8: Real Food & Killing Ants Naturally

8: Real Food & Killing Ants Naturally

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Real Food on a Budget and Killing Ants Naturally

I had so much fun on this interview with Katie Kimball of KitchenStewardship.com. She is a fantastic writer and researcher, pregnant with her fourth child, and manages a household and her popular blog (and makes it all look easy). We recorded at 9 PM after our collective 8.5 children were sleeping and she provided a lot of great tips for cooking real food for a family. My apologies in advance for the little bit of audio feedback in this episode. The problem has been fixed for the future episodes.

Katie shared some of her best tips for getting rid of pests like ants and wasps naturally without chemicals that can harm your children.

Other Fun Topics We Talked About

0:30- Random brain facts like why you can’t tickle yourself
1:40- Katie’s ten foundational habits for a healthier family
2:00- The struggle to balance it all
2:20- Katie’s “Core Four” = Environment, Nutrition, Time and Budget
3:00- One thing at a time approach- Monday missions
3:40- One simple switch that makes a big difference
4:15- Katie’s three budget friendly real foods that she makes daily
5:00- The super inexpensive way her family gets probiotics
6:15- 3 foods that seem scary but aren’t
8:00- The simple way to make homemade yogurt
11:00- Real food really does cost more
11:45- How to stretch an organic chicken and make multiple batches of broth
15:35- How to prepare beans if you are going to eat them
18:45- A tip to fix crunchy beans
20:20- Her quick and easy natural way to get rid of sugar ants
22:20- Lines that insects can’t cross
22:38- Katie’s natural tip to get rid of wasps
23:53- The biggest struggle Katie thinks the next generation will face
24:30- Battling the sugar giant
26:50- My battle cry
27:30- The advice she wishes she’d gotten earlier in life
29:20- Easy action steps to take right now
31:11- The two books she can’t live without

Resources Mentioned

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  1. Hey Katie, I’m loving your podcast. But this one has a terrible squeeking in the background.. I’m still listening but if there is a way to edit it out, or watch to background sounds in future episodes that would be helpful..

    Thanks again for the podcast. I love hearing other people talk about what they are doing. You’ve turned me on to soo many new and great blogs.

    • Hi Laura, I mentioned in the show notes that there was an issue with the recording for that episode, but it’s since been corrected. Thanks for listening and I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

  2. Enjoyed

  3. Hi Katie, i’m looking for a product that can be used for destroy Red Wasp and it’s Nest permanently .
    Could you suggest me Red Wasp killing product?

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