Dandelion Hunter Book Review

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Dandelion Hunter Book Review
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I’ve written before about how many of the plants we consider weeds are edible and beneficial, but a book I recently had a chance to review, Dandelion Hunter, takes it to a new level!

Rebecca Lerner, who blogs at First Ways, has a funny yet edgy writing style that really draws you in to the book. In Dandelion Hunter, Lerner realizes that she wouldn’t last very long if the comfortable amenities of modern life suddenly disappears and embarks on a journey to survive by foraging in the “modern wilderness” for a week.

After a series of disappointing attempts at finding food, she has to abandon her week of foraging but re-tries with additional research and knowledge.

I won’t spoil the ending, but through her attempts at foraging, readers learn about the many available edible weeds (though there are not any pictures, so it isn’t a field guide) and gain an interest in the beneficial plants that are all around us.

From reading Dandelion Hunter, I realized that despite the tremendous amounts of coconut oil we have in our house and my ability to find/filter clean water and harvest some basic plants, my skills would need a lot of work before I’d survive in any type of situation that required me to forage to stay alive.

If you’re looking for a fun and interesting read that is interspersed with helpful foraging tips (and recipes), Dandelion Hunter is a great read and I’d recommend it.

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  1. Sandra Avatar

    Ditto to Sherry’s comments above. Reading and bookmarking. Totally addicted to your blog.

  2. Sherry Darrow Avatar
    Sherry Darrow

    Katie. I am messaging you because your site was my first “natural” living site. I have started making a lot of things due to the education on your site. I love cosmetics and am always looking thru magazines. One arrived yesterday and I sat down to look at it. After only a few pages I heard my self say “I don’t want anything here it’ s full of chemicals. I would rather make my own”. I thought “wow, I sure have changed”. I just want to thank you. Not only do I not have all those chemicals in my body, I am saving money and becoming healthier. I am not totally there yet, but your information has me going in the right direction.

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