The Adrenal Reset Diet Book Review

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The Adrenal Reset Diet by Dr Alan Christianson Review
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I’m so excited to be able to share an amazing resource that I’ve had the advantage of knowing and using for several months. My doctor, Dr. Alan Christianson NMD, is releasing his book The Adrenal Reset Diet.

I interviewed Dr. Christianson on my podcast and his interview was one of the most popular episodes! He is a wealth of information and has personally helped me find answers to my own health problems and has helped thousands of others do the same.

The Adrenal Reset Diet

The first time I heard Dr. Christianson explain the concept of his adrenal reset, it explained all of the health problems and rising rates of obesity we are seeing today.

He used this metaphor: Imagine that your health is like a bathtub and that you can fill it with many things. You could put in water, or sweet potatoes, or shoes or really anything, but no matter what you’ve put in it, it will overflow when it reaches the top. This is how our health is. Our body can handle a lot of challenges from a lot of different sources but when the combination of all of those things reaches our limit and causes our tub to overflow, we will experience a health crisis of some kind.

Dr. Christianson explained that while any of us who have carried extra weight at any time are told to just eat less or exercise more, these can actually make the problem worse! In fact, animals in the zoo and in the wild are experiencing rising rates of obesity as well, even on calorie controlled or native diets.

The reason? Their bathtubs are overflowing as well and they are experiencing a variety of factors like increased chemical exposure, light pollution and declining food quality that are contributing to the problem.

Just as with humans, the body sees these as a danger and prepares for an upcoming famine or crisis by storing extra energy (fat). What do we do as humans when we gain weight? We eat less to try to lose the weight and we reinforce our body’s idea that a famine was coming, causing it to want to store even more!

Ever heard that most people who diet actually end up weighing more in the long run? They have trained their bodies to store fuel more efficiently and to hang on to weight.

Finally, an Answer!

The part I loved the most about Dr. Alan’s explanation in the Adrenal Reset Diet is his solution to obesity and hormone problems.

Instead of caloric restriction, lots of exercise and stress, he recommends creating an environment and schedule that encourage the body to naturally drop the weight and balance hormones because it no longer expects a famine.

He uses a unique combination of food timing, stress reduction, light exposure and sleep management to help balance your hormones naturally so that you not only reach your goal weight but have more energy and sleep better too!

My Own Story

I started working with Dr. Christianson about a year ago. Within the first months of working with him, I dropped close to 15 lbs of baby weight that I’d been holding on to since my last baby was born.

I used his Adrenal Reset protocols to nourish, relax and reset my body and to maintain my energy levels and health. I often get asked how I manage to “get it all done” each day including cooking real food meals, homeschooling my kids, maintaining my home and running the blog. Following the Adrenal Reset protocol has really helped me have the energy to keep up with everything and manage my stress levels.

If you struggle with adrenal issues and want some solid answers, this book may be just the thing to help you out!

Have you ever struggled with adrenal problems or hormone imbalance?

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63 responses to “The Adrenal Reset Diet Book Review”

  1. Lara Avatar

    Hi there

    I thought you ate paleo. Dr C is not paleo and uses a lot of oats rice and quinoa. Do you now eat these grains?

  2. Candice Avatar

    I’m so confused! You said this book just came out but it looks like it’s been out for awhile? I just want to make sure I have the right copy! My new doctor, a DO, actually recommended this to me and I’m starting today – hope I have the right one!

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar

      This is an older post (originally published in December 2014) so the book has been out for a while now, but the link to the book should still work…

      1. Candice Avatar

        Okay awesome. I’m on day 2 today – my body is still adjusting but I feel good about my food choices and I hope that I can finally lose some weight!!!!

  3. Michelle Avatar

    Hi, can you help me get in contact with Dr. C, either an e-mail or phone # as I have a quick but pressing question for him. I would be extremely grateful.

  4. Becky Green Avatar
    Becky Green

    Hi Katie!
    Are you familiar with Nerium EHT, brain recovery, and if so you thoughts please on the efficacy and safety of the product?
    Thank you,
    Becky Green

  5. Sharon Chu Avatar
    Sharon Chu

    I used this book and lost weight, but I also got a cavity, which I don’t usually get, because I wasn’t eating eggs, milk or bone broth due to the the book, so I had to rush and consume lot of milk, cod liver oil, bone broth etc to try to help heal my cavity. I think a lot of it is helpful, but make sure you are getting fat soluble vitamins and minerals

  6. Callie Avatar

    Hi there, I’m really interested I learning more and possibly buying the book. I read your article before about Leptin resistance and I think I have an issue with that. Will this book and diet help with that, or will I need to work on that separately from this?

  7. Christina Avatar

    Is there anything that would need to be added or changed due to breastfeeding in his protocol? I was looking at the tonics he has for the different stages and have had conflicting information on the safety of some while breastfeeding. Thanks!

  8. kelly Avatar

    Ok I looked at his stuff and he promotes a loooottt of beans and even vegan stuff. Dude beans mess me up so bad!! What do I do to make this Paleo?

    1. Candice Avatar

      I would do potato or sweet potato as my carb or fruit instead of beans … that’s what I’m doing for a majority of the time.

  9. Jan Avatar

    Can someone simplify the carb cycling for me please? I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue via a saliva test a few months ago and have been following the Weston Price model of eating i.e whole, organic foods and thought I was doing the right thing. I looked at the Adrenal Reset Diet book and was surprised by the food choices. Plus I eat organic eggs, yogurt and some amount of milk and don’t want to give them up. Can I carb cycle and still include these foods? And not eat so many beans and grains?

  10. Lynn Blakeley Avatar
    Lynn Blakeley

    Has anyone had problems with any of the recipes? I just made the “fudge” and it wasn’t even close to looking like the picture. First, by putting everything in the food processor you will have crumbs. Secondly, I had to press the crumbs into a pan and it was very flat. Nothing like the picture. Was there an ingredient missing in the recipe?

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