Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Review

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Types of coconut oils and their benefits
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I’ve talked before about how much we use coconut oil and shared my list of 101 uses. We use coconut oil in everything from deodorant to toothpaste to cooking. I even use it in my coffee

I often get asked and wanted to share my favorite brand of coconut oil: Tropical Traditions Gold Label. (check out the bottom of this post for a free coconut oil gift)

Tropical Traditions offers several different types of coconut oil. I like the taste of coconut so we use the gold label for everything, but their chart shows the difference in the various types:

Types of coconut oils and their benefits

Some of the reasons we’ve decided to use Tropical Traditions coconut oil:

  • All of their coconut oils are organic and non-GMO
  • All are made without the use of chemicals (unlike vegetable oils)
  • Coconut oils are not hydrogenated and don’t contain trans fats
  • Coconut oil contains high levels of Medium Chain Tryglicerides and Lauric Acid- good fats that support health
  • Gold Level is hand made and has high levels of antioxidants
  • All TT coconut oils are packaged in glass instead of plastic to preserve the quality of the coconut oil and keep any plastics from leaching in to the oils

We’ve completely removed any vegetable oils from our house and only use coconut oil. I love that my kids are getting beneficial fats in everything that I cook and it works great in homemade lotions and body products.

Their expeller pressed coconut oil doesn’t have the taste of coconut so it is a good option for those who don’t like the taste.


Tropical Traditions has offered to give you all a free copy of their Virgin Coconut Oil Book if you decide to buy something from their site (minimum purchase $16, first time order only). Just use this link and you will get the book free if you purchase at least $16 on your first order. You get the book free and I get coupons towards their products (which are a tremendous help to our family). Note: If you decide to purchase anything from Tropical Traditions through my link, I do receive coupons that can be used toward Tropical Traditions products and your price is the same. If you do, thanks so much for helping support my blog!

How are you using coconut oil for your family and friends? Share below!

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53 responses to “Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Review”

  1. Blanca Avatar

    “All TT coconut oils are packaged in glass instead of plastic to preserve the quality of the coconut oil and keep any plastics from leaching in to the oils“

    That’s what you said and that’s not true!!!

    1. Katie Wells Avatar

      I believe they’ve changed their packaging since I first wrote this. I used to get glass jars of coconut oil from them. Ironically, I don’t consume coconut oil anymore so I haven’t ordered in a while to know if they’ve changed.

        1. Katie Wells Avatar

          After doing lots of testing and learning about my own body, I don’t do that well with it, but that’s not a criticism of it or to say others shouldn’t take it, just that it doesn’t work as well for me as it once did…

  2. Lori Avatar

    TT still sells their coconut oil in large one and five gallon plastic containers.

  3. Heidi Avatar

    Do you still recommend this coconut oil? Have you tried Radiant Life… if so, what do you think?

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