120: A Real-Life Approach to Reducing EMFs with Dr. Libby Darnell

120: A Real-Life Approach to Reducing EMFs with Dr. Libby Darnell

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A Real-Life Approach to Reducing EMFs with Dr Libby Darnell

I’m so pumped about today’s episode! I found the amazing Dr. Libby Darnell through my own research into the best ways to start reducing EMFs in our home. Dr. Libby is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Doctor of Chiropractic who found out firsthand just what a bad effect EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) can have on our bodies.

In response, Dr. Libby created Revived Living, a health and lifestyle coaching company with customized programs to help people get their health and happiness back. A cornerstone of Dr. Libby’s programs is reducing EMFs and the long-term cellular damage they cause.

Reducing EMFs in Our Homes: The Why and the How

So, where to start? How can we limit EMFs and still live in the “real” world?

Thankfully, there are smart, realistic ways to start reducing EMF exposure … without pitching our cell phones.

Dr. Libby says reducing EMFs where we can control it most — in our homes — is the place to start. I’m grateful for her expertise and dying to ask some questions, so let’s jump right in!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • the surprising personal reason Dr. Libby became an EMF expert
  • how electromagnetic frequencies work (and why we might want to think about reducing them)
  • why the U.S. energy grid discharges “dirty” electricity … right into your home
  • symptoms that might mean you are sensitive to EMFs (hint: poor sleep is one of them)
  • how EMFs affect our bodies on an everyday basis (whether we feel them or not)
  • the biggest contributor of EMFs to the average American home (this one really surprised me!)
  • the way our appliances may be harming our health
  • one major reason to not have electronic gaming systems in your house
  • a big reason to avoid fluorescent and CFL lights
  • why dimmer switches affect more than just the ambiance
  • tips on which EMF filtering products are worth it … and which aren’t
  • how to test and filter your home outlets (with an easy to use $100 tool)
  • one small change a plumber can make for reducing EMFs
  • what your shoe sole has to do with EMFs
  • how to tell if you have a smart meter, and steps to take if you do
  • and more!

Update: Following the podcast, Dr. Libby confirmed that halogen lights are 100% “clean.” I also checked with Dave Asprey (of Bulletproof.com) and he uses incandescent halogen lights without reservation. Good to know there’s another option.

How to Get Started Reducing EMFs Right Now!

According to Dr. Libby, the best 3 things you can do today to start reducing EMFs are:

  1. Change out your lightbulbs – Replace fluorescent or CFL bulbs with incandescent or halogen light bulbs.
  2. Get your WiFi on a timer – Buy a simple timer outlet to turn WiFi off at night, cutting exposure in half.
  3. Brush your teeth while standing on a piece of tinfoil – Yes, you read right!

Take a listen to find out why, and check out Dr. Libby’s top 10 tips for reducing EMFs below!

Resources We Mention

Follow Dr. Libby at www.RevivedLiving.com

Further Reading

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Reader Comments

  1. Is solar power safe? We want to get solar panels but we would need to get a smart meter and I have read other issues. Financially it would great for us but I would love to know if there is a way to get solar panels and not add dirty electricity to our home?

    • The best place to put your solar is on an out building NOT on your house. Ours is on our barn and is away from the house.

  2. By tin foil does Dr. Libby mean aluminum foil?

    • Yes, I have the same question! Is Tin Foil Aluminum Foil??? Anybody out there know?
      BTW, Such an informative podcast!

      • Yes. The older generation refers to aluminum foil as tin foil. Guessing there may at one time have actually been something made of tin and replaced by aluminum, but that is a guess. My grandmother always called aluminum foil, tin foil

    • Wondering the same thing! Also can it be put under rugs and still work? We have an old farmhouse with drafty floors and have rugs in the places we stand the most so I was wondering if I could just slip it under the rug and then not even worry about my certain family members who don’t want to be crazy like me.

    • It seems that it is really a misnomer.
      From the Free dictionary:
      Noun 1. tin foil – foil made of tin or an alloy of tin and lead
      foil – a piece of thin and flexible sheet metal; “the photographic film was wrapped in foil”
      atomic number 50, Sn, tin – a silvery malleable metallic element that resists corrosion; used in many alloys and to coat other metals to prevent corrosion; obtained chiefly from cassiterite where it occurs as tin oxide
      2. tin foil – foil made of aluminumtin foil – foil made of aluminum
      aluminium foil, aluminum foil
      foil – a piece of thin and flexible sheet metal; “the photographic film was wrapped in foil”
      Al, aluminium, aluminum, atomic number 13 – a silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite

  3. What brand of EMF blocking “screens” for the windows does she recommend?

  4. Has anyone seen a dirty electricity filter that is 220V? I keep searching..

  5. Hi Katie! Huge fan of the healthy moms podcast. Just wanted to reach out because most times when I try to play one of your podcasts it says “episode temporary unavailable.” This happens more often than not and a cursory google search indicates that it may be due to an issue on your end. Anyway just wanted to give you a heads up because there are so many I want to hear!!! Thanks 🙂

    • Where are you seeing this at? Could you possibly take a screenshot and email it to support @ wellnessmama.com? Hopefully we can track down the issue. Thanks for letting us know!

      • It’s happening to me too! I guessed that it’s because my memory space on my phone is really low…

      • This happens to me too! It’s when I’m listening to it in the podcast app on my iPhone.

        • Hmm, we’re upgrading our podcast hosting so hopefully that will fix the issue. So sorry for the trouble!

          • The same thing is happening to me, has been for 4 days now. I’m so disappointed because I’m hooked! I need my healthy mama fix!

  6. Katie thank you so much for this podcast. It was so practical and easy to start taking steps on changing little things here and there. Definitely one of my favorites and I made my husband listen to me yammer on about it for a good while. Thanks for all the show notes for extra help!

  7. I would not have a smart meter installed if you aren’t forced to. They emit a ton of EMFs. There are folks trying to fight against this.

    • That’s true, but some only broadcast once a month, which is much safer than the ones continually broadcasting…

  8. I was ready to purchase these filters but finding articles like this online makes me rethink this.
    How safe are these filters? This was mentioned in the article was the brand recommended not a copy.

    • Following! I am also curious about this.

      • What is the link of the article you saw on safety of filters? What to check if there are any concerns before purchasing. I have not come across any concerns anywhere …..

  9. Thank you, Katie! I enjoy your website and appreciate your advice and recommendations. I love your podcasts and occasionally read your transcripts. I hope you don’t mind if I ask, what service or technology do you use for your transcripts? I ask because I know someone who does podcasts of a religious nature that has not been able to find and efficient, cost-effective solution. Many thanks! Marie

  10. Thanks Katie this was a very informative podcast. I am curious, besides testing them, how can we know which LED bulbs are low emmitors? She mentioned that some were moderate and some had almost none. Just wondering if there is code or anything to let consumers know? I really love the brightness, longevity, and the fact that they do not get hot….any info appreciated!

  11. This article is spot on!
    I’ve been a “worrier” about EMF dangers for about 3 years. I recognized that several of my health complaints MIGHT have an EMF underlying cause.
    At that point, I was unaware of the various methods of blocking/reducing the danger…
    I opted for a PEMF medical device that rather than blocking those EMF “toxins”… instead reproduces the Earth’s EMF which is health-giving and seems to counter those negative forces… I’m doing 30 minutes a day.
    My pain, poor mobility, and wellbeing issues have improved dramatically.
    p.s. I’m still not ready to abandon my mobile phone! Plus the Bluetooth connection from my cellular to my hearing aids is very convenient…

  12. This is exciting knowledge to have. Thank you! Any advice for living in a rental properties? My landlord has fluorescent lighting installed for multiple fixtures of my apartment. Incandecent light bulbs will not fit because of the lighting installation. What can I do? I’ve known fluorescent lighting to be bad (not sure why until now), but didn’t realize my home is filled with it. Thank you!

    • You could just get a bunch of lamps (with non-CFL bulbs), and just turn off the fluorescent fixtures.

  13. Hi Katie, I’m only now discovering all the info about earthing. I was ready to start working on a grounding mat and planing to ground the bed and my young adult kids beds and all.
    Now, about the Wye system, I’m not too sure this is still a good thing to ground yourself.
    Do you know if in Canada, we would have that same Wye system as opposed to Germany (Delta)?

    And the tin foil, just simple sheet of aluminum foil and it drains the current from our body? It does not have to be hooked to the ground in the wall?

    Thank you; you have become a reference in my searches. If Wellness Mama talks about it and gives it the checkmark, I trust it! Thanks you for all that you do.

  14. Thank you sooooo much for this talk. I literally cannot express what an amazing resource your podcasts are!!!

  15. What do you think about EMF blocking agents like pendants/bracelets and things you attach to your cell phone/iPad (Like from Earthcalm) ?

    • As far as I have been told by someone who tested them, they do not work. But have not tested them myself.

  16. This was a really informative podcast. I currently rent a house with my family and it is temporary (we’ll be moving in 5 months), so it is hard for me to invest much time and $$$ remedying EMFs, but I haven’t been feeling well while living here, and I wonder if EMFs are part of it. There is a smart meter, so I’m going to call the power co. to see how the info is transmitted…hopefully it’s once a month but if not, do I really want to know?? We will be living off grid when we move, but now I’m intrigued that even solar panels emit EMFs–you can’t win! Thankfully we don’t have the panels on top of the house, but they are about 20 feet from it–can anyone tell me or direct me to where I could find out about solar power EMFs and how far solar panels should be from the house? We’re at the point where we could still move them (not too far due to wiring restrictions), so I’d like to figure that out asap. One more question, could you stand on anything aluminum? Like an aluminum baking pan (that I do not use for cooking!)?

  17. Can someone please answer this question for me? I would be so appreciative. Thanks for the informative podcast. Prior to listening I had been contemplating getting an earthing bedsheet. After listening to the podcast I am unsure…. I want to make sure I understood what Dr. Libby was saying. To know if a grounding sheet or mat is safe and effective do I just need to use the stetzer meter and use an outlet filter or would I need to get my whole home tested for EMFs (e.g. using the virtual home inspection etc).

    • I have pretty much the same question.

  18. Hi Katie! Thank you for this podcast! There was no mention of the EMF blocking bags, EMF shield stickers for cell phones, or EMF absorbing devices for cell phones. Any thoughts on these? Would these be recommended or not a good idea?

  19. Hi Katie I have the same question as another reader, do you know if the foil would still work if I placed it under my bathroom mat?

  20. Hi Katie,

    Would you be able to link to some of the research done on EMFs and their dangers? My husband is not a believer!

  21. I too would like to learn a little more about using the tin foil or aluminum foil for helping to ground at the end of the day. Do you have other links for this?

    Also, they are upgrading our meters to smart meters. It says they are sending signal 6 times a day lasting .15 seconds each. Do you think this is enough to cause concern or within a good limit compared to just once a month?

    Thanks for the information!

    • I definitely wouldn’t worry as much about that as the ones that send constantly. Depending on where it is located, it is probably fine. If it is on the side of a baby’s room or any bedroom, it might be worth shielding.

  22. Hi Katie, what an amazing topic and you’re right, not one being discussed very frequently. I do have a question about lightbulbs. My husband is very into LED bulbs as they use so little energy, and I noticed that you did not include them on your lists of safe/not safe lightbulbs… so please, are they safe? I really hope you say yes….. lol.

    • It actually depends on the lightbulb but some can be very high in EMFs and Dave Asprey considers most of them “junk light” and says to avoid them.

  23. I am wondering this as well. Can’t find it on her website

  24. What is the current you are talking about coming in via the water supply line?

  25. Fabulous podcast! Thank you for addressing this information. My husband even listened to it when I asked him to. He works IT at a school and some of the other IT guys are “crunchy” so hopefully the word will spread about EMF levels in schools.

  26. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on EMF-protecting pendants. Do you know about these, if they’re effective (either alone or in conjunction with other protective measures)?

  27. I have just listened to the podcast, but nothing was mentioned about cordless home phones. Can you speak about that? Are they horrible offenders? Thanks!

    • As far as I remember, they are not as bad a mobiles, but still better to replace them with wired ones. That is what we have done. This is a good book to look at: ‘A Wellness Guide for the digital Age‘ by Kerry Crofton ISBN: 9780986473548.

  28. Do you have a recommendation for types of light bulbs to use indoors for bedroom overhead lighting? I hear full spectrum light is what we want but I get overwhywith options and don’t know what to look for.

  29. I listened to this podcast and several you’ve published over the past few months. They are fantastic! What I do not understand is, which meter and shielding devices and approaches are better to take? The Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter, the Trifield EMF meter? Stezer Filters or Kill switch? We live in a condo where we share a walls with neighbors and I want to protect my kids from whatever energy/electricity they are using.

  30. I wonder if the standing on tinfoil works in a high-EMF environment? I imagine Dr. Darnell’s home is probably pretty EMF-safe, while I live in a high-EMF apartment environment that I can’t control. I would really like to know. I’m already suffering, and don’t want to make it worse.

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