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Stephen Cabral

Dr. Stephen Cabral developed his passion for health & wellness after going through severe health complications at the age of 17. He saw over 50 different doctors, tried over 100 different treatment protocols, but still saw no hope of recovery.

It wasn’t until he met an “alternative” health doctor, who explained where his health complications came from and how he could become well again, that he began his recovery process. It was at this young age that Dr. Cabral knew his life would be dedicated to helping others rebalance their bodies and renew their health.

This led Dr. Cabral to study in the US, completing doctoral intern work overseas, studying with the top doctors, hospitals, and clinics in India, Sri Lanka, China, and Europe. Studying abroad helped Dr. Cabral to develop a completely unique integrative perspective which now allows him to truly uncover the root cause of many elusive health conditions.