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Black Walnut Herb- Good for digestion - parasite removal- hair dye
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Black Walnut Hull or Juglans Nigra is, just as it sounds, the hull of the black walnut tree. The Black Walnut tree grows in the eastern US and parts of Canada, and while easy to grow, it is not plentiful.

What is Black Walnut?

Black Walnut has been used in herbal medicine for thousands of years. It has been used throughout history for treatment of intestinal problems, snakebites, open wounds, ulcers, scurvy, and as one of the most effective laxatives available. Because of its dark color, the outer hull is also used as a dye and was used in brown hair dye until the early 1900s. It is a good source of beta-carotene, acids, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, silicon, zinc, tannin, B-vitamins, and vitamin C.

Today, the hulls are used to help with many conditions. It is known to be a gentle and effective laxative. Black walnut is known as an effective anti-viral and is used to fix warts, which are caused by viruses. Black walnut is an anti-fungus and has been used to fight herpes, cold sores, athlete’s foot, and Candida. It has been used as an antiseptic to combat illness like sexually transmitted infections and malaria and can be used to treat acne.

How it is Used

According to Scientific Labs:

  • “Black Walnut Hull may help to lower blood pressure and serum cholesterol levels and is believed to burn up toxins and fatty materials while balancing blood sugar levels.
  • The tannins in Black Walnut Hull (and leaves) possess an astringent quality that is thought to shrink the sweat glands and reduce excessive sweating. The herb is said to help control menorrhagia, the excessive loss of blood during periods. It is also used to control diarrhea.
  • Black Walnut Hull is considered a tonic that aids digestion and the intestinal system. It helps to relieve colic, heartburn and flatulence. As a cholagogue, it stimulates the flow of bile into the intestines and is thought to ease bilious colic and pain in the spleen.”

Perhaps Black Walnut’s most well-known property is its ability to fight intestinal parasites. It is a well documented vermifuge that is effective at helping the body rid itself of parasites. As a laxative, it expels parasites as part of its cleansing of the body and the high tannin and juglone content is thought to oxygenate the blood and kill parasites. Black walnut is effective against pinworm, ringworm, tapeworm, and other intestinal parasites.

From Mountain Rose Herbs:

Black walnut hulls contain juglone, a chemical that is antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, and a fungicide. As a skin wash, black walnut hulls are used to treat ringworm and yeast infections of the skin. Taken internally, black walnut hulls are used to treat intestinal worms.

Where to Buy Black Walnut Hull

If you own property where the tree is growing, you could harvest it yourself (always check with an herbalist to make sure it’s the correct tree and can be consumed), but If you’re like me and don’t have any of them in your yard, you can purchase it here.

Black walnut hulls are safe for occasional use of up to 2 weeks at a time, but black walnut heartwood is not. Avoid herbal remedies which contain heartwood.

Black walnut is an extremely potent remedy that should be used under the care of a holistic health professional. Should not be used during pregnancy or illness. Consult your doctor if you have any condition that is severe or lasts longer than a few days.

Ever used black walnut hull? Want to try it out? Share below!

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182 responses to “Black Walnut Hull Herb Profile”

  1. Siri Williams Avatar
    Siri Williams

    My 4 year old grandson has balding spots on his head. He’s had them about 9 months. The spots seem to move around. Hair grows and then it falls out again. His pediatrician said he had alopecia and suggested we take him to a dermatologist. I’m personally not big on taking meds so I took him to an herbalist to see what he thought about it. He seems to think my grandson has worms/parasites. He suggested 7 drops of Black Walnut mixed with a shot glass full of grape juice at bedtime. He suggested he take it for 2 full moons.
    Will this help his hair to grow back? Does anyone have any experience with this or any suggestions/recommendations? Thank you, Concerned G-ma.

    1. Tammy Avatar

      I’ve just started taking it from my herbalist for the same reason. Hair loss is just one of my symptoms. Sounds like the same advice. I have researched it a bit. It seems like it is good to take. Clearly, I am not qualified to decide for you. Tammy (:

  2. Raina Avatar

    I want to do a parasite cleanse before becoming pregnant. How long should I wait after using the black walnut and wormwood before trying to conceive?

  3. Amy Avatar

    My 5 year old came down with pinworms…I bought this product to help treat it. I was wondering if this can be used while nursing. I have a 15 month old and want to take it to help treat pinworms in myself. Thank you for any help!

  4. gaylee Avatar

    Question: how long is it safe to take black walnut? I found a parasitic cleanse that recomends using up to 20 drops first 16 days then 20 drops once daily from days 16-60. Is this safe? and will it kill mites? Since I started they are coming out on my skin, some biting me!

  5. Jordyn Johnson Avatar
    Jordyn Johnson

    I have read that this can help with thrush or yeast……is this true and can a baby take this? I have been battling a bad yeast infection on my daughter and nothing and I mean nothing seems to be working. I have not tried coconut oil or this. baking soda baths, vinegar wipes solution and over the counter meds from the doctor are just not doing the job. It seems that when she poos it makes it way worse which leads me to believe she needs something oral as well as on her poor sweet bottom. Can anyone help or make any suggestions?

    1. Barb Phillips Avatar
      Barb Phillips

      Yeast feeds off sugar. And carbs turn to sugar. It won’t be easy but you need to cut these out of the diet. Also high does of probiotics
      ( acidophilus) would be good if you could find a herbalist in your area. U will see a difference if you will cut out sugar & carbs.

  6. Chrissy Avatar

    Is it unsafe to take black walnut at any stage of pregnancy? I usually take it at the first signs of a stomach ache and it goes away immediately. I’m not anticipating a stomach ache, but as a just in case. I just found out I’m pregnant 🙂

    1. Wendy Avatar

      Try Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth: it works on contact inside the digestive tract and is not dangerous for pregnancy or nursing. Stir a tablespoon (a teaspoon or 2 for little children) into apple juice or orange juice before meals at least once a day for a week, wait a week, then repeat to clear out any later hatching eggs.

  7. kimberly Avatar

    I know it says not to use black walnut when breastfeeding, but I’m just wondering what harm it would do passing through the breastmilk if it is good for fighting off candida and parasites. I’m afraid that my 10 mo old may have gotten pinworms from his siblings because he’s always crawling around the floor and then sucking his thumb. Wouldn’t it help the both of us out? Does anyone have any info about this?

    1. Mindy Avatar

      I think it’s too strong of a medicine to take while breastfeeding. It could cleanse you out and push toxins into the milk. I wouldn’t chance it.
      There are probably some milder herbs you could try if you suspect pinworms.
      Look in to aloe vera. Juicing it in particular.
      Hope that helps.

  8. Julie Avatar

    Just a caution here, I started using black walnut tincture internally and after a few days, noticed the onset of hypothyroid symptoms that I hadn’t experienced in several years ( I have Hashimotos and keep it in check through diet and lifestyle). I looked into it, and discovered that black walnut is very high in iodine, which should be avoided in those with Hashi’s. After stopping the tincture, the symptoms disappeared within a couple days. Just an FYI!

      1. Nancy Avatar

        Where have you read that Iodine is bad for hypothyroid?

        The Japanese consume high daily intake of iodine.

  9. Mindy Avatar

    I made my own black walnut tincture this fall using the green hulls. I recently used it on my husband’s toenail that has had a fungus underneath it for about 10 years. The toenail is really dark.
    After dripping the tincture between the nail and the toe for a few weeks, I just noticed healthy pink nail growing in for the first time since he got the fungus. It looks like it has healed it!
    There was one side affect when using it. The morning after I put the first dose on his toe he threw up. I think it was because of die off. He was fine an hour later and ate regularly at meals that day.

    1. Helen Avatar

      How do you make the tincture and where did you buy the black walnut hulls? Thank you!! I have had the toenail problems for 20+ years now it’s so embarrassing.

      1. Mindy Avatar

        I actually got the walnut hulls from my neighbor’s tree. You can get them in the fall while they are still green and make your own. You can probably buy some at mountain rose herbs or elsewhere, but I think fresh is stronger.
        I just cut off the green hulls and put them in a canning jar and poured Everclear alcohol over it to fill up the jar. Then I labeled the jar and put the lid on it. I shook it every few days. It will get really dark pretty fast. After a few weeks you can use it. I just used an eye dropper and dripped it under the nail. It was a little lifted up because of the fungus so there was a perfect spot to drip the tincture.
        Toenails grow slowly so it took a couple of weeks for me to notice the new pink nail growing. The pain went away pretty quickly and he was impressed at how much better it felt.
        I hope that helps you.

        1. Nbokai Avatar

          If anything iodine is needed for Hypo and not so much for Hyper hypothyroidism?
          I am curious, can you explain more.
          And any sources for your comment? I like to research, it would be pertinent to myself as well.

      2. Kelly A, Avatar


        If you don’t know where to find a Black Walnut Tree, start calling your local nurseries
        and ask if you can speak to their Botanist. That’s what I did!
        It’s mid Sept 2015 now. Hurry. They are rip and just starting to fall from the trees.
        You need to get them before they start turning brown!

        Bring the kids with you and make it kind of a scavenger hunt!
        Good luck!

    2. Belialith Avatar

      On a spiritual side note, I had a good laugh about your herbal tending to your husband. He held some kind of negative energy in his body for 10 years, the toe being the evidence. Soon as you cooked up a homemade brew and tended to it, the entity immediately couldn’t stay in there any longer and went down the toilet as fast as it could run from the miracle of your potion, hahaha. And the entire rest of the time was just rehealing the toe back to normal. Great story. Thanks. Loved it.

  10. latoya Avatar

    Can my 9 year old daughter take blackwalnut she’s very bloated and always hungry maybe she need a clean out I know for sure myself do also please help

  11. Ryan Avatar

    Hello! I was researching today and came across your post. So I thought I’d just share how this was recommended to me just today by an Amish (herbalist) for ringworm; topically one or two times a day for 30 days.

    1. Wendy Avatar

      Wow, be careful with that–black walnut not only stains…it burns! Try to gather information on how much and how long to put it on before you use it topically. But it does work.

      1. Marie Avatar

        It doesnt burn. We get it on our hands during harvest and during processing. Black walnut Does not burn.

        If you have been burned by some ointment or other concoction , it would be another ingredient besides the black walnut.

  12. Ashli Avatar

    Hi there!

    Im on a medication that helps with my sobriety, I take one daily dose…since my rehabilitation I have just been so sluggish. Also ive never been one to have regular bm’s. I purchased 500mg black walnut hull capsules yet im extremely scared of side effects.
    Will this be safe? Or rather- is it safe? Thank you?

    1. Faylyn Avatar

      However, you should wait at least one hour after taking ANY oral medication before taking black walnut hull as it can interfere with absorption of the medication and can cause you not to get your full dose. I’m assuming the medication you are on is methadone or possibly suboxone. I would wait around two hours after dosing before using black walnut just because I know how easy it is to interfere with absorption of those medications. You don’t want to be sick in withdrawal all day. No fun.

  13. holly Avatar

    what about taking the tincture while brestfeeding? my son is 2and a half yrs old. i would take it in conjunction with benzonite clay…for 10 days or so. any women have any experience or advice?! thanks

  14. Hyzel Ruth Avatar
    Hyzel Ruth

    could newborns to children ages 4years old take that kind of medicine?

  15. Diana Avatar

    Is there any difference between black walnut Tincture and black walnut Wormwood? Can I use the last as to re-mineralize teeth?

  16. DEENA Avatar


    Can you please help me. i am trying to purchase BLACK WALNUT SHELL OR BLACK WALNUT POWDER. but do not know where to get this items.
    Just wondered if you can recommend where I will be buy this.

    many thanks

      1. Shannon Avatar

        What do you do with the powder? If I wanted to take for multiple reasons- candidia, heavy menstrual bleeding and digestive help…where can I find Information on how much/ how often / and how to take it?

        1. Sylvia Housner Avatar
          Sylvia Housner

          An herbalist can help you with dosing and which form to take.

          1. Diana Avatar

            My cat is 18 pounds has worms what dosage do i give him

  17. Alma Avatar

    Black walnut in liquid or powder form is quite effective to use for killing parasites in cats, dogs & humans. It is used as a natural preventative for heartworms in dogs, & also as a natural treatment/remedy, should your dog have already contracted them.
    Black walnut is very powerful; a tiny amount goes a long way. For example, just two drops of the liquid on my cat’s canned food for five days eradicated his tapeworms, whereas the expensive vet medication I had given him previously did not.

  18. Kathy Avatar

    I made black walnut tincture for the fist time, but i’m not sure if it turned out right, it smells kind of strange and when I opened the jar for the first time after having it sitting in a dark room for a couple of weeks it fizzed like when you open a soda pop, is this normal?

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