237: World Travel With Kids, Worldschooling & Entrepreneurship With Wonderling Family

237: World Travel With Kids, Worldschooling & Entrepreneurship With Wonderling Family

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World Travel with Kids, WorldSchooling & Entrepreneurship With Wonderling Family

I’m here today with Stephanie Langford, who I’ve been wanting to share with you all for a long time. She’s a dear friend, and she’s also a wife, mom, entrepreneur, and world traveler! Stephanie and her husband Ryan are raising and worldschooling their five kids, ages 3 to 14, and have literally traveled around the globe. They love this lifestyle so much they go by the name “The Wonderling Family,” and share all their inspiring adventures at their blog WonderlingFamily.com.

In addition to being serious travel experts (they’ve been to 65 countries and counting!), Stephanie and Ryan run UltimateBundles.com, where they work with online content creators and bloggers to curate incredible digital libraries for really amazing prices. Stephanie has so much wisdom to share about business, family, and creating a vision for life… this is going to be fun!

Episode Highlights With the Wonderling Family

  • How Stephanie became an accidental entrepreneur (the last thing she thought she’d ever do)
  • What sparked the idea to take their family on the road
  • Creative ways to make travel more practical and affordable
  • Their most memorable countries and experiences so far
  • How to worldschool (no matter where you live)
  • Curriculum and educational philosophies that keep her kids learning on the road
  • Minimalist packing tips and how to make traveling with a family easier
  • How the U.S. compares to other cultures when it comes to giving kids freedom and independence
  • Ways to raise kids with entrepreneurial skills
  • And more!

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