264: Creating Exceptional Children & Polymaths Using Games of Genius With Opher Brayer

264: Creating Exceptional Children & Polymaths Using Games of Genius With Opher Brayer

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Creating Exceptional Children & Polymaths Using Games of Genius With Opher Brayer

Today’s episode is going to be so fascinating and a little unusual! I am here with Opher Brayer, a world-famous talent coach and the creator of something called Games of Genius. Opher coaches the best and brightest in Silicon Valley and he has taught innovation at many leading companies, including IBM and Disney Imagineering.

Opher saw how our educational system wasn’t keeping up to the speed of change and found a unique way to bridge the gap. He designed Games of Genius to prepare our kids for a world where robots and AI will outperform humans and replace many of the jobs that exists today. Opher even won the Tribeca Disruption Innovation Award in 2018 for this revolutionary program.

If you’ve ever wondered how to prepare your kids for the future as well as how to foster creativity and critical thinking outside of school, don’t miss this episode!

Episode Highlights on Games of Genius

  • Stages of development and how a child learns naturally
  • What Opher thinks of the state of education today
  • How to apply the 80/20 rule to learning
  • The four crucial skills kids need most (that almost no one is talking about)
  • Small ways to add to education in and outside of school that really pay off
  • Why Opher credits this program for allowing his son to attend college at age 13
  • The part your environment and culture play in how you learn and succeed
  • What Games of Genius can teach you in only 7 minutes, and how it works
  • And more!

Resources We Mention

Episode Quotables

“If there is a plan at home to teach our children about sciences, arts, technology, and economics through these four elements of imagination —  …analogy, pattern, design, and written composition — the child will become a polymath thinker. These are the next century innovators.”

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Do you find Games of Genius as fascinating as I do? Which skills do you think our kids will need in the future? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let us know. We value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well.

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Reader Comments

  1. Where can we read independent reviews about games of genius, not listed on his site?

    • I, too, would like to read independent reviews. Free access to one video so I know what to expect would also be great.

      • I’m interested in this too. I have five kids, one on the way for six. Curious if we can all do it together … would love to see a sample.

  2. this was an amazing podcast! would love to hear more like this 🙂

  3. Is there a discount code for Games of Genius?

  4. Katie: do you use these games with your family? For $400 a year? You eluded to it, but never talked about your experience.

    • We’re just starting now. I’ll be writing more about it as we use it more…

      • Can’t wait! He was very convincing and I loved the idea. I think almost every child would respond well to the games.

  5. What were “The four crucial skills kids need most (that almost no one is talking about)”. I’ve listened to the podcast and don’t remember that. Thank you!

    • I think they are:
      1. knowledge
      2. experience
      3. creativity
      These are what I saw from his website, so I’m not positive this is the correct answer.

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