Glazed Chocolate Donut Holes

Chocolate Glazed Donut Holes Grain Free Dairy Free Paleo Glazed Chocolate Donut Holes

Note From Katie: Please welcome George Bryant, the “Civilized Caveman” as he shares this great recipe for grain free, dairy free chocolate donut holes. I think I should also take some food photography lessons from him… those look delicious! Enter George:

People love sweets, and my mission is to prove to people that when they change their eating habits they don’t have to lose delectable treats. Whether you’re paleo, primal, gluten-free, grain-free or just eat whole foods, there are always ways to enjoy some desserts that are made from nothing but whole simple ingredients. Just to keep you grounded, that doesn’t mean we should eat something like this every day for every meal, even though I want to. Foods like this just provide you with healthier alternatives to processed foods and you know EVERYTHING that goes into it.

I also have a secret to share. Before I started my Paleo journey, I had never cooked before unless it was a microwaved meal or cut and slice cookie dough. Since we shouldn’t use a microwave as Katie talked about here, and pre-made cookie mix makes me sick, I had to learn how to cook. The best part of my journey has been realizing that cooking real foods that nourish my body has been both simple and enjoyable. When I first realized I had to learn how to feed myself 3 meals a day, I was overwhelmed with anxiety and had no idea where to start. Luckily, my bodies need to eat took over and I jumped the largest hurdle in the whole process. I took a step forward and started.

Which leads me to you. I hear it daily that people can’t cook, or that recipe is too complicated, or I don’t know how to bake. Well I have a question for you: What is the worst possible thing that will happen if you try? We all fell on our face crawling, but eventually learned how to walk. We all fell off our bikes but still learned how to ride.  I hit a few mailbox posts and curbs while learning how to drive, but I still got my license (I am a better driver now though, I swear). Moral of the story is whether you have never cooked before or you have failed numerous times, get in the kitchen and make some deliciousness. Our health and well-being depends on it.

My philosophy when it comes to life and cooking is to just have fun. There should be no pressure and no attachments to outcomes. As long as you give it your best and have fun, the results don’t matter. When you put that love and joy in your food, the creations and flavors that emerge will be indescribable. Life is what you will be experiencing and it is a truly amazing. Now go enjoy some chocolate that I put my heart into to share with you.

Donut Holes Recipe

3.7 from 3 reviews
Glazed Chocolate Donut Holes
Delicious almond flour based chocolate glazed donut hole recipe with a coconut glaze.
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Paleo, Grain Free, Dairy Free
  1. Preheat your Cake pop maker or oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Place a medium sauce pan over low heat and add your chocolate and coconut milk
  3. Stir continuously until you form a creamy coconut milk chocolate
  4. Remove from heat and set aside
  5. Place your 2 eggs in the bowl of a stand mixer or a mixing bowl and use a whisk on a hand mixer
  6. Whisk on high until your eggs become foamy and fluffier
  7. Fold in your coconut milk chocolate and mix well
  8. Add your almond flour, cinnamon, baking powder, vanilla and salt and mix well
  9. To Bake in Cake Pop maker
  10. Once it is preheated, fill a ziploc bag with your batter, cut a small corner off and use it to pipe your batter into your cake pop maker
  11. Fill to just above the rim and then close the lid
  12. Cook for 5 minutes, open, turn the donut holes over, close the lid and cook for 2 more minutes
  13. Remove from the cake pop maker, place on a plate and place in the freezer for 45 minutes
  14. To bake in the oven
  15. You can make these in a donut pan, muffin tin or anything else that makes you happy
  16. Fill a ziploc bag with your batter, cut off a corner and use the bag to pipe your batter in your donut pan, muffin pan etc
  17. Place in your preheated oven and bake until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean
  18. Remove from the oven, let cool, place on a plate and stick in the freezer for 45 minutes
See Glaze Recipe Below

Chocolate Glaze Recipe

3.7 from 3 reviews
Glazed Chocolate Donut Holes
A simple glaze for any type of healthy baked goods.
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Paleo/Grain Free/Dairy Free
  1. Combine your coconut cream concentrate (coconut butter), coconut oil, and honey in a tall glass and mix extremely well
  2. Remove your donuts from the freezer and dip in the glaze one at a time, setting on parchment paper to set after dipped
  3. You can do it once to have a thin coat or dip multiple times after the glaze has hardened to make a thicker glaze
George The Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations on Wellness MamaGeorge Bryant is the creative genius behind the wildly popular Paleo food blog “Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations.” He is a Wellness Media featured contributor. After spending the first 20-something years of his life in a constant battle with his weight, and then nearly losing both his legs while on deployment as a US Marine, George took matters into his own hands and began his own Paleo-journey. What started as a simple place to post recipes for friends has since turned into an award-winning food blog. After being in the Marines for 12 years, George has since been medically separated and is enjoying working full time creating delicious Paleo recipes, while hoping to change as many lives for the better by making REAL food recipes simple and tasty.

Ever made healthy donuts? Ready to try this delicious recipe? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. emmy says

    I have such a hard time finding coconut milk that is free of excitotoxins (i.e. guar gum) any suggestions? Looks like such an awesome recipe, would love to try it!

  2. Cindy Walker Pittman says

    where do you find Coconut cream concentrate? Also, can I use the solid coconut oil if I just melt it down? Thanks! So looking forward to trying these glazed donut holes!

  3. Caitlyn Baldo says

    Just attempted these with my brand new cake pop maker that I bought just to make these. I don’t have coconut cream concentrate and it’s getting late, bed time for kiddo’s, so no glazing tonight. We just made them as doughnut holes. The batter/dough is delish, but I struggled to make these very uniform… Also, the batter was a little runny. I might substitute a few Tbs. of coconut flour for the almond flour next time. Also these taste very very sweet to me… Not much to change that since the only thing making them sweet it “life is good” chocolate chips… Overall I will definitely try this again. Also, love that George “The Civilized Caveman” is prior Marine Corps. My husband is a Marine of 11 years and counting. I’ve dragged him along on my healthy living/eating journey for 9 years of marriage, and now he asks for extra vegetables, buys organic without me having to write it on the grocery list, and reads labels :-) In health and love ~Caitlyn

  4. says

    This recipe was so easy and it turned out phenomenally. I love, love, loved it! Even my husband, who usually hates grain free treats, loved them.


  5. Melanie says

    Please add this recipe to your app. You have so many great recipes online but you did not include them in your app.

  6. Georgina says

    These rocked. I baked them in the oven in muffin tins which I greased first. I baked them for 12 minutes and they came out perfect. I used crushed dark choc as we cant get those choc chips in the uk. I made a cacao glaze from grassfed butter, cacao and maple syrup. I added a touch of maple syrup to the batter aswell but it did taste good even before it, I need to tame this sweet tooth!

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