136: How to Unzip Your Genes to Understand Your Health with Dr. Jennifer Stagg

136: How to Unzip Your Genes to Understand Your Health with Dr. Jennifer Stagg

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How to Unzip Your Genes to Understand your Health with Dr. Jennifer Stagg

I’m sitting down today with Dr. Jennifer Stagg, a practicing naturopathic physician and the founder and medical director of Whole Health Wellness Center in Connecticut.

How to Unzip Your Genes

I’m always excited to have a doctor on the show, but I’m especially looking forward to geeking out over today’s topic — genetic testing — which I think is a promising tool for discovering the keys to your own personal health.

Dr. Stagg authored an amazing book called Unzip Your Genes that explains in more detail everything we touch on in the podcast today. Make sure to check it out in the podcast resources below!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • how to use your genes as a guide for diet and lifestyle
  • why genes don’t tell us who we are but who we can be (an important difference!)
  • the way that connection and community directly affect your health and your genes
  • what transgenerational genetics is and how it can affect your life
  • why your health before pregnancy determines much of baby’s health after
  • how the Dutch famine has opened the way for genetic research on generational health
  • why we are more susceptible to getting sick in the winter (all moms knew this already!)
  • how diversity of fruits and vegetables in the diet is more important than the amount
  • and more!

Resources We Mention

Learn more about Dr. Jennifer Stagg at DrStagg.com

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Have you ever considered genetic testing? Was it helpful? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments or leave me a review on iTunes. I read each and every comment, and my guests often do too and might answer your questions!

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