is day 2 of diarrhea and my second (?) week of himalayan salt. I’ve just added a morning dose the past few days.

      One person says making sole helped with the diarrhea. Why? Why does having it sit, help?
      I don’t drink cold things and don’t wish to make up a batch of something, any more than I will make several pots of coffee.

      Please help me understand? Or, maybe I should go back to just bedtime salt.

      Please help!!

      • Just like magnesium and vitamin C, salt needs to be taken to “bowel tolerance.” Cut back to the dose that makes you comfortable (bowel tolerance), then work your way up to the dose that works for you.

        Remember that epsom salt is what we use to clean out our bowels before doing a liver cleanse or a colonoscopy. It makes ya go! There’s nothing wrong with the sole, it’s your body’s ability to use the amount.

        Not a doctor, just old and been around the block 🙂

        • Thanks for the input and good information. The salt at bedtime has resulted in my sleeping through the night.

          However, I guess I wasn’t clear that my question was, does mixing it beforehand, thus making it sole, do something magical so that it is better tolerated?

          I put the Himalayan salt in a cup, add water and stir ’til dissolved, then drink it. I did try mixing both nighttime and morning doses, letting the morning dose sit overnight but that didn’t change things. This morning, I just drank a few teaspoonsful I estimate.

          I can’t believe how this has helped me sleep and, um, (TMI sorry) concentrate urine at night.

          • There is no such thing as “TMI” on the mommy blogs, lol. Re. the mix, I’ve read on several sites that letting the salt and the water stand overnight changes them: “salt is no longer salt and water is no longer water”… I don’t know what it is then, not a scientist. So maybe it’s different… I suspect it is but again, that’s just gut talking! I have a jar all mixed up and took a teaspoon this morning. Doesn’t taste too salty so I’m looking forward to any results!

  137. what size jar are we talking about? when i see the picture, it looks like a 1/2 pint, but when i see “wide mouth lid” i think 2pint jar… please help. caa’t wait to try this! Thanks Wellness Mama!

    • You can really use any size, but there are wide mouth pint size jars now too.

  138. I think the wide mouth jar is just for convenience of adding salt. I use an EcoWater bottle and use the cap as a general measure of 1 tsp.

  139. Can I use distilled water to make sole?

  140. I took my first dose of Sole today and it barely tasted salty. Have you run into that before?

  141. I can’t find anyone, anywhere on the internet who will tell me why anyone would go through the trouble of making a sole when they could just add a little of the same type of salt to the same type of water. What’s the difference? Is this really necessary or is this just another hippy, trippy fad?

    P.S. I really wanna know so please excuse my tone.

    • If, like me, you’ve inherited a bag full of Himalayan salt stones (2-3 inches in diameter each), making a brine or sole seems to be an easier way to make use of the stones. So for some, it may be just a matter of convenience and not necessarily a specific health benefit in and of itself.

      Also, I’ve noticed unless the salt is ground very finely, it takes a little while to dissolve completely. Besides the salt stones, we have coarsely-ground sea salt, which even after being ground, has little chunks in it. Making a brine would be a quicker and more convenient way to get our salt drink in without the wait.

  142. Thanks so much, Mama! We live in a time where MDs don’t know everything and big Pharma controls everything else. No one in the establishment is interested in curing or preventing anything: only that you stay on their drugs for the rest of your life. And mostly toxic drugs for symptomatic relief only! That leaves the task of really taking cares of our health to ourselves. So, thanks again!

    • Amen Carol.!!! Our health system is the pits. So grateful for people like (Wellness Mama) Katie who have compassion and a big heart to help us all. Thank God above

  143. I’ve started getting into tissue salts… Would this sole be a duplicative effort? I use Hyland’s cell salts for particular issues (and they work great!) just don’t know about having too much “salt” at the cellular level. I’m also taking DE in the morning. Thanks!

  144. I tried a tsp for the first time this morning. Is there anything I should notice from the first time? The only thing I really notice is a little more of a relaxation feeling. I squeezed a little lime in mine. I saw that on another recipe. I know this is a process but just wondering if there is something I am to be watching for in the first day. Thanks for posting.

    • Still don’t notice anything several days in other than going to the bathroom within about 20 min of drinking it.

      I’m wondering what people do when they go out of town. Do you make it then too or skip it?

  145. This is more for informational purposes…

    12 days after I first took sole (1 tsp), I noticed some aching on Friday early afternoon. I ended up running a low grade fever all weekend until Saturday night and it jumped up to 102.2. I also had some very loose stools Saturday, slight nausea, major pressure in head and stuffy nose.

    Couldnt sleep at all Saturday and just let my fever do it’s thing (no tylenol or ibuprofen). It’s Sunday and still feel rough. Hope i’m on the backend of this detox and reducing sole mixture to 1/2 tsp.

  146. Hello! I was wondering if this mixture is safe to drink while pregnant? My only concern is the detoxifying properties since I have frequently heard that you should not do any detoxing/drink detox tea, etc. while pregnant. (I am currently 21 weeks pregnant).

    Thank you!!
    Jackie B.

  147. Hi Katie, again what an informative post! I’ve been looking into making sole and that’s how stumbled across this page. I wanted to ask you if you looked into Aztec sea salt? There is like one company that sells it, from my research, I’d say it’s same as Celtic. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I tried to look though comments first, but there are so many, so I apologize if this has been asked!

    • Aztec culture – Mexico
      Celtic culture – Ireland and Scotland, but older roots from other parts

      • I really do not care for the Idea of Celtic sea salt I come from that part of the world. Honestly all the cargo ships very large passenger ferry boats and fishing trallers traipsing across back and forth to England and mainland Europe,24/7 running on deasil fuel and see the residual pollution floating on top of the seas, It puts me off. I have been using Himalayan salt and do believe it is the safest.

  148. do you know what we in france call chlorure de magnesium? its a little bag with powder, which u dissolve in one liter of water…every morning, first thing you do is drink half a glass…in the beginning the bowels might get some diarrhea, but that gets quickly adjusted…. it’s magical all the things it does!

  149. Well, I did my first sole (little less than a tsp) this morning.
    HOWEVER, I put about a tsp of ground coffee in my shake and drank some herbal tea (contains black and green teas) before I realized I wasn’t supposed to.
    Will this cause me any issues?

  150. I had used a Himalaya salt from a company called Black Tai Salt Co. It is pink, I made the sole and I had shaken it up. It had small bubbles on top. I did not try it and it sat on my counter for a week and stayed that way. This was a very fine salt.
    The first sole I made I used the crystals and it did not have any bubbles on top of the water. This product was by Olde Thompson.
    I was curious if any one else experienced that. I poured it out because the first one I made did not have that and because the second one look non appealing.
    Thank you jan

  151. I just wanted to share that I used to get leg/thigh/foot/forearm/hand cramps at least every other night – usually about 4-5 am. It was difficult to get back to sleep afterward. I do take magnesium supplements and my levels are good as well as my potassium levels.

    I found the recipe for Sole Water on Pinterest (don’t we all find stuff there???). I read that it could help diminish the incidence of muscle cramps. I started taking 1 tsp of Sole Water on Monday, October 26, 2015 – today, EIGHT days later… I have NOT had ONE cramp of any sort!!!

  152. Can you use a metal mason jar lid if it never comes in contact with the sole? Or will just having the metal close to the sole cause de-ionizing? Thanks!

  153. Hi I was wondering if it’s safe to use a dead sea salt sole? I basically just filled a jar of dead sea water straight from the dead sea… is that ok? (Haven’t tried it yet)

  154. I have been using Sole for many weeks (our bodies need 90 trace minerals per day), it has changed my life around as other elements.I have gone from dress size 12 now a 6 aiming for a 4 great detoxifier energy levels fantastic I use the Himalayan rock crystals and the first batch has not been replenished in nearly 6 weeks. I Arise at 5a/m take my sole as it states on an empty tummy! (I have read 1/2 an hr consumption before anything else) Then MSM crystals really good for the liver.(glutathione) take care of your liver as it does 500 wonderful functions in your body.

  155. Hi. I love the taste of salt and eat it straight out of the container. I put a small amount in my mouth, let it dissolve completely and follow that with a couple big drinks of water. I usually eat about a half teaspoon of salt with 32 ounces of water. Would this be as effective as the sole?

  156. Yes eat the salt but I do believe it is recommended 6 grams per day (I would not eat more than that) I use only Himalayan salt due to its mineral content the body needs over 60 trace minerals per day. I drink solay first when I wake up and wait 1/2hr before I have my kefir with tumeric.

  157. I have made this with both fine and course flake Himalayan pink salt and it forms a pink sediment at the bottom of the jar in the water. Can you tell me what that is and should I mix that up and drink it within the teaspoon I drink everyday or leave it there and discard at the end?

    I have also heard it’s important to get this salt from sources that do not use metal extractors. How can you know the extraction method and how important is that?

    Thank you

  158. Hi…is it better to use the Himalayan salt crystals or is it ok to use the ground Himalayan fine grain…..I had the crystals but just too hard to grind with my arthritis…..and if you could give the mixture one more time to me in this post…thanx so much….

    • Find ground salt will work as well, just make sure to give it time just as you would with the crystals before using.

      • Thanx….appreciate it

  159. I use big block and actual rocks of Himalayan salt it lasts forever 6 months even a year. I have also used quite large sized crystals also. The Sole will be far too salty if the salt is too fine and may turn first users off the taste. I do believe the rule of thumb is 1/4 salt to good quality water and not tap water. When the water level drops by a quarter I replenish with water..

  160. Thank you Wellness Mama for such an informative web site, as well as this information on sole. I think I’ve pretty much read all the questions & comments here. My questions, which I’ve seen a couple of times, but must have missed the answers.
    1. Is there a “most effective” level/amount of sole to consume, and more than that really serves no purpose, or could even be detrimental.
    2. I understand, sole in water 1st thing, empty stomach. IF I’m going to also do ACV, is there a specific wait time between the two? And then, what about timing of breakfast & coffee??

    Thanks so much for your response!

    • The amount will depend somewhat on the person and I listen to my body and even vary my own dose as needed. I’ve done sole pre-shower and was fine with lemon or vinegar water, breakfast and coffee by the time I got out.

  161. Hi,

    Thank you so much for this blog! I absoloutely love it… Keep it going! 😀
    So one question, you only use sole once or twice a day? it can’t be the whole day (as the only water to drink instead of regular water)?

  162. I use Himalayan salt in my home anyway, so I just added about 1/2 t. to 2 cups of warm (not hot) water and drank it. I sipped it at first to test just how awful it was going to taste so I would know how much stevia or whatever I needed to add to cover up the disgusting taste I was expecting. I took my first sip and then another, and another. It tasted great! It reminded me of that comforting feeling I get when I’m sick and I drink cup of hot bouillon. I loved it! I did add a no-salt bouillon cube to see if I could make it taste even better, but I really liked it better with just the salt and water.

    I have been craving salty things (like people normally crave sweet things) for a while now. I think I must be deficient in some minerals. Since I had my gallbladder taken out, my shin is very dry. I know I lack Vit D, but I think I must also be lacking the proper ratio of Mag/Cal/VitD/Pot.

  163. Good Afternoon! I just bought some pink salt and I think I need a medium grain instead of the fine grain I bought for Sol. I left it overnight and nothing really happened heh! So I assume it’s the grain size? Or maybe that I made a smaller batch than you suggested? Can you let me know? Thanks in advance, LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and other resources!

    • Fine grain should work too. It probably is just fine as all of the salt won’t (and shouldn’t) dissolve. This lets you know that there is actually enough salt in the mixture.

  164. if you take synthroid in the morning when do you suggest i take the sole?

    • I take a thyroid medication in the morning too (not synthroid though) and usually take it when I wake up to pee at around 4 am (I’m pregnant right now) so I have time between thyroid meds and sole. When I’m not pregnant, thyroid meds come first and I wait about half an hour.

      • awesome thanks i will give it a shot i made some last night with celtic sea salt as my local store was out of the Himalayan rock but will use those once they are in stock again as i heard it is better. Thanks for the quick reply.

  165. Taking the sole for a few days. Doesn’t taste salty in my glass of water. There is salt left in bottom of jar so seems I have enough.

  166. Hi all, I live in Mali, West Africa and have access to unrefined sea salt mined from ancient saltbeds in northern Mali. the salt is still mined by hand. I want to make a sole from this salt. is there any problem with this? I only see references to Himalayan salt for sole. Love your blog !

    • Depends on what contaminants it may or may not contain

  167. I would like to know if this might be benificial for bladder issues and Uti’s

  168. HI, I accidentally swirled the himalayan salt and filtered water using a metal spoon to dissolve the mixture. I am worried. Can the sole still be used?

  169. I made new batch of sole using kinds pricey salt and then accidentally dipped a metal teaspoon in to spoon some out. Did I ruin it? Do I need to throw it away? Thanks in advance for any guidance!

  170. I’m not sure why, but no one seems to have an answer for WHY we are not supposed to (or are supposed to) stir/shake the solution before taking the tsp. out to drink. I keep seeing conflicting info online, but neither side has given REASONS for why or why not. I haven’t been stirring mine before drinking but my mom says she was told to stir it each time… does ANYONE have an evidence-based reason for doing one over the other? Thanks!

    • Years ago I read the book Colloidal Elements and Trace Minerals be Marie-France Muller. That book would probably answer any questions you had.

  171. Thank you for all your informative posts and your patience. I read all the comments, and I did not find the answer to my question. I am currently taking concentrace trace mineral drops in the morning and evening. Would I continue to take the concentrace drops and add the regular 1 tsp of sole in the morning, or would I stop taking the concentrace drops and only take sole, or would I continue taking both but adjust the amounts of both? Is it possible to take too many of these various minerals in these supplements? I’m just confused about whether sole is a replacement for concentrace minerals, or if it is beneficial as a separate supplement. Concentrace has 5mg of sodium and 250mg of magnesium per serving plus a bunch of other minerals, and I have no idea how to interpret this. Thank you.

    • If you’re already taking a concentrated mineral supplement, you may not benefit much from the added nutrients in the Sole. Personally, I wouldn’t use as much sole if I were taking minerals as well.

    • I used to take trace minerals until I went to a naturopath who did a hair test. I was having issues and she tested hair. She found berrylium showing up in hair (which is a known carcinogen)
      The only thing I was taking with berrylium was the trace minerals that listed it at the bottom of list. Mi stopped taking and retested months later and had zero detectable level.
      Be cautious of the trace minerals (I took the one that’s in a deep blue colored bottle)


    I heard Himalayan salt was effective for stopping a migraine in minutes so when I felt one coming on a few days ago, I reached for the sole. I put 1tsp into a glass of pure water and drank it.

    Literally, within one minute, the aura had vanished and my sight was fully restored: no headache, no vomiting, no washed-out feeling followed.

    I continued my day as if nothing had happened.

    Of course I am ecstatic.

  173. Last night, I felt like sticking my head in a huge glass of a pickle jar LOL. I have been craving salt for 2 weeks (no i’m not pregnant LOL). I got Himallayan Crystal Salt but it says “bath salt” and then next to it says “plain ” Is this okay ??

  174. do you leave sole in the cupboard or fridge? and can you add it to tap water?

    • I store it in the cupboard and always use filtered water…

  175. Hello! About this time last year, I found this post after I had been having bad leg and foot cramps. I have had them on and off for many years, but last year it peaked and I was getting them about 2-3 times a week. (I was literally sleeping with rubbing alcohol next to my bed!) Anywho, I gave this a shot and it worked like a charm. I used it for about two weeks, then stopped because I was going on a trip. I never picked it back up, but the leg/foot cramps never came back. Until last night, hence the reason I looked this post back up 😉 Thank you for posting!

  176. Hi Katie
    How soon after you started this drink did you feel it worked as anti histamin for you ?


  177. Do I have to mix it with a glass of water or can I just take a gulp? I found drinking a whole glass of salty water was almost impossible without gagging. Can I take a swig then drink my warm lemon water?

    • I’ve never been able to do that, but if you can, I don’t see why it would be a problem if you are drinking water right after that…

  178. I love your site! So many useful tips:) Is drinking the sole ok to do long term or should it be a once in a while thing? Thanks!

  179. Hope this is Helpful:

    When water combines with salt the positive ions of sodium surround the negative ions of the water molecules and the negative ions of chloride surround the positive ions of the water molecules. The other 82 mineral elements found in the salt also ionize and split into other complex ionized compounds. In this process the physical or geometrical, as well as the chemical structure of the salt and the water, is changed and a totally new structure is formed, a third dimension. Water is no longer water and salt is not salt anymore. This combination produces an ocean of pure energy for your body.

  180. So I just had the lady at my local Central Market suggest 1/4 tsp salt every morning. I’ve been struggling with digestive issues for years and even had a stomach infection for over a year (thanks for nothing everyday drs…love my naturopath).

    Have people had a lot of luck with this? The year before my wedding when I was dieting I kept my salt apparently to low for a very long time.

    And even though my blood pressure is “perfect” I still can’t get up fast, so I am hoping it’ll help with that.

  181. I have been taking the sole for 2 months now. 2 weeks ago I increased to 2 tsp in my am water. A few days ago I developed a sore area at the corner of my mouth with what I think is salt on it. Did the sole cause this? I’m going back to 1 tsp.

  182. We drink bottled spring water. Does it need to be filtered before making sole?

  183. Those of you interested in why not to swirl or stir should research ormus and m-states.. I am no scientist, but it has something to do with the atoms of the salts spinning in a certain way and then aligning into a single row so they are more easily able to enter cells. when thry reach thst state they are drawn to the surface at the top center.. Something having to do with ionization or monatomic spin.. Then the “ormus” seeks light and tries to escape.. It creeps out the top no matter how tight your jar is.

    I imagine it is an interaction if th salts and water and light simikar to the little electric pops you can see in the surf on a wave… Little electrolights?

  184. Please could you let me know if you keep the salt in the bottom of the jar as part of the second batch or do you through it out?
    Thank you

  185. Hi Wellness Mama! I drink RO water and have been taking trace minerals. Would I still need to consume these if i am drinking the Sole? Can you get to much minerals? Thanks!

  186. i have been drinking sole for about a week and for the last two days i have been breaking out on my face! could this be part of detoxing?? thanks!

  187. Hi Katie!

    Thanks for always sharing your passion and knowledge about how to raise a healthy family; your blog is an endless supply of all the things I never knew I needed to know, but am glad to learn!

    I hope you can answer this question because I have been searching for a long time but cannot find the information I am looking for…what is the difference between consuming sole and bottled concentrated minerals?

    I don’t know that too many minerals is a problem, but I currently take both because I am not sure if there is a difference, but I hate to take the bottled minerals when sole is so quick, easy and inexpensive if they essentially provide the same benefit.

    I also give my dogs sole, but am wondering, in the same vein, if giving them concentrated minerals would be more beneficial than sole.

    Thank you so much and I really hope I can get an answer as I am at a loss!

  188. Hi! So, if I drink 1/2 of my body weight in ounces of water daily should I be adding sole to every glass or just the initial one?

    • I only use in the morning. Adding to all water would definitely not be a good idea.

      • WHY?
        one must have a continual supply of electrolytes…calcium to magnesium salt to potassium and what about on hot days or after sweating? Game changer!!

        Me thinks only morning not ok…must have a continual supply of minerals and electrolytes all day. Minerals are the foundation of life…you stress away minerals, malnutrition, meds, genetic predispositions, enzyme function or malfunction…So many things alter how quick you use up minerals……..

        GREAT BOOK TO READ ~ Colloidal Minerals & Trace Elements By Marie France Muller

        (a French author, translated)

  189. Must the salt be Pink Himalayan sea salt? My mother recently brought back a huge bag of salt from around Cusco in Peru where she went to the salt mines to get it and saw where it came from for herself. Thanks for any advice.

  190. Hi,
    I take apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper and a dash of water every morning on an empty stomach and it helps me with digestion and being able to go to the bathroom regularly. Do I forego this for the sole? Or can I take both and in what order? Thanks in advance.

  191. I take synthroid first thing in the morning. When should I drink my sole?

  192. Thanks for this post.
    I’m curious, why are you no longer choosing to eat bananas? I couldn’t help but notice such a bold statement and had to inquire.

    • I just don’t personally like them, not for any health reasons 😉

  193. Hi, should you take a break from drinking Sole Water?

  194. I learned about sole from my health practitioner who recommended it for use to eliminate the cramps I get in my feet at night. VOILA! Solved! I drink it every day now and haven’t had foot cramps since!
    But I do have a question.
    I was recommending it for a friend who consistently has low sodium readings because he drinks so much water. He said he’d try it so I am making a batch for him.
    If I use hot water to dissolve the salt to start with, does that affect the sole?

  195. Did you drink sole water while pregnant? Or would you feel it to be beneficial or safe. I would assume so, but just wanted to check. Also I believe I anemic and trying to find healthy pregnancy supplements for that or boosters. I took chloroxygen last pregnancy but I am fearful this time because I read the brand is made of English nettles and may cause uterine contractions since I already had a little bleeding early on. I would ask my doctor but honestly she is old school and doesn’t seem to know much. Recently moved to a new state so finding a good ob has been hard.thank you for your time,

  196. Thank you for the detailed explanation of sole. I drink it along with lemon water. However, I have been seeing many posts which talk about Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops. How do the two compare? Additionally, I have been oil pulling. Which would you recommend doing first? Thank you for all you share!

  197. When I first started using Himalayan salt about 15 years ago it was red. It all came from Tibet. Tibet stopped the mining and now the salt comes from Pakistan, The salt today is mostly white and streaked with red. When finely ground it appears to be pink. I am sure the quality of the salt has declined. What minerals are in the red part of the salt?

  198. Could this sole be consumed any other time but morning? I take a tincture then thyroid meds. Being mornings are rushed I don’t have extra time to wait for everything. Thank you

  199. How long should I wait after drinking sole before taking BP meds and pain medicine?

  200. Is sole safe while breastfeeding?