Breakfast Egg Muffins Recipe

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Breakfast Egg Muffins Recipe
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I feel like breakfast is the toughest meal of the day, especially if I don’t plan ahead. Not only are the kids awake and immediately hungry, but we usually have more going on in the morning with school, jujutsu, or other activities, so things are more rushed as well.

Breakfast Egg Muffins Recipe:

One of my favorite make-ahead breakfasts is this simple breakfast egg muffins recipe (not a thing like Egg McMuffins!). These are portable and packed with protein.

I make a batch of 24 or even 36 ahead so I have enough for several days and can warm them up in the oven for a few minutes while I hop in the shower in the morning. In fact, these are so easy that often my 8-year old can warm them up while I pack the car or get ready for school.

I usually add onions and cheese to these because that is our family favorite, but you could also add peppers, spinach, or other vegetables and omit the cheese if you are dairy free.

I’ve also made these by pressing pastured organic sausage into muffin cups and baking for a few minutes before adding the eggs, making a scrambled scotch eggs of sort.

If you have the time and desire, these are excellent topped with a dash of raw sour cream or some hot sauce, but they are excellent on their own as well … however you make these, give them a try! Your morning schedule will thank you!

Breakfast Egg Muffins Recipe

Breakfast Egg Muffins Recipe

Easy breakfast muffins baked in bacon cups for a protein packed and delicious meal anytime.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Calories 169kcal
Author Katie Wells


4 -6


  • 12 pieces of nitrate free bacon
  • ½ medium onion finely chopped
  • ½ bell pepper finely chopped
  • 10 eggs
  • 2 TBSP milk or cream optional
  • ¼ cup cheese optional


  • Preheat oven to 375°F.
  • Line each cup of the muffin tin with a piece of bacon.
  • Put the chopped onion and bell pepper in the bottom of the muffin cups.
  • Beat eggs in a medium sized bowl and stir in the cream if using.
  • Pour the egg mixture into the cups over the onion and bell pepper.
  • Bake about 30 minutes until eggs are set.
  • Top with cheese if desired.


Nutrition Facts
Breakfast Egg Muffins Recipe
Amount Per Serving (1 breakfast cup)
Calories 169 Calories from Fat 112
% Daily Value*
Fat 12.4g19%
Saturated Fat 4.3g27%
Cholesterol 160mg53%
Sodium 505mg22%
Carbohydrates 1.5g1%
Fiber 0.3g1%
Sugar 0.7g1%
Protein 12.4g25%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


These egg cups can be wrapped in foil and easily reheated on-the-go.

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What is your favorite go-to breakfast recipe?

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45 responses to “Breakfast Egg Muffins Recipe”

  1. Julie Avatar

    5 stars
    Just made this. Delicious and great for our family who is always on the go. Thank you!

  2. Vinesh Govender Avatar
    Vinesh Govender

    5 stars
    This recipe is awesome, can’t wait to try this. Please can I have me a nitrate free bacon curing recipe.
    Nitrate free bacon is hard to come by.
    Katie- Keep up the good work

  3. Layla Avatar

    5 stars
    I read in the comments that you said these freeze well. Do I just wait for them to cool then put them in the freezer? Then would I just thaw and reheat in the oven?
    I’ve made these countless times, and we love them.:-)
    Thanks for your reply.

      1. Anna A Avatar

        5 stars
        I highly recommend adding spinach or kale, along with red bell pepper, for more color, nutrients & flavor. 🙂
        If avoiding the bacon, perhaps a salty fish might even work well, place of the meat? It would be a way healthier alternative than deli meats. I’m thinking salmon, sardines or anchovies? (I like them all, but I know that may sound horrible to some!) Maybe even smoked salmon…MMMM!!!

  4. Kellie Avatar

    Hi Katie!
    These are such a great idea and perfect for a large family. I just made them and I have two questions since I am seriously handicapped in the kitchen. First, my bacon does not seemed cooked, well it doesn’t seem crispy. Second, my eggs spilled over during cooking on about half of the muffins. What size muffin tin did you use? I am thinking about getting the pampered chef stoneware muffin pan to help clean up as the eggs did not come out easy for me. I am not ready to give up on this one, so any advise would be appreciated! Thanks again, your recipes are great!

  5. Sofia Avatar

    What can I use in place of bacon as I can’t have it for religious purpose.

    I would appreciate if you can suggest something asi really would love to try it for the kids.


    1. Wellness Mama Avatar

      You could use turkey or chicken deli slices, or turkey bacon if you want a more “authentic” taste. Make sure you add a little more salt, though. Bacon is salty and it helps the flavor.

    2. Trina Avatar

      I made these without bacon and they turned out great. I used a nonstick pan and I sprayed oil in each cup.
      I loaded each one with lots of veggies. It’s sooo good 🙂

  6. Rebecca Avatar

    These look really good, do you start with uncooked bacon? Also what’s the best way to reheat?

  7. Rita Avatar

    Hi, Wellness Mama

    What muffin pan are you using? Maybe you could provide a link – I don’t seem to find a healthy one.
    Thank you

  8. Steph Avatar

    My whole family loves these! If anyone is having issues with the eggs sticking to the muffin tin, here’s what i tried and it reduced the cleanup time: cut off 1/4 to 1/3 off of the bacon slices, place short cut piece at bottom of each cup. Line the rest of the cup with the bacon around the sides, cook in oven until fat is melting, then add veggies and egg mixture. Hope this helps!

    1. Mariah Avatar

      This did help me! BUT the bacon on the sides curled up and made them hard to fill. I think next time I’ll try to bake the pans with the small slices of bacon in the bottom, THEN add the bacon to the sides and fill the cups with egg/veggies.

  9. Kristen Avatar

    This is a great easy recipe! I cooked mine for 20 minutes and they were over cooked. I would suggest checking them at 17 minutes:-)

  10. Laura Avatar

    I make this every week and have tried various ways to coat the muffin pan so that the egg doesn’t stick.  I have used oils, butter, etc and nothing works.  I have to scrape out the egg muffin every time!  It’s probably my muffin pan.  So, Wellness Mama – what kind of pan do you use for these?? Help!

    1. Michelle Avatar

      I use a silicone muffin pan and they slide out every time without putting any sort of coating on the muffin pan.

    2. anne conover Avatar
      anne conover

      Get those silicone muffin cups! I just put them in my muffin tin. Clean up is easy because you can flip them inside out and scrub, or put them in the dishwasher. I also use them to make homemade lotion. Everything pops right out every time!

  11. Nellie Avatar

    I am making a hatch of these right now. I used onions, bacon, tomatoes and cheese…I don’t think I can wait til morning to eat one!

  12. Nellie Avatar

    Yummy! I made some very similar a few weeks ago. I used shredded carrots and chopped green onions! Soooo gooood!

    1. Dee Avatar

      5 stars
      That’s a good idea using carrots. Now that I’m pregnant onions are too strong for my taste buds. I’ll have to try it with leeks instead.

  13. Angela Avatar

    do you think this would work as well with turkey bacon, which doesn’t seem to be as pliable or greasy as pork bacon??

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar
      Wellness Mama

      I haven’t tried it, but I’d think you’d need to oil the muffin tins first to keep it from sticking. Let me know how it turns out if you try it!

  14. Linda Avatar

    Thank you for the recipe.  Made this this morning and it was de-lish!  I just found your site and I’m enjoying it.  What is the “meals” tab at the top?  When I click the button, it directs me to log in, and I couldn’t find any explanation of what it was or why I needed to log in. 

    1. Wellness Mama Avatar
      Wellness Mama

      It’s actually a subscription service for nutrition clients, but I’m planning to open it up to the blog soon… I”ll keep you posted!

  15. Kris Avatar

    We had these this morning, my child asked me to make them everyday from now on…doesn’t even eat eggs!!! Yummy! Thanks, loving your site!!

  16. Jenny Avatar

    My family was so impressed by these, especially my husband. He was in heaven!

  17. Ryan Avatar

    mmm… I’ll have to make these once I get some more bacon – actually that’ll be tonight! These will be great – now maybe I’ll actually get to eat breakfast in the mornings!

  18. Gabrielle Avatar

    Ah this looks like such a wonderful idea! I miss the portability of a biscuit and sometimes I just make egg and sausage biscuits for breakfast. I’ll bet I wouldn’t even miss the biscuit with these! Great idea! 🙂

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