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Uses and Benefits of Maca

What is Maca?

Maca is actually a tuber that is also called “Peruvian Ginseng.” According to Mountain Rose Herbs:

“Natives of this area ate it raw, cooked or boiled leading to its implementation as an everyday staple. The rough terrain of this region made it difficult to cultivate food so most of the communities diet was dependent upon wild gathered material. Maca resembles a radish and is actually a close relative. The growing conditions are very specific and it will only thrive in the glaciated slopes of the Andes with a prime elevation of 12,000 to 15,000 feet above sea level.”

Benefits of Maca

Maca has gained a reputation for helping balance hormones and reverse hypothyroidism. It is an endocrine adaptogen, meaning that it does not contain any hormones, but rather it contains the nutrients necessary to support normal hormone production.

Maca has also been used as a way to increase fertility (and I can vouch for this personally!). It is naturally “high in minerals (calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc), sterols (6 found), up to 20 essential fatty acids, lipids, fiber, carbohydrates, protein, and amino acids.”

Maca is often recommended to those with adrenal fatigue as it nourishes them and reduces stress hormones. It’s especially known for its benefit in balancing hormones. According to this article:

Maca root helps balance our hormones and due to an over abundance of environmental estrogens, most people’s hormones are a bit out of whack. Maca stimulates and nourishes the hypothalamus and pituitary glands which are the “master glands” of the body. These glands actually regulate the other glands, so when in balance they can bring balance to the adrenal, thyroid, pancreas, ovarian and testicular glands.

Maca root has been shown to be beneficial for all sorts of hormonal problems including PMS, menopause, and hot flashes. Maca’s also a fertility enhancer and is best known for improving libido and sexual function, especially in men. For this reason, it’s earned the nickname “nature’s Viagra.””

I have personally seen many cases of couples adding Maca to their daily regimen and conceiving easily, even after struggling with infertility. (Note: It should not be consumed during pregnancy!)

Here is more information about the ways Maca is used to promote fertility and this post talks about its role in balancing hormones.

How to Take Maca

As Maca is a root vegetable in the Radish family, it can safely be taken in small amounts daily. It is available in powder form (least expensive option) or in capsules (slightly more expensive).

The powder can be mixed into smoothies or coffee, or capsules can be easily swallowed.

Have you ever taken Maca? Did you notice a difference? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. says

    I haven’t used Maca yet but I purchased the Nutribullet last week and they recommend using it in their smoothies. I had no idea it boosted fertility though which is always good to know. Thanks for this post!

    • Krystal says

      It sure does! It balances out your hormones overall. But there are 13 different phenotypes of maca. I take a maca that is in capsules by a company called Natural Health International. (Look them up) They have the different types of maca singled out and they put it in their products based on your sex and what stage of life you are in. All measured out too!

  2. Sarah Jane says

    Hi — I am addicted to your website! I have really enjoyed a lot of your recipes and suggestions for optimum health. I am desperately trying to balance my hormones as I have been having issues for almost 10 years. I have already implemented the most of the suggestions you outline in your hormone balancing article, but I have never tried maca for hormone balance; is it safe to use while breastfeeding? Have you used it while breastfeeding? I welcome any further info you can give me on maca and/or hormone balancing!

    • Hester says

      I am wondering as well if it’s safe during breastfeeding. My husband takes it for his chronic fatigue, it works really well! I would like to use it for PMS.

      • Regina says

        I’ve been taking maca for a couple weeks before PMS, and I’ve noticed less severity in my PMS symptoms. I think it’s helping my energy level too. I give it two thumbs up!

    • Elissa says

      I’ve read on a few different websites not to use while pregnant or lactating, but I don’t know why. Maybe do a little extra research

      • Krystal says

        The only reason they say not to take it while breastfeeding or pregnant is because there are not enough clinical trials to say it is safe. In Peru, where most maca is grown, everyone eats maca on a daily basis. (Up to half a pound daily!) Babies, toddlers, children, and pregnant women all eat maca in Peru. Also, not all maca is the same. There are different phenotypes, 13 in all. Some phenotypes that benefit men, some younger women, some menapausual women, etc. For example, there are three different types of maca that are detrimental to men’s prostate health. 2 other types don’t even do anything for men. Therefore only 8 others should be taken by men. As for pregnant or breastfeeding women, there just is not enough information to know. More and more clinical studies are being done as maca is very powerful.

        • Leslie says

          YIKES! I have been giving my husband some maca powder. How do I find out what kind I have and all that stuff? I am giving it to him for better health, not to decline in the prostate area!!! Please help!

          • Krystal says

            There are different colors of maca. Yellow, black, etc.. Each one has a different benefit. Usually, the maca, regardless of the color, gets blended together. The only maca that I or my boyfriend take is from a company called Natural Health International-Femmenessence or Revolution. Otherwise, we don’t know which kind we are taking. They separate and measure the maca and put it into capsules. They have different boxes of them for each gender and phase of life you are in. I take mine like that or I will open the capsule up and put the powder in yogurt. I’ve seen them sold in Sprouts, Whole Foods, and some vitamin shops. Hope this helps!(:

  3. says

    I would love to know how to better mask the taste of Maca. It’s really strong in tea/coffee and I don’t regularly consume smoothies. (I also have a bunch of the powder, so would like to use it before giving up and moving on to capsules!)

    • says

      I haven’t tried Maca so no idea on how to mask the taste… but if you prefer to use capsules, I’d get a capsule machine and encapsulate the powder that you have.

    • Lina says

      I use maca powder all the time, in pancakes made with eggs, chia seeds and maca – lovely taste and fluffy texture.

    • Kelli says

      Maca is great on salads as it has a bit of a sunflower seed taste. Its also great when added to homemade granola bars. If you can stand it, when I’m in a hurry, I put my morning dose in a cup and put just enough water in to make it drinkable then drink it down. Its fast and doesn’t mess up the taste of my coffee. :)
      I have adrenal fatigue and before I got pregnant was taking macs for about 4 months. There was an increase in libido, I seemed to be able to sleep better, handle stress better and my skin went from pale to rosy. Its definitely a great supplement, but be careful if you don’t want more kids. hehe.

    • Dalua says

      Orange juice or tropical juice works well in masking the taste, you have to keep adding the juice until the mixture becomes more palatable.
      Good luck

    • Jaimie says

      I don’t care for the taste either so I add it to my chocolate protein shake. I mix with almond milk, water, cinnamon, nutmeg and a tablespoon of maca. It’s really tasty. Hope you like

    • Michelle says

      I put Maca in hot cacao drinks I make, so it ends up tasting kind of like a nutty hot chocolate (and peanut butter and chocolate are my favorite dessert combinations-yum!). When you put it in the hot cacao, it’s not as noticeable because I’ve given it to my boyfriend with and without the Maca in it and he can’t tell the difference. ;) (Also, for those above who weren’t sure what it tasted like…it tastes kind of nutty)

    • Madison Heim says

      I mix my Maca in hot water with a tablespoon of coco powder, a dash of cinnamon and a bit of honey for sweetness. I think it helps disguise the taste and makes for a sweet treat in your day. I love Maca. I have been taking it for a few months now and can see a difference in my mood and energy.

    • ahdreee says

      I usually mix it in my orange juice. Trust me I can’t stand that taste either. The best tasting result I got was with orange juice. But I’ve noticed that as I use Maca root powder more and more. That strange taste seems to go away. I must be getting used to it now.

    • Cheryl says

      I have a Maca Mocha it has a scoop of maca, chilled coffee, ice, (in place of the ice and coffee you can freeze coffee in ice cube trays) chocolate syrup, and creamer to taste (or whatever you put in your coffee) blend and enjoy ^_^ … you can also do a banana smoothie it masks the flavor really well also :)

    • Heather says

      I am wondering the same thing. I have taken a couple of doses and they have a big effect. But I am wondering if I could over-do it.

    • Janet Tuck says

      I am going through the menopause and have auto-immune thyroid issues. Hot flushes, depression etc have been a problem but I have reduced daily / nightly multiple flushes down to a mild one maybe only once a day (prev 4 -5) and none overnight since taking maca root tablets 3 weeks ago.
      I am positive they are beneficial, cause of the reduction in flushes and my skin seems much better all round also.

      • Paige Turner says

        Hi there,
        I have Hashimoto’s and adrenal fatigue (which I’ve been taking DHEA and pregnenelone for the past 5 months to correct) and I have been using BHRT, but I just can’t seem to get my hormones balanced! I am very interested in trying maca; how much do you take and in what form?


      • says

        Why shouldn’t maca be consumed during pregnancy? I keep finding very contradictory information on the internet and blogs (scientists saying NO and lots of women swearing that’s the reason they carried full term, etc).

        • says

          I’ve seen research on both sides too… in general, most of the sources I have say it is safer not to take during pregnancy, but I’d personally consider it if I needed to… Like everything, I’d definitely suggest doing your own research on it and weighing the risks and benefits for you personally…

        • Ester says

          ???? I am pretty sure you shouldn’t take maca during pregnancy for the same reason you shouldn’t use marjoram, fennel, aniseed, etc oils during pregnancy, because they are hormone balancers, and they promote/induce menstration!!! During feeding I would not worry unless your cycle has not yet returned due to the progesterone keeping you from ‘ovulation/fertility). ‘
          If you want your fertility to return, then go ahead, otherwise just wait til after breastfeeding as your baby naturally weans.

          • lenny says

            about taking maca during pregnacy etc

            From what I’ve gathered it is a food that people eat every day in the andes, including pregnant women. So you can indeed eat it- but not in high or concentrated doses.

          • Krystal says

            The only reason they say not to take it while breastfeeding or pregnant is because there are not enough clinical trials to say it is safe. In Peru, where most maca is grown, everyone eats maca on a daily basis. (Up to half a pound daily!) Babies, toddlers, children, and pregnant women all eat maca in Peru. Also, not all maca is the same. There are different phenotypes, 13 in all. Some phenotypes that benefit men, some younger women, some menapausual women, etc. For example, there are three different types of maca that are detrimental to men’s prostate health. 2 other types don’t even do anything for men. Therefore only 8 others should be taken by men. As for pregnant or breastfeeding women, there just isn’t enough information from clinical studies to say for certain it is safe.

  4. Tasha Orlovsky says

    I think it’s important to warn people who do NOT have thyroid issues that this could be bad for them. I took Maca Root, hoping it would help with low libido, and it made my joints ache BADLY. That only happens to me when I eat too much PUFAs! I have had better luck balancing my hormones after getting a blood test (confirming low progesterone) and supplementing Vitex aka. chasteberry extract.

      • Tasha Orlovsky says

        I don’t know of any online resources that discuss it. My (holistic) doctor recommended it to me.

        I feel like it’s worth noting that arthritis runs in the family so I may be more inclined to inflammation. I don’t know why Maca caused that for me, though.

        • Gabby says

          From what i have read it sounds like maca has a high starch content which is probably why it affects your arthritis. I have quite a few friends who are affected by autoimmune arthritis or autoimmune skin complaints that are linked to starch in their diet. Watch out for veges/fruit that wouldn’t normally contain starches that have been cold store ripened cause they often still have starch.

        • Ray says

          Have you heard about gelatinized maca. Gelatinization is an extrusion process that removes starch from maca thus concentrating the active ingredients.

        • says

          I take vitex daily in my water. It has helped tremendously with regulating me, helping with PMS and also ovulating regularly. I have it on subscribe from Amazon so I always have it available. Accupuncture, Vitex and Raspberry Leaf Tea has helped me in regulating my periods/ovulating etc. due to PCOS without the use of prescription drugs. I just started on Red Maca which is the one recommended for women, and I too am having a hard time with the taste, the first day I used it just in water and it tasted to me like tobacco, so I had to hold my nose to drink it, today I mixed it with some fruits in a smoothie but I could still taste it, its a strong taste, I am going to have to play around with different combos until I find the right one to mask the flavor.

          • Karen says

            I too had trouble with the taste of the powder.. Read about extracting it and that is so much easier to take. Half jar of maca root powder, add vodka to fill jar and stir, shake a couple of times a day for three weeks.

      • Mary says

        I have low progesterone and tried Vitex – it took my symptoms and made them 10 times as bad! It’s supposed to ‘balance’ progesterone and estrogens, but all it did for me was to imbalance me even more.

        What helped every symptom go away finally is progesterone cream (by Emerita). I tried a couple of brands but this one worked best for me.

        Eventually you should have a saliva test for your hormones – whereas my blood test showed that my hormones were all ok, the saliva test confirmed all my symptoms and that my progesterone was low.

        In the end, medicine knows so little about hormones that’s why we all have to experiment with that stuff – sad but true.

  5. says

    I love Maca! I’ve been using it for a couple of months now to balance my hormones and I read somewhere that it shouldn’t be taken raw because it has ill-effects for some and it’s a very strong herb so it’s better to ease into it. The traditional way to consume it is by cooking it in breads,etc. I personally toast it in my toaster oven and sprinkle it in my tea/mix it together.

  6. Ryanne Dunlap says

    I’ve heard good things about maca from other sources…how much would you recommend taking? I was thinking of getting some capsules for myself and my husband since we are TTC and seem to be having some trouble.

    • says

      I would check out the maca team, it explains the different maca’s available and different forms between powder, gelanized, etc. Powder is the easiest, but some people have gassy problems with it, so you can take it gelanized, or if you don’t mind taking pills you can get it in pill form. I went with powder, as I already take supplements and vitamins I didn’t want another pill, and you can just toss the powder in a smoothie.

    • Krystal says

      I take a maca that I find in whole foods, sprouts or online by A company called Natural Health International. They take the different phenotypes that suit your body best and already measure it out for you and put it in capsules. I would recommend no other.

  7. says

    I currently take meds for my thyroid and my hormones as I have a hypo thyroid and have had a hysterectomy, would this help for me to get off these meds and has anyone grown this at home?

    • lori says

      i am a thyroid cancer survivor. i’ve used this in conjunction w/ my (name-brand) thyroid replacement medication. the only way to know is to: a) discuss with your physician. b) get blood tested (TSH etc) before taking – then again in 12+ weeks and see if it helps. i would like to say that for me, this hasnt helped me with respect to taking my meds/dosage etc., i feel it assists me in feeling well, and i’ve noticed my hair and skin aren’t as dry this winter. i use the tincture, and lately only when i remember! – a few x per week

  8. Audra says

    Could this be used for Post Partum Depression? I had it with my son & now I’m pregnant with my 2nd baby & wondered if this could be helpful in that situation.

  9. Rose says

    I’m wondering, since maca is related to radish, are some of the benefits of maca also present in radish? In other words, can we eat radish instead of searching out maca? On a side note, I’ve also heard that beets are very good for you, and beets seem similar to radish.

  10. lori says

    there is also a tincture you can purchase. i bought a bottle at my local health food store and use 10-15 drops in water a few times a week.

  11. Helen Hall says

    A co-worker recommended it to my partner at the same time I found it from reading online. The co-worker said he was about divorce his wife of twenty plus years because of her mood swings (menopause) and he heard about it, ordered it online and they both take it and he said it revolutionized his marriage (in the bedroom too I suppose). We both started taking it and it has helped tremendously. My thyroid yo-yo life has caused my heart to beat at resting rate at 122 bpm’s. Since Maca and quitting teaching and learning about wonderful Wellnsss Mama advice on healthier living, it has all caused my heart rate to drop to 80 bpm’s at resting. We order it from Peruvian Naturals once a month from Amazon and it’s economical. The first brand I ordered seemed weak by comparison. Overall, it has given both of us mental clarity and more energy. I don’t know about the libido yet (sheesh!). I do have six children, so fertility is not an issue for me.

  12. Kate Toholka says

    I started using Maca and my skin broke out like crazy – to the point my face actually hurt! Anyone else get that response? I cut it out and my skin settled again (ps I’ve always had acne-prone skin) but I still get acne along the ‘hormonal areas’, i.e. chin and neck. Has anyone experienced any good or bad responses to maca in relation to their skin?

    • Tinker says

      Yes! I bought some Maca powder after reading about it and thought it would help balance out my hormones. My face broke out fiercely…hard, cyctic lumps that were so incredibly painful. I have stopped using it and my skin seems to be slowly settling. Anyone have any idea why this reaction occurs in some of us?

  13. says

    I do take it in capsule form but haven’t been taking it long enough to notice any changes…I noticed Jody below mentioned buying it in a different form. May I ask where it can be purchased that way? Thanks for a great site!

  14. susana arellano says

    im new at this but if my progesterone levels are ok, will taking MACA at all help me be able to conceive?

    • says

      It does for some people. I’ve also seen people have great success with a natural progesterone cream used in the second half of the cycle and during early pregnancy…

  15. says

    I bought some powdered maca after reading this post but when I first tried to drink it (mixed into a herbal tea) the smell and taste absolutely repulsed me. I tried to just gulp it down but couldn’t. The directions say for one scoop daily and I wondered if I could just consume much smaller portions throughout the day to accumulate that one scoop. Does it matter if I don’t take it all at once? Is that a stupid question?

    • Kate says

      I was wondering the same thing. I have PCOS and have been ttc for 2 years! Also why not take vitex and maca at the same time? I just want to be a mommy…

      • says

        They are similar enough that there is no need to take them both. Maca is ok with PCOS but personally I’d also use natural progesterone cream to help even out the estrogen dominance..

      • kamal says

        I start taking maca capsule to increase my fertility because of my high FSH level but but after taking them for three weeks once a day it stoped my regular period and gave me consti pation then i stop taking them and i got my period back after 7weaks,can u tell me whey it happened the Maca was white and800mg per day ,thanks

  16. Gabi says

    I love maca! I heat up a cup of milk, add a bit of honey, some vanilla extract and a tablespoon of maca powder and whisk very well. Makes a very tasty evening drink!

  17. Cody says

    Ive been using it and noticed a huge difference after only the first day in my skin. My skin looks a hundred times better after taking it once in the morning then before bed. When I wake up my skin is almost entirely oil free and blemishes are eliminated entirely. It really is amazing. Also I just sprinkle it in my oatmeal with ceylon cinnamon(true cinnamon), and stevia.

  18. Georgeena says

    Would this benefit hormonal imbalance such as for high progesterone? my hormonal imbalance is causing my acne. I am working on my healthier eating habits and i exercise regularly and i was wondering would Maca help with acne by stabilizing my hormones?

    • Steph says

      I have found a big improvement in my acne since using Maca powder and I have been suffering for 10 years now. Also wheatgrass and lemon juice every morning helps too! I use the powder but you can juice fresh wheatgrass too.

  19. Aubrey says

    I am wondering about dosage. I plan on taking maca to help balance my hormones and help my endometriosis. How much should I be taking each day?

  20. Elizabeth says

    While looking to purchase maca, I came across this review posted on Amazon. I think that it carries some important information that users should be aware. It’s rather lengthy. I had seen a similar warning about maca on Amazon from another reviewer. It was posted at Navitas Naturals Organic Raw Maca Powder, 16-Ounce Pouches

    “Maca powder = maca flour. I have cooked with maca flour ten years, as a baking and cooking ingredient/flavoring. In Peru, maca flour, or “harina de maca” is a relatively cheap regional culinary flour. Raw Reform is a great specimen of this culinary flour; ideal for cooking, an excellent nutty flavor, it’s bitterness subsiding with heat. A decade ago I could buy ‘harina de maca’ for $8/kg (and in Peru, it’s a mere $2-4/kg) – now I see this same inexpensive Peruvian cooking flour sold as a “raw superfood” at an inflated price. It’s very odd to have witnessed this metamorphosis.

    The reason I gave this ONE star is simple – this company (among several others) suggests that you to eat this flour raw. Like other cruciferous roots, maca can be particularly difficult to digest when raw. Not only is it fiber-dense, it contains lots of goitrogenic compounds (a term which means ‘thyroid-interfering,’ not “goiter causing”) – that’s why the raw root and it’s flour is so bitter – it’s no wonder people have digestive issues and occasional hormonal (thyroid) complaints with raw maca. The one time I ate it raw, I experienced the stomachache too. Maca is dense in fiber and thyroid inhibiting/goitrogenic compounds (glucosinolates and isothyocyanates), both of which are lessened greatly or deactivated by heat. Among the people who grow it, maca is not considered healthy unless cooked. It is therefore a great paradox that the “raw food” crowd has gotten hold of this vegetable that has always been, and by all accounts always should be cooked. This supplement is being backed by people whose basic food philosophy avoids the plant’s very identity in human use. It would be like eating turnip flour, raw (except maca can even more bitter than this, in fact most of the lepidiums are). Back into antiquity, maca has had to be cooked in order to be gentle on digestion, on metabolism, and it has been cooked traditionally for this purpose.

    I have used the raw maca flour in cooking since 2002 where I first read about it in Chris Kilham’s book “Tales from the Medicine Trail” and began following an interest in this ancient food. I do use raw maca flour for cooking, baking, in pancakes, confections, etc. Where you can get it inexpensively, it is excellent for such uses. For therapeutic effects and everyday drink mix usage, presently I employ a ‘black gelatinized’ maca – it seems to be the strongest type energetically and for sexual effects, and ‘black root’ is my personal preference. ‘Gelatinized’ means that it’s soluble fibers have been neutralized (broken down), and it’s goitrogens denatured – it is a little more concentrated over the powder / flour. Naturally, it is less bitter than any uncooked flour product. The gelatinized processing was developed specifically to address the digestion/goitrogen issue inherent with the root. That’s the process’ entire purpose – that’s why it even exists. Several different companies employ a starch gelatinization processing method for maca.

    The trend in “health food” circles says to eat maca raw, in order to glean the mood, stamina, and sexual benefits which Andean people have known for thousands of years. These merchants never mention how the plant has always been prepared – cooked – perhaps the most crucial aspect of it’s identity. Why argue from antiquity about all the health benefits, while ignoring the food’s ethnobotany? It’s a mix of mistaken understanding, and because there’s profit in re-selling a highly marked up culinary flour. I see $20.00 – $25.00 a pound slapped on maca flour in health food stores — on a product which can be found $2-4 a kilogram in Peru ($1.36 – $1.81/lb!). This is precisely why some regional foods / surpluses suddenly become “superfoods.” In maca’s case there is a genuine positive effect being felt… so, like the mood boost one feels with coffee, maca is an easy sell.

    Pay a price of $20/lb only for the gelatinized product, which has actually been processed for immediate consumption. Do not pay this for a re-packed culinary flour.

    • Kim says

      Thank you so much for your very informative review on Maca and the different forms. I had been researching for the last few days on the different types and also if red or black was better. As always, I am lead right back to Wellness Mama’s sight for good and useful information. Just as I found her site to heal my teeth, I now find the info I need for Maca. You peeps are awesome!

    • Diana says

      Thank you so much for your post! I have been using this for several days as I can tell I am on an emotional roller coaster with my post menopausal hormones. I’m fine and then this gray cloud descends. I have nothing to be depressed about. I am all about using anything in it’s whole state and your information as to the history and use of this food is helpful. Just with two days use I can see this is extremely potent and one must find one’s own level of use. I would think if taking raw to skip a day or two in between doses. That said, this is the first day in many months I’ve had no depression and I am energetic with a clear mind. I can see a little experimentation is in order certainly but think Maca agrees with me.

    • Tracy says

      Thanks for posting this…. I’m wanting to try Maca root to treat perimenopause symptoms but its so hard to wade through information set forth by inexperienced people who stand to profit…. people who may have tried the product for a few short weeks (if that), read a few articles and then write articles with affiliate links recommending products that they know little about. These affiliate links then send you to websites that are heavily promoting a cheaper, raw product that seems to be cause a wealth of digestive issues. Its refreshing to read something a bit more objective from someone who doesn’t stand to profit in any way.

  21. gabby says

    Hi, i just bought maca powder and Raspberry leaf tea, but a have a question, can i take both at the same time?? , or should i take just one? Thank you

  22. Alison says

    Great post. And I loved reading the comments. I have had a couple of misscarriages and came across Maca on another site a follow, which led me to a Google search and your site. :) Can you speak to more about it helping your fertility? Or maybe direct me to folks that have discussed it helping them carry to term?

    I originally read about maca and it says that it is good for breastfeeding and that it in facts helps with lactation (I saw the comment above asking about this).

      • Zoe says

        Hey There,

        How much have you been taking while breastfeeding? I am desperately trying to up my supply, but I obviously don’t want to harm my baby or myself in the process. I was taking fenugreek and didn’t notice any difference. I ordered maca for the other health benefits, and while checking to see if it’s safe to use while BF, I have come across very mixed reviews.


        • Kmaree says

          I know this is probably a bit late for you now – 6 months later, but have you tried Moringa powder or capsules? Fenugreek, lactation cookies etc didn’t work for me either – no matter how many I took. Moringa made a huge difference for me. Moringa is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Some people say it helps with energy etc when not pregnant or breastfeeding – I personally didn’t notice any difference on that. That’s why I’m looking into Maca while I’m not pregnant or breastfeeding. lol. Hope this helps someone :)

  23. Emili says

    Not sure if this has been addressed or not, but I use maca powder in my oatmeal every morning. My 2 1/2 yr old son LOVES to eat my breakfast and always ends up eating more than a few bites of it. Is this something to be concerned about with the maca in there? I use about a tsp of powder in 1/2 a cup of oatmeal with cocoa oil and almond butter and other yummy stuff…

  24. Julie-Anne says

    I bumped into maca root powder accidentally & decided to try it – as a food source. Tried it with all the healthy goodies I add to my salads. Is best in the creamy ones as it tends to soak up all the liquid. I like it added to my boiled mashed breakfast egg along with avocado & mild curry powder – ok I admit I have strange taste buds! Maca root powder reminds me a bit of corn starch with a light sweet flavour. I especially like to add it to my homemade chocolate treats – it helps prevent the coconut oil from separating from the cocoa & other goodies as I’m making it.

  25. Lori says

    I’m so confused. Is it safe to drink raw maca powder? Do we need the one that has been heated? If I have the raw maca powder should I be cooking it??

  26. Cindy says

    I have been using raw maca powder for the past 6 weeks or so- usually in my morning yogurt or oatmeal-only a teaspoon or so. About 2 weeks ago, I started with (what I thought was) a stomach virus–pain in stomach, nauseous and frequent trips to the bathroom. It has been non-stop ever since and I am now being tested for various ailments, including celiac and crohns. In reading these posts, I am wondering if it could be a side effect of taking maca? My husband has been using it also–with no problems. Has anyone else experienced this issue while taking maca?

    • Holly says

      After a month of research I was pretty sure I’d want the gelatanized maca capsules. When my order arrived they had sent raw maca capsules instead. I figured, what the heck, and took them anyway.
      I started out taking just one 600 mg capsule a day and gradually increased to 2 capsules everyday, over a two week period, with a day off each week. I had noticed some gastrointestinal discomfort, but it wasn’t so bad that I wanted to quit. As soon as I increased to three caps daily my guts were on fire! Painful bloating and all the rest. I decreased my dose to just 2/day and finished the bottle. I knew I didn’t want to go through that again so I did more research. I ordered from a different company, via phone, to make sure they got it right. The Maca Team website is very informative and the customer service was awesome. She walked me through what I needed to know, answered my questions/concerns and suggested the gelatanized maca blend. Each capsule is 750mg and was easily digested with minimal bloating/gas pain. I am up to 3 caps daily with no issues, I am gradually increasing to my suggested max dose (6/day) for my weight/lifestyle.
      All that to say, try gelantized maca root before quitting altogether. Also, do your own research! Don’t rely on just one or two sites to give you all the information you need.
      You know your body, listen to it more than an anonymous person/”specialist” on a website. Also, my gynecologist was not aware of any benefits of maca and pushed me toward a pharma “cure” to balance hormones. I had done enough research and was so adamant in the benefits that she agreed to do her own research, and is now a maca believer.

      • Eveny says

        Ok, so I just bought some Maca pills. The bottle says Raw, Naturally grown & gelatinized. 750mg(High Potency) You mentioned gelatanized and not raw. Do you know the difference?

    • Julietta says

      Hi Cindy!
      Almost 2 months later I finally found someone having the same problem as I had! YES. I ended up at the ER after taking Maca powder on the previous day. I am a nutritionist and since the beginning of this year I have been studying and advising herbal and homoeopathic therapies as well as nutritional supplements alongside with personalized diets. It has been brilliant and most of the times I try everything to actually feel and experience the results, side effects and practical issues. I didn’t cook it although I was aware of the fibre content and potential bowel irritation that its components might cause. Drunk it with coconut milk, coffee and a teaspoon of agave syrup. Next day, in the morning, I went to clear my bowels and everything was normal. About 30 seconds later I had such a strong pain (similar to a diverticulitis) that didn’t go away and almost fainted! Had that happening for 3 or 4 times on that day. Went to the ER as I could barely walk and they found nothing. Prescribed me painkillers and recommended to check with the GP for more exams. The day after I had again 2 acute pain crisis even under painkillers… went to a liquid low residues diet for 3 days, then liquid then soft and only then returned to my normal diet with success and feeling well ever since. Conclusion: we react differently to supplements but definitely I do advise to cook it!! And try smaller doses first. I had in capsule before and nothing happened. So cooking the powder or having it as capsule is my recommendation. If someone wants to take it raw (as most people don’t react to it) I can only leave my recommendation. Thank you for sharing!

  27. Nicole says

    I recently purchased Navitas Naturals gelatinised Maca and have been struggling with how to take it. Based on a couple of Amazon reviews I have found that mixing a tsp with a tsp raw cocoa in about 1/2 cup milk – with a few drops stevia or maple syrup – makes quite a nice chocolatey, malty drink with no overt ‘maca’ taste. Just thought I’d comment in case this helps someone with their Maca consumption – I have found lots of useful tips on this site.

  28. Taryn says

    Hi, Mama!
    Just an FYI, you copied much of your info from a Natural News article, which is fine. But, you must state your sources. Otherwise, you could get in trouble for plagiarism. From one Mama to another.
    Nice site :)

  29. kelly says

    Cindy , YES !!! i was taking raw maca in capsule form and after 3 weeks or so i was getting curl up in fetal position all night waves of stomach cramps. i didnt connect it to the maca at first- i thought i had a stomach bug. it was another 2 weeks maybe before i made the connection. i read amazon reviews from other people whod had the same stomach cramping from RAW maca. i stopped it and the cramping stopped. i just bought gelatinized maca ….. hoping its gentler.

  30. Jessica says

    So, just to clarify everyone’s confusion – if we purchased Raw Maca Powder – the reap the benefits fully, it should be cooked/baked/ toasted prior to ingestion. Otherwise, purchasing a processed gelatinized form of Maca, ready for ingestion, is recommended for the same benefits?

  31. Bada says

    Hi Katie! Quick question. I bought maca a few days ago and tried my first dose before realizing that it says on the bottle “Warning: This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.” I’m taking it right now to help my hormonal acne (too much progesterone, I think). Any recommendations about this? I looked it up and it seems they’re referring to the maca being grown in an area where there’s lead in the soil. Does every maca product have this warning/ issue attached to it? I’m kind of nervous now, because I know California is more dedicated to reporting these findings, so perhaps products made in other states are simply under-reporting this info. What do you think about taking it? Did you take it to conceive and have a positive pregnancy/healthy baby? Love your website, btw! Thanks, Katie.

  32. sehar says

    Hi Katie,
    I have a quick question does it help pcos? I have tried many meds which were prescribed by doctors, I have excessive hair, tired of being overweight and acne I’m just really tired need a solution

  33. jeslyn says

    I was ttc for 8 months, I started taking Maca and three weeks later was pregnant, unfortunately I lost that very early, chemical pregnancy. I think the Maca boosted my fertiliy, I stopped taking it once I had the bfp. I could have lost the pregnancy for any reason. I want to continue the Maca but I am unsure and reading very conflicting information all around. I has no side effects. from it and my DH is taking it as well and benefitng. I am looking to switch my ob/gyn to someone with more info about holistic options. What is your opinion?

    • says

      I’d definitely research it more and see if you can find a supportive doc. A friend of mine had a similar experience and was able to carry a pregnancy to term by using Maca until pregnancy and using natural progesterone cream until pregnancy and throughout the first trimester and then slowly tapering off.

  34. Kay says

    Okay, I’ve taken maca on and off for years. I notice my energy and mood is always better. The downside for me has been the initial “acne purge” that happens about a week after I start back on it. It sucks but that signals to me the maca is just bringing my hormonal balance to light. I’ll deal with the zits while my body adjusts to balancing out my system.

    Small price to pay to get these hormones to act properly. Oh, the joys of being a woman, huh?

  35. Jennifer says

    I’ve had trouble with libido ever since I had major surgery many years ago. I started taking gelatinized maca two months ago to treat PCOS, and it has restored my libido, too! The difference is incredible. I would recommend it to anyone.

  36. Penny says

    I decided to incorporate Maca into my diet to help balance my hormones. And after just two weeks, I feel like it has helped tremendously. My mood swings are almost non-existent and I haven’t experienced any pre-menopausal symptoms. However, the first time I tried Maca (mixed in water) and I immediately threw it back up, the taste was just not something I could handle (at least on it’s own). Since I was determined to test the benefits of Maca, I did some searching and found a few recipes, but none had the dosage per serving that I was looking for (at least one tablespoon). So after playing around a little in the kitchen, I came up with the following three recipes that are both tasty and have a tablespoon of Maca per serving. I decided to share these recipes as I see other people had the same problems I did with the taste.
    Fruit, Nut Maca roll (makes 7 ‘bars’)
    7 Tablespoons Maca
    7 Tablespoons Sunbutter
    14 Tablespoons of Antioxident Fusion dried fruit (non-sulfered mix including cherries, blueberries, cranberries and raw pumpkin seeds)
    7 Tablespoons of Chia seeds
    7 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil
    7 Tablespoons of Coconut water
    Pulse first 5 ingredients with immersion blender or vitamix; then add one tablespoon of coconut water at a time. Turn out onto parchment paper; use the paper to roll it into a roll approximately an inch and a half thick. Refrigerate. Cut into 7 equal pieces.
    Maca Jello bars (makes 7 servings)
    2 Tablespoons of Gelatin (more if you want a gummier consistency)
    1 cup hot water
    Mix above ingredients with whisk until gelatin is dissolved.
    In Vitamix or blender:
    7 tablespoons of coconut oil
    1 banana
    ½ cup raw almonds
    7 Tablespoons Maca powder
    16 ounces of coconut water
    Mix cold and hot ingredients. Pour into pan or muffin tins. Refrigerate for at least an hour.

    Banana Walnut Maca muffins (makes 6 servings)
    5 Tablespoons of Coconut oil
    5 large eggs
    1 ½ ripe mashed bananas
    1 tsp vanilla
    Mix with mixer until smooth
    1 tsp baking soda
    ½ tsp salt
    ¼ tsp baking powder
    6 Tbsp ground Flax Seed
    2 Tbsp ground cinnamon
    6 Tbsp Maca powder
    1 cup coconut flour
    Mix together with wet ingredients
    ½ cup coconut milk
    ¾ cup chopped walnuts
    Mix in coconut milk, then fold in walnuts
    Pour into 6 large muffin tins
    Bake at 400 for 25 – 30 minutes

      • Tracy says

        I’m also so surprised that you didn’t get more thank you’s for those recipes!! So here’s another big THANK YOU!

  37. Donya says

    I’m a 48-year old woman experiencing some perimenopausal symptoms: hot flashes (particularly at night), irregular periods, moodiness, low energy. My massage therapist recommended maca. I found some organic powder on I took about a teaspoon (rounded) on Friday in my coffee, and a smaller teaspoon yesterday. Last night was the first night I’ve slept throughout the night without night sweats in a couple of months. Granted, I seem to go through stages of hot flashes – on again, off again on a 3- to 4-month cycle. So it could be coincidence! I’ll keep you posted.

  38. Debbie says

    I am hypothyroid. Is this safe because of what I have? And I take levothyroxine but have been off of it for a few months. Should I be able to take maca? What kind of doctor should I be consulting?

  39. Crystal Cartagena says

    I tried the organic maca powder red and gelatanized maca from I felt terrible. Lethargic, depressed, emotional, no energy, break outs, and insomnia. I started researching it and in Peru they eat it cooked never raw or powdered. It has a (large amount of) high bacterial, yeast, and mold content because even the seemingly dry powder has a high moisture content – in fact, 20% higher than cooked maca. Moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria, yeast, and mold. Raw Maca tastes nasty. Its enzymes are slightly toxic and can cause bloating and severe stomach cramping. I quit taking the supplement and felt better. Not sure but this was my experience that I wanted to share. I love all you posts.

  40. Jodi says

    I just started taking Maca hoping it will help balance hormones due to unwelcomed hysterectomy. However, I do have thyroid issues as well. Several years back (7 or so) I developed symptoms of Graves disease. While my TH levels corrected themselves and returned to normal range – I have a nodule on thyroid that continues to grow. As a result my endo put me on synthroid hoping it will cause my thyroid to “nap” and heal the nodule. I am wondering now if taking Maca is going to hinder the healing of the thyroid while I’m attempting to regulate other hormone issues. lol. Any insight is appreciated.

  41. theresa says

    I have been drinking beet kvass for several months. Can I continue to drink this if I begin taking the maca?

  42. Mica says

    Yes, Maca has a detoxifying effect on the body. Usually lasts about a week or so with most people. Happened to me too, when I first started. A good colon cleanse with 1 tbsp ground flax and 1/2 to 1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar with some good probiotics. Helped me wonderfully! Works best if u do this for a couple weeks. Gets your colon back on track!

  43. Amylee says

    Hi! I’ve read a lot of conflicting information online about maca being the cause of weightloss. I’m trying to balance out my hormones for many reasons, one being the retention of weight around my middle. Can anyone verify if taking maca will make me gain even more weight?

  44. Odysseia says

    I believe Maca is ok for some and not ok for others. I have read that Maca Maca root comprises more than 50µg of iodine, which worsens the unwanted side effects of thyroid disease and that women with thyroid illnesses are warned to not eat Maca root.
    They it also causes Goiters which is another dangerous side effect of Maca root consumption is goiters, brought on by the Glucosinolate chemical in uncooked Maca root. Combined with a low sodium weight-reduction plan, Maca root increases the development of goiters…..!

  45. Pam says

    Maca is amazing, but it won’t REVERSE hypothyroidism. :) It can help alliviate symptoms and regulate your overall hormone balance, etc., but it won’t cure anything.

  46. Andrea Reese says

    Hi, Wellness Mama,
    What a great site! I just started taking MACA for a bunch of perimenopause symptoms, including hot flashing, anxiety, sleep disturbances, borderline low thyroid.
    Until now, I had been taking Estroven (black cohash and other things) and using Emerita progesterone Cream, which worked moderately well, but the health food store nutritionist said that MACA was the best thing in the store for perimenopause relief.
    I’m wondering if I should keep taking the Estroven and progesterone cream, or is the MACA better taken by itself?
    Does that make sense?
    Many thanks, Andrea

  47. Caroline says

    I am not a pregnant woman or breastfeeding, I am a mother of 3 and i wish I had discovered MACA sooner in my life! I wont EVER again live without it! :) Is is actually balancing my hormones so well, keeping me calm, stabilizing my highs, snapped me out of a depression in 5 days ( tested a few times on myself) actually and I have been taking it for close to 9 months now. I feel like a normal person with MACA! It is saving my life ! Seriously! And i felt I had to share this with u :)
    It is also bubbling my butt lol- No SERIOUS! I have discovered it is probably because of its amino acids and now I know why body builders take it! So my workouts are paying off even more! As well to the fact that I handle stress better, sleep better, and feel a peaceful energy that helps me sustain longer activity throughout my day without crashes! :)
    I also have endometriosis, and balancing my hormones was also crucial. I love my MACA> I use the VEGA brand, or BRAD KING. I trust it. Not promoting brands but these are the ones that work for me I guess :)
    Oh and also makes my skin look healthier! I have tested a few dosage, i am a sensitive person, so for me, 1 capsule of 750 mg twice a day is all I need! I am NOT kidding! It really does wonders on me, my mental health and physical well being.
    Thought u should know :)

    • Qiana says

      Hi Caroline,

      Please tell me if you noticed any overall weight gain using this product. I’ve been looking into maca for many of the reasons you stated, and wouldn’t mind a little extra in that area, but I really am not looking to gain anywhere else. Thanks :-)

  48. Angela says

    I was wondering regarding the raw maca powder versus cooked/baked/gelatanized maca. I saw a video on youtube from some raw food guru about raw maca powder. I saw the links warning about raw maca. However, according to the video. raw maca is dried in a dehydrator (at 110 or so degree) and then ground up into powder. As raw food is soaked and/or dehydrated to take care of its enzymes (enhance or eliminate them as needed) shouldn’t that apply to “raw” maca as well? Is there any information/research done on the difference on these, basically 4 different kinds of maca, truly raw, dehydrated raw, gelatinized and cooked/baked?

    • Julietta says

      Hi Angela,
      According to my research there are at least 2 processes used with Maca.

      Raw Maca in powder (common and cheap version) – sun dried and powdered from the root, originally used for baking and cooking (with which it destroys the toxic enzymes and changes the starches content)

      Gelatinized – submitted to hot extrusion allowing to eliminate the enzymes and to unfold the long-chain starches: better digestion, absorption and easier to dissolve. I advise this one more as it is safer in terms of side effects for someone who won’t cook the Maca. Otherwise the Raw Maca (as long as you cook it) is still an option

      Cooked – similar to the gelatinized version but with less nutritional value and benefits considering the vitamins and minerals loss.

      Capsules can either have the raw version (which I DO NOT agree with as it might be harmful for your stomach and bowels) or gelatinized (ideally to have as a supplement)

      Studies use the gelatinized version only so although the conclusions are weak in terms of the benefits of having maca it is controversial using the raw (stronger) version instead of the gelatinized (weaker but saffer).

      I hope it helped.

      Best regards,

      • Angela says

        Thank you Julietta. I however was looking for information on maca that is dried in a dehydrator in comparison with the other kinds.

      • CJ says

        Thank you for taking the time to explain each form of processing. I think I will surely use the gelatanized to make sure there are no ill effects. I would hate for my friend to be discouraged from taking it with his very low count because of stomach pain. I’ve read of soo many positive results for those TTC. Still trying to determine what colors are best if anyone has that info. I plan to pair with bee propolis tincture I’m making.

  49. Anna says

    I just wanted to add another warning about RAW maca — I ordered this from the maca team as they suggest this is the most healthy form and it has given me a stomach ache, even at 1/4 of a ts. And I usually have a cast iron stomach, even in places like Africa. I eat chocolate treats that contain maca too, but I suspect this is the cooked type as I have no adverse reaction. The reason these places urge the raw form is because it is cheaper than cooking it. Stick with the cooked form, is my two cents. :)

  50. Kat says

    I am a little confused on the cooking of Maca. Does it just need to be heated up? Would adding it to hot tea suffice? A few people mentioned putting the Maca in their toaster. How exactly would that work since it is a powder?
    I just ordered the raw Maca (I should have ordered the gelatinized but didn’t know about it and now it is a little late) and I’m wondering if I would be fine just adding it to hot tea.

    Thanks for all the info!

  51. Bic says

    Same for me. i just bought a raw maca & used it for the last 5 days, but now just learnt we should not using it raw :( so i would wonder if it fixed the problem by mixing maca with the hot water?

    • Ruth says

      gelatinized maca is best consumed in smoothies, or added after cooking. I am so glad my hubby researched that before! I would have seen “raw” and just assumed that was the better option!

  52. sarah says

    I took maca, loved the taste for a while in no particular pattern and i didnt notice any changes that i attributed to the maca but then i got hooked on maca and raw cacao smoothies with my wholefood mix that i use daily and after a month and a half i noticed moods, changes in gut flora that created nausea and cramps and, tiredness and increased pms with painful periods. it did alter the cycle too but only put it back a few days… my body didnt like it – we are all unique and may have other underlying issues – ie; excess in other nutrients that cause the maca to not be our friend… its interesting to note i felt the same type of symptoms after trying iodine and maca is naturally high in iodine!! My call … do your research. just because its from nature, it does not mean its great for your body.

  53. Ruth says

    It it important to know that we digest the “gelatinized” maca powder, not the raw form if you are going to eat it without cooking with it first. Many people find that just eating the raw flour is hard to digest and leads to an upset stomach.

    I’m guessing that since it is encouraged to promote fertility, that in the event you do become pregnant, (and assuming you stop right as soon as you find out) that it is OK for those couple of weeks that you aren’t quite sure????

  54. Pat says

    I have read some of the comments. I also had read some positive things about Maca powder and some warnings about use. I have just purchased some and will be trying it. I do think I’m experiencing thyroid and premenapausal symptoms at this time with thyroid issues being the prevalent.

  55. Osinachi says

    Please I only want to ask a question in respect to Maca.
    Please is it true that if I take maca it will increases some parts of my body?
    Is it true?

  56. THANDIWE says

    have bout maca root powder that it can balance the hormones.i’m an apple shaped lady.will maca root deposit more fats in the booty than the breasts?

    • Diana says

      I have read some clinical studies on maca and the only thing I saw was that it either stabilized or helped reduce weight but it did not affect any specific areas of the body. It apparently is energizing as it stimulates your thyroid and hormones. Any time you feel good and move around more you would use more calories so your weight I would think would decrease. I am post menopausal, have just taken for a couple of days but can see a difference in my energy. I was fooling around with my parrot, if you play music and dance she will “dance” with me. Usually I’m good for about 5-8 minutes and then I tire out but I danced for about 20 minutes today and never felt tired. This seems to agree with me so far. I am taking a gelatinized maca.

  57. Stephanie says

    Hello everyone! I just started taking Maca today. I was one of the lucky ones who was told on and off I was going thru early meno(35). But the test would always say something different(sigh). One thing for sure is I have always had hot flashes since I was a little girl. Then horrible bleeding and cramps with my periods. Later I had a nodule on my thyroid which I chose to removed with half my thyroid. My last crisis was a big ole fibroid that infiltrated the lining of my uterus. I had 90% of the tumor removed but 10% is left attached. So ,children were not going to happen. But,if this Maca helps with the hot flashes I will be on cloud nine. Its weird tho, I live on the coast of Oregon and have them constantly but when I go back to Colorado I don’t have them. Now, when I go to California were im originally from I will have them on and off. So far tonight I have not had any and I started the Maca and Vitex today. I have my fingers crossed. 11 years of hot flashes is long enough.

  58. Pat says

    Hi! This is an update regarding Maca. I bought some powder about a week ago or so. I started putting a 1/2 tsp in my morning coffee. I also start my morning off with 1/2 tsp of Moringa leaf powder and 1/2 tsp wheatgrass powder, probiotic capsules and about 3 spirulina capsules, and 1 tsp of coconut oil, right off the spoon. I have been feeling really energetic, since adding the 1st 3 items mentioned. I will continue to do so. I am 52 years old, haven’t had a cold in about 5 years, strong believer in Spirulina but will add Maca and Moringa as well.

  59. Melanie says

    Are there any specific brands and doses that you would recommend over others? I’m looking into the gelatinized capsules specifically, as I understand they’re a little easier on the tummy. I know that there are always supplements that are better quality and more bang for the buck, so I’d feel better if I had some solid recommendations. Thanks!

  60. Alaina says

    My husband and I had trouble conceiving and had to do fertility treatments. We are trying for our second and I would love to do it naturally. A friend suggested Maca. I see it worked for you. Can you please give me more info on dosage etc. Thanks!!

  61. shandra says

    I am allergic to iodide. Im wondering if taking the gelatinized form would be ok since its not as strong as the powder ot capsules?

  62. Norma says

    Hello…I was taking maca and really enjoyed the balanced feeling I had when I took it. Then I started to become deeply fatigued and visited my MD. After some blood work we noticed that my TSH level was higher than it should be. I have been taking thyroid medication for several years to increase the underproduction of my natural thyroid hormones. So after discussion with my MD we agreed I should go off the Maca and be retested in 6 weeks to see what my TSH levels were like. My doctor said the maca may be interfering with my body’s absorption of the thyroid medication. Any thoughts? Thank you.

    • Heather says

      I noticed no one had responded to you yet. If it were me, I would talk to a naturopathic doctor. From what I understand (and what may have been said in this article) is that Maca helps your body balance out your hormones naturally. If there was even a chance that I could go off of medication and take something natural instead, I would want to explore that. I used to work at a health food store and we always got excited when customers were able to switch to natural products and get off meds. Doctors will usually prefer that their patients stay on meds, but it’s not always the wisest choice. Of course individual case is different, just saying what I would want to do.

  63. Nathy G says

    I started taking Maca at the suggestion of my kineisiologist about 18 months ago. Within 3 weeks – I had a libido that was almost off the charts. Absolutely brilliant. I’m peri-menopausal and my GP has recently suggested I go on HRT. I’ve been on it a week and feel awful – I’m ditching the HRT and going back on the MACA.

  64. Lindsey says

    I’m looking for natural ways to help with libido, and heard about maca. At first I was pregnant and knew I won’t take it then.however by now my baby was born :-) and cant figure about taking it while nursing. I came across your post here and saw you wrote that you took it while nursing and it has worked for you. What does work for you mean? Did you get pregnant while nursing? I don’t wan’t to get my period Yet! If I’m not ready for another baby just yet I should hold off using maca?
    Do you have any other natural suggestions to help libido?
    P.s. I LOVE your Blog. I’m actually a bit addicted to it I got a real passion for DIY projects and shave a long list of items from here that I want to make and don’t know which to make first. The deodorant I usealready that’s what lead me to your blog in the first place. And I love it. I made magnesium oil and want to make the magnesium body butte. I also want to make laundry soap and diaper cream and motion….. as long as its natural and DIY I’m in :-)
    Thanks again for your everything you share.

    • says

      Maca can increase fertility, so I’d be cautious if you are trying to delay your cycle. Maca is a root and it is used as a food before, during and after pregnancy in parts of the world so I felt comfortable taking it while nursing and it did help libido, but I’d check with a midwife or doc to be sure.

      • Lindsey says

        Thanks I’ll ask my midwife and see if she knows more. I do want to wait before ttc again as I’m after a 2nd vba2c, and I would be better off not over exerting my uterus. I do however hope to help up my libido as I’m pretty low and my Hubby wants more from me I wish I can give it to him. Its so hard.

        • Maree says

          For me my libido is pretty much non-existent unless I’m ovulating (the week or 10 days surrounding it is off the charts lol). But I always have pretty much nothing libido-wise while pregnant or breastfeeding (same with when I used to be on hormonal birth control). Not sure if Maca would change that without bringing back cycles.

          I try to do ecological breastfeeding to delay cycles and pregnancy (didn’t always follow it perfectly but have had 14 months and just started having cycles and am no longer breastfeeding – my bub is 15 months now – last babies without ecological breastfeeding were 14 months apart). As much as I love babies, and would love another one – I personally would not want to bring that on prematurely ;) I feel like it’s God’s way of giving your body a rest – no periods is awesome too. I realize this doesn’t work for everyone, but probably for most if done correctly.

      • Galina says

        Many experts believe that a way to gauge how good a food is for your general health is by looking at how good the food is for your fertility! So according to this line of thinking, trying to avoid increasing your fertility is like trying to avoid being healthy! Perhaps it’s an inconvenient truth :)

  65. Victoria says

    How much do you recommend to take daily? Also is it recommended to take breaks from herbs? I read on one website you should do this to avoid building up a tolerance and to avoid any toxic build up in your system.

  66. Jen says

    New to posting here, Hi:) I have been visiting for a while, love all the great help with trying to go more natural. I have been trying to change my health for the good for a while now. I have horrible PMS and I am sure all kinds of hormonal and thyroid problems. I started taking MACA from Whole World Botanicals ( I have no affiliation with them, in fact unemployed right now). It took me a little while to get on a right dose, had to start out with a little and increase it with time. I always knew when my period was coming and it wasn’t pleasant. I have finally found my right dose and didn’t even know when mother nature was coming this time!! I can’t remember when the last time this happened was. They have a lot of good information on their website and they seem like they answer all questions asked. I am very thankful because my time of the month has been so bad that I stayed home in bed most of the time. It has truly made a big improvement in my life and health.

  67. Pamela says

    I just want to know will using MACA help you to lose the weight that goes along with menopause. I need it for my libido that’s nonexistent. Someone told me to buy the RAW version powder form, but after reading all of the comments, I feel the gelatinized capsule may be better.

    • Diana says

      Hi Pamela,

      Nice to see your post as most on here have not gone through menopause. I used to have an hourglass figure but now from the back one would have trouble telling the difference between me and an upright brick! I did find some scientific studies with control groups and due to the added well being and activity there was some weight loss experienced. Mostly it seemed that the participants in the study felt better so they were more active. Have been taking this for depression which it is also supposed to help and so far so good. I purchased the gelatinized product.

      • Pamela says

        Thanks for the information. It was very helpful. Well, I’m going to give it a try. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  68. Liz says

    Hi! New here and was hoping I could find a bit of advice about maca. I just got off my birth control almost 2 months ago (wanted to be completely hormone free); would it be best to wait to begin taking maca after around month 3? I’ve heard it takes about 3 months for the hormones to be out of the system, and I’d rather let my hormones even out as much as they can before I begin maca. Does that sound like a good thing to do?

  69. Heather says

    I discovered Maca about a month ago when I started doing some research on PMDD suspecting that I had it. Ever since I was 15 I’ve had horrible PMS and debilitating periods–unbearable cramps, vomiting and passing out from the pain, and sometimes week long menstruation. Can you believe I thought this was normal?? I also had high fatigue (possibly Chronic Fatigue like my mom), cold hands and feet, and would feel major depression often. I tried Vitex in my early 20s and to be honest I don’t remember a huge difference, but I was also not very faithful in taking it every day.
    I noticed a difference the FIRST day I took Maca. I have had more energy on the same amount of sleep or less (I’m writing this at 7:30am on a weekend after going to bed at 12:30) and I’ve felt much happier overall. I feel more capable and able to handle stressful days at work, take more things in stride. I’ve been one 500mg capsule a day (NOW brand is the only one I’ve tried) for about 3 weeks. I haven’t had a period yet so I’m curious about how it will affect that. But I am 100% ecstatic about Maca and wish I had discovered it years ago!! I enjoyed reading this on your blog.

      • Heather says

        I should clarify that with age my periods have been reduced to 3-5 days and just cramping. Still bad, but not throwing-up-passing-out bad.
        This time I still had mild cramping but was only on for 2 days. I was going to take the break from Maca that is recommended and I definitely felt the hormones. I felt sad, cried over nothing. I read somewhere else that when you are first taking Maca that you should take it 4-6 weeks before taking a break, then break from it once a month. So I’m going to keep taking it for a few more weeks.
        I didn’t even mention that I’m a troubled sleeper and have been sleeping so much better. I don’t wake up as much during the night or just lie there awake worrying. Also, I’m very prone to illness, especially strep during the winter. Typically after a couple pieces of chocolate or small bowl of ice cream, I would wake up with a sore throat. Since taking Maca, I haven’t felt a sore throat and it’s the holidays!–I’ve been eating chocolate. Lol This could all be my body handling stress better because I do feel that stress triggers most of my sicknesses.
        I guess I can’t say enough good things about it. I wish I had found this years ago. I have heard some people say they didn’t feel any difference, so I think if your body doesn’t need it, you won’t. My hormones definitely needed something. It has amazed me!!

  70. Christal says

    I haven’t heard anyone mention this but I took maca for a couple of months to balance my hormones and whatnot…i took it raw in powder form and I thought I was getting better until every time I got my period I ended up in the hospital in immense pain screaming and crying almost like I was having contractions similar to the feeling of miscarrying. So I quit taking it and they put me on birth control which only further confused my body. I never want that pain again. I ordered raw thyroid and bioidentical progesterone cream and am waiting for it to come in. After reading this article maybe it will help others too. Apparently you should never take maca raw.

  71. Karen says

    Started taking maca today for debilitating hot flashes. The directions say to take one 500 mg capsule up to three times a day but thought I should start slow after reading some of the comments about stomach upset so I’m starting with one capsule a day for one week and increase to two caps next week. Fingers crossed for some relief!!!

  72. shakti says

    Interesting comments, makes me think that everyone is unique and thus will be each ones experience. I started taking it today about a teaspoon in water first thing this morning and for me i could feel it balance my mind and body almost immediately. Hopefully it will lessen the hot flashes.

  73. Janine Miller-Plag says

    Hello, i am a 43 year old woman in South Africa. I have not been Blessed with a baby as yet. My husband (age 38 years) and I have been married for 5 years and we are desperate to have a baby. I m taking 2 tablespoons of Maca root powder in a breakfast smoothie. Does maca root increase fertility in “older” woman? I would appreciate if anyone can share their experiance with me or give me a advice? Many thanks .

  74. Holley Wright says

    I started take Maca Root capsules 5month ago you help me with the hot flashes and fatique. It has helped me tremendously and has kicked my Sex Drive into high gear..

    • Christine says

      That’s amazing! What kind of maca are you taking (red, yellow, gel pill, pill..?) and how much? I would love to know. Thank you!

  75. Gloria says

    Having lost a premature baby at 33 weeks due to placental abruption about 1 year ago, then followed by a miscarriage in 6 months, then absense of periods which ended up being caused by hormonal imbalance, depression, lack of libido, shoulder pain, struggling with loosing weight, at age 39 and wanting to try again for a baby as soon as possible, I have never felt so STRESSED!

    I have been on pills and HRT for about 3 months and I think I have had enough!
    I have been taking brazzilian slimming coffee with a combination of cambogia, green tea extract,citrus aurantium and aloe vera, all herbal and I’m happy to have lost some weight.

    I discovered Maca last week after months of desperation and I had my first dose of 1 tsp today (root powder) from life-flo. However, I’m curious to know if there could be a problem in continuing with my slimming products as well as taking Maca, yet there are all natural.

    I just wish my body could get back to normal naturally and as soon as possible. Has anyone gone through such? Katie, looking forward to your take on this.

  76. Carolyn says

    I am 54 yo and pretty much postmenopausal – I do experience hot flashes. Other than this, I am healthy and take no medication. I just started adding maca to my smoothie in the morning. I’m hoping it increases my libido which has declined since I went into menopause.

  77. Mischa Brown says

    I LOVE maca! I have been taking it in my smoothies for about 4 years, and notice that it really does help to balance my hormones, and energy. My husband drinks part of the smoothie that I make each morning, but when he feels particularly run down, he has been making his own extra smoothie (he’s a big guy). As is suggested, I take a break one day a week, from the Maca, to give my body a rest. Or you can take a break for a week every month. Thank you, as always, for such informative articles, recipes, etc.! :-)

  78. Heather says

    Update on Maca: I’ve been taking it for about 2 months straight and suspected that the effects were wearing off, so o took a two day break. I’ve heard that breaks should be taken but different people break at different times. I had only been taking 500mg a day and maybe I should up it to 1000mg. I started feeling discouraged bc the benefits I had been feeling were so amazing and life-altering. I don’t want them to go away. Thoughts?

  79. Preston says

    Would love to know if Maca is okay to use strictly for managing PMS symptoms. I am not interested in having another child, and are using other forms of hormonal birth control but need something to help with horrible PMDD.

    • Heather says

      Horrible PMDD is exactly why I started taking Maca. At least half of every month I had awful mood swings, had horrible anxiety and stress. I have been amazed at the results. In one of my previous postings I mentioned that I’ve had to take a break–as everyone suggests–and I’ve felt the benefits again. It’s the strangest feeling to feel stress but not feel the physical effects of it. I feel like I can handle it. I feel calm. I feel happy. A happy I’m not used to. I hope it works for you. :-)

  80. Althea says

    I just got some Maca drops. It’s a liquid hearbal extract. I got them to get my libido back. Has anyone heard of the liquid form???

  81. Annea says

    I have wondered about Maca for a long time. I am currently breastfeeding but I have been diagnosed with Mittelschmerz. What would be the best or any articles to help me in figuring what to do? Pretty sure i have adrenal fatigue ( babe with a medical condition does that to ya) but my hubs has adrenal fatigue and does some pther natural things. We’re working crazy hard to get our health back on track!!

  82. Nancy says

    Hi everyone… I am 44 yrs old and went into early menopause 2 yrs ago due to an almost complete hysterectomy 5.5 yrs ago ( i have 1 ovary left, everything else gone).. I discovered Maca powder about a month ago & have been taking it almost daily for 3 weeks… I have had no hot flashes for 6 days!! My libido is starting to come back, my depression is getting better! & i had depression long before menopause… But the research i have done says to use in cold food/smoothies not warm or hot because it ruins the benefits or lowers them considerably… What are your thoughts on this… If i decided to use in hot foods/beverages would i need to consume more? I also read not to use more than 2 tbsp in a day? The research is confusing… Thank you for any advice & info…

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