Homemade Floor Cleaner Recipes

Natural Floor and Tile Cleaner Recipes Homemade Floor Cleaner Recipes

When my oldest child was about six months old I suddenly became much more interested in finding a natural and homemade floor cleaner recipe because I had a pint-size inspector who would eat/lick anything I missed. We had several different types of floors in our tiny one-bedroom apartment, so I had to experiment with ingredients I had on hand: white vinegar, washing soda, and dishwashing liquid.

Why not use conventional cleaners? Ever read the ingredients in regular floor cleaners, Swiffer Mops, and other floor cleaning products.? Not what I want my little one crawling around in! The great news is that natural homemade floor cleaning solutions are incredibly easy to make and save a lot of money!  Am I sounding like a broken record about the natural cleaners yet?

Natural Wood Floor Cleaner

Combine 1/2 cup white vinegar and 1 teaspoon vegetable oil (finally a good use for it!) Mix well and rub lightly into floors to bring back shine and clean spots. Add a few drops of essential oil of choice for nice scent. (make sure to wipe off completely to avoid slippery floors!)

Natural All Purpose Floor Cleaner

Mix equal parts of vinegar and water and dampen mop. For really tough stains, pre-treat with 2 T washing soda dissolved in 16 ounces of water. Mop well and damp mop with pure water to rinse.

Natural Carpet Stain Removal

Mix equal parts of vinegar and water. Spray on stains, let sit for 5 minutes and scrub with soft brush. Add 1-2 drops of dishwashing liquid for tough stains.

For tough grease stains, pour cornstarch liberally on the stain and let sit until dry. Vacuum up and then use method above.

For heavy duty stains that won’t come out, mix 1/4 cup each of salt, borax and vinegar and rub into the stain. Let sit until dry and vacuum up. Use methods above if any part of the stain remains.

All-Purpose Floor Cleaner Option:

I recently found something that works on any kind of floors and I even use it to remove stains from carpet. It is called Branch Basics, and it is an amazing natural cleaner that is safe for even chemically sensitive people and that can clean the entire kitchen, entire house, gets stains out of clothes, dirt out of grout lines, cleans an oven like magic and is safe to use on skin. In fact, it is tear free and I’ve been using it for baby shampoo! I’m addicted. You can find out more here. I even feel safe letting my kids clean with it!

How do you clean your home naturally? Share below!

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Reader Comments

  1. says

    >>Ever read the ingredients in regular floor cleaners, swiffers, etc? Not what I want my one year old crawling around in!<<

    Yes and what you may not have heard about Swiffer specifically is that they had a warning a few years ago for pet owners that Swiffer causes liver toxicity and possible death in dogs and cats. I believe that they made a warning at the same time about crawling infants, but being a huge company that is out to sell, I could be wrong on that one. Still, definitely not something I want around my baby!

  2. Alice says

    I am so happy I found you!I have been wanting to start making all natural products for awhile. I have been making my own lotions and lotion/sunscreens and using virgin coconut oil since last spring. I bought the stuff to make our own soap and finally made it with my daughter yesterday. I am so excited, they look so nice. I have been using theraputic essential oils for awhile now and it was fun to try some of them out in my first 2 batches of soap. I am making a list so I can make your recipes for laundry detergent and the toothpaste! Thanks again for letting me in on your wonderful recipes!

  3. John Atkinson says

    Great article. I love the tips you’ve given. I use the All purpose cleaner regularly. This vinegar/water solution works magically.

  4. lois says

    Hello. I am new to the site and have been drastically changing our families food/chemical habits. In fact I have dubbed this month “health month” so I can focus on this or else it may never happen or take too long :) I have a question regarding vegetable oil. I know it is not natural so it is not good to eat. Is it ok to use it in cleaners? I am confused how the castile soap is natural when it uses unnatural vegetable oil.

    • says

      If you’re going to use vegetable oils, in cleaners is definitely
      preferable to internally! Depending on the type of liquid castille
      soap, some are made with coconut/olive/palm, etc so they don’t even
      have the vegetable oils.

  5. Harold says

    Wonderful post. Natural cleaning products clean just as good as store detergents. It is better to use them, though, as they are not toxic and dangerous.

  6. Jennifer says

    I was excited to find your homemade wood floor cleaner and had my hubby pick up some vegetable oil for me today so I could make it. After dinner I got on my hands and knees and cleaned almost 800 sq. ft. of wood floors with the concoction. Sad to say, myself and two of my boys have fallen pretty hard tonight because the oil made them so slippery. :( Plus I feel like we’re tracking oil from our feet onto the carpet. I wouldn’t use this again and it was actually pretty dangerous. I would suggest re-creating your recipe or removing it.

    • Dianne says

      Did you use more than the teaspoon? I could be wrong, but I took this to be mixed and lightly sprayed on a dust mop. Maybe WM can advise as to how this is to be used.

  7. Michelle Partington says

    Hi.  I LOVE all your natural cleaning recipes.  I have brand new hardwood floors and would really love to use a natural cleaner on them.  I know you know what you’re talking about so I trust your judgment…is it really ok to use vinegar?  It won’t strip them?  Thanks!!

    • says

      It wont strip them. If you are concerned, just add about 1/4 cup to a gallon of wash water the first time… it will still get it clean, and you’ll be able to test on your specific floors without as high of concentration.

  8. Sabra says

    I love using vinegar to clean my floors but I just learned from a tile guy that vinegar is used to break down grout. It will make it rot! :( in search of something else now…

  9. Susan says

    I have a brick floor which I have stained by using a Mop and Glo type product on . Any ideas on how to remove built up wax? Thanks in advance for anyones help.

      • Desiree Bacchi says

        do you love the smell of ammonia, I don’t great article no harsh odors and does the job beautifully. I also use the all-purpose cleaner and the scouring powder. As a result I haven’t experienced mildew since. I even clean my walls with the all-purpose cleaner, these recipes are great and work excellently. I recommend this site to everyone who asks about the cleanliness of my house!

  10. Alex says

    Good to see natural cleaning recipes for wooden floors. I was facing problem while doing this and repaired my floor twice. Thanks for this useful information.

  11. Amber says

    I know this is an old post, but I wanted to say that hydrogen peroxide also works for carpet stains. The idea behind it is that hydrogen peroxide denatures proteins, breaking the food/grime/wine down into small enough particles that they can be easily removed with a damp cloth. I suggest testing a small part of of carpet that is not in plain sight to make sure that the coloring will not be altered. I have used this for every kind of stain imaginable with outstanding results.

  12. Joyce says

    I have laminant flooring, it was really nice until I used Boni laminant floor polish. Now it looks terrible wity marks all over it. This is making me crazy. I have used water and vinager but doesn’t help. Does anyone have a good solution please?


    • Karen says

      I’ve used Boni with hugely disappointing results as well. At first I tried vinegar, baking soda & water a few times thinking that over time it would wear down the Boni. It didn’t. I finally tried a mixture of ammonia and water (1 gallon water with 1 cup ammonia, I tried the lighter version first). It worked ok and I could definitely notice the difference. However, the streaks were noticeable to me and so I went with a one-to-one ratio of ammonia and water and TA DA! Now, I did wash that stuff off my floor with hot water and then I used liquid detergent (1 Tblsp.) and water (1 gallon) after that to try and give my floors some luster. That didn’t really work but I do know that the streaks are gone and the floors are SQUEAKY clean.

  13. Rachel says

    I have a Rubbermaid spray mop (with the refillable bottle and washable microfiber mopheads). Any idea how I can use a vinegar mix with this type of mop to clean my floors?

  14. Lisette says


    I use your all purpose cleaner recipe with vinegar and water and I add some Citrus Bliss essential oil from Doterra! I am a happy healthy camper! Never using commercial cleaners again! Thank you so much for all your info!!

  15. Kayla says

    I love all of these recipes! I actually just finished making the homemade laundry detergent and all purpose cleaner. I just have a question about this floor cleaner. . . Is it not going to stink up the house and make it smell like vinegar? I am pregnant and don’t think I could handle that smell too strongly.

  16. anna says

    What would you recommend for dirty cat paw marks on the cream painted walls for which I currently use cream cleaner? Thanks

  17. Riette says

    I’ve been using a water-hydrogen peroxide + sage oil drop on my tile floors but it created a waxy feel to it. Today I washed it with the vinegar/water solution but our shoes are leaving prints on it. Is there a way to avoid this? Really want to go natural with our floor cleaning but there’s always some residue / marking.
    (Johannesburg, South Africa)

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