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Ali Katz

Ali Katz is a family, financial, and legal expert who supports founders, CEOs, coaches, practitioners, advisors, creatives, and service based entrepreneurs with establishing legal, insurance, financial and tax systems in their businesses. Ali graduated first in her class from Georgetown Law. While raising her two children, Ali built her own 7 figure law practice and then a million dollar online training company before giving up on business due to over $1M in mistakes that could have easily been avoided had she known what you’ll learn in the LIFT Business Foundation Blueprint.

Ali learned from these mistakes, and was able to rebuild as a result, taking her business from inconsistent income to a consistent $7M in revenue (half of that recurring), and a $15.75M valuation.

Today, Ali is a go-to advisor for industry leaders (including many other lawyers and advisors). She is sharing her mistakes and the lessons with you so you can trust your own business foundations to support you with your next right income model, consistent income you can count on, and the legal, insurance, financial and tax systems to support you, and your families legacy for generations to come.