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Randy Newberg

Randy Newberg has spent the last eleven years hosting his popular hunting TV shows, podcasts, and other digital media platforms, all focused on self-guided public land hunting in the Western United States. Randy currently distributes video content on YouTube channel Randy Newberg, Hunter and via Amazon Prime Video Direct on his channel, Leupold’s Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg.

Randy’s podcast, Hunt Talk Radio – Randy Newberg Unfiltered is a companion to his wildly (pun intended) popular web forum, HuntTalk.com. Randy is co-host of the Elk Talk Podcast with Corey Jacobsen, the premiere elk hunting podcast.

Wild lands and wild animals are what drives Randy in his advocacy for hunters in America. His platforms are designed to show average hunters the remarkable experiences that are available for the price of a tag, the gas to get there, and the effort invested. Whether it be bugling elk or speeding pronghorn, rifle or bow, Randy will travel the far corners of the west in search of food and adventure.

Randy lives in Bozeman, Montana with his wife, Kim, where he volunteers for many national and regional hunting-conservation groups, serving as a Board Member and fund raiser. When not hunting, Randy and Kim spend the summer traveling the high plains in search of western walleyes.