Homemade Glass Cleaner Recipe

Sometimes the best things in life are free… or really, really cheap, like this home recipe for natural glass cleaner. It has a somewhat strong smell that completely evaporates once dried. In a 16 oz or bigger spray bottle mix:

  • 1 pint water
  • 2 tablespoons vinegar
  • 10-15 drops essential oil (optional, but helps the vinegar smell)

Shake bottle and spray on windows. Use crumpled newspaper or cotton cloth to wipe off. If you have always used commercial window cleaner in the past, mix a couple drops of liquid castille soap or liquid dish soap in some of this mixture the first time you clean the windows to remove detergent residue.

Reader Comments

  1. Fallon says

    Hi! Ok this may be a silly question, but I haven’t bought much vinegar in my day! Is there just straight vinegar or is it all distiller white vinegar??? Thanks!!!

  2. Artfart21532 says

    I just made this tonight and couldn’t wait to try it. It works better than any store bought glass cleaner I’ve ever tried! Thanks!

  3. Abbie Heller says

    Another product I have had great results with is club soda; it’s acidic and cuts through the greasy residue that can make it impossible to get a shiny stove top or microwave exterior.

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