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Dr. Michelle Sands

Dr. Michelle Sands is a #1 International Best-Selling Author, licensed Naturopathic Physician (ND), Co-Founder of GLOW Natural Wellness, and a highly sought-after Female Hormone and Epigenetics Expert. Dr. Michelle, her books and programs, have been featured on ABC, CBS, Outside Magazine, The Boston Herald, NBC, and Fox News, USA Today. Dr. Michelle is double board certified in Integrative Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine. In addition to her medical training, Dr. Michelle has received post graduate certification in Anti-aging, Epigenetics, Hormone Therapy and Functional Medicine. Dr. Michelle is also a Board-Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and competitive endurance athlete. But first and foremost, she is a loving wife and a proud mom.

Dr. Michelle believes that nature provides us with everything we need to heal our bodies and live optimally. And while science holds the keys to understanding our innate healing potential, in today’s modern world our bodies and minds are exposed to lots of un-natural things that take away from that optimal level of health.

Today, Dr. Sands sees women from all over the world at her virtual clinic GLOW Natural Wellness, and has a remarkable track record for improving health and happiness with her proven proprietary system, The Glow Protocol.

Dr. Michelle enjoys an active lifestyle and is a 7-time Ironman triathlon finisher, ultra-marathoner, former competitive kickboxer, world champion adventure racer and active, fun loving mom.