Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Apple Cinnamon Coconut Flour Muffins Easy Recipe with only eight ingredients

I discovered this coconut flour muffin recipe out of desperation, and made it again because it was great (and easy)! One morning, I realized I only had 5 eggs in the fridge…. not enough for the five of us, especially when the kids can all eat three each!

I also had coconut flour, homemade applesauce and coconut oil, so I mixed them!

I’m not much of a baker (I guess that makes sense considering we don’t eat grains…) so I didn’t expect these to turn out good at all. Shockingly, they were great and the kids requested them every day last week for breakfast. Now, these apple cinnamon coconut flour muffins are in the regular rotation at our house. Bonus: they come together in less than half an hour!

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Apple Cinnamon Muffins
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
  • 5 eggs
  • 1 cup homemade applesauce (store bought should work too)
  • ½ cup coconut flour
  • 2-3 TBSP cinnamon
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp vanilla (optional)
  • ¼ cup coconut oil
  • 2 T honey (optional)
  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Grease a muffin pan with coconut oil.
  3. Put all ingredients into a medium sized bowl and mix with immersion blender or whisk until well mixed.
  4. Let sit 5 minutes.
  5. Use ⅓ cup measure to spoon into muffin tins.
  6. Bake 12-15 minutes until starting to brown and not soft when lightly touched on the top.
  7. Let cool 2 minutes, drizzle with honey (if desired) and serve.

Flavor Options!

Easy Coconut Flour Apple Cinnamon Muffins

This recipe is actually very versatile! To mix it up, try these flavor combinations:

  • Reduce the applesauce by 1/4 cup and add an overripe banana before blending. Mix in 1/2 cup toasted chopped nuts (like walnuts) by hand.
  • Add 1/2 cup blueberries or raspberries
  • Add 1/2 cup chopped apples for a little crunch
  • Add 3 T of cocoa powder to make almost cupcake like

Ever cook muffins? What’s your favorite? Talk to me below!

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  1. These look wonderful, I can’t wait to try them out! I’ve been making wheat blueberry muffins lately, but I like the idea of using coconut flour and coconut oil even more!

      • Thank you for that clarification! I get confused with some of the baking recipes and never know to melt or not to melt!

    • That was the same question I had too! It was unclear if you needed to melt or measure at solid. ALSO…. It says to use an immersion blender or whisk but I am guessing I can do this with a hand mixer as well??

  2. I tried this recipe tonight! Pretty tasty and much better than the attempt I made using an incomplete recipe from elsewhere on your site last night!

  3. I’m going to try this in the morning. Do you make raw or cooked applesauce? I’m wondering if my raw applesauce will have too much moisture…

    • I’ve always just used my homemade canned applesauce, so I’m not sure.
      Raw applesauce may have too much moisture, but you may be able to
      just use a little more coconut flour or a little less applesauce. The
      consistency you are going for is thicker than pancake batter but
      thinner than peanut butter. I used a small measuring cup to scoop
      into the muffin tins. I would think as long as you can get the
      consistency right, it should work.

      • I hope someone can give me some pointers. I didn’t know where else to ask for help. I have a traditional mini pumpkin chocolate chip muffin that my son just loves. He has given up wheat with us, but this is one he is missing. How do I go about adapting or changing it to make it healthy?

        • Elana’s pantry has lots of grain free recipes. I have gotten a good pumpkin one there if you don’t find one here.

        • Try part oat flour and part brown rice flour in your recipe. I make pumpkin cranberry muffins with brown rice flour.

        • I substituted almond meal for some of the coconut flour. And I cut out an egg and added 1 tablespoon flaxseed meat mixed with a little water for added omega 3’s and fiber.

        • You can throw oats in the blender & turn it into flour. I make banana chocolate chip muffins with it. My recipe uses 2 cups. Add in a tsp. of xanthum gum for stickiness since there’s no gluten.

  4. Love. Love. Love this recipe. Just made my second batch of the week. Satisfies the craving for sweet and bready! I miss Panera bagels!!!

  5. Delicious!!! And great texture too! I didn’t have any applesauce, so I used my food processor to shred two medium apples. Then switched to the blade attachment and added everything else and blended it all together. I think the apples make them sweet enough I didn’t even need to add any honey! Can’t wait to try a banana nut version next….

    • I haven’t yet… I’m hoping to be able to buy some almond flour
      really soon. I’d think you’d have to adjust it some, since almond
      flour acts a little more like wheat flour, and coconut flour is much
      more dry. I’d think you’d have to add closer to 3/4 or 1 cup, but as
      long as the consistency is right, it should work.

    • I did this morning.  Cut the eggs down to three, and ended up tripling the flour (1.5 c) as the almond flour is not nearly as dry.  I also added a tsp. of cider vinegar to activate the soda.  Only 1.5 tbsp of oil just to cut back.  They were marvelous and with company over didn’t make it past noon 😉

      • I wondered if I was the only one thinking about vinegar in response to the baking soda. Thanks for posting your experience! I’m looking forward to doing the same!

  6. These sound great, but Im wondering, does anyone know the rough calorie count and other nutrition information. I swear, if I make something labeled “healthy” my husband thinks that means he can eat double to balance it out 🙂 Thanks!

  7. The muffins (for me) took about 20 minutes. Also, I highly recomend using the cocoa powder as an extra engredient!

  8. Almond flour works well! I melted the coconut oil. This recipe is going in my weekly rotation! Thanks Wellness Mama!

  9. FYI: I also just made these directly from the recipe as a “bread” in an 8×8 glass pan. I just baked it a little longer until it was browner on the sides and not sticky on the top. Less to clean up! 🙂

      • Worked out GREAT! This is now my go-to bread. 🙂 I tried a different recipe today and it failed miserably. Your recipe is FOOL PROOF and Delicious!!!

    • I did the same in an 8×8 glass pan. The bread came out so nice, you can slice a piece in half and use like regular bread for sandwiches! Going to try it without the cinnamon and use em for PBJ, etc… Super texture!

  10. where do you get your coconut flour? and what is a good price for it? i’m excited to try this out!

      • Hi, I am addicted to your website, really great stuff! I am wondering if you have ever tried to make your own coconut flour? It is pretty expensive so I was thinking of trying this, with the coconut chips maybe.

        • I’m all for DIY but coconut flour is one of the few things I wouldn’t make myself. There’d be no way you could get it fine enough because it’s so fiberous. And apparently coconut flour is not ground dried coconut. I’m able to find it for less than $5/pound and since you use such a small amount in each recipe it lasts for a long time.

          I’ve tried a couple different brands, and each brand is not equal. Bob’s Red Mill is coarser ground and leads to a very fiberous-textured baked good. The Coconut Secret I use now is a little finer. I bought it cheap on Swanson Vitamins. I also have a bag of Nutiva from Azure Standard so we’ll see how it compares.

          Happy baking!

          • What did you think of Nutiva? I’m new to gluten free baking and I don’t care for it.aybe I’m just not familiar with the texture. I’m wondering if I should try the Coconut Secret.

    • I buy Nutiva coconut flour off of amazon in a 3 pound bag. You can also find it on or has it in 1 pound bags.

  11. Sounds good.  I just made an apple spice muffin with coconut flour the other day but used diced apples.  I wonder if the kids would like this one better. 

  12. we have an abundance of zucchini & squash from our garden right now and wanted to make muffins with them to freeze… have you ever done that with the coconut flour and adapting this recipe??  Do you think it would work?

  13. hi 🙂 is there any way of making these in advance – either the night before or on a bake day and freezing them? how well do they keep in a tin or do they go all soggy? many thanks 🙂

  14. I made the muffins and added some fresh blueberries. They turned out very well, but for some reason they did a number on my stomach. I’ve been having one for breakfast with some berries and they keep me full, but the tummy ache is not a good side effect. Any idea what would cause this? I followed the recipe exactly, just added the blueberries.

    • Have you eaten them before without the blueberries without problem? For some people, the large amount of fiber can cause stomach issues the first few times you eat it.

      • No, this is the first time I made them. I eat blueberries often, though. Would the large amount of fiber still cause trouble even though my diet includes tons of veggies and some fruit daily? Thank you for your help. I enjoyed the taste of the muffins, but they’ve given me a “fat” feeling and lots of tummy trouble 🙁 If I can figure out the glitch, I want to keep baking them!

        • The fiber could still be the problem, as it has a lot more than even most vegetables. It could also mean you are intolerant to coconut though… do you eat other coconut products without problem? Maybe
          try them again in a few weeks and see how you do? If you see a reaction several times in a row though, I’d avoid them..

          • Ok, that sounds like a plan. I do eat other coconut products (like roasted veggies in coconut oil) and use coconut oil on my skin, so I don’t think I have an intolerance. I’ll try them again and maybe give some of the batch away to friends. That way I’ll eat only a couple instead of one each day for several days 🙂 I so appreciate your help!

          • Sometimes when we mix fruit with other types of foods, it can create gas and other problems. I am one of those people who cannot tolerate mixing…. : /

  15. I just finish making this recipe. However, I didn’t make muffins I made it as a bread. 🙂
    I only use one 1 tablespoons of cinnamon and I added some raisins, I used Truiva for my sweetener and it taste so DARN GOOD! I think I am going to add some almond milk next time and cook them as pancakes and see how they come out!

  16. Made these this morning for my grain-loving family. A hit! Very filling, and we served them with a mashed banana and cinnamon puree as a topping.

  17. These tasted great and the whole family loved them but they raised my blood sugar (I have to test for gestational diabetes). Big time bummer. I did use the honey and I added some banana as mentioned at the bottom. Oh well, lesson learned, but I did freeze some for after baby is born.

    • I would try them without the honey and banana – both individually have a relatively high glycemic index – and you used both of them. The apples should be sweet enough. If not, I would probably add tad organic stevia. Haven’t tried it yet, but I’m about it. 🙂

      • Hey ALL!
        I’ve finally . . . decided unless people are allergic/sensitive to gluten. I would just make regular muffin and enjoy it ONCE in a . . . blue moon (and blue moon for me occur every 1 1/2 month:) LOL) because it is way too coconut tasting and it is just not worth eating:)

        It is about taste and not quantity . . . LOL:)

        But otherwise, I am completely LOW CARB!

  18. Made these this morning and they were awesome! I added blueberries and baked in a silicone loaf pan. Yum…thanks for the recipe!!

  19. I added this before baking (streusel topping): brown sugar (about 1/2 c) pecan chips (tiny pieces) about 3-4 T, 2t cinnamon, 2-3 T grass fed butter, pinch of salt. Mix with hands until its like play dough texture. Break small pieces and put about 3-4 pieces on top of each muffin….this made the muffins completely awesome!! Everything is better with streusel! Haha!

  20. I think they’re WONDERFUL… Even though i didn’t have any eggs, i had to use water, vegetable oil, and baking powder… 🙂 it still tastes OK though…

  21. Just made these today – great texture.  I am going to add raisins and chopped apples to the next batch for a little more sweetness!

  22. I’m having one of these with a cup of tea as I write this — delicious! This is one of the few coconut flour recipes I’ve tried that’s resulted in a well-risen cake with a proper muffin appearance (maybe it was because I added chopped apples?). Thanks for the great recipe!

  23. This is a great recipe! These muffins are delicious and filling. Perfect for a to-go snack. One thing I keep forgetting is to warm the applesauce to keep the coconut oil from turning to concrete. Love these though. I make them almost weekly.

      • I never use b.soda but double b.powder instead. Also, I made these last week and they were so good I made them again. I doubled the recipe but they turned out terribly. I’m having issues with being successful with coconut flour so was really happy they turned out the first time. Is this maybe not a doubleable recipe?

  24. Wow. This sounds wonderful, and so many ideas on adapting it! I am a baker who is off grains and going nuts without baking. Thank you!

  25. Wow! These are surprisingly good! They came out perfect. I swapped a mashed ripe banana for 1/4 cup of applesauce and also added a big handful of walnuts to the batter. Opted for a half a stick of butter instead of coconut oil, too. Very moist and surprisingly muffin-y! I will definitely be making these often!

  26. I just finished making these.  I didn’t have applesauce so I used 1/2 cup of yogurt and 1 chopped up apple instead.  I did add the 2 Tbsp of Agave nectar.  It took a little longer to cook but they turned out great.  Mine made 12.  My hubby scored it 7.5 which is good as I’ve never gotten higher than a 9 as he assumes 10 is perfection.  I added a few chocolate chips just to his which he enjoyed.  Thanks so much for the recipe!  Oh, and I did add 1/4 tsp sea salt just to help make the sweetness stand out. Many thanks – I just joined the blog.

  27. I’m not a huge fan of cinnamon, but made these for my daughter (exactly as posted with the cocoa powder addition) and snagged one. While the flavor isnt my most favorite, the texture is amazing! Has anyone ommitted cinnamon with good results? Would these make “chocolate cupcakes” without the cinnamon? Ideas for other flavor variations if cinnamon is ommitted?

  28. I just made them, only change was 4 eggs and added walnuts! A great go to recipe, I also poured some creamy peanut butter on top of 2 out of 3 that I ate.

  29. delicious! i didn’t have a full cup of applesauce yet & wasn’t about to make more, so i used a 1/3 cup of yogurt. made a perfectly moist muffin but it really needed the extra apple for flavor. i used the full amount of cinnamon & it was perfect. i used my food processor instead of mixer which made a perfectly smooth muffin. these muffins were lighter than the cupcakes for my daughters birthday a few weeks back- i may try them as cake SOON!

  30. I just made these today for my son’s first birthday. I added the cocoa powder, vanilla, and honey in with the batter. I also made a date paste “icing” with vanilla, a little extra honey, and cocoa powder. I baked them in large muffin pans for about 22 minutes. They ended up being moist, but lacked flavor. Next time I’ll only use 1/2 cup applesauce and add 1/2 cup butter in addition to adding additional honey or date paste for additional sweetness. These are definitely worth making again, just with a few adjustments. Thanks for the recipe!

  31. Wait, I need to make … say… 50 muffins. What’s the serving amount for the one you posted? I’m a new muffin making machine and need advice.

  32. You mentioned that extra virgin coconut oil will lower cholesterol.

    1) Is extra virgin coconut oil = cold pressed coconut oil?

    2) can we use the extra virgin or cold pressed coconut oil for frying?

    3) I currently use a coconut oil that says, “Neutral Flavor” on the bottle, mainly for frying as someone once told me that extra vigin or cold pressed coconut oil should not be used for frying. I assume this neutral flavored coconut oil is neither extra virgin nor cold pressed. Is it safe for frying?


  33. Hi- When I printed out the recipe, the name of the recipe did not appear at the top; Just thought you would want to know this.

  34. This is exactly what I was looking for to make a yummy homemade school snack for my son (and the younger ones, too!). Going to bake them right now! Thanks!! 🙂

    • SUCCESS!! I’m not a huge fan of the flavor (I think I’ll add in a banana and some apple chunks next time!) the texture is AMAZING! I tried one and thought “there’s no way the kids will like this” Well I was wrong! They asked me for them and then asked for more! Score! Thanks for such an easy recipe that my kids love!! 🙂

  35. I just made these today with diced apple and nuts added. I greased the muffin tin with coconut oil, but the muffins still stuck to the bottom of the pan. Any suggestions for preventing this? Thanks.

  36. I substituted the applesauce with pumpkin and added pumpkin spices. They were gross; don’t try it :P. I tried to salvage them with glaze, but no one would eat them. The texture is really off too. I’m hoping the apple would be better. I can’t imagine there being enough sweetness in just the apples; maybe if I added raisins? I’m trying to think of a way to put the ones I made in some other dish so all that food won’t be wasted.

  37. I use locally purchased duck eggs, they’re bigger than chicken eggs so I was worried about the 1/2 cup coconut flour being able to handle all the liquid. But it did beautifully! I never thought it could be so absorbent!

  38. Tried this today and my hubby loved it. He’s the gluten free one. I did change a few things. 1. 5 eggs. I can’t imagine putting five eggs in anything. His cholesterol level is inching up as it is, combined with coconut oil, and I thought it might just burst. I subtracted 2 eggs. 2. I put the amount of applesauce in and apple pieces. 3. I also added dried mulberries to them. Once baked, it added a toffee like flavour to them. 4. And for flavour, in addition to the cinnamon, I added 1/2 tsp of nutmeg and allspice. 5. I did a cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar crumble for the topping.
    Made quite a few changes and they were amazing! Thanks for the inspiration.

  39. Just tried this recipe – Followed it to the letter with the following exceptions: I used 1/2 cup of butter instead of coconut oil, added about 1 cup of chopped nuts, and used 2 Tbs of Xylitol instead of the honey. It made 6 standard muffins and 1/2 dozen mini muffins. They are not very sweet with the Xylitol, but I find that pleasing. They came out beautifully!! This is a very easy recipe and the results are excellent! I’m adding it to my “go to” recipe file. The ONLY thing I would change is to add a teaspoon of salt, as it did seem to need the savor. Other than that – WONDERFUL RESULTS!! Thank you VERY much for this recipe. I am going to try it as a loaf next time and maybe use it as a sandwich bread.

  40. These sound amazing and I can’t wait to try them! Thank you! Question though – I can’t eat eggs (though my kiddos and hubby can) – would replacing the eggs with chia seeds ruin the high protein/nutrition profile of the recipe? If so, I can just make it for them of course, but wanted to get your thoughts. Thank you!

  41. Thx Katie… I feel like your my friend! A definite lifesaver in this abrupt (for health reasons)& awesome lifestyle change to Paleo – we aren’t aren’t all the way there but we are getting there!!! I’m a mom of four who didn’t know where to start & though I’ve been on quiet a few other sites this is my go to! I’ve tried quite a few of your recipe & tonight is apple cinnamon night! My kiddies & I love the choc donut holes & we had your version of chipolte the other night!!! Can’t wait to see if they love these! But I already think they will smells great ! Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!

  42. It was a hit I lightly sprinkled a little organic confectioners sugar on top & all 3 Lil ones gobbled them right up with some almond milk! Thx again;) the teen is a different story lol 😉

    • No eggs in our house either – I usually sub 1 egg for 1T ground chia seeds mixed with 3T water (let it sit for about 3 min before you use). Before you do this I hope Katie can confirm if this will work:)

  43. Just wanted to say these were awesome. I first made them with homemade cinnamon apple sauce and it came out amazing! It’s also good with store bought, but hands down is better with homemade. It came out very moist, which has been difficult when baking paleo.

  44. >>> Hi WM <<< These look Delish! i can't wait to make them but we are currently under kitchen construction and with out a stove – i'm wondering do you think these can be made some how in the microwave?? i don't know if i can wait until our stove works again to make these 🙂 Peace N <3

  45. I have been experimenting with coconut flour a lot lately and I am obsessed with it! I think I am going to try making lemon poppyseed muffins next 🙂 Stevia, Lemon, Coconut Flour, Poppy Seeds – Maybe some coconut oil and flax to make them all stick together – YUM 🙂

  46. Did not work for me:( followed the recipe and i used unsweetened Mott’s apple sauce…. The muffins were soft (i left them in the oven an extra 5 minutes) and broke apart too easily and the bottoms were very oily:(

    • I tried this too.. however, I did forget the baking soda…I did everything to the letter (used store bought organic apple sauce). and not only did it stick, they tasted horrible.. I had to leave them in for 30 mins extra.. they were not cooking… tasted like cinnamon dirt.. lol.. what did I do wrong???? you said you don’t actually need the baking soda or powder. what happened???

  47. Just tried making these as instructed, except using the banana and walnut combo and replacing the eggs with chia seeds soaked in water as we don’t eat eggs. They have so far been in the oven for 25 mins and even though a skewer is coming out clean, they don’t look cooked judging by the top and sides. What am I doing wrong? 🙁

    • It doesn’t look cooked, but there is nothing dangerously “raw” to worry about. It is probably an issue of too much “wet” and not enough dry and leavening agents. I think when a recipe calls for 5 eggs, it is hinging on the use of those eggs to make it work. That is the major ingredient. I think instead of trying to sub ingredients in a certain recipe, try finding one that already starts with using the chia seeds as the “egg”. I think the results are better. Otherwise, you just risk having to experiment a lot and probably end up changing the whole recipe in the process.

  48. Thank you for your detailed recipe for someone who isn’t having much success making healthy gluten free recipes! I would not know to let a mix sit for five minutes before cooking. I’m learning so much from you!

  49. These were so light and airy. Loved them. Not too sweet either so I went ahead with your suggestion to drizzle a bit of honey on top 🙂

  50. These sound SO wonderful! I just ordered some coconut flour from Tropical Traditions, and can’t wait to use it! I was trying to find a good recipe to make something for the grandkids for Easter, and these sound just perfect.
    Read all the comments and got some other good ideas as well, so thanks to all of you, and especially you, WellnessMama for your wonderful recipes and great posts!!!

  51. Just made these for breakfast. Followed the recipe except used my food processor to grate 2 fresh Braeburn apples. Then switched to the dough blade and added all the other ingredients. Just for interest I added a handful of raw unsweetened coconut flakes and sprouted almonds. Baked them for 18 mins. They were fantastic. Thanks!

  52. Made this as a cake, put a ribbon of apple butter through it with a knife after I put it in the cake pan, it came out awesome! Love it, a nice moist cake, not too sweet, very satisfying! It’s a keeper in my home.

  53. Hi I bought unrefined Virgin coconut oil but it only bakes up to 280 degrees. Should I just bake it at 400 still?

  54. Thanks so much for this recipe! I recently bought a bag of coconut flour and have been trying to find some good recipes for it.

  55. Do these have to be refrigerated? I am going on vacation and these sound like a great snack to take along.

  56. Hi, I’m interested in trying these but do you happen to have the nutrition breakout?
    i.e., how many calories, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, etc?

    Thank you,

  57. Thank you for these!!! Healthier food choices? Yes, please! Mine just came out from the oven and they look fabulous and delish.

  58. I have tried a few muffins but have found this recipe to be the best..moist and yummy! will become a staple in my house!

  59. My son love’s our pumpkin oatmeal muffin’s, we use Quinoa flour in them. I will be giving yours a try soon.

  60. Just tried these with stewed rubharb sweetened with coconut syrup. They are going down a treat! May add chia seeds next time.

  61. I was wary of this recipe just because I have tried Coconut Flour Pancakes (a few different recipes) and I just wasn’t sold on Coconut Flour, it seemed dense and not so palatable. Anyway, I am sold on it after this recipe! I will crave these muffins and buy Coconut Flour if only for these-thanks for the recipe!

  62. I was very excited to try this recipe out, especially after reading all the positive reviews. The first time I tried the recipe, I didn’t want to use apple sauce from the store if I could help it, and didn’t have time to make home-made applesauce as I needed the muffins in only a few hours. So I did what one review suggested, and subbed 2 medium apples, but the quantity look much larger than just a cup! I did 1.5 of everything else hoping to balance it out, but they came out ridiculously mushy, no matter how many times I put them back in the oven! So I bought more eggs and tried it again with my store-bought applesauce, and while the muffins smelled delicious, they were still mushy in texture (not like they were uncooked, just too eggy maybe?). I didn’t even finish one of them, as on top of everything else, the taste wasn’t super 🙁 Want to try them again, maybe with only 3 eggs? But coconut flour is very expensive, so I don’t want to keep wasting so much! Maybe I’ll try again in a few weeks. I’m impressed though that they still came out looking like muffins since they didn’t have any gluten!

  63. Just made these and they turned out well! I used a pan that makes the flat muffins that look like cookies in shape. I made raw applesauce yesterday so used that. I did not have quite 1 cup so topped it up with extra coconut oil. The kids just tasted them and are very impressed with no wheat.

  64. Just made these for a diabetic and they’re yummy but am wondering about the nutritional breakdown. Thanks.

  65. This is easily a five star recipe. I just discovered the recipe a few days ago and was eager to try them. I made it in a loaf pan too, but it took much longer than I thought it would. I lost track of time and it was in the oven a little longer than I would have liked. Even so, the bread was good yesterday and really delicious today. I am thrilled to have found another good recipe for coconut flour that tastes so good. The bread slices easily and is very satisfying. I cut thin slices for me, and my husband likes thicker slices. Between the two of us, it probably won’t last much longer! I like a slice for breakfast and he likes it for snacking. This was a really great find. So glad you posted it, and so happy to have discovered your site and signed up. There is no downside to this recipe other than not making two batches of it yesterday. These are nice and moist. The only change I made was to cut back on the cinnamon to one Tbsp. I like cinnamon, but the larger amount would have been too much for my palate.

  66. I just made these muffins tonight at 11:00 .p.m., they came out perfect, they had the right flavor and texture. My SO ate two and thought they were delicious! This is going to be one of my favorite breakfast muffin.

  67. Hiya, I was wondering if “2 T honey (optional)” & ” 3 T of cocoa powder” is supposed to be tablespoons or teaspoons, or some other measurement that I’m not aware of? Thanks <3

  68. Is there an autoimmune paleo alternative to the eggs? Would blended dates work? This looks delicious and I’d love to try it if there is a substitute for the eggs.

  69. Made these yesterday. Yummy! I did add chopped apple and chopped toasted pecans. Topped them with honey butter. The honey butter put them over the top! 🙂

  70. I made theses and they are great! I am just wondering if they need to be refrigerated because of the amount of egg in them? Thanks! 🙂

  71. Hi, I have noticed that you are using eggs in your desserts like pancake and other recipies. Are eggs allowed in the Paleo diet.? can you explain.
    Thank you


  72. These are amazing, I never tried coconut flour until now. So good I almost ate the entire pan of muffins:) Very moist, better than using all purpose flour. My 2 year old likes them too!!

  73. Just made these using one boiled apple as had no applesauce & didn’t use coconut oil or honey, I got 7 muffins and baked for 19 mins… Quite tasty and filling! Wish they were sweeter but don’t want to add any sugar etc!! So following my way and don’t hold me to this I worked out nutrition as total 33g fat, 48g carb & 41g protein… So for my 7 each muffin is only 5g fat, 7g carb, 6g protein (I’m trying LCHF) But thank you for the recipe!! ????

  74. These sound amazing! Just wondering if you think I could use egg replacer for the eggs, to make them vegan (sans honey as well)? Thanks!

  75. Thank you for investing so much into your blog. You have been a sort of wellness mentor in my transition to eating and living well. Thanks! About the muffins- delicious! I have done one batch as directed apples (+walnuts) and this morning I made a batch with banana and walnut. Soooo good! Thanks for investing in this blog is is seriously my go to for just about anything wellness.

  76. Just made these as a treat for my partner who loves all things apple and fall-spiced. Left out the vanilla and added nutmeg, allspice, cloves, ginger, and coriander for a “pumpkin spice” effect and added golden raisins since he loves those. They turned out REALLY MOIST and delicious! Word to the wise: don’t get clever and put this in a high powered blender. My blender protested.

    Love your site! Nice to experiment with nut-free baking that doesn’t cost half a jar of sunbutter. Coconut flour is so cost effective!

  77. These were delicious! I added chopped apples and a splash of maple syrup for a tad of sweetness. Next time I’m going to lower the coconut oil quite a bit and will add some shredded coconut. Thanks!

  78. I just made this recipe and OMG too good to be true!! I’ve never used coconut flour before. I haven’t had anything bread like for months and couldn’t wait to try this. I made it as a loaf and it turned out great except that the bottom stuck to the pan. I may try Pam next time. Even though the bottom is missing I can still slice it. Just had a slice lathered in butter. Yummy!!

  79. Great recipe! I have also made it with pumpkin instead of applesauce. My kids love them with a few chocolate chips sprinkled on top.

  80. Hello Katie!!!
    So far I tried few recipes with coconut flour, I’m so happy using it…..your recipe is awesome, just prepared this muffins,,,I have one question, I’m thinking you can help me, in my home we are only two persons my husband and I, so when always I prepared things with coconut flour we took few days for finish it, how many days after prepared can you eat those? (I’m feeling with coconut flour is different)
    Thank you!!!

    • Hi Diana,

      I make these in double batches and freeze them. Otherwise I have no problem with putting them in the refrigerator for 5-7 days. They taste great and freeze very well.

  81. Great breakfast muffins. Soft, moist, and not overly sweet. I added chopped apples and used a ghee/coconut oil combo. Thanks for the recipe.

  82. Just made these this morning and forgot any sweetener. Loved the texture and taste. I might put some butter on the next one with a tiny drizzle of honey. Yum! Thank you!

  83. Just made these, with added frozen blueberries in the batter and homemade applesauce. They are fabulous, light, moist and delicious, and they past the kid approval test. Thanks 🙂

  84. I made these this morning, followed recipe and they were fine. Very moist, texture great, but I think next time I shall add the honey, they seemed to need a little sweetness. Also, I dont think the applesause added enough apple flavor, so I may try real apples next time. This recipe is definitely a keeper and the suggested flavor options are a must try on my list.

  85. I made these last night and they are really good. I did add some apple pieces for some crunch as noted. This is my second attempt with coconut flour as the first was a disaster. I love to cook and will be trying more of these healthy recipe’s for sure! Thank you for sharing.

  86. I made these today but used egg beaters instead of whole eggs and only 1 T of coconut oil. I also added in some banana, ginger, and 1 tsp of cider vinegar just to see if it really “activated” the baking soda (someone up there did it and I use vinegar in red velvet cupcakes so I figured why not? What could go wrong?). They looked and smelled awesome–nice and moist–but for some reason they tasted way too strongly of vanilla extract. Maybe I used 1 T of vanilla extract instead of tsp; I dunno, but they were filling even without the egg yolks (though i bet the real recipe tastes better).

    • OMG I take it all back! The day after I baked them they turned out to be the cupcakiest most delicious muffins I’ve ever made with an alternative flour! Next time I’ll try to flavor them better (i think they came out tasting too strongly of vanilla bc I added a couple Tbls of unsweetened vanilla flavored almond milk) but I can’t believe how good the texture turned out even without “real” eggs and butter! Thank you!

  87. Katie, these muffins are delicious!! I made them as mini muffins and my three young children loved them and asked me to make them everyday. I also traded the coconut oil for grass fed butter as I ran out of coconut oil. Thank you 🙂

  88. I added the cocoa powder and three TBSP of organic maple syrup in lieu of the honey as I wanted them to be a little sweet and have a hint of maple in them. Oh, wow! I’ve had coconut flour baked items before and thought they tasted too dense and coconutty. Not these. These are delicious and moist.

    Brilliant – thank you for the recipe! 🙂

  89. I’m baaaaaack!!!! I commented this morning but hadn’t tried them yet. Um… YUMMM!!!! I am NOT great in the kitchen (yet), but getting there. These took me less than 30 mins start to finish – AND we even made applesauce in the vitamix (organic apples & lemon juice) because I didn’t have any. I did not use ANY sweeteners (other than the apples). Also – the pantry is kinda bare… only had TWO eggs, so I cut the recipe in half and it still made 7 yummy muffins. The kids LOVED them. Now if we would have tried these w/o sweetener a few months ago, we would have all thought they were nasty because we were still like most people and WAY TOO accustomed to sugar. But we’ve been cutting back and it’s been awesome to see how slowly NORMAL taste buds (you know, they way they’re supposed to be) are returning. We really enjoyed these. Not too sweet, not too anything! Just perfect! The kids say, “keep this recipe, mom!”. 🙂 THANKS!

  90. I made these for the first time. Also first time ever using coconut Flour. Not sure what I did as I followed the directions precisely and they were horrible. It was so dry and it looked like cookiedoe. It was like eating saw dust. I think I someone how did something wrong because they didn’t even look like a muffin or anything.

  91. Awe man, I think I did something wrong:(. My muffins came out pretty dense and “spongy” in texture. Could I have cooked them too long? It was my first time trying the recipe. I will definitely try it again, just curious if anyone else had experienced this…thanks!

  92. I tried your pancakes from this mix this morning and my kids loved them, even my notoriously picky middle kid asked for seconds. I decided to make these in a mini muffin tin (because my kids like everything better if it’s mini) and add raisins. A huge hit! Thanks so much for providing a sweet, grain free recipe that doesn’t have artificial sweeteners in it!

  93. How many do these make? I am on a low carb/no sugar diet for managing my PCOS, and love that these don’t require a sweetener. Never realized before how many carbs are in honey & maple syrup! I’m loving your site & enjoyed your podcast about PCOS, so inspiring!

  94. I made these this morning. It was my first time using coconut flour. My muffins came out very spongy. Is this just how the texture is with the non-wheat flour? I like that they are low-carb and full of fiber/protein. I have gestational diabetes and am constantly searching for new starch options. Thanks!

  95. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, but these are truly awful muffins. Even my husband who rarely has anything negative to say about even the worst recipes said these were bland. I followed the recipe exactly and even added 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg. They were still flavorless.

  96. I think it depends on what you’re used to eating. 4-5 months ago we would have said the same thing. Now we love them. 🙂

  97. I’ve been waiting a bit to review this recipe cause since I wasn’t too keen on them when I first made them but decided to give them a chance. Ive been baking with coconut flour the past month and have learned that it needs moisture. I decided to decrease the amt off egg to 4 instead of 5 cause I didnt want to decrease the applesauce since it is an applesauce muffin lol. I also even added a couple more tsp of coconut flour since it seemed too runny. when I first took them out of the oven and tried one once they cooled I thought it had too much of an egg consistency and texture which I didnt like. I put them in the fridge for a day and had one this am warmed in the microwave and I really liked it. I would make these again but I don’t think the recipe needs that many eggs cause it has so much applesauce, coconut oil. Also I didnt add 3Tbsp of cinnamon it called just put in 1tsp. I will make these again since they are yummy and quick to make.

  98. I just made these today and I loved them! I saw some of the other posts said these were bland and flavorless but mine were delicious! My husband and I are going to be starting the Whole Life Challenge (again) so we were looking for somthing that we could have for dessert since our usually dessert items are not WLC compliant. This receipe was easy to make and only required one bowl. I used homemade applesauce which was sweetened only with honey. (But for the honey in the applesauce these are WLC compliant.) The one thing I did differently is that I added some chunky homemade applesauce to the top of the muffins before I cooked them. All in all this was a great recipe, easy, quick and delicious! Thanks for sharing it.

  99. What might you use in place of applesauce? We’re not eating apple anything right now because of a stomach issue.

  100. This recipe does look really good! May give it a try this weekend. Lately I’ve been reading and hearing a lot about going grain-free and it sounds like it’s worth a try. …I might be the only one in my family doin it though haha. I don’t know about my kids and certainly not my husband, ( he’s in the Army, so I’ll leave him alone until he retires ;P).
    Though when you look at our history in just this past century we have reached dramatic changes in our health. Sure my Great Grandmother lived past 100, and lived on potatoes (she was very Irish) and homemade bread, but wheat was different back then and so was our soil.
    I just hope I didn’t completely screw myself over by having my Gall-bladder removed three years ago. Unfortunatly I didn’t do a thorough research and trusted the doctor 100%. I just wanted to have relief and since the surgery is so ridiculously routine on my Mother’s side of the family, I thought why not.

  101. These are so delicious. Great texture, very moist and not too crumbly like many grain-free recipes I’ve tried. I had to bake them for about 19 minutes (maybe because I’m at a pretty high altitude?). I always make my boyfriend gluten-free cupcakes or muffins when he gets back from business trips, and these are probably the best ones I’ve tried — yes, I sampled one already. He’s going to love these on the ride home from the airport. Thanks for posting!

  102. Great, filling muffins for breakfast. I added some almond flour for texture and I agree with some other comments, they would taste awesome with streusel!

  103. I’m very glad I found this recipe….I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and was really struggling to find great tasting low carb, low sugar options that would give me energy. I used to have an English muffin first thing every morning when I woke up to tide me over until a heartier breakfast, but then I couldn’t because of the carbs. Now I have these every morning and they are soooo good and super safe for my blood sugar!

  104. I just made these. I cut the recipe in half since I was making mini-muffins for my daughter to take to school. The batter was a bit thick (probably since I only used two eggs in half the recipe and not 3), so I thinned it out a bit using coconut water, just a bit at a time until I got the right consistency. 1 TBSP in a paper lined mini muffin tin, baked for 16 minutes. They are wonderful. Moist and tasty. It’s a bit heavy on the cinnamon for my taste, so I will probably cut back a bit the next time I make them…and probably add a bit of sea salt. Wonderful though and my daughter loves them and I know I am sending her to school with something yummy but healthy!

  105. Here’s a good recipe:
    ^note^ I do not know how much of each ingredients to use.
    Coconut flour
    Almond meal/flour
    Coconut oil
    Put some coconut oil, honey, and cinnamon in a sauce pan. Turn to low heat. Throw in diced apples and simmer for a minute or so.
    Meanwhile mix a 2:1 ratio of almond flour to coconut flour with coconut oil honey and a bit of water. The consistency should be moldable, moist, and soft, but crumbly too.
    Pat a blob of crust mixture onto a pan for the oven (do this however you normally do. I use a cookie sheet with foil on top. I also use a cooking stone) next spoon some of the apple mixture onto the flattened blob of crust ( the apples should look shiny and covered in cinnamon. )
    Then cover the apples with another piece of crust. Bake at 375 untill the crust on top looks crumbly. About 15 min. Let cool before eating. Drizzle honey and nuts on top if desired. The mini apple pie things should be like 2 in across. I made six pies with one apple. Enjoy!

  106. We made these last night, and they are GREAT! Tasty, and moist and I love the fact that they only have a little honey. A great SCD snack.

  107. Made these and they took about 20 minutes to cook and were very oily in the middle. Not sure what I did. A bit bland but not bad.

  108. These were amazing! I always follow a recipe exactly as written the first time I make something. This one I had to make some adjustments. I didn’t have actual plain applesauce on hand however I had my sons organic apple sauce with cinnamon pouches on hand so I used a cup of that. (3 of them) so since they were already seasoned with cinnamon I just threw in about 1/2 T more of cinnamon and they came out wonderful! I did use the optional vanilla. These were slightly sweet with a cinnamon honey flavor! Not a big apple flavor but there was a hint of Apple. Loved these! Perfect for breakfast with my coffee! Will definitely make again! The moistness was perfect and the consistency was very close to a flour/ sugar muffin!!

  109. I would love to try this out for my son who are allergic to eggs, milk, nuts, shellfish and we are avoiding all grains.
    How can I replace the eggs in this recipe ?
    I would greatly appreciate any suggestion for other recipe which doesn’t use any of the ingredients above that I could try for him. Especially bread. He craved for bread and pasta so much and he is only 2 years old.

  110. so, just made these, and the tste ws great, but it was mushy/crumbly in texture,, and my color was almost yellow, rather then the brown you show…. Was this due too under-cooking? Thanks

  111. Good evening Wellness Mama,
    Just made a batch and have a couple questions.
    1. 2-3 Tablespoons Cinnamon sounds like a lot; Is that possibly a typo? I could see 2-3 “teaspoons”.
    2. 12-15 minutes seemed too short, I tried 18 minutes, but my wife thought it should need even more. To the soft touch, the muffin top was still depressing slightly at 18 minutes. Most recipes call for 20-30 minutes or so.
    Thanks a bunch for sharing your knowledge. The Web and you are awesome. The Lord bless you. Ben 12-10-15

  112. I like to make pancake muffins with a lot of different fruit, but I have not been able to figure out a good homemade pancake recipe so I cheat and use the store stuff. I want to try this one because they are a lot healthier than mine. I often use honey in replacement of sugar. I have never heard of coconut flour, if I am unable to find it, is there another kind of flour that you would recommend?

  113. I have made these before and they were great. Just went to make them again and the recipe says 2-3 TBSP, but doesn’t say of what. I am guessing it is cinnamon.

  114. I just took these out of the oven. I had substitute regular syrup though as I didn’t have maple I could have tried Molassas instead but it is such a strong flavor. Anyway. LOVE THEM. I did need to cook mine a little less time, 25-28 minutes in my convection bake which I am not experience at using. Thanks!

  115. I find that a lot of coconut flour recipes have that grainy/gritty taste of coconut.
    Will using a blender on the flour before mixing with other ingredients help?
    Other suggestions? Much appreciated.

  116. Thanks for this great go-to recipe!

    I made a few minor adjustments, since I was looking for something to use up my apple butter. Here are my changes:

    3/4 c Apple Butter (apples & cider) PLUS 1/4 cup water in place of applesauce

    2 Tbsp. Cinnamon (because the apple butter is so flavorful)

    2 Tbsp. Rum soaked Raisins with juices (YUM!)

    1 Tbsp. Honey as opposed to 2

    They took 17 minutes to bake.

    I would recommend melting the coconut oil for easier incorporation next time, as I mixed by hand.

    I forgot to let the batter sit at room temperature for 5 minutes before putting in the muffin tins but it turned out ok.

    This made 8 large muffins. I was afraid to over fill the tins and am glad I went with making the extra two. Moist & Delicious!

  117. I just made these adding the cocoa and they are delicious!! The texture is Awesome!! I will be keeping this recipe and making it with other variations as well. We recently adopted a Paleo lifestyle and I do miss my desserts so this is an awesome way to have a healthy dessert from time to time.

  118. This is my “go to” recipe now for kids. All kids love them, even the ones who usually like comfort food. Perfect for when you need to bring snacks for school because of allergies. My favorite is with banana substitution.

  119. My nutritionist sent me your link with some awesome recipes. I am new to a very strict diet plan and am specifically searching appetizing “carb” alternatives. I’d like to try the apple muffin recipe as pancakes. I have a very similar recipe i have used for years for applesauce loaf but my question is – why so many eggs? Can i reduce to 2-3? Is it because its not regular flour? I have never cooked with coconut flour so i was just wondering.

  120. I usually add a handful of “salad topper” which is a mix of nuts and raisins/cranberries. Adds a delicious crunch and bit more natural sweetness. Dellish! I have also used the same recipe with over ripened frozen bananas.
    Wellness Mama had saved my life! I use recipes almost daily!!

  121. Tastes great, but what is the secret to stop them sticking!? I’ve made twice now in non-stick pan with spray oil. To get them out I need to painstakingly go around the edge of each one with a silicon spatula while hot. When cold they get totally torn up trying to remove. While hot I am lucky to get half out still in tact!

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