217: Do Saunas Work? Understanding the Benefits With Sunlighten Founder Connie Zack

217: Do Saunas Work? Understanding the Benefits With Sunlighten Founder Connie Zack

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Do Saunas Work? Understanding the Benefits with Sunlighten Founder Connie Zack

You already know Heather and I love to record podcasts in the sauna, and because of that we get so many great questions about what type of sauna to use, what the benefits are, and whether they’re worth the investment. Today Connie Zack, the founder of Sunlighten saunas, will fully “enlighten” us on this topic (see what I did there? 🙂

Connie and her husband started Sunlighten in their basement in 2002 and today they have some of the best saunas in the entire world. They develop, design, and retail unique patented infrared saunas, and more recently, 3-in-1 infrared light therapies, which we’ll talk about.

I’ll also share the benefits I’ve experienced from using saunas over the years, and how to make sauna use practical and accessible to everyone.

Episode Highlights: Sunlighten Saunas

  • The difference between infrared heat and traditional hot saunas
  • How the infrared spectrum differs and what the different wavelengths do
  • What near, mid and far infrared mean
  • The reason infrared heat can penetrate the body more deeply
  • Why a fever is beneficial and how heat therapy can accomplish some of the same effects
  • What science says about sauna benefits
  • The gold standard for how long to stay in a sauna and how often
  • A science-backed way that saunas and heat therapy benefit blood pressure
  • And more!

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  1. Katie Wells this New Year’s bring you joy, warmth, good health and prosperity to you and to your family.

    Happy New Year

    from muktar

  2. We have a terrific little infrared sauna that’s made with canvas – like a tent 🙂 – and works fantastically, but we recently moved and have no where to place it now. Ugh.
    We had an idea of mounting the lamps on the (quite small) bathroom wall and utilizing it that way. Do you think it would work?

  3. Thank you for the podcast. Very informative and timely. As I have recently started to use one at a local spa. Question: what is the ideal temperature for the room in order to get the benefits? Would it be beneficial to put oil on your skin (i.e. almond or sesame oil) prior to and during a session? Thank you.

    • Definitely don’t put oil on your skin, as the goal is to sweat everything out, and oil will block pores and make this harder to do. For temperature, it will depend on the duration of your session, but most of the studies I’ve read have listed 170 as an ideal temperature for maximum benefits…

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