42: Thyroid Disease and Pregnancy

42: Thyroid Disease and Pregnancy

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Thyroid Disease and Pregnancy

Welcome to the new and updated version of the Wellness Mama Podcast! After a long hiatus, we’re finally back! The new name of the show is “The Healthy Moms Podcast,” and there’s a new format to go with it. Each month, I’ll focus on one main topic, offering deeper knowledge in more digestible doses each week.

I’m also excited to introduce my friend Whitney, who will be a co-host on the show. Whitney will be the voice of our listeners and readers, asking your most important questions.

The first topic we’re diving into together is thyroid health. In upcoming episodes, we’ll be chatting with thyroid specialist, Dr. Izabella Wentz. But in this episode, I share my personal journey in this area.

Thyroid Disease and Pregnancy

It took nearly ten years for me to get a proper diagnoses of my thyroid issue, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an auto-immune form of thyroid disease. This is a complex issue, but I have finally started to make progress with the help of thyroid experts and doctors.

The effects of this condition have affected me since childhood, but I really began to notice something was wrong after the birth of my first child. After giving birth to him, I had a lot more of the more traditional thyroid symptoms like being cold more often, thinning hair especially in the eyebrows, digestive issues, and difficulty losing the baby weight. In my pregnancies that followed over the next 6 years, the issue snowballed.

The frustrating part of it all was that my blood tests didn’t indicate that I had a thyroid problem. I felt like I was going crazy because I knew something had to be wrong, but my doctors kept telling me things were normal. It wasn’t until I found a doctor who understood the nature of the autoimmune side of thyroid disease that I began to find answers.

If you suspect that you might have thyroid disease, I hope you can learn from my journey. Through many years of trial and error, I have found helpful ways to treat this problem as well as popular treatments that absolutely made things worse. For example, in my case adjusting my diet to discovery triggers (like gluten) was very helpful, while the common advice to take iodine supplements only made things worse for me.

Now, as I am currently pregnant again, I am working with a doctor on a protocol to ensure my thyroid condition stays in check. We’re testing my thyroid levels often, and I’m also taking a replacement thyroid hormone called WP Thyroid which is a natural T3 T4 combination that’s often used for Hashimoto’s and other types of thyroid disease. I’m also focusing my diet on high nutrient foods like proteins, healthy fats, bone broths, and lots of vegetables, which is helpful for thyroid function and the pregnancy in general. Check out this post on boosting thyroid function naturally.

It’s a work in progress, but working my doctor and monitoring the essentials of diet and sleep have made a huge impact on my health during this pregnancy.

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Reader Comments

  1. KatieWellnessMama, so excited and thankful for this podcast! This topic especially, and looking forward to more with Dr. Wentz. I have recently been diagnosed with Hashimotos after a multi-year record of high TSH, and now, antibodies (perfect timing with planning for first pregnancy). On “flare ups”: Are there noticeable signs of a trigger at play, or day-to-day symptoms that raise an eyebrow to which one might ask, “is it hormonal, is it dietary, is it lack of sleep or out-of-control stress…” so they can do best to nurture or correct if at all possible?

  2. Hi there!
    Having trouble downloading the podcast on itunes – it says I’m subscribed, but I can’t download any of the old episodes… any tips?

    • Not sure…maybe make sure your version of IOS and podcast app are updated?

  3. I downloaded Stitcher and immediately found the old podcast, but only a few episodes (episodes 32-41) and I’d love to watch all your older ones as well as new ones. I can’t find the new one though searching wellness mama or the healthy moms podcast. Any advice? I really want to hear it and rate it for you!

    • Stitcher hasn’t been working correctly for over a month. The new podcast has been updated over there, but it’s not working yet and I’m not sure why. Maybe try using a different podcast app?

      • Thank you, I’ll do that!

  4. Please I’ve suffered all my life from this disease. I have the armour thyroid medication and have had the thyroid
    removed. I’ ve given up driving because of vision problem. I’ve gained a tremendous amount of weight and
    can’t sleep. When I do sleep…it’s for 2-3 hours, waking with the “night sweats”. I’ve kept a yeast infection
    under the breast and belly for last four years. Please help. I’d like to live again. Thank you.

  5. I enjoy benefitting from your research so much!! My thyroid tested a little low they think due to hormones being a bit off – thyroid problems are quite prevalent in our area. :/ I’ve become involved in Plexus just recently and am taking probio5 which contains saccharomyces boulardii and seems to be crazy amazing for hypothyroidism and hashimotos. I’m excited to get my biomarker tests done again at the 6 month mark to see what happens! I’m curious if you have researched it or would ever consider trying that brand?? Or if you’ve healed your thyroid by now?

  6. Are your podcasts available on another platform other than iTunes? I am an android and Google user who suffers with Hashimoto’s and would love to listen to your podcasts as well.

    • You can download the audio files and uploaded them to your device, or subscribe via the RSS feed to the podcast app of your choice…

  7. Who is the physician that manages your Hashimoto’s?

    Many thanks!

  8. I am wondering about a link between thyroid disease and autism. I read research that suggests a higher rate of autism in children of mothers with thyroid disease.

  9. Hi Katie

    Just wondering what prenatal vitamin you take when you have Hashimotos. I read before that you mentioned Seeking Healths Optimal Prenatal, but that has iodine in it. Does this affect you? Or is it balanced out with the selenium?


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