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The website What to Expect, behind the book What to Expect When You Are Expecting (not one of my favorite pregnancy books) asked me to create a list of my favorite baby products.

Though I don’t agree with all the info in What to Expect, I hope that sharing my list will encourage readers to choose more natural and organic options for baby care. The link to my “love it list” is here, but I’ll also share a little more about my favorite products below (including some that weren’t available on their list):

A few of my favorite things…

Ergo Baby Carrier with newborn insert– After a lot of research, I saved up for the Ergo wrap and I wish I’d gotten it earlier. It removed the need for a bouncer, stroller, etc and I especially like that it support’s baby’s hips correctly to help prevent hip related problems.

Moby Wrap–  Another safe carrier option and an easier one for tiny babies as it cradles them carefully and with proper hip position. I used this almost every day the first few months.

bumGenius cloth diapers – We made the decision to cloth diaper to save money but also because this was a safer option for baby. It really isn’t much more work and we have much fewer leaks and ruined outfits than with regular diapers. They are one-size and fit from newborn to potty training…

Cloth Wipes I use cloth wipes and make my own wipe solution to avoid the alcohol and strong chemicals in many conventional wipes.

Muslin swaddling blankets– I wish I’d found these blankets with my first baby. They are lightweight and big enough to be a great swaddling blanket. nursing cover, and burp cloth for a baby with reflux! They are cute and very functional!

Homemade baby products – I make all of my own baby products including baby powder, baby oil, diaper cream, etc. Many baby products contain ingredients I wouldn’t use myself and most certainly wouldn’t use on a new baby! Here are the recipes I use.

Medela Freestyle breast pump – I don’t pump the first six months, but when baby is older and I have to be away at times, I pump so that I can keep nursing longer. I like this one because it is very compact, travels easily and is hands free.

Mattress Cover– We have organic mattresses and also use organic mattress covers to protect the mattress.

There are millions of items that we’re told we “need” for taking care of baby, but these essentials are really the only ones I use all the time.

What baby items do you use and recommend? Share in the comments below!

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  1. This is kind of embarrassing but I am a 22 year old girl who have lost a lot of weight and gone through (still am) a difficult time and I haven’t had my period for almost a year. Will these books help or should I just wait and let my body take the time it needs?

    Thank you so much for answears!

  2. my go-to baby items (other than breasts) are: cloth diapers/covers, folding bed rail (instant anywhere co-sleep-ability), & a variety of baby carriers for all ages & stages. the only thing i would ask or register for in addition to the above items is a couple of quality car seats so i don’t have to try to re-install them every time baby goes in a different car…

  3. I am trying find your info on feeding babies(baby food etc.) I thought I had read it on your website, but I cant find it. Could you let me know where to look on your site? Thank you.

  4. What mattress did you get for a baby? I’m having a hard time finding a good natural crib sized mattress. TIA!

  5. I would be very interested to know what you use for bath time, like what do you use for shampoo, conditioner, and soap???

    I was considering using baking soda and water for shampoo, since that is what I’m using on myself, coconut oil for conditioner, and I was considering making a plain glycerin soap with Lavender peddles and Lavender essential oil.
    I’m very interested in your opinion on these considerations.
    Thank you! I’m obsessed with your site.

  6. Hi! New to this blog. We are expecting our first baby, baby girl in January. I really want to try cloth wipes and cloth diapers. Any suggestion on brands there are so many I find it overwhelming sometimes.
    Ive been checking out your homemade products and I love it!


  7. This year, I bought the Ergo winter cover for our baby carrier and I have to say it is awesome! Definitely recommend it!!!

  8. Ergobaby i agree, I tried beco soleil, slings and all were hurting my shoulders. Instead baby powder I recommend potato starch used in Poland for years. Always dry baby bum, crotch after cleaning with wet cloth\wipe to avoid sores, rashes etc. I had medela breast pump but it was very sore to use it. Then I found babytec breast pump for fracture of the cost and never looked back. Swaddling doesnt work for all babies and u wont get long out of them blankets. Would u really like to be restrained yourself?

  9. My favorite brand of cloth diapers are Happy Heiny. I also love my Moby Wrap & Tula carriers!!! I don’t know what I did before a baby carrier. I also love large muslin swaddle blankets.

  10. I do not like “What to Expect” book either. My favorite is “Our Bodies Ourselves”. And “The Better Way To Care For Your Baby” baby-care book.

    When it comes to baby products, #1 is organic mattress. Nothing more important than that. I ordered Greenbuds Baby. It was the least expensive organic mattress, coconut on infant side and latex on toddler side. Covered with cotton and wool. They also sent me free organic sheet that is really nice.

    I wouldn’t buy Naturepedic baby mattress, it’s not organic false advertising.

    I have Ergo baby, but the foam in the shoulder paddings concerns me. My baby chews on it a lot now and foams usually contain chemicals. But I can take that, I love Ergo! I wouldn’t buy it secondhand though, there are counterfeits out there and that could be really unsafe. I got mine from Ergo website but got 30% discount for “open box” option. It came new and the box was not even opened.

    For the wrap, Wrapsody Breze. I personally don’t like Moby wrap. And wraps are something that is usually better to buy used, already broken down.

    Bumgenius Freetime All in One diapers and cloth wipes. I only use water on the wipes though (lazyyy) and no wipe warmer. When the babies are slowly introduced to cold water early then you can teach them to love it and it makes life much easier.

    Aden & Anais swaddle blankets, cotton not bamboo. Their bamboo is very artificial and comparable to polyester. You can buy the Target version cheaper in Marshalls ($20 for 4-pack), or boutique blankets on eBay. People get great deals and sell them for a great price on ebay.
    There boutique blankets are 47×47. Target has smaller, 44×44.

    Aden & Anais cotton Dream Blanket. (eBay)

    Burts Bees baby pajamas.

    Under The Nile organic cotton toys. They are made in Egypt. I would buy Under the Nile everything, but it’s pricey.

    Haba wood toys, made in Germany. I would avoid popular in America Melissa & Doug toys. They are made in China and not the best quality. I prefer to have fewer toys but only safe and the best quality.

    I also got Sophie the Giraffe French teether. It is controversial and I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy it, but I ended up getting it for Christmas and I love it. Babies have to be supervised using it though and buy only from a store. Again, lots of counterfeits out there, especially on Amazon.

    Organic cotton sleep sacks. I am still saving for the 100% wool sleep sack:) They are the best and for sure won’t contain fire retardants.

    H&M organic cotton onesies. And socks, they have the best socks. Made with organic cotton and they really stay on baby’s feet. Lots of great organic baby clothes in H&M.

    I don’t buy anything that contains polyurethane foam, especially My Breast Friend nursing pillow. They contain fire retardants. If you have anything containing foam, you can send a small sample to test it for free. There is a place that tests the presence of fire retardants in products. I can try to find the link to it if someone is interested.

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