Where to Find Organic Free Range Turkeys

where to find organic and free range turkeys for thanksgiving Where to Find Organic Free Range Turkeys

I’ve gotten a lot of emails lately asking the best place to find organic, free-range turkey’s for Thanksgiving. There are several options and I’m listing them in order of my preference:

Find a Local One From A Farmer

This is by far my favorite option and what we do. The only problem is that it is often difficult to find a farmer with truly free range turkeys and they often have already pre-sold them by this time of year. Also, most farmers ask customers to pre-order in the spring when they hatch the turkey’s so for most, it is too late to buy one. If you can find one this way, it is definitely preferable though.

Buy One From A Local Grocery Store

If you can’t get one from a local farmer  in your area, sometimes regular grocery stores carry them. I’ve seen a couple here at different times, though the prices can sometimes be incredibly high. This is probably the second easiest option if your store has them. The only caution here is that many organic turkeys labeled organic have just been fed organic feed but are not truly free range. Still a better option, but no where near the nutrients of truly free range turkeys.

Order One Online

I have done this in the past from companies I trust and have been impressed with them. Tropical Traditions (where I get organ meats also) has several sizes of turkey and their quality is great. They are definitely more expensive than a conventional turkey, but if you use all of the turkey and then make stock with the bones, you will probably get more nutrients per dollar (though I have no way to test this theory!)

They have only one size, a 12-13 pound turkey, or you can order two and save a little bit per turkey.

Do you worry about organic/free range, or do you think an un-pastured bird is the least of the dietary evils?

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Reader Comments

  1. Dan says

    I can also vouch for Wellness Meats.  I have been using them for meat for three months now.  They are cheaper than Whole Foods.  Love them!  

    I have bookmarked Tropical Traditions since they have so much stuff.  Tons of coconut recipes.  I will be using their site for all sorts of things.  Thanks for the link!

  2. Jasmyne Martinez says

    I ordered my free range turkey from my local coop, they also had certified organic available, they then order them from a company in California so I am wondering if they could be directly ordered. I will have to check into this.

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